The showers were empty except for the tiny gray rabbit that was dwarfed by everything around her. Even the water was turned on low, allowing the streams of it to fall weakly on her undersized body. Anything more and she risked being drowned or thrown across the room by a fun thing called water pressure meant to rinse off massive mammals. Not her tiny, naked, miserable self. But it did feel good to have the hot water run over her without having to listen to the constant rumble and chatter of the other recruits, most of whom did their best not to make it seem like they were looking.

Four weeks!

She had been in the academy for four weeks and she was already doubting her ability to succeed. Running through an obstacle course designed for mammals up to thirty times her size, with mammals thirty times her size, had been jarring for the first two weeks. Simply knowing the basics of the training and what would be expected of her had not been enough, obviously. If the days had been any harder, physical limitations might have started to worry her as what she feared was reality started to sink in. Memories of being told that she should just stay and join the family business, being told that she would never make it past basic training, and the laughter and not so secret jokes of other recruits at her expense had only increased her determination.

Now she was no longer failing miserably, which was an improvement. It had been almost a week since she'd fallen into the frigid water under the ice wall and even longer since she had dropped into the mud of the cross bars. Though she had just today heard the grating sound of the words she hated more than anything in all the world right now. 'You're dead, Cottontail!"

Stupid fox. The slip-up had been his fault. She had been going through the motions of a basic enter and contain procedure with the Tod as her partner. They had taken positions on either side of the mock door, their tranq guns drawn. She had felt good. Confident. She just had to remember the steps…

And then he had winked at her. Winked! The grin had not helped and it had been the surprise (and nothing else!) that had driven her pulse rate up and caused her to lose all focus until she realized that the signal had been given. Foolish as it felt to be the only recruit still outside of the doors a full fifteen seconds after the signal had been given, it was worse when she saw his smirk as he passed for the exercise reset. Even his walk was arrogant. His eyes, bright and brilliant emerald green, were always just a few degrees shy of amused when he looked at her. And why was he looking at her so often, anyway?

"Stupid fox, did that on purpose," she muttered to herself, tilting her head back to let the hot water run over her face.

"What did I do on purpose?" came the all too familiar and clearly amused voice behind her, causing her to all but jump out of her fur when she swung around to face the entrance to the showers. Nicholas Wilde stood there, leaning against the tile wall with his bare arms folded over his cream-colored chest and a towel tossed over one shoulder, looking at her with a delighted smirk on his muzzle. Under normal circumstances, she might have been annoyed. Angry. How dare he walk in on her while she was showering! How dare he look at her while nude! Her mind, however, was trying to rewire itself when she realized that it wasn't just his chest and arms that were bare: he wore not a stitch of clothing on that long, lean, and…

She stopped herself short of thinking of his body as amazing. For a fox. The idea was still there, but at least this allowed her to deny thinking it. Working on a way to deny the fact that her eyes darted between his legs and lingered for a full three seconds on the furred sheath and respectable sac there, was going to be a little harder. So, she returned to the offended state of mind.

"What do you think you're doing?" she hissed, one paw trying to cover her groin while the other arm crossed her modest breasts to keep his eyes from them. And his eyes had been on them, she was certain of it even as they rested on hers when his brow shot up. "You can't just come in here and ogle me while I'm taking a shower! What's wrong with you?"

The brow rose even further, the narrow muzzle straightening into an expressionless line as he pushed off of the wall and turned to walk towards the entrance. She thought he was leaving and, hating herself for doing so, took a moment to check out the butt attached to that long body. Like the tail, it was excellent. When she realized that he had stopped, her eyes followed his profile when he looked at the sign outside of the entrance, then back at her.

"Doing all right there, Carrots?" he asked as he walked right back in, making her set her jaw when he closed the distance between them. Which put her much closer to the sexuality of a fox than she had ever expected to be. "Or did you miss the part where this is the male shower?"

Her ears burned. Embarrassment was high when she realized that he was right. She had been tired: feet dragging, head hung, ear dropped back tired and hadn't even bothered to glance at the sign on her way in. The fact that her ears were burning for another reason, a reason that was exactly two feet in front of her, had her doing everything in her power to avoid looking up at him. She battled the desire to snap back at him because he was right, of course.

