Discord S5 ep 7 part 1.

Now I'm sorry my readers for not updating in so long but teaching English to the Japanese while I'm in Japan is very hard work but it is very rewarding. I broken up this episode into two parts Maine to give you all something to read but I want to add an new character in the next chapter but give him a good chance to a make a good appearance. So I always I joy your comments or if you want PM me with out further a due here's the next story.

It was another typical day at Fluttershy's cottage. Birds were singing lovely songs and squirrels chattered away at each other as always. But today was the day that Discord would stop by to have his weekly tea party with Fluttershy.

"So I said it was a pineapple party!" He cried out in laughter.

Fluttershy giggled in humor. "Hehehe oh Discord. I don't believe I met anyone as fun as funny as you."

This made Discord beam from ear to ear literally. "I'm glad you think so. I just love tell stories of my adventures. I can't wait till next week for our next tea party. I'm going to have to find better sources material for my stories."

Fluttershy lost her smile and looked up at her friend. "But Discord the Grand Galloping Gala is next week." Discord beamed so much his smile was bigger than his face should have aloud and pick Fluttershy up and spun her around. "Ohhh thank you Fluttershy I so glad you remembered. I was waiting for you ask me to be your plus one for that wonderful evening."

"I'm sorry Discord put your not my plus one." She said with a disheartening look. He instantly stopped spinning and dropped her to the floor. "What do you mean I'm not your plus one?!"

"I'm really sorry but I though since you and Celestia were friends now she sent you a invitation."

Feeling rather dejected scoffed. "Well she didn't thank you very much. So who is your plus one then if it's not going to me."

Fluttershy gave a small smile and a blush formed on her cheeks. "He's a pen pal I've been writing since we met at the Breezies convention several months ago. His name is Daniel LeoCorde but he likes to be called Danny. We hit it off pretty well and we have a lot in common." She was about to go on but she was shocke to see Discord storming over to the door "I am sorry to cut this scene short but I have some important working I happen to remember." Clearly not paying attention to what she was saying. And with that he left leaving a confused and slightly worried Fluttershy.

Several days later at Rarity's fashion boutique she and her sister along with Applejack, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Rainbow Dash wear trying on new dresses for the Gala. Shadow; Rarity's colt friend was off to the side trying to tie a bow tie.

"Since this is your first Gala I want it to be spectacular. And a good way to start if off is with a new dress and look fabulous." She beamed putting the final touched to Sweetie Bell's gown. "There all done."

"Thanks Rarity" Sweetie Bell as she admired herself in the mirror. Applejack rolled her eyes in playful banter.

"I don't see the all reasoning behind making this whole thing into a big deal. It is their first time at the gala it won't.." But she saw young Apple Bloom stepping out of a dressing room in her new dress and she look amazing. AJ couldn't help but shed some liquid pride.

"My little sister is all grown up."

Now as the others were getting their dress on for any final touches and adjustments in their own dressing rooms. Shadow still hadn't got his tie of straight. Rarity giggled to herself and trotted over to him a and helped him.

"Thanks." He said smiling at his mare friend. She smiled and kissed him which he returned. Sweetie Bell saw this and chuckled she can tease her big sister about finding her special pony. She turned back to the mirror but instead of her reflection she saw a giant yellow eye. She screamed and jumped off the stage. The eye warped into Discord.

"Discord what in Equestria are you doing scaring my sister?!" Rarity barked holding her sister close.

"Sorry for the sudden intrusion but I was wondering if you all know a pony who goes by the name of Danny or something or other."

"No I can t say that I have." Rarity replied.

"Me neither" added Applejack.

"Why you wish to know?" Shadow asked giving Discord a hard stare.

Discord scoffed " Fluttershy invited him instead of me and I was wondering who he his and see what he has that I don't. But since none of you know I will just take my leave." And with that he disappeared leaving the ponies a little concerned.

The next day just before the day off the gala Discord popped in to see Ash and Twilight; to take his mind off of Fluttershy. They had finished painting the baby's room. The round room was painted to look like Ponyville. (Art style from B.B.F.F. Reprise) There were all of the pony in town going about their day and the mane seven where outside the castle smiling warmly. Discord looked around to find himself which he did he was painted over Fluttershy's cottage with a silly grin. Which he approved.

"I love what you done with the room." He praised.

"That's not all." Ash grinned he pointed to the ceiling. There a painting of the sun with Princess Celestia looking over Ponyville with a warm gentle smile. Then Twilight used her magic on the sun. Celestia moved out of the sun and flew off behind it. As she did this the sun turned into a crescent moon and Princess Luna came in from the other side of the moon and land on it. The painting along the walls turned into nighttime Ponyville. Everything was covered in softer shades of light and shadow. Some of the home had their lights on which flickered.

