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The Pain of Love. The Love of Pain

Chapter One Rising & Falling

The sun rose like a crimson orb behind the trees that faintly blocked the light from the houses that lay quiet in the town of Domino. One house, in particular, seemed the quietest of all. Or, to be specific, a game shop.

The game shop was eerily quiet and seemed empty. The black and white sign through the window told the world it was closed while various posters bragged and told a tale of Duel Monsters. Shelves contained games and cards and random items that would be sure to spark the fancy of any child. In the back behind a tidy counter was a staircase that lead upwards to the living area of the shop.

Two doors was all that the upper floor contained. It was dusty and murky like an attic. It seemed almost unsuitable for living, Yet the faintest sound from the farthest door made one second guess ones self. Behind the door was a room containing only a bedside table and a bed. Through a window caked with dirt and dust the sun faintly shone and a ray of light landed on the angelic face of a sleeping child.

Curled up in the bed with barely a blanket to cover his thin, slender form lay a young boy with black and red hair who had an expression of one utterly lost in a dream. A dream of terror.

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ The sun. It's so bright. It burns. I can't breath. Why is it so hard to breathe?

Crimson eyes snapped open at the thoughts that screamed through them. In horror, the child looked around. He had thought it was the sun that had shone through his eyelids in his slumber but he was wrong. Deadly wrong. It was fire that had woken him and it was fire that was surrounding him.

"Father! Mother!" he screamed in fear. "Grandpa! Help!" He struggled out of his bed. The flames shot past the door and climbed up his walls, enclosing him in what was slowly becoming an inferno. He turned madly, whimpering and losing focus. He was trapped. He had to get out. The window! He dashed to the window pulling it upwards and banging on it. He opened it ever slightly, feeling a faint breeze that mocked him in his horror. Using all the strength that his small body contained, as well as the fear he felt, he pushed up on the window opening it more. He stumbled slightly. The window wouldn't go any further. It seemed like such a small space that he had opened. Could he fit? He turned towards the door and the flames that threatened to destroy him. Hoisting himself up and moving as fast as he could, he climbed through the window.

It was a small fit. Some glass cracked and he winced as he was scarred on the wrists and back. He pushed himself through with a groan and fell to the cold lawn. Quickly he stood and started screaming for his family again. "Mom! Dad! Grandpa! Mom! Dad!" He ran to his parent's window and put his hand to it to try to open it but the glass was hot and burned. The flames cast shadows on the inside. 'Is that.what I think.Oh God."

He was blown back suddenly as the glass shattered. Shards flew to stab his angelic face and scar his arms as he tried to protect himself. Flames crawled from the window and began to slowly engulf the house. He picked himself up and ran to the front end of the house. A man stood frozen in shock. "Grandpa? Grandpa!" The boy ran to the man and was greeted by his embrace. "Yugi! You're okay! Thank goodness." Yugi drew back. "Grandpa, where are mom and dad? They made it out okay, didn't they?" Yugi's grandpa, Sugoroki Mouto, looked away from the child. " Grandpa? They made it out, right? They had to." Yugi turned from his grandpa and looked toward the house. The fire had engulfed all of the house and was licking at the flowers that Yugi's mother had planted earlier in the spring. Down the street Yugi could hear a fire truck that, for him, had come way to late.


Yugi jolted awake in bed. Sweat dripped down his forehead and tears fell gently from the corners of his crimson eyes. The sun fully shone through the window now and an old clock next to the bed read six thirty- two. It was always six thirty-two when Yugi awoke from the dream that had plagued him every night since the horrible tragedy.

Yugi sighed and wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. There was no doubt the child was beautiful. With bright crimson eyes and light soft skin he resembled an angel. Only his small height and smaller weight disgraced his perfect form. He was a little dirty as well, but so was everything in the game shop these days. Placing his small feet on the floor he made footprints in the dust as he walked from his room.

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