Mlp Season 5

Author's note: So this is my attempt to rewriting season five of the MLP with Ash Ketchum and Pokemon. I won't do all the episodes some were not as interesting as others. But I want this to focus on the relationship between Ash and Twilight as they wait for their first child. I will add other couples later on.

Chapter 1

Castle Sweet Castle.

At Fluttershy's cottage Twilight, Fluttershy and Spike were finishing up giving the animals a bath. It was already late in the evening as Twilight scrubbed the belly of a large pig who snorted happily.

"There you go. All clean!" She beamed at the pig. The pig snorted a thank you and went over to the other clean pigs.

"Well that's the last of them." Fluttershy stated as the piglets her washed scampered away. "Thank you again for your guy's help with cleaning the animals here."

"It's was my pleasure." Twilight replied taking a towel and getting the mud out of her mane.

"Well it's getting late and you must be anguish to get home." Fluttershy said will butting the pigs in their pens. Twilight flinched at the thought of going back to the castle. She looked around and saw Angel Bunny sleeping next to the clean towels.

'Sorry' she thought and she pushed him into a puddle of mud. "Will you look at that. Angel here needs a bath too." She picked him up with her magic and trotted over to the tub. Spike looked at Twilight with concern as she started Angel's bath.

The next day Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, meet up with Pinkie Pie at Sugercube Corners.

"It's it just me or is something up with Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked to their little company.

"She has been doing a lot of odd jobs for me like reorganizing my entire cabinet of treads from color then again in alphabetical order." Rarity explained.

"She even counted how many apples on the farm." Applejack added.

"But isn't that important to know Applejack? To know how many you sell?" Pinkie Pie replied.

"She counted the flowers that haven't even been turned into buds yet."

"Do you think that she avoiding something at home?" Fluttershy suggested.

"What's there she's trying to avoid?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"The only thing I can think of is Ash." Pinkie Pie respond.

Silence filled the space between them as a slowly growing fear. An image of Twilight and Ash standing apart from each other with looks of a broken heart as a rift tore between them.

"They had a falling out?!" They all screamed. Losing notice they all bolted to the castle.

Spike was whistling merrily as he swept the entry hall. "POW!" The door was forced up so hard that they cracked the walls behind them. The next thing Spike knew he was pinned to the floor with Pinkie Pie with the rest of the girls behind her.

"Spike please tell me that it's no true and everything is going to be alright?!" Pinkie said with tears flowing down her cheeks. "Please!"

"What in Equestria are you talking about?!" He replied pushing the pink pony off of him.

"Twilight has been avoiding something and we think that she and Ash had a falling out." Fluttershy answered very worriedly.

"They didn't have a falling out! They are still in love as they ever been in more so." Spike answered bewildered by the question. Everypony let out a sigh of relief.

"That's good to hear." Applejack replied.

"Then what is she avoiding?" Rainbow Dash said remembering why they came.

"She's really avoiding the castle." Spike said sadly picking up the broom.

Rainbow Dash snorted "Why? It's a sweet castle."

"What do you mean darling?" Rarity piped in.

"Well..." Spike began thing back a few days ago.


Spike was carrying a tray of tea and some cupcakes for Ash and Twilight up in their room. As he walks in he sees the happy couple laying next to fire as it crackled and popped. A book laid between them as Spike drew closer. I was a book with pictures and ideas of a baby's room. Spike set the tray down next to them and turned to go but a sound caught his attention.

(Sniffing and a gentle whimpering.) "Honey what's the matter?"

Spike turned back to see Twilight crying and Ash holding her close with his wing..

"Is something wrong Twilight?" Spike asked hurting back to the two of them.

She sniffled a little and wiped the tears away. "I'm sorry but this wasn't the way I thought we be raising our children."

Spike was concerned and confused while Ash gave a look of knowingness.

"What do you mean Twilight? Don't you like it here?"

She turned to the baby dragon. "I do like it here Spike but I wanted to raise Ash and my foal or filly in the Golden Oaks Library. I would have love to see him or her trotting for their first time. See their first spell casting form a book they found. Or watch them fly around to the loft to where you and I would sleep together." She turned to Ash at that last part. He gave her a sympathetic smile and she smiled back leaning into neck.

