It didn't take long for us to be on our way. We apparently had to go to an airfield to get to Beacon.

It was quite a sight.

At first glance it seemed like any old airport form Earth. But once we got to the landing strips that changed completely.

There were all sorts of airships of various shapes and sizes. Some of them even looked like they could be space worthy!

I'd seen Bullheads before in books but seeing one upclose was something entirely different. And even those were nothing compared to the bigger ones that were sometimes five times the size of a Bullhead! Of course the professor noticed my reaction and decided to ask about it.

"Have you never seen an airship?" Ozpin asked. I just shook my head and kept walking. He didn't ask any further and we boarded a large transport ship.

Being so high up did make me a little nervous but it was nothing compared to the many encounters I'd had with the Decepticons. And at least here I had an amazing view. Also on the airship were a few groups of teens talking among themselves. They were probably students also heading to Beacon from whatever they were doing in Vale.

Most of them didn't take notice of me. Though quite a few who did glanced at my ears (the other ones) and quickly looked away.

Apparently Faunus were treated rather poorly by most humans, seen as subpar compared to humankind. From what I read back at the shelter it had been bad enough that they were willing to start a war over it. Since then things had improved, though there was still resentment on both sides. I myself hadn't seen too much of it, most of us back at the shelter kept to ourselves. I was somewhat worried that it would affect my stay here. I didn't want to stay on the schools bad side forever. Though I had seen my fair share of bullies and hoped I could handle it like I would back home.

All in all the ride was quiet and relaxing once I got used to being so high up. About thirty minutes later we were told by the pilot that we would be landing soon. I took another look out the window to try and spot the place I would be staying for the near future.

"Wow..." I breathed.

Beacon looked like something you would see at a Disney World. It was enormous! With tall spires and wide open avenues being the defining set peices. All of which was by a large cliff face that had probably eroded so close over time.

If it wasn't so medieval looking it probably would have fit in with the buildings of Cybertron.

When we landed the professor left Miss Goodwitch to escort me to the room I would be staying in. The halls of Beacon looked very clean and sturdy considering the fact that a bunch of teens stayed here.

Or maybe its because of that?

Either way it didn't take long to make it to the dorms. The room I was given was originally going to be for actual students according to Miss Goodwitch. But they had failed their entrance exam and were sent home.

The room was fairly simple. Beige walls, a bed by the wall furthest from the door, which also had the only window (I noticed it was sealed shut), a dresser by the door, and a large bookshelf by the west wall.

This is where I would be staying for the time being.


Miss Goodwitch suprised me when she handed me a Scroll, saying that if I needed something or was leaving the room to call the number programed into it. Then went on her way, leaving me alone.

I decided the first thing I would do was get some sleep. I had been up for a long time and hadn't realized how tired I really was until then.

I went to the bed and crashed right then and there.


When I finally opened my eyes again it was dark outside. I still felt a little groggy so I took a second to get my bearings. Then grabbed the scroll the professor left me to check the time.

2:00 AM

I sat up and began to think about everything that had happened. And about what had caused it. Hopefully Optimus was alright and was able to get his memories back.

I missed home.

How was I even supposed to get back? Was it even possible? How were the bots doing? Miko, Raf, Mom...

I tried to lay down and go back to sleep but at this point I was no longer tired. My body was used to being up and ready to go whenever Arcee came to pick me up.

I started tinkering with the scroll to get my mind off of home. It was the first time I'd held one and I wanted to know how to use it in case of emergency.

As it was it seemed pretty bare bones. Though that was to be expected with what was probably a new device.

One thing that caught my interest was that it had an aura gauge installed. I already knew what aura was thanks to my reading back at the shelter. After messing around with it I managed to get it set up.

And it was getting a reading.

...actually in hindsight I should have seen that sooner.

I had not only taken the brunt of a brick wall, but also managed to jump over an entire person. Somehow my aura had been unlocked dispite me having no one else do it and having no training to do it myself...

I quickly decided that train of thought would get me nowhere unless I found out more. So I moved on.

Turns out Remnant's (or at least Vale's) contact system is largely the same as the one used in the United States, interesting.

An alarm clock. Helpfull.

Also there is an application repository, though its been disabled so I wont be getting into that anytime soon.

Ya know I think Rafael would love this place, all sorts of new technology and customs here. This is right up his alley.

After messing around on my scroll and exploring the room a bit I started to consider what I'd do here. I would need to get on the professors good side but considering the sealed window and locked scroll features it was obvious he didn't trust me. And I suppose I can't blame him for that. I just wish I could tell him without ending up in a mental asylum somewhere.

But I can't, so I'll just have to deal with what I have. It will take some time, but eventually I'll earn him trust.

Then I'll tell him...probably.


I wasn't able to get back to sleep for at least an hour after getting up the first time. So when the alarm I had set went off I was feeling groggy again.

Maybe they had some sort of energy drink here? That would be great...

I got up and checked the time.

10:36 AM

After that I called the number to let them know I was heading out of my room.

The person who answered wasn't a person at all, just a series of pre-recorded messages. So I left a message and stepped into the halls.

There were a large number of students in the halways, all probably heading to there classes.

I briefly wondered what school was like here. It was a combat school so they were obviously taught to fight but what else? And how did they teach?

Thoughts like these continued as I explored, at first I wondered why I was allowed to go around the building on my own until I saw the cameras hanging from the ceiling.


Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my head. I hadn't been expecting it and cried out.

I took a few quick steps to distance myself from the threat and whirled around to see who had pulled on me ear. What I found was a guy not much older then me, a little bulkier but not by much. That threw me for a loop as usually a bully will only go after those smaller then himself.

