Chapter 30: So It's Come to This.

A month later, Lucifer wakes Jean up early in the morning and he instantly regrets it. "Damn it, Lucifer! You feathery bastard! I'm exhausted and my back, hips, and pelvis all hurt, so leave me alone!" She snaps at him and gives him a death glare, "You are so lucky that I can't physically hurt you, or I would right now."

Lucifer's eyes narrowed in warning at her, "Watch your tone."

She snorts, "I haven't been sleeping well recently and I am in pain from carrying your children! I am entitled to be a little grumpy! Now, please, let me try and get some sleep."

He sighs, "You should've told me." He reaches out and touches her temple with the index and middle fingers of his right hand. Instantly, Jean's pain vanishes and she's out cold.

He returns at noon with a plate piled high with chocolate-covered tater tots and this time Jean is awake and happy to see him. "Thank you," she says as he hands her the plate. "I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier, Luci. I was sleepy and hurting which equals to me being very cranky."

"Cranky isn't exactly the word that I would've used. Why didn't you ask me for help?"

She shrugs, "It was equal parts me being stubborn and not thinking straight. Why did you wake me up in the first place, beloved?"

Lucifer says, sounding excited, "I wanted to show you the finished nursery. But finish eating first and then I'll show you the room."

After Jean is done eating, she uses the restroom and then follows her ugear out of their bedroom and across the hall to the nursery. "Man, TV and movies never go into detail about how damn near everything hurts during pregnancy," she says as they come to a stop outside the nursery room door.

"Are you in pain again?" She nods and he touches his fingers to her forehead again, "Is that better?"

Jean sighs in relief then says in excitement, "Much. Now let's see what you've done with the nursery."

Lucifer opens the door revealing the babies' room to his etam. Jean is astonished by the now fully painted and furnished room. The walls are painted a pale yellow with gray trim and matching gray carpet covering the floor. Up against the right wall are two identical wooden cribs painted white. Above each crib is a sun, moon, and stars mobile. Opposite the door to the hallway are three medium-sized bay windows. The middle window is made up of a single square of glass while the windows on either side are vertical rectangles and divided into eight individual squares on the top half while the bottom half is a single pane of glass that can be raised in order to open them. Beneath the bay windows is a white sofa with a gray square throw pillow resting against either arm of the sofa. Across the room from the cribs is a white changing table with a space under the changing area for diapers and wipes and two large square drawers for clothes beneath that. Beside the table is a small white trash bin for dirty diapers. In the corner of the room, facing the right bay window is a white wingback rocking chair.

Jean sighs in relief, "I am so glad that you did this. I hate decorating rooms."

Lucifer slightly chuckles, "I decided it would be for the best if I just decorated it all myself since you nearly drove me into a murderous rage just trying to pick what colors to paint the walls."

Jean laughs at the memory, "You did a very good job on the room, beloved. I love it." She presses her lips against his and he quickly deepens the kiss.

He breaks the kiss, "Let's get you back to bed so that you can rest."

"Actually, I would like to walk around for a bit." He nods and they begin to walk through the house together. "Luci, I was thinking about visiting Bobby before I become bedridden in two more months. Will you take me?" Lucifer is now scowling with his eyebrows furrowed. Jean gives him her best puppy dog eyes, "Please?"

"I'll think about it."

It's nearly a week later before Lucifer takes Jean to Bobby's house. They say their sweet goodbyes in the junkyard before Lucifer disappears and Jean makes her way toward the back door of the house. She opens the door and then calls out, "Bobby! It's me! I've come to visit your old, grumpy ass!" She finds him in his library drinking a glass of whiskey and looking out of the window. "There you are! I've come to keep you company for about a week."

Bobby turns his wheelchair around to face her, "Geez, girl…you look like you're about to pop."

"Thanks, Bobby. You sure know how to make a gal feel self-conscious about the way she looks." She shakes the green duffle bag that's slung over her right shoulder. "I'm going to take my things upstairs. I'll be right back." She takes her bag upstairs to the guest bedroom and drops it onto the bed before going back downstairs. "What's the agenda for today, Bobby?" she asks as she re-enters the library.

