That was a very long day, Fangmeyer thought as she made her way through the academy Rec Center with long strides, but at least it's almost over.

It wasn't as if standing in as an instructor for a day was her least favorite duty. The tigress enjoyed the time it allowed her to refresh her own knowledge through instruction and gave her the chance to get a look at the upcoming recruits. At the same time, being knocked back to her academy days, including the shorts and ZPD t-shirt that went with that, could sometimes be a test of her patience. In this case, a certain fox had seemed incapable of keeping his mouth shut through the entire lecture she had given on large predator self-defense. The snarky comments, which more than once had caused a trickle of laughter to almost escaping her muzzle, had not been particularly disruptive. No, it was more the fact that he had seemed incapable of taking anything seriously. A strange contrast to his performance on the field, where he had proven to be a fast learner and eager to engage.

Not that this Nicholas Wilde was the reason her day had been overly long. The Drill Instructor had neglected to mention the group of ZPD hopefuls that had come from a local high school to take part in their own version of academy training. The extra time and class had left her feeling drained, particularly with the number of questions they had bombarded her with.

"Do we get to use real guns?"

"Can I hold your taser?"

"Can you take down an elephant?"

"Have you ever killed anyone?"

Typical questions for a group of hormonal teens, she considered as she passed the projector room without glancing inside to see what was playing. She expected she had been the same way at that…

She paused, her tail growing still as her eyes twitched back towards the mostly closed door. The faint light filtering through the door was not nearly as interesting as the sound that was only partly muffled by the sound of the main character of the bad action flick playing. Rounded ears perked as she stood where she was, swiveled towards the wet, slick sound. Slow, repeating, steady. Mingled with soft whimpers and fur-muffled moans in a softly feminine voice that could only have belonged to one cadet in the academy. The fact of the sounds made her forget that she had one final appointment in the research division at the main building.

"We should… s-stop," the voice said, the voice plaintive and certainly unconvincing if the needy moans that swallowed it were any indication.

Curious, annoyed, and confused, the tigress turned back towards the room. The unexpectedly clear image in her mind, one of Miss Hopps having a quick romp in the projector room with some young buck, wasn't likely. There were no other bunnies in the Academy that she was aware of. So even though her instinct as an instructor was to barge in and break up the clear violation of Academy rules, she instead glanced both ways down the hallway. It was chow time, so the chances of any other recruits coming down the hall were slim. Seeing no one, she carefully nudged the door a little wider so she could easily look in without being seen.

Her broad muzzle dropped open and the fur of her tail bristled for a moment. There, on a chair clearly meant for a mammal many times her size, was Cadet Judy Hopps laid out like a feast. A feast that was being enjoyed by the orange-furred fox who currently had the strong legs of the bunny shoved up over his shoulders, squirming and bucking her hips up into the muzzle buried between her trembling thighs. There was a brief moment where the tigress even thought that the prey might be in trouble, as the moans that were spilling from the dainty muzzle were suddenly muffled by one large, dark-furred paw. It was a thought that died quickly, given the scent of lapin lust and feminine arousal that flooded her twitching nose and the way the bunny's paws moved down to grip the triangular ears atop his head.

The cause of the sounds was obvious now, as her angle into the classroom gave her an insanely good view of how the fox was lapping his long, wide tongue over the coral colored lips of the pussy he was enjoying. They were the licks of a male who liked what he was doing, and Fangmeyer's paw came up to cover her own mouth as he looked up at the bunny, grinned, and slipped the long muscle deep into the waiting depths of his lover.

His lover, she realized, shocked as much by the revelation that it was a fox and a bunny as the fact that they were both very willingly lost in the act that looked like amazing oral sex.

She didn't even realize that she had pinned herself to the door frame to make herself less noticeable as she kept her eyes on the two mammals. What had been muffled moans quickly became muffled cries of passion as the fox both lavished the hungry bunny sex with deep licks and savored every moment of it himself by lapping up her juices. He withdrew the tongue in a tortuously slow motion that made every inch seem longer than it was when it slid out of the sodden folds of the moaning prey. Prey that suddenly seemed unwilling as her paws scrambled over the fox's ears and slid over the back of his head as a muffled "please" escaped her. But instead of giving into her, the fox used the same sharp tongue he had demonstrated in class to give succulent little licks up over the noticeably aroused clit. Licks that caused the smaller female to buck her hips, toned muscles, and wide hips all set into motion as she whimpered desperately for release.

A release that the tigress found herself wanting to witness.

"You've been going out of your way to avoid me," she heard the fox whisper as he took what had been a near orgasm and turned it into denial. "Never alone in the same room anymore. Always running out before I can catch you after class. Sitting in large groups in the cafeteria."