"Now that is cool." Discord said.

"We love it" Ash smiled wrapping a wing over his wife; who smiled and rubbed her belly which had grown into a small baby bump. "We can't wait to see her or him. And tell the stories about us and Equestria."

Discord thought he could be sneaky "Oh I have some stories for you. I took a look ahead and I saw some interesting things your baby and future children will do want me to..." But his words were cut short as he now was in a straight jacket, chains wrapped his legs and tail together, and a muzzle kept his mouth shut. He looked up and panicked. The two alicorns had sweet gentle smiles but around them was a dark and dangerous aura resonating within them.

"We're you about to tell us about our children''s future, robbing us the joys of those experiences of those moments that we would treasure for the rest of our lives." They said in unison.

For the sack of his life and his friendship with them he quickly forgot their children's future. "Heehee I erased it from my find." He tried to say but the muzzle muffled his voice.

But they understood "Good now you have an appointment somewhere else. They levitated him and moved him to an open window and summoned a large slingshot.

"Do come back again Discord and remember no spoilers." Twilight smiled as Ash released the slingshot launching him back into town. He would have cried a goofy cry but the muzzle. But before he hit the ground he turned himself into a box. Hitting the ground he rolled and ended up in Sugercube Corners.

Pinkie Pie looked at the box and gave a sigh. "You tried to spoil Twilight and Ash's children's future didn't you?"


The box turned back into Discord who laid on the floor looking up at the pink pony.

"How did you know?"

"I had a pinkie scene and before I could explain they fired me out of the castle with my party cannon." She smiled "They don't want anypony spoiling their happiness. You should have known that?"

"I know but I needed to get my mind of Fluttershy."

"You two have a fight?" Pinkie Pie asked worriedly.

"No nothing like that. She's going to the Gala with somepony else named Danny."

"It could be her coltfriend." Pinkie explained.

Discord stopped for a moment and remembered how Fluttershy blushed at his name and how he liked to be called Danny. It was clear she liked him but what does that mean for him. Does this mean his being replaced. Some many questions filled his mind it was shall we say chaotic.

"Look there's Fluttershy and I think she has a new friend." Pinkie Pie shouted pointing out the window. Snapping out of his dilemma. Discord left to see this new 'Friend'.

"Why hello their Fluttershy. I haven't seen you in a while." He appeared before the two ponies.

"Hello Discord, this is a friend of mine; Tree Hugger." Discord 'tried' not to laugh to loudly. The pony in question was a green mare with light red hair they was kept in a Jamaican style and had a beanie.

"hello their friend." She said in a buzzed state "I'm really digging your vibe. Fluttershy has told me a lot about you."

"Funny she hasn't said a word about you."

"She the older sister of Danny she came by for a visit before she went up to Canterlot for the Gala tomorrow night."

"Well I was on my way home right now. Sorry to talk on the fly but I just wanted to pop in and see you before you go. Since I'm not going to the Gala."

"I'm sorry to hear that Discord." Fluttershy said with a sad face.

"Don't worry about it I have lots of other things I can do." And with that he teleported away.

In a chaotic realm Discord tried desperately to get his mind off Fluttershy. Adding dust bunnies, dirtying dishes and re-washing the windows. But nothing worked.

"That's it I'm through with the gala. I don't even want to go anymore!" He shout in exasperation and flung himself onto the couch. Then he heard a screaming in his domain. He popped out and found the mailpony crying out in fear. He caught the pony and smiled.

"Are you by chance looking for me?" He asked slyly.

The pony was thankful for seeing something that instantly want to eat him.

"Are you Discord or current residents?"

"That I am."

The pony handed a letter to discord who he tore open and read it. It was his ticket to go to the Grand Galloping Gala.

"I was invited! I'm going to the Gala! I'm going to the Gala!" He cheered with glee. He looked at the pony and his smile fell into a deep frown and the pony gulped in fear.

"Why is this so late?" He said darkly.

"I am sorry for the lateness of your mail sir but there are not streets or numbers in this place. Say can you point me into the direction of he bottomless pits I can make it out of here from there."

Discord not really paying attention to the poor pony just pointed in some direction and the pony was off into the realm of insanity. "Now I can't go by myself. Fluttershy would think I didn't have any other friends besides her. But how can be my plus one?"

He thought and thought till a certain person came to mind and a wicked smile grew on his face. "This will be a night to remember."