Today was going to be awesome, The festival was soon, everyone was pumped up, and a lot of other students were standing around the classroom door for some reason.

It wasn't just Hero studies, Support, Business, and General studies were there as well, watching all of his classmates, some obviously trying to determine skill, while others were just staring at Jeremy's casual shifting of biomass.

Tsuyu didn't look particularly worried about others watching her, Izuku was practically sweating bullets, Uraraka looked somewhat upset about the students blocking their way, the only one who looked mad at the students was Splosion man, who decided it would be a good idea to antagonize them, while also ruining whatever reputation class A had with his bad attitude.

He didn't seem to care, only when a guy with purple hair and a slightly sinister look came up saying some rude words did Splosion take notice.

"You seem pretty arrogant." He spoke, voice carrying a slightly bored tone. "Are all the students in the hero course like this?"

Everyone started to shake their heads, trying to convey that the blondie was the only one who had a bad temper, but purple guy didn't seem to care, eyes only locked upon the one he had originally spoken too.

"Seeing something like this makes me disillusioned. There are quite a few people who enrolled in General studies or other courses because they didn't make it into the hero course, did you know that?" He spoke, his voice indicating he was being rhetorical with his question, most likely trying to prove his point to the other students standing behind him. "The school has left those of us a chance, depending on the results of the sports festival, they'll consider our transfer into the hero course. And it seems they may also transfer people out." He finished.

Jeremy finally looked at the boy, his last words catching most of the classes attention as well. Jeremy looked towards Izuku, who seemed to be thinking on the implications of being forced out of the hero course because he couldn't use his quirk.

The boy looked around the room, taking in all those who reacted negatively, before he continued.

"Scouting out the enemy? I, at least, came to say that even if you're in the hero course, if you get carried away, ill sweep your feet out from under you. I came with a declaration of war." He finished, staring very intently at Splosion man, while some other student from course B came over and started shouting random stuff.

While everyone else talked about the many enemies they had just made, Jeremy got to thinking.

It was very likely that whatever events happened, he would be near the top, the only people he could guarantee getting there with him being Tsuyu, Izuku, Splosion man, and Shoto Todoroki. Jeremy glanced towards the boy with red and white hair, silently thinking of the battle that would unfold if they were to fight each other.

He was, simply put, amazing.

The boy could make tons of ice appear in an instant with his ability, somehow freezing the very air around him and turning it to ice, even without his power though, he was a very advanced user of close quarters combat, and if all else failed, he could use his left side, which apparently contained some of his father's amazing flame.

He was the son of the number two ranked hero, and that certainly gave him a massive edge.

Jeremy honestly didn't believe he could beat the boy in an all out fight of life or death, his flame could most likely destroy his body before he even had a chance to regenerate it, and his ice would not help his at all, slowing him down and making his body lose chunks of itself for trying to move.

The boy was amazing, Jeremy of course didn't honestly believe that his power was pure happenstance, there was no way his father could have married someone who just happened to have an ice power, it was extremely unlikely, but he wasn't going to question the boy on what must have been a very sensitive topic, and if the way he shunned using his left side was any indication, he and his father weren't on the same page about something.

He felt a tap on his head, finally breaking out of his intense thinking session, noticing that most of the students had left, and that Tsuyu was repeatedly hitting his head with a shoe.

He swatted at the girl, releasing a low chuckle, before he stood up from his desk, and started to walk with the girl to the cafeteria, after that, they would begin their two week training to be ready for anything the sports festival had to through at them.

Dinner was an interesting affair, they had offered much in the way of food but Jeremy took his time to instead focus of strategies he could use to get his friends further into the competition.

He had large doubts that Izuku would want to be carried to the top, so he was thinking on ways to silently make sure he got where he was needed.

If the festival had the same rules as every other test did, then he could possibly use his powers to disrupt other contestants, causing them to be slowed down at the start, while also giving temporary paths for the two to travel through, but that also carried the risk of him causing harm to someone who wasn't fast enough to get out of his way.

He could use his Devastator on the path that was ahead of him, causing massive spikes of death to turn into obstacles which would slow the other contestants, although it would give him a massive headache he could get them both a large lead.

His thinking was interrupter again by an impatient Tsuyu, who had been staring at him for the past five minutes, trying to gain his attention.

"What's up Tsuyu?" He spoke, noticing the now unsure look the girl sported, he wondered what she had been thinking while he was planning.