As he spoke, the slow lap of his tongue moved over the fur between her thighs. In the glow of the projector playing whatever forgotten movie it played, she could see how he tenderly licked the juices from her fur before he kissed her belly. The bunny said nothing, even after he released her mouth so he could climb over her. Wide lavender eyes watched the fox as dark paws slid up her shirt and over her breasts, causing her mouth to fall open in a light whimper. "I've just been – Ah! – busy!"

"Oh?" he murmured softly as he nudged her shirt up over her breasts, the little cry replaced with a heated moan when he cupped one small, firm breast and dropped his mouth to it. The tigress felt a sharp twinge between her thighs when sharp teeth bit at the tiny pink nipple with surprising delicacy before he sucked it between his lips. "You've been watching me, too. One minute you look at me like you don't know what to think. The next, you're undressing me with your eyes. I'm starting to think you don't know what you want, Carrots."

"Undressing you?" she tried to laugh, but the sound came out as a gargled groan of delight when his hips nestled between hers suddenly.

The tigress was now very aware of the fact that the fox had tugged his shorts down, and stared wide-eyed as the tip of a thick canine cock that nudged against the softer shade of pink between the bunny's thighs. There was something in the act that had heat rising between Fangmeyer's own thighs. The taboo nature of the odd pair, the size of the male and the fact that the gray-furred bunny seemed overwhelmed with lust rather than afraid of it, the scents of the two. And her first real look at a canine's arousal.

Fuck, I am so fired, she thought, even as another quick glance to either end of the hallway was followed by her shoving her paw into her shorts until she found her own sex. She was a little stunned by how hot and wet she was as she slipped one finger slowly over the outer lips of her pussy as she watched the fox brace both paws on either side of his mate's shoulders. She bit her lower lip to keep herself silent as Wilde's back arched deeply to allow his muzzle to rest against the smaller muzzle. When she saw his hips flex, testing, the bunny responded by arching hers to meet him. Whatever attempt Hopps had been making to avoid the fox obviously didn't change the fact that she wanted him, nor did it change the way she wrapped her arms around his neck to draw him down into a hot and hungry kiss. Certainly not their first, and she doubted it would be their last if the way the bunny writhed and tried to drag the fox into her eager sex was any clue.

Wilde obviously had other plans, though he returned the kiss with every bit of the passion that the bunny offered. The growl that escaped him was surprisingly deep, causing the unintentional voyeur to glance at the bunny for any sign of fear even as she allowed the first knuckle of her finger to slide into the eager folds of her sex. Instead of fear, the bunny only released a soft churr in reply before a surprised and obviously delighted laugh escaped her when the fox suddenly moved to grip her hips, lifting the lighter form and moving her into his lap. Fangmeyer almost wondered if her own anticipation was higher as she watched him hold the bunny poised, his claws raking through her fur as he held onto the perfect butt to keep her sex poised right over the achingly hard tip of his cock. He looked ready to say something as Hopps braced her paws on his chest and gripped his shirt. But that was the moment that he noticed that they were not alone.

By scent or a chance look at the door, the way the fox tensed for a moment when emerald green eyes met hers made it clear that she was caught. Caught with her paw in her pants no less, something that the fox quickly noticed as his gaze flicked down to see the now still lump in her shorts. Mortification and the need to flee were halted before they could be fully processed when the fox did the exact opposite of what she expected. His gaze was narrow, accusing, burning with something that was almost dangerous as his ears laid back in a threatening position. But rather than try to cover them or hide what they had been doing, he stared at her as his paws tightened on the plush hips in his paws. The sudden cry from the bunny was almost matched by the tigress when he used that grip to slam the smaller mammal down, impaling her until every inch of eager crimson was buried into the soaking heat of the bunny.

The deeply aroused tigress knew what it was that she saw in his eyes and in the way he had taken the panting bunny so suddenly while she watched. The move was pure possession, dominance, taking what was his in full view of another predator who had come too close to his territory. The larger predator was stunned by her own arousal, arousal that now had her knees weakening as she angled her hips and pumped two fingers into her needy sex as the squirming bunny cried out his name in surprised pleasure. One paw remained on her hip while the other moved up that slender back, pressing her close to his chest so he could drag her up and slam her down as his hips rose to meet the motion. The sound of it was as intoxicating as the sight and scent of it. The slick sound of an eager cock being accepted and enjoyed by a wet body about two sizes too small for it was delicious. The grunts of the rutting male and the blissful cries of the female had her bracing her free paw on the wall beside her, claws biting into the painted surface to support herself as the quick, hard fuck the fox drove into the bunny had her racing towards her own climax. Or maybe it was his eyes. Green eyes that glared at her now and then. And every time the eyes of the two predators met, he seemed to deepen his thrusts and quicken his pace until the beautiful little female in his lap was just holding on for dear life.