"I'll leave," she said, her voice a little smaller than she intended it to be. She blinked when he side-stepped her, finally following the motion with her eyes. When he reached out to turn on the shower beside hers without comment, everything became a little surreal for her. Testing the temperature of the water with one paw, he seemed to decide that it was good enough before he stepped under the streams. "W-what are you doing?"

"Taking a shower," he said, his tone so cool and easy that she wanted to scream as he raised his face into the steaming water. Being caught in the wrong shower was one thing, but having him start to take a shower next to her? The water pressed and slicked down orange fur until she could see the lines of muscle outlined through it while he ran his paws over his arms easily. It wasn't until she noticed that he was watching her that she realized exactly how openly she had been watching him. "You've already seen the goods, after all. I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable. There's no shame if you're scared."

The taunting tone of his voice spoke volumes to her and where she had been mortified a moment before, now she was just annoyed. And admittedly a little aroused. Admitted to herself, at least. Certainly not to the smug fox who was grinning as he returned to showering. Drawing a breath and releasing it with a huff, she returned to her own shower. "Yes, there is."

"Well, that's the spirit," she heard him mutter, sending him a glare only to find him looking at her out of the corner of his eyes with a little smile on his muzzle.

It only took her a moment to realize that he wasn't looking at her so much as he was looking at her ass. The burning in her ears returned as she tried to close him out and focus on her own shower, rubbing soap into her fur quickly. She wasn't about to leave unwashed, letting him have the victory of driving her off after she had already started her shower. Motion in orange drew her eyes now and then, though. The anger was slow to fade but, as it did, it gave way to curiosity as she glanced over to find him soaping his chest with both paws. Large paws that had long, dark claws at the tip of each finger. When she noted that he was looking at her out of the corner of his eyes, she returned her attention to her own fur. The blush was not nearly as intense this time, but the tingle of interest was harder to suppress.

"Want me to wash your back?"

The question was so sudden and bold that the bar of soap slipped out of her paws, hitting the floor with a wet splat that made her wince. Not even thinking, she bent over at the waist to pick it up and made the mistake of turning her head to him as she did so. She was left with no question now, as his eyes zeroed in instantly on her rump, that he was taking another eyeful of her butt. The idea of quickly straightening herself annoyed her slightly as if it rewarded him a victory just to know she was uneasy around him.

So, she decided not to be.

It took her a good fifteen seconds to pick up the soap, during which time he became very aware of the fact that she was lingering in that pose for far longer than was needed. Not that this seemed to deter him from watching her, though she noted that the paws washing his stomach hesitated for a moment in a downward swoop that took them awfully close to his sheath. Knowing that he was watching her, she took a moment to lower her gaze to it, and as soon as she did, it twitched. Noticeably. A little more than noticeably, really. It thickened a little as she watched, a change that made her face flush hot as her nose twitched before she finally picked up the soap and stood upright.

"I think I can manage," she said, her voice sugar-sweet as she cast him an easy smile and rubbed the soap over her chest slowly. One part of her mind asked her what the hell she thought she was doing as she built up a sudsy lather and worked her paws down over the flat of her belly. Another part of her liked the fact that he was looking at her and refused to acknowledge the fact that it made her nervous.

"Can I wash anything else?"

She almost bobbled the soap again, in part because the tip of his tongue licked out over his lips after he said it. The interest in his eyes was shocking to her, for lack of a better word. The fact that he wasn't even trying to hide it fascinated her. And exasperated her.

"What do you want from me, Nick? A quickie in the shower or something?" she gave a little huff at that, mostly because of the odd ache just saying those words caused to form between her thighs. An ache she shut out as she looked over at him calmly. "Because that's not happening."

"I like how your mind turns to sex there, Fluff," he said with a grin that made her want to walk over and kick him in the shin. Though he derailed that line of thought when his soapy paws finally reached down below his belly. Derailing turned into a train wreck when she found herself watching him slowly soap his sheath, sliding his fingers down the creamy fur in such a way that she saw the tapered red tip peek out for a moment. She swallowed hard when they moved lower, sliding under his sac to lift his balls for a moment for a slow roll and careful soaping. For all, she knew it could have been exactly how a male fox washed. But the fact that when his paw withdrew, the dark pink tip of his cock remained exposed all on its own made her think otherwise. "It's alright. I get it. I'm sure all cute little bunnies like yourself are afraid of foxes."

