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Rin sat in front of the student's common sleeping area, sitting on her own legs as she wore a sign over her chest, hanging from her neck. She hadn't been allowed to get dressed, so she was sitting in just her panties. Her legs were practically dead to her at the moment, they were only allowed to stand up to go use the bathroom. She, Kawai, Naruto, and even Jin were all being punished for what they did. Instead of being kicked out of the program, they were just facing this punishment.

They were each told to sit their all night with signs on their chests.

I let my emotions take control of me.
I taunted my juniors.
I didn't stop it and hurt myself.
I watched it all happen.

Rin, Jin, Naruto, and Kawai each had their own sign to bare. While other students were allowed to go to sleep normally, they had to just sit there. Of course, all of them were jealous as they watched Naruto sleeping in the sitting position. Not moving at all, somehow having managed to sleep in all of them trouble.

'That boy managed to stay out of trouble... lucky.' Rin thought with a twitching eyebrow when she saw several of the actual students passing by on their way to getting their breakfast. She even saw Gaara with a group of students, and when he looked towards them, he sent them a thumbs up with his face completely neutral. 'Is he taunting us!?' Rin thought, grinding her teeth and growling at Gaara.

Gaara didn't know why she was growling, he was just thanking them for giving him the data he needed to improve his land design.


"Eh?" Naruto snapped awake when he heard a very familiar shout. Naruto slapped his cheeks as he looked for the source of the scream.


"... Oh shi-!?" Naruto was stopped when he was kicked in the face as Sakura came out of literally nowhere, flying at him with a high kick. She was dressed in her doctor's clothing, but that wasn't what surprised people. No, it was the fact that he was being kicked in the face period that had taken them by surprise.

"-TO!" Sakura landed on her face, while Naruto landed on his face.

'Oh crap... that is one angry bitch.'

Everyone was scared into silence when Sakura stomped over to Naruto, grabbed him by the shoulders and lifted him into a standing position. Naruto raised his hand to greet her, an imprint of her foot on his face.

"Hey Sakura-chan... I don't know why you're angry, but I can swear I didn't do it." Naruto quickly denied any and all wrong doings. "... Why are you here?" Naruto asked with more surprise when he realized that she shouldn't be here. Sakura glared at him with annoyance, since underneath her doctor's clothes you could see she was still in her pajamas. So she had been called and woken up by somebody to come here.

She was not pleased with Naruto for that, and other, reasons.

"I'm your emergancy contact dumbass. That woman called me, and told me you somehow managed to hurt yourself... again... with the SAME technique you hurt yourself with last time!" Sakura pinched Naruto's ear, and started to walk away, forcing him to follow with a string of "ouches" flowing from his lips the entire way. "Seriously, stay out of trouble for once in your life... you've been here ONE day and managed to hurt yourself." Sakura complained even more as she pulled him along.

Naruto groaned.

Why did they have to call Sakura, better yet, why did he list her as his emergancy contact? Why did he even need to have her called in the first place. Oh right, she was his contact because she was actually able to come and help him if need be. Not to mention she was called because he actually had hurt himself.

He was still hurting.

'Okay, I deserve this.' Naruto thought with an awkward smile on his face as she bitched him out for his behavior.

Sakura literally pulled him into the infirmary, and she pushed him down onto one of the beds. Nagisa was in the room as well with her arms crossed, looking at the security footage of the pools. She had the screen facing them, and she had his double-usage of the Spiralling Hip Sphere on replay.

"You got here quickly." Nagisa nodded to Sakura.

"I thought he had hurt himself more than jsut some sore hips. Naruto, lay down on her stomach so I can get started." Sakura stated demandingly, and Naruto nodded. He laid down without reluctance, and looked towards Nagisa. Sakura pushed her hands into his lower back, right where the skin was red and swollen. "... You did this much to yourself just by using that hip thing?" Sakura asked with a raised eyebrow when she felt just how tense, swollen, and hardened the muscles around his hips were.