"The same thing as everyday…answer the phones and do research." They spend the rest of the day helping any hunter that calls Bobby; rather it's finding out what the people are hunting or pretending to be a supervisor at the F.B.I or C.D.C whenever the real cops call to check out the hunter's credentials.

Around seven o'clock that night, Jody Mills, a woman that's three years older than Jean with brown hair that is cut into a short pixie hairstyle and hazel eyes, arrives with a couple of bags of groceries for Bobby. Jody is the sheriff of Sioux Falls and ever since the incident where the dead were brought back to life by Death; which included Jody's son; an occasional hunter. Jean and Jody get along right from the start. As they prepare and cook dinner for the three of them, they talk and share stories about Bobby, which makes the already grouchy man even grouchier. However, Jean dodges around the other woman's questions about the babies' father; coming to the conclusion that it's for the best that very few people should know about her being pregnant with the Devil's children.

Once they're all done eating, Jody and Bobby decide to have a couple of shots of whiskey together while Jean opts to head to bed even though it's only nine p.m.

A few days later, Jean is startled awake early in the morning by the sound of a gunshot from downstairs. She quickly scrambles out of bed; fearing the worst; before grabbing her pistol from her duffle bag and making her way out of the guest bedroom. She carefully walks down the stairs being as quiet as possible. When she reaches the bottom, she stops to listen for any sounds. She hears two voices coming from the library; one she recognizes as Bobby's and the other belongs to a man with a British accent. Jean slowly walks toward the library but stops just outside of the threshold. She peeks around the corner of the wall and is surprised by what she sees. Bobby is kissing a man with short dark brown hair that is wearing an expensive, tailored black suit. The man is holding up a smartphone and taking a picture of the kiss.

Jean steps into the doorway before clearing her throat causing the two men to break apart. "Bobby, why didn't you tell me that you're into men now? You know that I would never judge you. Hell, you could be into aliens with three breasts and both sets of genitals and I would still love and support you."

The unknown man turns around to face Jean and his hazel eyes widen, "Bollocks."

Bobby looks at Jean in disbelief, "That's not what's going on here ya idjit."

Jean furrows her brows, "Then what is going on here, Bobby?"

The dark-haired man looks over at Bobby and slightly shakes his head. However, Bobby ignores him and tells Jean, "This is Crowley. He's gonna help us find Death."

"Oh? So, you're the demon that my husband is super pissed off at?"

Crowley shrugs and gives her a cocky smirk, "What can I say? With a personality as charming as mine, I make friends wherever I go."

Jean chuckles, "I bet you do." She walks into the room but stops ten feet away from the demon. She holds up her right hand with her index finger pointing up at the ceiling, "My first question is, is there any connection between you and Ozzy Osbourne, Crowley?"

He shakes his head, "Sorry, darling. Wrong Crowley."

"Okay, my second question," her middle finger joins her index finger in the air and she looks over at Bobby. "Have you lost your damn mind?! Selling your soul to a demon?! And you called me an idjit?! Congratulations, Bobby…you deserve to wear the 'World's Biggest Idjit' shirt over this."

Bobby huffs, "I know what I'm doing, Jean. I sold my soul in exchange for the location of Death."

Jean shakes her head in disappointment while walking closer to Bobby. She smacks the back of his head with her open right hand, "Obviously, you don't or you would have just asked me. Death is going to be in Chicago next Thursday." She turns to face Crowley again, "Okay, give Bobby his soul back and I won't call Lucifer. And trust me when I tell you that all I have to do is say one simple word and he'll be here in the blink of an eye."

Crowley looks at Jean in amusement, "I never really took you as the blackmailing type, love." He waves his hand in a dismissive gesture, "But I am already five steps ahead of you."

Jean and Bobby are confused, "What are you talking about?"

"You see…I may have added a couple of subclauses to Singer's contract in case something like this came up. One of which entails his early demise if I am to suddenly die. So, if you want your dear father figure here to live to see the end of all of this mess, I advise you to keep your attack bird on a leash."