"Don't call me cute," she ground out, her teeth set as she purposefully raised her eyes to his. Even knowing that he was taunting her couldn't stop her from feeling insulted, annoyed, and ready to prove him wrong. And damn if she couldn't smell him now. The scent of male fox all but blazing in the shower now, enhanced by the humidity of steam lingering between them. She had to focus to still her nose. "And I am not afraid. Not all bunnies are afraid of foxes. And frankly, I see nothing to be afraid of."

"Oh," he said, drawing it out as his grin turned a little wicked. "That's good to know."

Rather than seeming insulted, he seemed to take her response as an affirmative to his proposition. He took a moment to rinse himself off before he turned his attention to her again. Lavender eyes widened a bit as the dripping wet fox moved from his spray of water, into her own. Pure stubbornness had her standing her ground even though she could no longer control the twitching of her nose as the spicy scent of aroused predator flooded her space. He held up one paw, pointed one finger towards the ground, and moved it in lazy circles. When she stared at him, her mind moving much too slow for her grasp a coherent, though, he held up the bar of soap in his other paw.

"Back washing usually works better when the back can be reached."

There was a challenge in his tone and as far as she had already allowed this to go, she wasn't very well going to turn her back, figuratively speaking, and give him a victory. Her eyes rested on his paws for a moment, a moment that sparked a whole new kind of interest. How would it feel to have those large, coarse-looking paws touch her? Would he be gentle? Would he be quick and rough? The fact that just one of his paws could have easily done the job of washing her back in just a few strokes had her a little more than curious. So curious that she had to force her tail not to wiggle when she looked up at his face again. Doing her best to look just on the edge of accepting his challenge, she gave a little shrug and turned her back to him with her arms left resting at her side for lack of a better place to put them. "Fine. But just my back, Wilde."

She could almost hear his smirk, her lifted ears swerving in his direction as she kept her eyes on the blank white tiles in front of her. Hearing him shifting around behind her, she assumed getting down on one knee so he could easily reach her back, she had to swallow nervousness. To say that this was odd for her was an understatement. Having never showered with anyone outside of her family, and even then not outside of the hustle and chaos of the communal showers when she had been much younger, she had to swallow a sound that threatened to escape when he touched her.

She had been right: his paw was huge compared to her. Almost covering the entire span of her narrow back, the urge to arch into the touch had her biting her lips when he showed her that rough looking paws did not mean rough treatment. The touch was easily a caress, testing and feeling the fur on her back as it smoothed effortlessly down her spine. He stopped short of her tail before the spreading of his fingers on the path up again worked the slick soap down to her skin. And his claws. She felt his claws against her skin as he combed them through her fur and started to move that paw in slow circles over her back. Biting back the sound of delight that escaped her was simply not an option, because it came so suddenly that she wasn't even aware of it until she felt the light huff of his breath against the back of her neck. She would have stiffened and pulled away from that closeness, if her mind wasn't swimming in a sea of calm bliss. The stress of the last few weeks had been intense and this felt like pampering to her. Someone to wash her back, calm some nerves - and excite others - with paws on her…


Coming out of her reverie, she realized that he had both paws on her now, and that they had moved a bit beyond her back. Long, agile fingers ran pads up to her sides just under her arms in a slightly more intimate touch that would have made her stiffen if her body, deciding to override her mind, hadn't chosen to melt instead. "I…" she began and paused in the words when his touch lowered further to her hips. Her tail twitched quickly, obviously she was sure, when he cupped them for a moment with what she could have sworn was a little growl of appreciation. "I said just the back, Nick."

"You did, and I apologize," he replied, how close his voice was to her ears making her eyes flutter closed as his paws continued to move over her hips. His thumbs and those deliciously rough pads swept outward to slide down the curve of her ass slowly. The action caused her to stiffen, tremble, and tighten her butt in a way that only seemed to encourage him to repeat the action. He didn't seem particularly sorry. "Hard to resist, Fluff. You can tell me to stop."

