Honestly, New York Zero isn't too bad of a place, once you get past the grazing infected and rampant military killers. With it's beautiful skylines, gorgeous research facilities, and immoral human testing sites… Okay maybe not the last two but you get my point. The good old NYZ is a wonderful place to live, especially if you happen to be a man eating virus monster, who can also shapeshift.

Of course, it could be a curse too.

With people who have military grade hardware to mess up your day, and infected who can range from tiny Walker annoyances to the terrifying Goliath destroyers, it's very difficult to appreciate the beauty of such a wonderful place as New yor-.

With a clang that totally ruined his dramatic monologue, the metal can that bounced off his head rolled on the floor and came to a stop near his foot

"Can you quit having a conversation with yourself and listen for once?". The very definition of prim and proper complained.

He turned, trying very hard to keep his face hidden while the moonlight filtering on them from the giant lightbulb in the sky was to his back. And there, doing what looked like an impersonation of an Angel, was the girl of his nightmares, the one who made his day about 100% more terrible. Sabrina Galloway.

He sighed, more out of frustration than any kind of stress, at the sheer hell he was put through because she could supposedly 'track' any of Mercers Evolved.

"What do you want Sabrina, I'm busy rehearsing for my role as Batman". To finish his statement, he morphed his black jacket into a cape and mask, while mumbling in a deep voice about parents and bats.

The devil in disguise rolled her eyes, with a look of utter contempt aimed at him she spoke. "Honestly the fact that he keeps you around is simply mind boggling to me".

He winced, not very noticeably, but enough so that she could see how uncomfortable he was with her mentioning Mercer. Of course, she was afraid of him too, all the Evolved were, except for that Heller guy, and why shouldn't they be afraid of a man who could wipe them from existence in an instant? He tried his best to keep a level voice while he spoke as nonchalant as possible. "It must be because I'm the only one of us who isn't a psychopath". Sneaking in a laugh completely devoid of humor, he added. "He sure does know how to pick em huh Gallo?"

While it wasn't very noticeable, he could see her bristle at the nickname, a personal pastime of his, picking on poor little Galloway, had still not grown old, even when she started clawing his face off.

Speaking of clawing someone's face off, Sabrina looked worried, it was in her body posture. Tense legs, slightly shifting eyes, the very unnoticeable shifting of biomass that human eyes couldn't see. She looked ready to bolt at the slightest sound.

He of course decided to capitalize on this.

"Why so tense Sabrina? Did Mercer find you in his cookie jar again?". He asked with a hint of curious interest bubbling up. And another big surprise of the day was when instead of chewing him out with her oh so wonderful nails, she didn't comment on it, she only stared at him with a contemplating look, somehow mixing indecisiveness, with bubbling rage

After several long moments of wondering if she would go against Mercer and consume him anyway, Sabrina finally spoke. "Alex isn't pleased, and this time it's serious". She spat out in what could have been a venomous voice aimed toward him, but he handled it just fine.

With the mention that the man who could destroy him with a flick of his wrist being displeased reaching his ears, he leaned in, listening to what would come out of prim and proper's mouth next.

"What happened this time?" He asked in a slightly bored voice.

Instead of reprimanding him for not being interested in this very serious matter, she dropped it and continued with her explanation. "Heller is getting stronger, and the Evolved Mercer specifically told not to fight him charged in anyway". Huh, isn't that something.

He barely held back the laugh that bubbled in his chest, Mercer should have expected that his power hungry 'Minions' would chase after Heller, it was in their DNA after all.

After a few moments of thought, he decided to speak about what was bothering him. "So, you decided to travel all the way out here to tell me that for what? Personal kick, or is there something our glorious leader wants?". He asked with a degree of nonchalance you wouldn't expect of a man eating virus.

Sabrina, while doing the impossible and resisting smacking him with a clawed hand, instead got on with her reason for being there.

"Mercer wants all his high rankers at the place he's going to be fighting Heller, why he would want you there is a mystery". She spoke the last part very disdainfully, as though she couldn't believe he was one of the top dogs.

He almost laughed at that, for someone so smart she was pretty dumb at times. Although she had a point, Mercer wouldn't just bring in his only stealth operative to fight Heller in the open, which begged the question of why he would want him there in the first place.

Unless he was up to something.

After noticing he had been silent for a longer than necessary time, he decided to humor her, or himself depending on your view of it. "Maybe it's because of my shockingly good looks". He joked, but then got into a contemplating stance. "But you have a good point, why would he want me there?".

He wasn't just trying to be rude, he actually needed to know what the devil virus had planned. Anything involving his top Evolved would definitely be huge. It wasn't a move Mercer usually makes, in fact, he would want to fight Heller with his own power instead of ganging up on him. So why...?

Of course, the very obvious answer smacked him in the face once he thought on it.

Why else would the very power hungry man summon them to fight someone he said he would destroy personally?

Because he didn't plan on them fighting Heller, he wanted to consume them, then wipe Heller off the map.

He almost spilled the beans to Galloway right then and there, but he held it back. "Telling one of his most loyal followers that I know his plan won't go over well". He thought bitterly. Of course, looking over at fancy suit pants lady over there, she seemed none the wiser to Mercers possible betrayal. The only problem that was created was the fact that even if he had the means, he could never run from Mercer and live, it would be like a deer running from a cheetah, it would never work out.

Unless he could make sure Heller won.

It was a crazy plan, to trade one threat for another, but it was either die from Mercer, or have a chance of survival from Heller.

Deciding to get out of his deep thoughts and give good words of encouragement, he turned to Sabrina.

"Tell Mister Emo that I'll be there" He spoke with a level of seriousness that even surprised Galloway, if her arching of brows were any indication. Of course she seemed quite hesitant to believe his words, but she gave him the info anyway. "Were to meet in the Redzone, 12:00 Am, you know where we usually meet? Go there and you should see us". If he didn't know better he would have assumed Mercer was being emotional, finishing them off where he started all this? Bold move.

Deciding that this conversation was over, he prepared to leap off, preferably to plan his next move, but he was interrupted again by Galloway. He couldn't catch a break lately.

"And Jeremy, try not to be late this time alright?" And with that last stinging remark, she left the same way she came, pompous and annoying.

He grit his teeth, or the biomass that resembled his teeth, and cursed her out silently in his head, she knew he hated being called by his name. "Should have expected it for that Gallo comment". He though bitterly.

Deciding to brush off whatever bad vibes Sabrina brought his way, he simply leapt to the next building, trying to get as high a vantage point as he could. Finally after several minutes of running up multiple buildings trying to get a good view, he had reached the highest one in the Redzone.

He stilled, his black hair being ruffled from the high altitude he was at, and his blue eyes tinted red starring away at the entirely infected city he was in, he cursed the man who caused it with everything he had.

His ear, which was on a constant swivel, heard exactly what he was hoping to hear, the sound of a Evolved on a rampage, but not just any Evolved, this one would either be his salvation, or his destruction.

With a leap that no natural creature could hope to match, he jumped dozens of feet into the air, and glided towards the sounds that spelled destruction for anyone getting in its way, the sounds of one man

James Heller, NYZ's only hope.

Author notes, and stuff

Heyo guys, welcome to my story, this is my first time writing on this site (Or at all, really), and I would like to thank you for checking out my story.

Currently this is the only work I'm going to be doing, but once its finished I hope to make many great pieces for you. criticism is very much appreciated, tell me what I did wrong, what I did right, and anything about my style that bothers you. As always, thanks for reading!