She opened her mouth to talk, somehow seeming even more reluctant, before she sat up straighter, and came out with it.

"Will you help me during the festival?"

Jeremy's plans all came crashing down, he honestly hadn't expected her to ask for his help, he had made all his plans based upon that assumption, but here she was, asking for his help.

"Of course ill help, what do you take me for, Splosion man?" he asked, noticing the confused look upon her brow at the blondies nickname, that he now realized he had never mentioned to her before this moment.

"The point is, I'd be happy to help you out Tsu, I was actually planning on doing something like that before you asked, so this fits into my plan pretty well." He finished, stealing a quick bite out of her banana while she was distracted by his amazing selflessness.

She smiled, using her tongue to give him a froggy peck on the cheek, before she gave a very grateful 'thank you'.

He smiled back, and went to prepare for the training that Tsuyu would need help with.

Jeremy had done his research, after learning about the massive amount of attention that the festival gained, he had gone online to find anything he could about the previous year's festivals, while most were just randomly selected from a machine, he could make plans around all the events that would most likely take place.

Running was probably going to be one, judging by how heavily it was favored in all the previous year's, and the tournament almost always ended with the top students of a certain event fighting off against each other, so maybe he could use the running event to get Tsuyu to first place by having hold on to his back, although he would have to make it seem like he wasn't helping her out, so she wouldn't get called out for cheating or some such stupid tournament thing.

The second event was an unknown, even the teachers barely had an idea as to which events could be chosen, so he wouldn't be able to make contingencies for all of them, possibly just ones that were favored heavily, or not at all.

Jeremy simply sighed, thinking on all the scenarios he would have to make plans for, and how it would consume much of his advanced thinking process to get it all done in one day, of course there were other things he needed to do today, such as inform All Might about his problem with the League, and how he needed to old coot to watch out for Tsuyu whenever he had the chance.

Talking with All Might about the League wasn't his most ideal plan, but he was the only person that Jeremy thought he could honestly trust with that information, Izuku would only become worryingly watchful of Tsuyu, which would set her curiosity off, which would then lead to Izuku somehow spilling the beans.

He knew that Tsuyu was not blind to the bad reality of the world, but she didn't need the stress of someone having a target on her head with the festival coming so close, she deserved to enjoy the last few years where she can have some measure of peace before she became a hero.

Jeremy excused himself, giving Tsuyu a pat on the head, before he left to go talk with All Might.

It was going to be awkward, telling the man that he was forced into a situation working with a very dangerous group of people, but as long as he explained it calmly, he would get out of this just fine.

-Time skippity-

"THEY DID WHAT?!" All Might screamed, voice causing Jeremy to flinch back in surprise, his hearing being impaired because of the volume of the shout.

"Will you keep it down!? I asked you to meet in private for a reason!" he whispered, trying to determine if anyone had heard the shout erupt from the creepy guys mouth.

All Might was understandably upset, his wrinkly face showing his intense anger just fine to Jeremy, he also felt the same way, but for some reason it was rather dulled, as though he wasn't feeling all of his anger at once.

Jeremy focused back on the man next to him, watching his shriveled form walk back and forth while trying to think on what Jeremy had just told him.

The League of Villains was targeting one of his students, and he was shaken by that fact, they should have known that the villains would try to act again, but they hadn't thought they would attempt to target one boy and girl specifically.

All Might looked at the boy next to him, noticing the tense look, as though he wasn't comfortable talking about this in the first place, he most likely thought involving others would cause trouble, and that bringing in All Might himself would only cause even more unwanted attention to Tsuyu. He could understand the boy, he wanted young Tsuyu to be safe as well, although he doubted it was to the extent young Jeremy did, he didn't want harm to come to any of the students he had been training.

He would need to tell the principal that Tsuyu and the other students would need people to watch out for them, he would hopefully realize something was up, and have some local heroes try to find out if someone else was watching them, and if they found whoever it was, then maybe they could go straight to the villains.

All Might focused back on the boy near him, trying to gather information on what had occurred.

"Do you know who is watching her? Any clue at all could help us in any effort to stop them." he asked, trying to keep calm in front of his student.

Jeremy shook his head, he hadn't been able to spot anyone who looked like they were watching them, but even his senses could have missed something vital. It infuriated him, he had promised to protect her, and all he did was put her in even more danger just by associating with him, he clenched his fist, trying to calm himself and his thoughts before he broke something in front of All Might.