"But can't they do all of that here?"

"That's not the points she's making Spike." Ash said looking at Spike.

"The library was our guy's home. Most of the memories you've had since coming to Ponyville where made there. We wanted to make more memories their with our children. It was special to us and we wanted them to be apart of that."

The baby dragon sniffed a little "I'm so sorry I didn't think about that."

Ash rubbed Spike's head "Nothing to be sorry about." Spike smiled and walked out but he lingered when he heard them talking again.

"Does it sound strange but I feel like I'm a stranger in my own home." Twilight turned back to Ash.

"It doesn't sound strange to me. I wish you didn't feel that way here." He cuddled her as close as ponily possible. "Let's take a few days and go somewhere. Anywhere in Equestria just you and me. It can be our first honeymoon." Smiling

Twilight smiled back "You are simply to good to me; my guardian.."

"Anything for my Evening Star."

Flashback ends.

"They left this morning saying that they will be back the day after tomorrow." Spike finished up his story.

"I never thought that Twilight was so depressed living in the castle." Applejack said feeling sorry for her friend.

Rarity pondered for a moment hen an idea flew into her head.

"Why don't we furnish the place while they are way. So when they return they can fell more at home than before." Every pony beamed with excitement.

"Great Idea." Spike beamed "I know a store in town that's having a sell on some new furniture and have a over night delivery policy. If you can decorate the castle than I can get the furniture all arranged."

So the girls stayed in the castle will Spike headed off to town. Spike picked out some couches, chairs, rugs and, tables to help bring more homeliness to the castle. Back with the girls they set to work setting up their plans for how to make the castle feel more like home. But they didn't talk about as a group but rather what makes them feel at home. They all left with their ideas in hoof at the end of the day. Spike was returning back to the castle when he stopped by the ruins of the library. He gazed out into space saddened that they would never live here again. As much of the library was Twilight's home it was his too.

The next morning Spike left before the girls arrived. He journeyed over to Lucario and Gardevior's house. Their house is the house Ash used to live in with Lucario and Discord. But since the wedding several weeks ago Discord removed his portal to his realm from the house and Ash moved in with Twilight.

Spike knocked on the door and Gardevior opened it for him.

"Welcome Spike." she greeted with a smile.

"Uncle Spike!" cried Ashley and Michael running down the stairs. They embraced the dragon who chuckled in delight.

"Say Gardevior can you give me a hand today?" Spike asked

"With what dear?"

"Twilight as been feeling down about living in the castle. Ash took her on an honeymoon to help get her mind off of it. In the meantime Rarity and the others are remodeling the castle to give them a more homey feel."

"Wow that's so kind of them. When will Twilight and Ash return?"

"They will return tomorrow morning so I need to move furniture into the caste. Can you help me?"

"Of course I will." Gardevior beamed at Spike.

"Great! Meet me at Lilly's Beds & Sleep Emporium apparently they don't do over night shipping." He groaned which made the kids giggle at his misfortune. So the two set off. Meanwhile the girls brought over their stuff to help make the castle feel more at home. But it didn't go so well. While they where singing a song (I'm not adding it in) They made a huge mess out of the place. Applejack brought in dirt and gardening supplies along with some hay bales. Rainbow Dash had placed many of her Wonder Bolt posters everywhere and placed several trophies that she earned in some window sills and bookshelves. Pinkie Pie went all out lacing the ceilings with streamers and placed several cakes and party snacks but the big kicker was that she hid over a dozen party canons all over the castle. Fluttershy had brought some of her animal friends inside but they themselves didn't feel at home in the large castle. Rarity was the most reasonable idea for the castle. She had dressed all of the windows with new curtains and hanged some tapestries along the walls covering over the Wonder Bolt posters. But it was more towards her tastes and not Twilight''s. It was a complete mess but know pony wanted to state the obvious.

"This looks fine." Rarity said with a twitch in the eye and a forced smile.

"Yeah it really something" Rainbow Dash added painfully.

"Something alright.." Applejack agreed with a gringe.

