Chapter 3

The bus came to a screeching halt, they had arrived at hell.

With a heavy sigh, the students exited the bus, bracing themselves for another day at Forest River High.

Rin PoV

Ah, another day in high school.

I wonder if anything interesting will happen in the city.

No One's PoV

As the two girls walked to their first hour, Rin wondered if her favorite fanfiction updated yet or not. As they walked into class, she slipped her phone out of her pocket, and scrolled through her feed. Letting out a sigh, the blonde haired girl put her phone back; the story didn't update.

"Good morning class," The annoying enthusiast teacher greeted.

"Today, we will be going to Tokyo. It is a big city, and I expect you all to stick to your partners and not stray too much. We will be leaving in about 10 minutes, if any one wants to leave their backpack here in the classroom, you may do so. Now then, does anyone want to pass out the guides and rule booklets?" Mr. Oliver questioned.

The students inwardly groaned at the idea of rules, and then as every classroom has one, the teacher's pet went up and collected the flyers, and started to distribute them.

-Time skip-

They had now, gotten off the bus, and were in the city. Mr. Oliver had instructed them that free time would only last till 9, and then everyone was supposed to meet up at the Tokyo Tower to leave. After everyone paired up, the excited students had started to explore.

"Rin, let's go check out that, no wait, that no wait, let's check out everything!" Miku excitedly exclaimed.

"Sure, Miku, let's go." Rin said, she knew her friend was very excited, and decided to go along with whatever the green haired girl wanted.

After they saw almost everything on Miku's list, they sat down at a park bench to rest their tired legs. It was a long day, they had seen almost everything interesting about Tokyo.

"Rin, I'll go grab us some drinks, stay here." Miku said, as she walked away.

It was starting to get dark now, the day almost over, the sun's rays dwindling down to a soft orangey red. A blonde girl could be seen resting on a park bench.

Len PoV

Now's my chance!

Rin Pov

I wonder how long Miku's going to take. It's already been te- suddenly, before she could finish her thought about her friend being late, she felt a sharp pain on top of her head, and blacked out.

A blonde 23 year old man could see be seen carrying an 18 year old girl bridal style home. But since it was Tokyo, and since the pair looked very good together, passer byers just assumed that it was photoshoot, or something like that and kept walking.

-Tim Skip-

Slowly Rin's eyes opened to the world, the world no longer black and dark. The girl blinked her eyes, and look up to see an elegant chandelier, and crystal lights. Suddenly Rin's memory came back, and she quickly lifted her upper half. Rin looked around and saw that she was in an elegant room, and was lying in a soft bed.

"Oh, you're awake," a blonde handsome man, in a black sleek suit stated.