Nagisa looked at the damage herself.

"You're not allowed to use that technique again for the rest of the practical exams Naruto. This technique holds just as much risk for you as the Vacuum Ass Cannon holds for women. Your body isn't trained properly to use it at the moment." Nagisa stated as she looked at the replay again. She saw the damage that Naruto was able to do with the technique, and she saw that he had pretty much been unable to so much as walk on his own after using it twice.

Sakura had something to say about that.

Naruto spoke first.

"It's my Dad's technique... If I need to use it, I'm going to use it. I've been a martial artist for years now... I can handle it." Naruto stated to Nagisa, determination in his eyes, fire in his voice, and conviction in his soul. She looked down at him, just as Sakura started to use her hands. "AH!?" Naruto shouted, pained by her healing hands.

Sakura got her chance to speak.

"I agree... with her. You trained in martial arts, but you are using these muscles in ways you never did when you trained with Jiraiya-san. You have the hips and talent for Keijo... but you still need to train your body for this sport... like a Soccer player practicing Baseball... the muscles you use in each sport are different... a Soccer player who is talented at Baseball will be good at Baseball... but it will take time for his muscles to adjust." Sakura lectured Naruto on the different ways he is using his muscles. She saw him go dumb on her, just staring at her in a way that showed that he didn't understand what she had explained to him. "... Your muscles need to be trained a certain way... you trained them the wrong way." Sakura dumbed down her words for him.


It was like eating vanilla ice cream all your life, even though you like chocolate, and then eating chocolate ice cream... but it upsets your stomach because you couldn't handle it.

"... You just imagined something stupid." Sakura stated to Naruto, and Nagisa interjected.

"When you become an official student, I will put you through the training you need to use your hip technique. Just don't use it anymore until then, or you could put your career in danger. I have a specially made suit to help train muscles for Keijo." Nagisa explained to him, and he nodded bitterly. He didn't like being told not to use his unique-to-him technique, but hearing it could end his career early was enough of a statement to make him reconsider how serious of an issue this was.

This sounded more than just a little pain, this sounded like he could seriously cripple himself if he wasn't careful.


"Oh god?!"

"Sorry... but this is your fault for being stupid. Anyway, that should have fixed your back... but don't mess yourself up again. Got it?" Sakura asked, with a mumble being her answer. She leaned down to Naruto's level and poked him in the face, giving him her best look of intimidation. "Got it?" Sakura asked again, her voice deeper and much less cute than she normally tried to make it sound.

"Got it... but I don't have to like it." Naruto truthfully added with a look of self-irritation. He was irritated with himself mostly for putting himself in this situation. "How did you get here, you don't drive?" Naruto asked Sakura, and she raised an eyebrow, arms crossed.

Like he didn't know.

"Sasuke drove me, and he's waiting for me outside. See you later Naruto, don't make me come back here because you did something stupid." Sakura waved herself out.

That left Naruto and Nagisa alone.

"You have a good medic... I will help you master that technique, trust me on that. First though, you need to finish these exams. Be sure to try your hardest, but don't use that technique again." Nagisa stated to him as a reminder. Naruto stood up, popped the kinks that Sakura had left in his slightly healed back, and twisted himself in both directions to loosen up.

"Thanks... I'll try." Naruto told her, and she sighed.

That was the best she was going to get out of him, but she could at least see that he did understand the price for the technique he used. When he left the room, she looked over the video recording again, and when she got to the moment that Naruto released the Spiralling Hip Sphere, she paused it and looked at it closely. She frowned to herself and started to watch it in slow motion, playing it frame by frame.

She found the moment that she had been looking for.

It was brief, and if she were anyone else she would have missed it, but it was something that she was going to have to call and talk with Kushina about.

In the second between the first release of Naruto's Spiralling Hip Sphere, and the second time he released it, his eyes went through a change that she found as disturbing as it was interesting.

They weren't human.

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