Sometimes, Tsuna remembers the beginning of the end. The beginning of all his beginnings. On that day of fate when the newest gaming craze was released. On that day where he came home with an amazing, for him, 60 percent on his latest test. On that day his mother proudly presented him with the game he had been begging her for months for.

He remembers the utterly glee with which he had put on his NerveGear and eagerly started up the game.

He remembers being so utterly terrified as Kayaba revealed his true intentions. Looking down at the mirror where his avatar should have been, only to see pathetic Dame-Tsuna.

He remembered screaming and panicking before rushing out of the of the plaza. He remembers bumping into two others a black haired boy around his age and an older male with whom he knew he could trust.

Yes, that is where it truly began.


Tsuna had at first found it hard to make friends in SAO. The bullying he had encountered in the Other Life made it hard for him to reach out to others. It is only because of Klein and Kirito that he really talked to anyone, more so Klein then the other.

Klein had not let the other go after he had bumped into him. While Kirito had gone his own way Klein had dragged him back into the plaza with him and introduced him to his group of friends. When Tsuna had protested saying that he would only drag them down and get them all killed Klein had replied back furious.

"As if I'd let you go your own way and let you get killed!"

Tsuna had stared at him in shock, tears building up in his eyes. That was the nicest thing anyone had said to him in a long time. So, a small smile on his face with a slight blush nodded.

"Okay… I'm Cielo by the way."

Klein nodded and his friends introduced themselves. Tsuna had never felt so welcome in his life.

Perhaps that is why when he had found a group of friends to call his own, made his own guild just like his Klein Nii-chan he decided to make it a warm place like Klein's Fuurinkazin was.

He had named that guild The Horizon's Dawn.


In the beginning Tsuna had thought of himself as alone. But as Cielo he had made friends, made family that he sometimes forgets that he had a life outside of Aincrad. It was easy to forget when his life here, despite the risk, was better. Here he was applauded for his skills and had people that cared about him.

That is why, one day as he was training with Harry One in a dungeon on the 6th floor he is shocked to meet other players that he new in the Other World.

He watched as the tall black haired swordsmen cut down Mobs with brutal efficiency. He watched as his companion Switch with him and picked up where he left off.

He also watched as more enemies appeared, too many for them to handle on their own. Cielo had nodded to Harry One and they both jumped into the fray. After they were all gone Cielo had turned to the others and smiled a little at them.

Despite one of them being one of his major bullies he would never wish this life on anyone.

"H-Hey," His bully said pointing at him in disbelief. "You're Dame-Tsu…"

"Cielo." He interrupted. While he trusted Harry One with his very life it still felt very wrong to let anyone know his name over there.

"What do you call yourself in this world, Senpai and friend?"

The friend laughed before slinging an arm around Cielo. "Ame at your service, Cielo!" The other laughed. "Let's be friends okay?"

The other 'tched.' Cielo knew Mochida-senpai hated the fact that he had saved him even if he was still alive. "Ken." It was curt.

Cielo sighed. "Ah well you guys need to rest. Come on a couple friends of mine and Harry will help with that."

Not knowing it, he had gained two new friends and two members of his guild in that moment.


Ame had once asked what his name meant. Cielo had replied.

"It means the sky…" He said wistfully gazing up at the starry sky of the floor they were on.

It was Italian, something that shocked the ex-baseball player. Cielo had laughed and then said something to the other in fluent Italian. When questioned on how he knew a foreign language so well Cielo sighed.

He remembered, those days that his father actually stayed with him and his mother. Of his father sitting him in his lap reading him bedtime stories. Teaching his son his first language. Cielo had surprisingly taken to it really well and Iemitsu had encouraged him to learn more.

He remembers one day his father telling him a legend about the sky and its elements. Tsuna had loved that one the most, wanting to be free like the sky itself.

When asked what the Italian word for sky was he was given an answer.


And that was what he was, the Sky itself.

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