However when you factor in the fact that this was a Beacon student, and the fact that he had a weapon (a cane, but still) he could probably kick my scrap around the block and back without breaking a sweat.

"Well lookie here, I've found myself a little bunny rabbit." The man smirked as he strolled forward and stuck a hand under his bouler hat to scratch his hair.

"What do you want" I deadpanned.

"Oh I want a lot of things. But the thing that comes to mind now is her." He jabbed a thumb in the direction of a pink haired girl leaning on the wall around twenty feet away. She waved her hand and gave him a smile.

" what exactly did she offer you?" I asked in an attempt to keep him talking until I found a way out of this mess that wouldn't make things worse. I didn't want to ask the school staff for help, I was already a borderline criminal to them. I needed to be carful not to get into any fights.

Also its probably what mom would want...

"Lets just say she's willing to give me a show if I give her one first." His smirk grew into a grin.

Things were not looking good for me right now. I could run...but that would cause a ruckus so I would save that option until the last possible moment.

"So what, your gonna pick on some guy just to get in a girls pants?" I asked.

"Oh not just anyone pal, the little missy here has a...thing for faunus, especially the bunny variety. But enough of that, lets get down to business shall we?"

Not good not good not good run run run run!

Just as I was about to bolt someone stepped between us and looked to the other teen.

"Are you seriously doing this again Roman? didn't we beat this attitude out of you last semester?" The girl asked...politely? The girl in question was...surprisingly short. She wore a white cloak and had black hair with the tips changing to red. Other then the cloak she wore the standard Beacon uniform.

"Oh, Summer. Fancy seeing you here. I thought you were of on family business or something?" He asked. He almost looked nervous now.

Just who was this girl?

"Just got back yesterday. Now you gonna scamper off or am I gonna make you?" She threatened, her voice suddenly turning sour.

Now I may be new here but im pretty sure that a fight is gonna cause trouble. Even if this place teaches people to fight. Or maybe especially because of that? Anyway this Summer girl is gonna wind up in whatever amounts for detention here if a fight breaks out. And I don't think im ok with that. I walk up beside her and tap her shoulder.

"I appreciate the help miss but I can deal with this, there's no need for you guys to go at it." I said now that I had calmed down. She studied me for a moment. Then looked to Roman.

"See?! He's cool, I'm cool, everybody's cool. No need for a throwdown!" He smiled, though this time much more subdued. He really was afraid of this girl wasn't he?

She hesitated for a moment longer before sighing.

"Fine, but don't let me catch you doing this again you hear me Roman?" She threatened. Roman nodded slowly.


'Probably should get going' I thought to myself. Summer looked like a nice person but I didn't have the best reputation at the moment. Not to mention I wanted to keep out of the affairs of the school as much as I possibly could. I knew how chaotic teenagers could get. I was one myself after all. I had only gone a few dozen steps before I heard shouting behind me.

"Wait up!" Summer called. I sighed and turned around.

"Yea?" She stopped in front of me and frowned.

"What was that about?! You just took off and didn't say anything!" She cried.

"I-" She cut me off before I could even start.

"Look, when someone helps you out your supposed to thank em ya know!"

I stopped and felt my ears twitch. I really hadn't thanked her properly, I did owe her that much.

"Your right, thanks for the assist miss. And sorry for not saying that before." I scratched the back of my head as I spoke. She nodded.

"Your welcome. And call me Summer, I don't think anyone has called me miss." She laughed.

"Sure, Summer. No problem."

"So what's your name?"

"Jack, Jack Darby." I said and held out my hand.

"Nice to meet you Jack, and don't worry about Roman too much. He couldn't take me even if he had his whole team!" She said as we shook hands.

"Ha ha, I'm sure." I chuckled. I really had no I idea if she was serious or not. Though judging from Roman's reaction it was possible that it was true.

"So why are you not in your uniform Jack?"

What? Why would I- oh...I see.

"I...I'm not actually a student here." I said a little embarrassed. Her eyes widened a bit.

"Oh? I kinda that since you look pretty young that you...well...yea." She trailed off.

"So why exactly are you here then?"

"One of the professors asked for me to come here." I said, completely aware of how cryptic it was.

"Why?" It was obvious she didn't like it.

"To keep an eye on me." I think by this point she had caught on.

"Your in trouble." She stated. I sighed and my head tilted down.

"Yup." Summer just laughed.

"Don't worry, you seem like an ok guy so I won't bug you about it. For now at least." She smiled. I felt a little relief after she said that. I definitely didn't want to get her mad. Also her attitude was surprisingly contagious.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." I smiled back.

"Soooo I need to get to class. How about later today I take you to meet my team? If you have time that is." She asked with a little hop. It was clear she was energetic, though she didn't seem to be as bad as Miko. Not yet at least. However I wasn't sure about going. I needed to focus on being productive so I could get home...but It would be nice to have a distraction... ... It can wait a while. Its not like I have much else to do.

"You know what? Sure! Where do you want to meet?" I nodded.

"Great! Meet me In the cafeteria after class. Since your new here can I have your number? Just in case you get lost." She laughed. I nodded, suddenly glad I had figured out how to work my scroll last night. Once that was done she took off the opposite way.

"I'll see you later!" She waved. I did the same and went back to exploring. Dispite not wanting to get too involved here I was glad I talked with her. It would be nice to get my mind off things for a while. And besides, i may be stuck here but it's not all bad. I have a roof over me, food to eat, and most of all I'm still alive. And with that comes a chance of seeing my family again. I will make it back.


Or I'll die trying...

(Chapter end)

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