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Chapter 5


"Hello? Hello…? Who is this? I can't hear you that well," I said. Whoever was on the other line sounded strange. "Will? This is Georgina. Hello? Are you there?" she asked. Oh great! What did she want now? "Will, please don't hang up. This is urgent. Dad had a heart attack…" she trailed off and got quiet. "What? What did you say? Are you being serious?" I couldn't believe her. "I said, dad had a heart attack. Are you deaf?" she sounded angry at me now. "What is going on?" I stood up pulling my hair. "You need to come back home as soon as possible. The doctors don't know if he has any more time left… please". I knew she sounded sincere, begging me to come home. Whenever she called me, she always was in financial trouble. I told my parents I would not support her anymore until she had a stable job. "Will, you need to leave now. Stop whatever you are doing and come back home. We need you here. I am serious. You don't want to regret this," she did sound serious. Then she hung up. I knew I had to leave. I had to leave now. I had no choice. He was my father and I had to go before he was gone… I didn't want to leave Louisa Clark to herself but I had no choice. The good news was that her sister was coming so she wouldn't be alone for that long. I had a plan in my mind. I had already paid for my hotel room and it wasn't a big deal to me to lose the money. I could get the hotel management to get me two new cards while I packed my stuff and had them prepare it for Lou's sister. I had already gotten them a flight back home so that was taken care of. The last thing I needed to do was to make sure that Nathan was on board. I called him quickly and left him a message. I put everything in an envelope and gave it to a nurse. Honestly, I couldn't lose any more time that I already had with getting everything together and with packing. I wrote my apologetic note. I wanted to say goodbye in person but I needed to leave…

End of Flashback

I woke up suddenly. Ahhhh, another dream. In my dream, I was leaving the hospital room and her poppy eyes would not leave me. I had not properly parted from her. In reality, I didn't say goodbye. I didn't reassure her that someone was coming. I left her alone. This was strange. Me, Will Traynor, the CEO of my own company, had to be attached to what happened a few weeks ago. I could be with whomever I wanted but why would she pop into my dreams? What was so different about her? We just met in an accident. Why wouldn't she leave me in my dreams? Why?... It had been the second time that week that I dreamt about her.

I would go on the internet and search every website to figure out what was going on with me. Some websites suggested that it was stress. Others suggested to go see a shrink. How funny!

It had been two months since I met Louisa Clark. When I came home, my father was in a critical condition. We were all worried for him, but miraculously he pulled it through. Every day, he had to follow a strict diet and do specific exercises. He wasn't allowed to go back to work which was good. It was good for my parents to spend some time together. At times, I felt their marriage was in trouble. My parents had been together for over twenty years. They were times where they showered each other with material things. And other times they would not speak to each other. In recent years, they had become very casual and somewhat cold to each other. I could not understand their relationship. I thought when two people loved each other and stayed together for a long time, they would show more kindness, respect, and compassion for one another. I was no expert on relationships, what did I know? I had always chased after girls and played with their hearts. When I started my own company, I wanted to be taken seriously in the business world. But my fear was that girls wanted to use me for my money. But who was I kidding? I would still chase women at parties and wedding, even when we would go to bars until I became bored with them. No one ever stood out to me. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe they were just all the same. When I was with Alicia we would get into many fights. She would flirt with other guys at parties and I would do the same.

I wouldn't be lying if I said I hadn't thought about Louisa Clark. A very simple girl. Her eyes beautiful, the color of the sky. The most distinctive feature of her. Hmm… I remember. I would never forget the look she gave me before I had to take that phone call. That was the last time I saw her. I wondered how she was doing in the last few weeks. I had been so busy at work that I had no time calling Nathan. Running my business and going to the hospital to check on my dad, had taken the majority of my time. I only had time to go home, eat, shower, and sleep. That was my routine every day. We had so much work in our office. I needed to update our website, I needed someone to redecorate the place, and I needed to get another assistant since my father was not around anymore.

Georgina had been eating my ears off. She had been coming to my office every day and begging me to let her redecorate the whole place. In my gut, I didn't trust her. I would usually brush it off and would give her other projects to keep her busy.

"Why won't you let me decorate this place? It's hideous and depressing. I don't know how you have clients coming to your office!", she said. "Don't you have better things to do than just complain about my office space?" I said, not looking at her.