"I'm going to knot you, Carrots," she heard him hiss as he lowered his muzzle to the base of one long ear, the sudden words causing a stutter in the pace of the hips that the tigress realized had been pushing back just as hard as he was giving.

"You… You're what?"

The dazed and breathless question was almost funny, except for the fact that the male holding her growled his reply urgently. That was the sound of a male who was on edge himself, struggling to keep some part of his sanity in check while balls deep in the hottest little bunny their audience had ever seen. "You heard me, rabbit," he repeated between grunts, biting her ear sharply as if to bring her attention to the fact. "I'm going to knot you because right now, you're mine. And I don't want you to think you can ignore me again, Fluff. You know you want me as much as I want you!"

"Nick, wha… Oh, fuck!" she groaned, her head rolling back to look up at the fox as she obviously felt what Fangmeyer was seeing. The thickening bulb at the base of slick crimson, the beginning of his knot that popped out of her as he continued to push the bunny to ride his lap. Her next words stunned the tigress so fully that her fingers lost their pace inside of her sex. "It's about time! I want all of you!"

Whether it was the fact that she was obviously riding the edge of orgasm or that she actually wanted to be knotted by the larger predator, the tigress would never know. All she knew was that Wilde squeezed the bunny closer, the large paw on her hip pushing her down as his growl deepened. The sharp cry from the smaller female was part pain, part pleasure, and all lost into the shirt of her lover. Her body shook, jerked, quick breaths squeaking out of her in almost cute noises before the scream of final climax was shouted into his chest.

For a moment, Wilde locked eyes with the watching tigress one last time. Eyes that spoke volumes burning with a primal hunger; a hunger that was all for the bunny currently cumming around his swelling knot. And while Fangmeyer couldn't actually see it as it happened, she had done her own research into canines thanks to a certain wolf she spent the better part of every day with. And she could certainly imagine it filling every possible crevice of the well-stuffed bunny as she watched Wilde's sac jump and his eyes close. He dropped his muzzle to the tip of the bunny's head, his growl mingled with a throaty moan as he came. The musk of their mutual climax hit her like a wave of fresh, hot lust that she sucked in without a hint of hesitation. And with a stunning rush of pleasure and the image of a gray-furred wolf in her mind, the voyeur clenched around her fingers eagerly as she drove herself to climax with them while silencing all sound behind a tightly clenched muzzle.

She recovered first, for obvious reasons. Her vision, which had spotted for a moment in the wake of her first orgasm in longer than she cared to remember, cleared as she slipped her fingers out of her sex. Wilde and Hopps were sitting in the large chair, both looking properly demolished and limp despite the spasms that still rocked the bunny and the slow rise and fall of the fox's furred sac as he continued to pump seed into her. The bunny had her cheek resting against his chest, her eyes closed, panting through her mouth as she tried to catch her breath. The fox kept both paws wrapped around her even though his head was dropped back and his muzzle pointed towards the ceiling with his tongue hanging out.

Now, she started to feel like an intruder. It did occur to her, right then anyway, that she was still a visiting instructor and that they had just broken about fifteen regulations between the three of them. Her eyes lingered on the two of them for a moment as she withdrew her paw from her pants and, without really thinking about it, slipped her fingers into her mouth to lick them clean. The heady juices did nothing to help her cool down, really. Nor did the scent of the two mammals mated at the hip.

"You're really big," the bunny suddenly murmured as she rubbed her cheek against his shirt, her tone so post-orgasm dreamy that it caused Fangmeyer to bite her lip to stop herself from chuckling while she backed away from the door.

"No, you're just extremely tight," was his weak reply, forcing the tigress to quickly move away from the door so she wouldn't have to keep holding back the laughter that threatened to bubble up as the two engaged in pillow talk in an oversized chair.

The feeling of shame that she expected never came as she quickly made her way down the still blessedly empty hallway, though she almost wished it would after watching what she had. Though, in truth, it had given her some things to think about, things that ran through her mind even as she made her way towards the main building and the project that was taking place in the basement. The incompatibility of species didn't seem nearly so large as it had before watching a bunny and a fox go hard at each other, and enjoy every second of it. It made her own stray sexual thoughts about Wolford seem less… out of place. That and the way the fox had looked at her when he'd noticed she was watching had not been pure anger. She had seen that look before, after all. It wasn't anger at being caught or even being watched. It had a been a warning from one predator to another. For him, what they had done hadn't just been about a quickie in the projector room. Wilde had claimed that hot little bunny…

And the primal possessiveness in green eyes promised that the word share wasn't anywhere in his vocabulary where Hopps was concerned.