Jean and Bobby are now tense and angry, "You son of a…"

"Ah, now I see why Lucifer wants to kill you so badly," Jean says.

Crowley says to Bobby, "Now, don't get me wrong…I have every intention of giving back your soul…But only after this whole bloody mess is over and I am safe from Lucifer and the Winchesters." He then looks over at Jean and speaks to her, "As much of a…pleasure…it's been to officially meet you in person, darling, I really must be going. I have a ritual to perform and a Horseman to find."

Jean looks mildly annoyed, "I already told you where Death is going to be."

"I didn't get to be the King of the Crossroads by trusting just anyone. Especially the spouse of someone who I know wants to kill me."

Jean shrugs, "Fair enough, I suppose." Crowley then vanishes and Jean turns to look at Bobby. "So…how was it?"

Bobby looks at her in confusion, "How was what?"

"The kiss. Did he use tongue? Did you?"

Bobby rolls his eyes, "There's more important stuff to worry about right now, idjit."

Jean hums, "Speaking of idjits…" She turns toward the threshold of the library and starts waddling away.

Bobby asks her, "Where are you going?"

"To get the shirt, of course. You definitely deserve to wear it today."

Three hours pass by and Jean is upstairs lying in bed re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when she hears the oh-so-familiar roar belonging to the engine of Dean's Impala approaching the house. She closes the book and puts it down on the nightstand before standing up and leaving the bedroom. As she is walking down the stairs, she hears the back door slam open followed by her brothers' voices. Judging by how angry Dean sounds, Jean can safely assume that Sam wants to do something incredibly risky and slash or stupid. She spots Bobby in the library facing toward the kitchen. Dean shouts at Bobby, "Did you know about this?!"

Bobby just shrugs, "I may have had an inkling."

"Well, thanks for the heads up."

"Hey, this ain't about me," Bobby replies.

"You can't do this," Dean commands, and Jean assumes that he's now talking to Sam.

Sam's voice comes from farther inside the kitchen, "That's the consensus."

Jean walks over to Bobby, "What's going on? What can't Sam do?"

The sound of her voice causes Dean to turn around to face her and Sam to look in her direction. "Nothing, Jeanie," Dean says. Jean's eyes dart over to where Sam is leaning against the kitchen sink and she takes note of the guilty expression on his face. "What are you doing here anyway? Did you and Lucifer get into another fight?"

Jean shakes her head, "No, I'm just visiting."

Dean's phone suddenly rings and he pulls it out of his right pants pocket. He flips it open, "Hello?" He pauses, "Cass?"

Both Sam and Jean walk closer to Dean asking, "Is he okay?"

Dean holds up his left hand in a gesture for them to be quiet. "We all thought you were dead. Where the hell are you?" Another pause as Castiel responds. "Are you okay?" Dean gestures with his hand at whatever Castiel tells him, "You wanna elaborate?" Castiel's response is longer this time. "So a hospital?" Dean falls silent again listening to Castiel on the other end of the line. Dean shakes his head, "Uh, well, I gotta tell you, man, you're just in time. We figured out a way to, uh," Dean glances over at his twin sister for the briefest of seconds, "to stop the Apocalypse." Another very short pause, "It's a long story. Look, we're going after Pestilence now. So if you wanna zap over here…" Dean looks surprised by Castiel's reply, "What do you mean?" Dean looks over at Sam, "What, you're out of angel mojo?" Dean now glances over at Jean, "So you're human now?" Dean sits down on one of the kitchen chairs, "Wow. Sorry." Dean rubs his temple, "All right. Look, no worries. Bobby's here. He'll wire you the cash for food and a bus ticket."

"I will?"

Jean says, "My car is here, I can go and pick him up. Where is he?"

Dean looks over at her, "Saint Bernard Parish Hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana." He glances down at her swollen belly, "Are you sure you should be driving?"

"As long as I still fit behind the steering wheel I should still be able to drive."

Sam frowns, "It's almost a nineteen-hour drive from here to Louisiana. Are you sure that you'll be able to make a trip like that?"