"Guess what? Mom just messaged me. Dad will be released in a couple of days," she said smiling. This was a great news! Finally, we didn't have to go back and forth to the hospital. My parents had multiple properties in London and outside of London. We were all staying together at this stressful time. "I want to arrange a party. Our lives have been crazy. We need to throw a party for dad's health."

"Not right now Georgina. First of all, he was just released from the hospital and secondly, I don't have time for your bloody stupid parties. You need to leave. I have a lot of work to do," I told her in a serious manner. She shook her head and picked her stuff up and left my office. Thank God, she was gone. Now I could breathe.

I went back to my apartment to find solace. I needed to be by myself for a few hours before returning to see my family. I was exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. Without thinking, I texted my friend Jack.

"Hey, you up? Wanna go for a quick hiking trip next weekend?"

"Hey! Long time no see man! Where have you been? You've been missing all the parties. All the hot girls who could eventually become your baby mama". I rolled my eyes at him.

"You wanna go?"

"Sure. Text me the details. I can get a couple of pals going too. See you next weekend!"

I put my phone away. I was in no mood to hook up with anyone at this time in my life. Honestly, after the incident with Alicia and Rupert, I had lost interest in the people we hung out with. I had lost interest in parties too.

I got another text message. I opened it up and it was from my mother.

"William. Your father is home and resting. Will you be joining us for dinner?"

"No mother. Enjoy dinner without me. I will see you in a couple of hours. Glad father is doing better." I shut my phone and lay on the bed. I looked up at my fan and dozed off.

I opened my eyes to my mobile and saw multiple text messages and missed calls. Some from my mother and some from Georgina. For God's sake, I am a 32 years old man. I am not a child that they worry about.


"Hey man. Long time no see! What have you been up to? Where is Rupert? I haven't seen him for a long time too. I heard you and Alicia are back together?" Jack said. I looked at him warily. Me and Alicia? That was the funniest thing anyone had ever said. Maybe he is asking to see if he can date her. "First of all, Alicia and I are not back together. Second of all, I thought we were here to enjoy nature not start a gossip magazine", I sighed.

"Hey, easy! I didn't mean to pry mate. Just wanted to see how things are going in your life. Well, then. I'm guessing everything is fine then".

The rest of the hike I didn't say anything. Maybe it was not a good idea to bring another friend to hike. I wanted today to be calm and peace but I don't know why I was being so sensitive.

I had not heard from Rupert since I fired him. I didn't have any reason for it. A part of me missed our friendship. I just needed to adjust.


Ding, Ding. Ding, Ding. What is that? It was my phone. It was from Georgina. What now? What does she want? I opened the message and it said:

Best Party of Your Life

Dress Fabulous

Bring a Plus One!

See you all soon

Dinner 5 PM

Note: I will send you an invitation via your email with address included

Love, Georgina.

What the bloody hell is she doing? Dad just got out of the hospital and needs to rest at home. This is not the time to party and put more pressure on the family. I rolled my eyes at the invitation. She sounds just like a teenager. Why does she want people to dress fabulously if her invitation is not that formal?

"Georgina. What the bloody hell did I just receive? What do you think you are doing?" I was pissed off.

"Calm down, Will", she sounded sweet. Was she trying to play me? "Explain yourself," I demanded.

"Well, I know that we all have been pretty stressed out lately. Why not throw a big party? You don't have to worry about a thing. Mum and I got everything under control. You just need to show up with whomever you want," she concluded. "Whatever!" I hung up the phone. I never understood my sister and her plans. Of course, she got mum under her spell to do whatever she wished to do. I sighed again. I cannot get a break…


It's Saturday, 4:30 in the afternoon and I am laying on my bed staring at the ceiling. I do not want to be here. I have missed so many of my mum's and my sister's calls already. The only thing I check is my dad's message. It was very simple and short. Please Save Me. I laughed loudly. I totally understood where he was coming from. The party was not held in London, it was in our hometown. My parents had moved back to Pembroke to get away from all the noise of the big city. In my opinion, it was a pretty dull town with many historic sights. I would have never thought I would be back again.

I always liked big cities and adventures. I loved challenging myself and proving to others that I would be the best at everything.

The party had begun promptly at 5 pm. I saw people in their best attire. Mum and Georgina had outdone themselves once again. Since I was little I remember my family planning parties and functions to raise money for charities. Since they had gotten older, they had no energy to do these things anymore. Today, everything looked amazing. The gardens were properly treated. Mum had ordered food from our favorite catering company.