"I don't know who might be watching her, but I can't keep my eye on her all the time, I need your help." Jeremy spoke hesitantly, trying to get past the fact that he couldn't help her alone.

He wasn't stupid, he realized that All Might was probably the only one who could help him at the moment, but it still made him feel strange asking him for help, he wasn't as prideful as the other Evolved under Mercers claws, but he still felt that he was all she needed, that he could protect her far better than All Might and his friends.

He shook it off, before he looked towards All Might, who seemed to be deep in thought on to what they would do next.

Jeremy got up, trying to hide the large amount of creaking the chair gave in protest, before he moved around the office, it was plain, with cream walls and basic furniture, only a few pictures hung from the wall, some with mountains and lakes, and some that contained all of All Might's students, smiling and mostly happy, they had taken that after the incident with the villains.

Jeremy blinked and refocused on the picture, seeing something on there that he hadn't noticed before.

Sarah was there, right next to him and his friends, her face was set in a very predatory smile, eyes drilling right into the back of his head, only she hadn't looked like that on the day of the picture, he had seen her, she didn't look like that when it was taken.

Jeremy turned towards All Might, who was finally done with his thinking session, and he too was looking towards the picture, although he appeared happy with the results, not destressed with Sarah and her look.

All Might spoke to Jeremy while putting his hand on the boy's shoulder, trying to reassure him. "I'm going to alert the principal and get a team of heroes to watch after young Tsuyu, and if anyone tries to make a move, we shall have them." He finished, calm voice not doing much to reassure Jeremy of his decision to involve the #1 hero.

But he had to, he wouldn't let her get hurt, even if he couldn't protect her, someone else would, and he gave a brief nod towards the old man, before he walked away, trying to hide the grim expression that had appeared on his face.

All Might starred at the boy who had left, sensing the intense emotions going through his mind, he wished that there was something he could do, but until the villains made their move, the boy would have to deal with the weight of his partner, it wasn't something he wanted the boy to experience this soon, but he would make sure the girl would be safe, if not for herself, then for the boy who seemed to adore her.

All Might gave a brief sigh, before he went to inform his old friend the principal, and try to figure out why his new chair was creaking so badly for the young Jeremy.


Jeremy was probably going to regret doing this.

He knew it was a terrible idea, but he needed some form of an edge against either the villains, or the people he would be facing in the festival, because he couldn't use his full devastating arsenal in public, or in a televised event such as the festival.

He was currently in the room of Denki Kaminari, the place was absolutely covered in electrical gizmos, some that appeared to be radios, while most looked like they were mutilated pieces of other bigger items. Honestly, he was more focused on keeping quiet then looking around at the interesting mess the boyhad, because if others were to see him taking the kids DNA with a tiny feeder tendril, he wouldn't be able to explain what he was doing, and why he was doing it in the first place it in the first place.

Although it would have been easier to just heal the kid when he got hurt, Jeremy didn't want to wait until such a time, because the festival was soon, and he needed all the power he could get, and since fire and ice was already being used by Shoto, he figured it would be ironic to use electricity.

While electricity wasn't his top choice, it would give him a massive advantage against the half and half prodigy, his body was naturally producing more electricity than he could possibly use, so all he had to do was get the boys quirk mixed into the other DNA he had acquired, and he would be set for the tournament.

Jeremy got as much of the kid's cells as he was comfortable with, before he hastily withdrew his tendril, and leapt out of his window.

Explaining why he was in the guy's apartment would also be difficult.

He landed with a small thud, not loud enough to be noticed by normal humans, but loud as a bomb for Jeremy, he looked around, trying to confirm that no one was around at this time of day, before he went over to his regular training spot, he was pretty lucky that the guy had been asleep at this hour, now that he thought about it.

He arrived swiftly and quietly, trying to be as quiet as he could, because he wasn't technically aloud to be caught outside at this hour, and because anyone seeing him stumble with his 'new quirk' would probably be immediately suspicious.

Jeremy shifted the DNA inside him, trying to not waist the limited amount of electric quirk he had acquired, and tried to fuse it with the ones he had stolen from Bird man.

It was slightly disastrous.

The corrupted DNA of Bird man didn't seem to like new and fresh DNA, instead of taking it in and adapting it like Jeremy wanted, it simply exploded, ruining a large portion of Jeremys arm.

He jumped back and hissed, clutching the burnt piece of his arm that the DNA had somehow destroyed, it hadn't caused him too much damage, but it still hurt to have a part of you burnt off.