Jean waves off her little brother's concern, "I'll be fine, Sammy." She then tells Dean, "Let Cass know that I'm on my way to pick him up." She starts to walk back towards the stairs, but stops and turns around to look at Dean again. "Ask him what name the hospital has him under."

"Hey, Cass, what name did you give the hospital?" He listens for a moment then looks at Jean, "Jimmy Novak. The nurses found Jimmy's wallet while Cass was unconscious so that's the name he went with."

"Okay, I'll pick him up and then we'll meet you two in Davenport." She tells her brothers before turning around and going upstairs. She takes a quick shower and then gets dressed in a clean pair of gray maternity pants and a white short sleeve maternity shirt. She packs her belongings into her duffle bag before going back downstairs. "Hey, Bobby!" Jean calls out to the older hunter, "Where are the keys to my car?"

Bobby yells back, "Jo put them in the bowl on the table by the stairs!"

She spots the bowl that he's talking about and walks over to it. Inside the wooden bowl are seven sets of keys, but Jean easily finds her own thanks to the Deadpool riding a unicorn keychain that she has. She picks them up, "I found them! I'll see you all later!" She leaves through the front door, walks down the porch's two steps, then over to the large metal garage. Jean can see her blue 1968 Ford Mustang inside where Ellen or Jo must have parked it when they drove it last. When Jean went on a hunt with her brothers three months ago, she chose to ride in the Impala with her brothers and left her car at Bobby's. Ever since then, Lucifer has taken her wherever she needed to go, so she asked the Harvelle's to occasionally drive her car when they visit Bobby to make sure that it still runs.

Jean makes her way over to her car and runs her hand over the hood, "I've missed you, Sally." She unlocks the driver's side door, opens it, then gets inside. It's a tight fit, but she does indeed still fit behind the wheel with just enough space to turn the wheel. She starts the engine, shuts the car door, and struggles to buckle her seatbelt. She finally manages to insert the latch plate into the buckle and then adjusts the bottom strap so that it isn't pressing against her swollen belly. She then puts the car in drive and pulls out of the garage.

Jean has been driving for four hours when she hears the sound of fluttering wings and Lucifer appears in the passenger seat. "I thought that you only wanted to visit Singer?"

She jumps slightly at the sudden sound of Lucifer's voice. "Geez, Luci…Don't do that! I was visiting Bobby, but then Sam and Dean stopped by a few hours ago and Castiel called Dean from a hospital in Chalmette, Louisiana. Cass has lost most of his grace and can't fly anywhere so I volunteered to go and pick him up."

Lucifer is examining the fingernails on his left hand, "That's to be expected when an angel curves an angel-banishing sigil into their own chest and then activates it." He looks over at his etam, "Why didn't you call me? I would've just flown you."

"I know, but I wanted to drive at least part of the way. One final road trip before I have to stay at home for a while."

Lucifer scuffs, "At least let me take you as far as Delacroix. Sam and Dean are going to need help with Pestilence and, even if his grace is almost non-existent, Castiel will be able to resist Pestilence's powers better than your brothers."

Jean sighs as she pulls the car over onto the shoulder of the deserted two-lane road, "Okay, but I get to drive all the way to Iowa unless there's an emergency."

Lucifer scowls at her, "Jean…"

"I know what you're going to say, Luci, and I promise you that I won't get anywhere near Pestilence. I won't even leave my car."

He exhales heavily through his nose, "Fine." He then snaps his fingers and the car vanishes only to reappear on the side of a different two-lane asphalt road surrounded by dense trees. Luckily, this road is deserted as well. "Delacroix is about twenty-three miles from here. Just follow this road and it will lead you straight through the city. Then Chalmette is thirty minutes northwest of Delacroix. Be careful, my love, and remember your promise."

She leans over and kisses him on the lips, "I will. Don't worry, beloved."

Lucifer disappears and Jean takes a moment to regain her bearings before putting the car in drive and merging onto the empty road. Thirty-five minutes later, she pulls into the visitor's parking lot of Saint Bernard's Parish Hospital. The hospital is a four-story tall building of modern architecture with about sixty percent of the walls being made of windows. The parts of the building that aren't windows or glass are painted an off-white or brown, except for the area around the entrance and exit doors, which are surrounded by brick inlay. She parks in the closest space to the hospital entrance that she can find, turns off the engine, and then gets out of the car.