"St…" Cut off by the swift exhale that escaped her when he squeezed her hips, his claws creating an amazing, tingling path of pleasure across her skin with a slow drag that made her hips arch towards him before she could stop them. "Stop talking."

Aroused wasn't even the word for it. Captivated. Enraptured. Pleasure sang through her in a way that she hadn't known existed beyond stories and movies that tried, and failed, to put them to words. The fact that he had hardly touched her should have been a warning, but she ignored everything as his paws moved fully to her rear. He took his sweet time about it, too. Soft, easy caresses encompassing the firm curves of her ass before his fingers spread to simply hold for a moment. Washing was obviously not his intent when he rolled his paws outward to spread her cheeks a little, an action which drew another growl from him as he enjoyed the view and a whimper from her as excitement spiked. While she knew it should have struck her as strange, wrong even, to let a fox of all mammals feel her up in the shower, she didn't resist when she felt him curve his paws around her hips to drag her into the streams of water. She almost expected, and wanted, that pull to end with her pressed into his lap. What she would have done if he had, she wasn't sure. Resist wasn't even in the top ten options of reactions she expected herself to have, which surprised her almost as much as the fact that he started to slowly scrub and squeeze the soap out of her fur as water ran over her.

"Do you want me to eat you out?"

The tawdry nature of the words affected her almost as much as the fact that they had been softly growled against the base of her ear. A soft growl that was followed by a deep breath from the male, a hot exhale against her fur, and a slide of his paws around the front of her body. Her knees almost buckled when he cupped her modest breasts, those large and amazingly gentle paws exploring in a series of sensual, painless squeezes that had the rough pads brushing the fur aside to find the pink buds of her nipples. The sensation it sent shooting through her went right to the center of her legs and robbed her of her ability to reply with more than a breathless, "What?"

"I can smell you," he whispered, his voice, as much as she gentle slide of his palm pads over the pink tips, causing her to try and fail to muffle a whimper. "You smell nice, you're tense. I can make you cum if you want."

"What?" Feeling like an idiot on some level for not being able to form a coherent thought, she managed to scrounge up enough annoyance in herself to turn it on him. "Why would I let you do that? You're not even my type. Really, really not my type. Ears aren't long enough."

Even though the words held a bit of that annoyance, she still couldn't manage to bring herself to pull away from him. Not when he caught her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and rolled them gently. Obviously, her earlier concern about his paws being rough on a much smaller mammal had been way off base. She did feel him hesitate for half a second. There was a pause in his fingers, which she instantly regretted when the tingle became an aching need for more sensation that almost had her asking him to continue. Thankfully, he continued on his own and the relief it brought, even as the ache between her thighs increased, was enough to have her drop her ears and head back until she wound up on his shoulder. Eyes closed, not willing to meet his gaze for fear that she might suddenly remember that he was a smug bastard of a fox, she simply shivered when he took the motion as an invitation to nuzzle her neck. When his canines grazed her skin, right over the spot where her heartbeat was felt the strongest, she found herself incapable of holding back the moan.

"That's cute," he muttered, surprising her when even the irritation of that wasn't enough to break his spell over her. "If you're afraid, I'll stop. Otherwise, I have a little bet for you, since I'm 'not your type', carrot farmer."

"Don't call me cute!" she hissed in annoyance at the three insults tossed at her, intentionally trying to get a rise out of her. Which confused her and distracted her as another hiss escaped, this one of pleasure when his paws fully cupped her breasts again and squeezed lightly before he brushed his thumbs teasingly over both nipples. "What are you talking about, fox?"

"Since you want to think I'm not your type, a challenge for my fellow recruit," he murmured, nipping at the rim of her ear once before continuing with hot words spoken directly against the base. "I'll bet I can turn you into a wobbly puddle of post orgasmic bunny in less than ten minutes. If I win, you return the favor. When I want, where I want."

