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When Naruto Uzumaki got home, he was not expecting to see a good number of people waiting for him. Naruto Uzumaki was a young man that stood at about 6 feet tall, with a muscular athletes physique. His looks, even though he had a Japanese name, were those of a foreigner. he had bright blond hair that wa spiked everywhere, and he had natural bright blue eyes. He was wearing a white shirt though, and a baggy white jacket, as well as baggy black sweat pants. Each of his cheeks were decorated with three whisker marks, all natural in appearance.

Naruto turned the lights on, and saw everyone.

"Happy 19th birthday Naruto." His mother spoke as she sat at a table, right in front of a cake that had his birthday candles on it. Kushina Uzumaki, the woman who he got his face from, though he got his colors from his father. She was a beautiful woman with a slender body, and long burning red hair, as well as grey eyes. She was wearing a green dress with an apron over it, and she was smiling widely at him.

He could even see Jiraiya standing behind her with a grin, holding a gift of his own.

The man who stood a few inches taller than he did, with long, white spiked hair. The man wore a very outdated kabuki outfit, though he said he did it for insperation. He even had red lines tattood down the side of his face.

"Here brat." Jiraiya tossed Naruto the present, and Naruto caught it without thinking too much, before he looked down at it.

Then at his mother.

"I was surprised he remembered to get a gift this year too." Kushina admit, and Naruto reached into the bag and pulled out a book. Naruto opened the book up, before he saw that the inside of the book was completely blank. "... Yeah, about my reaction too." Kushina stated when she noticed Naruto sending Jiraiya a raised eyebrow.

"... Thanks?" Naruto unsurely spoke as he looked at the book.

"It might come in handy in the future, who knows. I gave your father a book like that on his 19th birthday too, and my teacher gave me one of those on my 19th birthday." Jiraiya explained with pride as Naruto gently placed the book down on the table.

He was punched in the arm.

"Don't forget us idiot." The only girl at the small party said with a smile, while Naruto rubbed his arm with a grin. Sakura Haruno, if his blond hair was unnatural, then her natural pink hair was just freaky. She had pale skin, and bright green eyes, looking completely unJapanese like him. She was of a lean body frame, as well as a more petite frame. She was wearing a white lab coat over her clothes, scrubs that she wore, and she showed that she had a gift for him in her other hand. "I didn't have school today, so I figured I would stop by. Here you go, I got you something way better than a blank book." Sakura sent a dig at Jiraiya.

Kushina chuckled when she saw Jiraya's face become stony at the remark, while Naruto gladly accepted the gift.

"Stupid brats, not knowing anything about tradition."

"Thanks Sakura." Naruto thanked her as he lifted the top off of the unwrapped box. He looked into it, and he saw black swim trunks with orange racing stripes spiralling down each leg. Naruto thought it looked a little too small for him, but he trusted Sakura's judgement when it came to swimsuits. "This is nice, thanks." Naruto gave Sakura a small hug, and she grinned at him.

"Oh trust me, you will appreciate that." Sakura said with a glance towards Kushina, who grinned in return.

Naruto glanced at the silent person at the party.

"I thought you were at the Police Academy?" Naruto asked with a mocking look on his face when he saw his best friend.

Sasuke Uchiha, who was wearing a police officer's uniform, he had just graduated from the police academy after all. Sasuke was about the same height as Naruto, which was weird because other than that, Sasuke did look Japanese. He had slightly pale skin, and pitch black hair, as well as onix eyes. He was wearing mostly blue though, seeing as it would appear that he just got off of work.

"I will taze you." Sasuke threatened casually, before he pushed a gift into Naruto's hand. A gift small enough to fit into the palm of Naruto's hand.

"What he means to say..." Sakura nudged Sasuke in the ribs.

"Happy birthday idiot." Sasuke corrected himself with a sigh.

"Thanks bastard... goggles?" Naruto asked with some surprise when he saw swimming goggles were his present. They had orange rims to them, and were styled to look like sunglasses. "Okay... what did you do Mom?" Naruto asked with a look towards Kushina, seeing as she somehow influenced Sakura and Sasuke.

Swimming trunks, and swim goggles.

It was a bit too much of a coincidence for him to believe that they had got him gifts he would barely use unless Kushina had gotten him a gift he would need them for.

"... Oh... I didn't tell them to give you water related gifts... nope... not me." Kushina blushed, waving her hands and looking away. She coughed awkwardly, before she lifted Naruto's cake."Anyway, blow out the candles before wax gets on the cake, then you can open my gift!" Kushina exclaimed quickly.

Nobody bought it.

Naruto shrugged and walked over towards her, before he leaned over and blew the candles out on the cake.

"Why is the cake shaped like ass?" Naruto asked when he saw that the cake was shaped like two butt cheeks. He had just noticed that, and Kushina grinned at him.

"What? Why not, we both like watching Keijo?" Kushina questioned him, since it was something they both enjoyed. Kushina enjoyed watching the face paced battle of the swimsuit girls on the screen. She had always wanted to become a Keijo player herself, so she enjoyed watching the battles. She even married a man that had become a Keijo Engineer, though that was before he passed.

Minato had invented several dozen unique stages for Keijo players to play on, unique lands that were rarely used nowadays though.


"My present is inside of the ass, isn't it?" Naruto asked Kushina, and she bopped the side of her own hand. Naruto sighed and reached between the cheeks, before he pulled out a small box that was covered in cake. He wiped his hands with a napkin, and the box itself, before he opened it up.

Three tickets.

Keijo Warm Up Tickets

"... What?" Naruto asked, while Sakura and Sasuke looked over his shoulder at the tickets.

"What?" Sasuke asked as well, when he saw three tickets. He could see that Naruto would only need a single ticket, so why three of them?

"What are these even for?" Sakura asked with a raised eyebrow when she saw the tickets as well.

"These tickets let you have a warm up match with a professional Keijo player! They were a little expensive... well I only bought one. A friend of mine gave me the other two... kind of wish I knew she was going to give them to me before I bought one..." Kushina pouted when she realized she wouldn't have had to pay money for the ticket. She smiled at Naruto when she saw him looking at the tickets in surprise.

Sakura and Sasuke glanced at each other.

This seemed like an... odd gift.

"This is... pretty cool. Oh, there is a book in here too." Naruto noticed a small book that was inside of the box. It was like the one that Jiraiya, but older. Naruto saw his father's name on the book, and he opened it up. Instead of words, it was mostly drawings of women doing various poses, and men doing variant versions of those poses. There was also scientific data on each picture, and pictures of skeletal structures. "This was Dad's?" Naruto asked, and Kushina nodded.

"He did a lot of studying. He studied every single Technique he saw, wrote them all down, and even tried to improve them. He wasn't just a Land Engineer, but he was a couch too. I figured you might like that." Kushina commented with a softer smile. Minato had always been studying Keijo techniques... in the hopes that one day she would be able to achieve her dream and become a keijo player herself.

Sadly, that was forever out of her reach.

"... You are doing this so you can live your dream through me." Naruto pointed out.

Kushina stuck her tongue out.

"You are my son, and your life is my life! Let me have this! You will go to the Keijo Stadium and use those tickets!" Kushina shouted out with excitement, and Naruto grabbed a little cake, before he pushed it into her mouth.

She started to chew it with a smile on her face.

"Heheheheh, can I come too?" Jiraiya asked with a wide spread smile on his blushing face.


"Fine..." Kushina groaned when she saw Jiraiya pouting at them, and Naruto palmed his face, before he smiled and looked at the tickets.

Who knows, maybe he might have fun.

Chapter End!
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