She proceeds to walk toward the entrance to the hospital. As she approaches the glass doors, they automatically slide open allowing her into the hospital lobby. The front desk is to the left and she waddles toward it. She walks past a waiting area that consists of three small round tables each with three gray armchairs arranged around them. The entire wall of the waiting room is made of long rectangular panes of glass giving anyone who sits in the waiting room an unobstructed view of the parking lot. The ceiling slopes at a downward angle in the direction of the front desk and is made of cherry wood planks with round holes cut out for the lights. There is also a large square skylight above the white front desk. Large ceramic tiles cover the floor; half of the tiles are a toffee brown while the other half are tan. There are smaller gray tiles placed together to form rectangles inserted into the tan half of the floor every four feet.

Jean reaches the front desk and the receptionist looks up at her. He's a young man; maybe a couple of years younger than Jean; with messy, medium-length black hair and stubble, and warm chocolate brown eyes. He has a friendly smile on his face as he greets her, "Hello. How are you today?"

Jean smiles back at him, "I'm doing well. How are you?"

"I'm doing great. How can I help you today?"

"I'm here to pick up my brother-in-law Jimmy Novak."

"Okay, just give me a sec to check which room he's in." He types away on the keyboard of his computer for a moment before saying, "He's in room fourteen-oh-four. If you go through these doors," he points to the set of automatic sliding glass doors to his right, "you'll find a set of elevators at the end of the hallway. Take an elevator up to the third floor then take a right. Fourteen-oh-four should be on the right."

"Thank you," Jean says before walking toward the sliding glass doors. She walks through the doors when they open for her then follows the directions given to her. She finds herself outside room fourteen-oh-four and knocks on the closed door. She hears Castiel's gruff voice tell her to come in and she turns the knob before pushing it open. Castiel is standing near the foot of the bed putting on his beige trench coat. "Hey, Cass."

Castiel looks up at her, "Hello, Jean."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm hungry and in pain, both of which I've decided that I don't care for."

Jean chuckles, "I'm all too familiar with both of those feelings. We'll stop and get you some pain relievers after we get some burgers or whatever you want to eat."

"Burgers will be fine. Thank you."

She claps her hands together then points her right thumb over her right shoulder, "Are you ready to go?"

He walks over to her, "Yes."

"Okie dokie, let's go." Jean leads Castiel out of the hospital, waving goodbye to the friendly receptionist, and through the parking lot to her car. They get into the car and Jean drives to a nearby diner. Inside, the diner is decorated like a typical 50's diner would be; with the floor made of black and white checkerboard tiles, red padded booths, and a small bar area with round, red cushioned metal chairs. The diner is nearly empty with only a few customers eating at two of the red cushioned booths. Jean and Castiel sit down at a booth close to the doors and a moment later a waiter with bright blue eyes and a classic fade haircut comes by to take their drink orders. He has an Irish accent which Jean finds adorable. He leaves and returns a few moments later with their drinks; a coke for Jean and water for Castiel. "Are you two ready to order?"

Jean closes the menu and smiles at the waiter, "I'll have a double cheeseburger with fries, please."

Castiel also closes his menu, "I'll have the same."

The waiter writes down their orders on his pad as Jean takes Castiel's menu from him and then holds both of their menus out for the waiter to take. The waiter takes the menus from her and smiles at them. His smile is easily one of the most beautiful smiles that Jean has ever seen. "Okalie dokalie, I'll be right back with your food. By the way, you two make a really cute couple."

"He's actually my brother-in-law," Jean corrects the waiter.

"Ah, sorry 'bout that."

"No need to apologize. You didn't know." The waiter gives her another smile before turning around to give their orders to the cook. Jean then says to Castiel, "Although, I did almost choose your doll that day in the toy store when I was four."

Castiel furrows his eyebrows, "Why didn't you?"