The challenge rose in her, already trying to suppress the sensations that were rolling through her. Blinking her eyes open, she looked up at him, ready to let that smug smirk help her along that path. Curious, how none of this was going her way. Even as he seemed to be doing his best not to touch her with more than his paws and muzzle, his gaze openly on her body with a look of stark fascination and hunger in those green eyes. The smug wasn't on him, she realized because he didn't know she was watching him at first. There was a simple naked need that surprised her, thrilled her, and frightened her a little. More than anything in that moment, her own fear had her answering, "And if I win?"

When his eyes met hers, the moment he realized that she was looking at him, barriers went up. The smug returned, the challenge in his eyes bright. "Your choice."

"Ten minutes, tongue only. If I don't orgasm in ten minutes, you keep going until I do. And then you try again. When I want, where I want. For a week."

She blushed so horribly red that she was sure he could see it through her fur. She couldn't believe she'd said that! Clearly, neither could he if the stunned expression on his face was any indication. Surprise clearly gave way to a slowly growing smile and a delighted sparkling in his eyes.

"Well now, carrot farmer," he muttered, his paws sliding down her belly as he leaned over her. She felt his chest press into her back, felt the tickle of his whiskers against the side of her muzzle, and -most tempting of all - felt the very slight but noticeable brush of his sheath against her rear. More than his sheath, she realized very quickly when it twitched and throbbed. "I think we have a bet. Though we can't very well start now."

"What? Why not?" She was more than a little mortified by the almost desperate disappointment in the voice that escaped her when she said this, and was stunned to feel the pleasant warmth of his body pulling away from her. Even standing under the hot water, she was left feeling just a little cold. Oh god, she really wanted them to start now. Her sex ached, her nipples tingled, and her skin felt alive and craved more of his touch. Finding that she was very close to taking a step towards him, she steeled herself and took a few calming breaths. Breaths that were, unfortunately, still very thick with the musk of aroused fox. A scent that was so heavy because he was so aroused. The thick and surprisingly large length of canine cock stood proudly erect before him. Large to her, at least. She had no comparison, having never seen a fox in such a state before. And while it was an oddly tempting and arousing sight, it also calmed her that he was not as unaffected as his calm tone suggested.

"Unfair advantage," he stated, his eyes returning to her. The hunger was there again, open and sexual in his eyes as he took a moment to look at her body again. Regret, but restraint, followed by a cocky smirk had her unsure of what she should be feeling. "I've been working on you for a good twenty minutes now. I could likely make you pop in two, if I really set my mind to it, Carrots."

She knew without a doubt that he was right, damn him. She also wished she knew a dark, comfortable corner somewhere on campus where she could furiously masturbate to relieve the need that he had built to a near boil. Because she didn't, she was sure that this would linger in her thoughts for the rest of tomorrow. Or at least until the challenge really started.

"Fine then," she said curtly, turning back under the water to rinse herself again and hopefully ease her tension. She cast a grin at him over her shoulder, twitching her tail intentionally and enjoying the fact that his eyes were drawn to it with a lick of his lips. "When and where do we begin this game, Slick?"

"Tomorrow morning," he said, picking up his towel without bothering to use it to cover himself. "After breakfast. Eat fast enough and we should have fifteen minutes to sneak off. Which will be more than I need."

The laugh that left her was husky and sweet, amused at his confidence. "Missed opportunity for a 'bunny for breakfast' joke, Wilde. Behind the female dorms, then?"

"I was going to save the food jokes for when you're returning the favor," he shot back, his canines showing as he grinned widely. "Behind the female dorms. I'll see you in the morning, Carrots."

She didn't bother to reply, simply turned to watch as he made his way out of the shower with the towel slung over his shoulder and his tail swaying. Waiting for a long moment after she lost sight of him and could no longer hear his footsteps past the entrance to the locker rooms, she finally leaned back against the tile wall and let her legs shake under her until she slid down to the floor. Drawing a deep breath and closing her eyes when she realized that it was still laced with the scent of male fox, the bunny groaned as she resisted the urge to reach between her own legs to sate the need.

"Sweet cheese and crackers, why did he have to be so hot?"

Thankful that no one was there to hear her question it, she sat for a long moment as a smile slowly grew on her muzzle. The ZPD academy had just become a lot more intense.