Just then the front door opened. "Hey we're back how did it go with the... SWEET CELESTIA!" Spike screamed seeing the mess that was the castle's throne room. Gardevior was also surprised by the mess. They had carried boxes full of furniture Spike had bought and with the help of Gardevior placed them is the rooms they were needed and assembled them without any hassle.

"What happened here they place looks awful!" Spike looked around in horror.

The girls let out a sigh of relief "I'm glad someone said something" Fluttershy muttered.

Spike gazed back at the group. "I thought you said you can make this place more at home. Now she won't even want to step hoof here and Ash..." He shuddered at the thought of an anger Ash so did the girls.

Spike glared at the ponies with disappointment "Did you honestly think either Twilight or Ash would want any off this; dirt on the floor, Wonder Bolt posters, wild animals scampering around, Ash hates these kinds of curtains, (BOOM) party cannon traps really, come on Rainbow Dash these are your trophies!" Spike looking over everything they had done. "It like you don't even know them."

No pony said anything for they knew now that they weren't really thinking about Ash or Twilight. Spike still scowling turned and headed to the door.

"Please clean up this mess and try again and this time think about their wants rather than your own." He and Gardevior left with a loud bang as the door was slammed shut. Gardevior glanced at the fuming dragon as he went to get a sapphire milkshake.

'He's really mad this time.' She thought following behind him.

"Thouchy much." Rainbow Dash muttered to herself but Applejack heard.

"He is right you know. We tried making this place feel at home to us and not for Ash and Twil." The other ponies nodded in agreement. It took the rest of the day to clean up. One of Pinkie Pie's traps scared the animals making them trashing the work they put in. They were glad Spike didn't see this or he may have blown a fuss.

It was already night when they finished up.

"So now what we're right back where we started." Rainbow Dash groaned.

"Well what are some things that Twilight likes?" Rarity asked trying to start up the topic again.

Pinkie jumped first "She like books."

"She loved the Golden Oaks Library." Fluttershy added.

Rainbow Dash nodded "Both Ash and Twilight like us."

They all thought about it when AJ caught an idea. "I got a plan follow me." So they all left to see Applejack's plan. Spike and Gardevior returned some time later finally getting his temper under control.

"You ok Spike" she asked.

"Yeah, just see the castle is a mess really set me off. To me it's not just Ash and Twilight's home it's mine too. And seeing it like that made me think that they didn't even care." He vented.

"I know that was not their intention Spike." She replied "They just went about it the wrong way."

"I know that. But it still doesn't make it better." They walked into the castle and saw all cleaned up and spotless. Then they entered the map room to see a beautiful sight of what the girls were doing.

The next day the sun shown bright the morning sky. Twilight and Ash walked slowly together back up to the castle. They had sent their honeymoon in Vanhoover to enjoy the snow mountains and quiet rivers of the northwest.

"That was a great time was an it?" Ash asked his wife. She smiled and bumped him playfully. It was nice and other times it was very nice. "Yes Ash it was great."

They made it to the castle where everypony including Spike, Lucario, Gardevior, and their kids.

"What's all this?" Ash asked curiously.

"Spike told us about how you felt about the castle and we wanted to make it more like home for you guys." Applejack answered.

"We had many ideas but this one we know you're going to love." Pinkie Pie said bouncing up and down excitedly. They all went inside of the castle to see. Ash and Twilight looked around as did see some new furniture but other than that no real change. Rarity opened the doors to the map room and the couple gasped.

High above was a chandelier made out of tree roots with hundreds of gems and crystals hanging down from it.

"The roots are from the library Twilight." Fluttershy explained

"And each gem has a image of the best moments we had with you and with each other." Rainbow Dash followed up next. She showed them a memory of Twilight First arriving in Ponyville, another with all of them at the Grand Galloping Gala, next was them dance at Shining Armor's and Cadense's wedding together as a couple, the last one was their wedding memory.

Both Ash and Twilight were teary eyed and gazed at the chandelier all of the memories they had made with there friends over the years. They smiled back at their friends. "It's perfect." Twilight said "this is exactly what this place needed."

"Thank you all for this it is wonderful." Ash nodded as well.

The other just smiled back proud that they made this possible. One by one they left the room for Ash and Twilight to enjoy this moment of beautiful memories and the thought of many more memories to come.

Chapter end.