Jean is silent for a moment, thinking carefully about her answer. She shrugs, "I remember feeling a strong connection with Lucifer's doll. Dean was the only kid our age that I had to play with since the other kids our age thought that I was weird and wouldn't play with me when our parents took us to the park. So, I was lonely and when I picked up Luci's doll I felt the same hurt and loneliness that I felt and decided that I would be his friend. It's amazing how innocent and naive humans are when we're young."

The waiter brings them their food and the two continue to make small talk as they eat their burgers. After they're done eating, Jean pays for their meal and leaves a twenty-dollar bill as a tip for the waiter. They return to Jean's Mustang and she drives them to a small retail store where she buys a bottle of extra strength pain reliever and a bottle of water for Castiel. After taking the pain relievers, Castiel starts to nod off to sleep as Jean is driving and she lowers the volume of the radio so that he can sleep peacefully. She chuckles to herself as she hears him start to lightly snore.

It takes them nearly fifteen hours to drive from Louisiana to Davenport, Iowa including frequent stops for Jean to use the restroom, grab a snack, or just stretch her legs. By the time the blue Mustang finally pulls into the small parking lot outside of Serenity Valley Convalescent Home it's one-thirty in the morning. Serenity Valley is a three-story brick building near the outskirts of Davenport and from the outside, everything seems normal. Jean parks the car next to the Impala and kills the engine before turning to look at Castiel, "I'm afraid that you're on your own from here, Cass. I promised Luci that I wouldn't get close to Pestilence."

Castiel nods, "I understand. I'll be fine on my own from here. Thank you, Jean." He opens the passenger side door before getting out of the car. Jean watches as the former angel slowly begins to hobble to the entrance of the nursing home.

For a brief moment, she considers breaking her promise and rushing inside to help, but two firm kicks inside of her rotund belly remind her just why that would be a horrible idea. However, she does decide to wait for her brothers and Castiel to leave the building to make sure that they're all right. Finally, Sam, Dean, and Castiel emerge from the front doors of the nursing home and Jean releases a sigh of relief. "Good. They're alright…or at the very least alive." She rolls down the driver's side window and then shouts, "Wow, you three look like hell!"

"Gee, thanks, Jean," Dean yells back in a sarcastic tone of voice. "I'd like to see how you'd look if you had a cocktail of different diseases ravaging your body all at once."

"Did you get Pestilence's ring?"

Sam and Dean exchange looks as if silently debating rather or not to tell her that they did. Dean says, "Yes. Thanks to Cass."

"Well, I'm glad that all of you are still alive. I'm gonna head home. I'm exhausted and my feet are swollen to the size of butternut squash. I'll talk to you guys later. Be careful," she looks over at Castiel, "especially you, Cass. You're pretty much human now." She turns the key in the ignition causing the engine of the Mustang to roar to life.

Dean says, "Bye, Jeanie."

"Bye, Jean," both Castiel and Sam say at the same time.

Jean backs out of the parking space and then drives away from the nursing home. Two hours later, Jean stops at a motel for the night. Lucifer joins her in the room an hour later with pizza and toffee ice cream. Once Jean falls asleep, Lucifer picks her up bridal style and teleports her to their home. He snaps his fingers and Jean's car appears in the driveway in front of the small garage.

One month later, Jean is asleep in the master bedroom when Lucifer suddenly appears in the room with the sound of rustling feathers. The sound causes her to slightly stir in her sleep. "Jean, wake up, my love."

She lets out a low growl and cracks her right eye open, "There better be a damn good reason why you're waking me up or I'm about to go full-blown bitch mode on you."

Lucifer raises an eyebrow, "How are you feeling?"

"Exhausted and my back is killing me. My belly also itches like crazy and my feet are doing a helluva impression of puffed-up pufferfish."

"Hmm," Lucifer hums, reaching out and touching her forehead with his fingers alleviating her pain and itchiness. "I'm going to meet your brothers in Detroit now. I've heard through the grapevine that your brothers want you to be there." Jean's eyes are now fully open and she struggles to sit up in bed. Lucifer gently helps her, "Of course, if you're not feeling up to it, I'll be more than happy to tell your brothers where they can shove it."