As I was walking around outside, something caught my eyes. I think I saw her. Was that Louisa Clark? Was I hallucinating? What in the world was she doing here? How did she get invited? I was eyeing her from the far distant. I was trying to think of the best way to approach her. I really didn't know what to do. Was she serving something? Was she one of the waiters? Suddenly, everything clicked. Nathan must have invited her.

She looked amazing even in whatever she was wearing. She also had a cane near her. I was assuming that she was seeing Nathan still and hopefully, therapy was going well.

"Hey man. What are you up to?" my friend Jack asked. "Here is 75 pounds. Can you tip that waitress for me? Remember, be discreet and don't mention my name" I ordered him. My friend looked at me in a confused way. "Just go please," I pleaded. "I don't bloody know what is going on, but you better tell me the story when I get back," he said in a snarky way.

I watched as my friend Jack went to Louisa. She gave him her best smile and looked surprised to be receiving a generous tip from him. She said something to him and tried to hand him some of the money but he didn't accept it. I smiled.

"William Traynor, who is that girl? She is not used to getting tips. She was trying to give some of the money back to me. How ridiculous and weird!" he raised his eyebrows. I shook my head, trying to hide my amusement. "Okay, Traynor, spill your guts out now!".

"Alright, all right!" calm down mate.


It was not too late. Was it? I was a bit tired after having to chat with many of our friends and Georgina had invited so many people that I didn't recognize them to our 'welcome home party' for our father. Many of them were drunk and tired at this hour.

"Here you go sir" a waiter offered me a glass of champagne. I was confused. "This is from the lady over there", he pointed at a blonde to me. I was furious. I think I knew who it was. Georgina had invited Alicia and her friends. What an opportunist that she was!

"What the bloody hell is she doing at our party?" I said out loud. I wanted to march to her and her friends to kick them out of our house. But at the moment, something else caught my eyes. Someone was trying to leave but she seemed lost. I needed to go help her. This was my opportunity.

"Is this who I think it is?" I said out loud to Louisa. I had the courage to say her name. I had to get this over with. She turned around and gave me her beautiful and genuine smile.

"Hello, William Traynor. How do you do?" she said politely. I was so happy to finally get a chance to talk to her. I wanted to see how she was doing. All the dread of the last few weeks and my fears had calmed down. Oh, how I missed that beautiful smile. Oh, how I missed those blue eyes that expressed every emotion in her being. But before I could manage to say something, something or someone tripped on me. Of course, I knew it was Alicia. I could smell the stink of her breath. She was drunk. Was this her plan all along? Was it her plan to come here, get drunk, and wait for me to save her? What a moron!

"Hello, my darling," she said. "Oh, how I missed you" she gave me a kiss on my lips and squeezed my cheeks. Words cannot describe my anger for this woman. I had no idea that she would do this in front of Louisa. I could see from the corner of my eyes that Louisa got uncomfortable. Then something else happened. Alicia's friends started chanting my name so loud that they got the attention of people around us. This was so awkward. I don't understand their intention. Was it to embarrass me or Louisa? I don't know. I needed to control this situation. However, in a blink of an eye, Louisa was gone. She walked fast and exited our property. This couldn't happen. No, No, No! We didn't even get a chance to talk. I needed to set the record straight.

I tried my best to shout out her name, "Louisa. Louisa!". She was already far gone.

I could not lose this opportunity. I put Alicia down on her knees and asked one of the security guards to escort her and her friends out of our property.

"This isn't over, William Traynor" Alicia said with a mock.

I didn't look back for a second. I tried to use all my energy to go after Louisa Clark and see where she was heading. I was not letting her leave without an explanation.

It was dark and it was getting colder. I was starting to get nervous. I think I saw a glimpse of her walking down toward the castle into the maze. Was she familiar with this part of the town? I tried to follow her and from the distant, I saw that she headed down to the maze.

It was dead silent in the maze. I could hear the wind blow and the leaves of the trees moving. I wondered how familiar she was walking down in here? Would she get lost? Would she need my assistant? As I walked down the maze, my favorite place to go since I was a child, I heard her panting. I tried to be really quiet but the rocks under my feet made noise. I tried not to scare so I decided to call her name once again. "Louisa Clark, Louisa, I am here. It's me".

As I slowly approached her, I saw in her eyes that she was scared. I looked around and no one and nothing was in between us. She must have been really scared of something. All of a sudden, her knees gave out, and she fell into my arms crying.