Jean grunts in annoyance, "No, I'll go. But can you help me get dressed? I'm starting to feel a little dizzy."

Lucifer snaps his fingers and his very pregnant etam is instantly dressed in a pair of black maternity pants, a purple maternity shirt with 'Pregnant AF' printed on the front, and a comfortable pair of socks and shoes. He then wraps an arm around her waist and helps her to stand before transporting them into an abandoned apartment building in downtown Motown. The walls of the apartment that they're in are dilapidated; with the wallpaper mostly torn off or large chunks of the wall missing leaving some of the wooden studs exposed. There are still a couple of pieces of furniture left inside; an old vertical dresser with five drawers, a torn painting lying forgotten on the debris-covered dirty blue carpet, and a coffee table with two of its legs broken off.

All of a sudden, Jean feels pain in her lower abdomen near her groin and gasps loudly. "Luci…"

Lucifer's attention is immediately drawn to his wife and he places his right hand on her belly to check on the babies. "It's okay, my love. It was just false labor pains. He snaps his fingers and a plush, black armchair appears by the last bay window on the right along with a floor lamp in the other part of the apartment near the door. "Sit down," a bottle of water appears in his hand as she sits down in the chair. "Here," he holds the water out for her to take, "you need to rest and drink plenty of water." She takes the bottle of water from him and starts to take small sips from it. Lucifer stays close to her but looks out of the middle bay window. "Your brothers should be here soon with the Horsemen's rings…"

Jean badly wants to remind him of his promise to her, but she knows that she can't because of the deal she made with Michael. If Sam says yes to Lucifer and Lucifer turns him down of his own accord; meaning Jean can't remind Lucifer of his promise to not possess Sam's body; then Michael will not try to kill Lucifer when they meet after the babies are born. "I trust you, beloved," she tells him, causing him to glance at her from the corner of his eyes.

Thirty minutes later, Jean is starting to doze off when she is jolted awake by the sounds of four sets of footsteps coming down the hallway outside of the apartment. The door to the apartment slams open and Sam is manhandled inside the room by a demon. Sam bumps into the lamp as Dean is also manhandled inside by another demon. They are brought into the section of the apartment where Lucifer and Jean are waiting for them. "Hey, guys," Lucifer greets them. "It's so nice of you to drop in." Dean gulps slightly and Sam stares at Lucifer with intense hatred and determination.

Dean looks over to where his twin sister is sitting and his eyes widen in shock. "Jean? What are you doing here?"

"I told a demon that I wanted her to be here," Sam tells Dean as Lucifer breathes on the glass of the window in front of him causing it to freeze over. "I want her to see this. Maybe it will finally open her eyes to what Lucifer is really like."

Dean looks at Sam like he's gone insane and Jean scoffs in irritation at Sam's words. Lucifer, however, chooses to ignore what Sam said. Instead, he sticks the tip of his right index finger into his mouth before pressing it against the glass. He begins to draw a trident in the frost and when he's done, he finally turns around to face Sam and Dean. He smacks the palm of his left hand on top of his partially closed right hand. "Help me understand something, guys. I mean, stomping through my front door is a tad suicidal don't you think?"

Sam responds, "We're not here to fight."

"No? Then why are you here?" Lucifer asks, pretending not to already know why the two male Winchesters are here.

"I wanna say yes."

Lucifer chuckles slightly and looks over at Jean, "I told you that they would try something like this." Jean huffs and rolls her eyes slightly in annoyance. Sam closes his eyes and concentrates. All of a sudden a bright light flashes behind the faces of the demons standing behind him and Dean and both demons fall to the floor dead. "Chock-full of Ovaltine, are we?"

Jean looks disappointedly at her little brother, "Oh, Sammy…what have you done?"

"What I had to," Sam replies, briefly turning his head to look at her. He quickly returns his attention to Lucifer, "You heard what I said."

"You're serious."

Sam steels himself, looks Lucifer directly in the eyes, and then says, "Yes."