Jeremy sighed whilst shaking his rehealed arm, even when he had complete control over the Bird man's genetic makeup, he still couldn't get it to combine other quirks into it without serious backlash, it upset him that he couldn't get it to work with him unless he went through trial and error, but unless he got it right on the first try, he was going to be losing a lot of biomass, even if he technically could just regenerate it.

Jeremy went back to work, accepting the long night ahead of him.


Jeremy gave a victorious shout, lifting his sparking red arm into the air and releasing large amounts of electricity, he had spent all night and part of the day working on it, but it was still a great achievement to be able to get it working, now all he had to do was use it against something.

Jeremy set his sights on a tree about twenty yards away, he gave a small smirk, lifted his arm, and brought out the full power of the DNA he had borrowed.

The results were amazing.

Electricity came arching around his body, illuminating him in a brilliant red light, before he harnessed the power of storms into his hand, and shot it towards the helpless tree, Jeremy watched with his amazing perception and mental processing as the red electricity arched through the air, going so fast he could almost miss it, before it impacted the tree with a thunderous boom.

Jeremy let the red aura of electricity disappear around him, smiling his great predatory smile as he looked upon the crater he had created.

The tree was gone, all the power he had put into it had simply caused it and several inches near it to evaporate into dust particles, even though the scientists in Jeremy insisted that what he just did shouldn't be possible, Jeremy still had a large grin on his face, because he finally had something that could give him the upper hand.

He lifted his open hand, using his new power to cause the strangely colored electricity to appear in his palm, Jeremy gave it a once over, noticing the distinct red haze that his gliding usually produced, which informed him that his biomass was also being included into the power he was producing, which might explain the red aura and the fact that the tree had been smitten.

Jeremy shifted his arm into his signature Whipfist, before he tried to apply his new power unto it as well.

The Whipfist lit up like a Christmas tree, red electricity occasionally arching between it and the ground, Jeremy smirked once again, before he set his sights on another tree, and unleashed his Whip upon it.

The Whip also went sailing through the air, aiming straight at the center of the tree, with several thousand volts of electricity traveling through it, the poor tree had no chance of survival.

It didn't destroy the large tree, but it did cause a large amount of its trunk to become ash, and caused the tree to topple over unto more of its brethren, all of which were trembling in fear of the tree destroyer, god among plants, Jeremy The Grea-

A tongue slapped his head, interrupting his maniacal laughter, and alerting Jeremy to the fact Tsuyu had been watching his slow slip into insanity for quite a while.

Jeremy rubbed the back of his head, trying very hard to look innocent in the face of a grinning Tsuyu and a slightly terrified Izuku, but he honestly could help but look a bit sheepish about the fact that he had gone slightly crazy there.

"hey guys, nice of you to stop by, I was just, you know, practicing landscaping." He spoke, grin on his face forced and slim, while Tsuyu only lifted her brow at him, and Izuku looked at the crater his electricity had caused.

"Okay I may have gone a little overboard with the laughter, but that tree was asking for it!" he shouted, trying to explain to them that the trees had deserved it, and that it wasn't his fault that they had been planted there.

They both were now looking at him with some small mirth, and Jeremy was trying his hardest to not glare at the tree which had caused this whole mess, and instead settled down and pouted.

Izuku was the first one to come near him, most likely extremely curious as to how he had caused electricity to fly from his fingers like some Harry Potter movie, and how he had gotten the new quirk. Tsuyu was more laid back, seeming to think on how similar Jeremy's new electric skill was to Denki, and possibly making a connection that Jeremy would rather her not make.

He would have preferred to only reveal his borrowed power to others in the fighting round of the festival, but as long as the two in front of him didn't spill the beans, he could probably surprise anyone who would have an advantage against him, such as Shoto and Splosion man, although Shoto could still brute force his way past Jeremy's defenses, and Splosion man has an uncanny ability to make plans on the fly, but he could worry about that once he figured out how to stop Izuku from staring about his new powers.

"Izuku, stop doing that muttering thing, really freaking me out." He spoke casually, hoping to draw the kid away from his intense rambling about how my abilities could possibly copy others, if he were honest with himself, he was be pretty impressed with the kid's ability to examine others quirks and figure out possible uses for them, he was doing it to Jeremy and gaining pretty accurate results without even knowing the full picture.

After finally breaking free of his little brainstorm session, he looked a little embarrassed, but he seemed to shrug it off in favor of asking him to once again show off the electricity.

Jeremy smirked, and gave him what he wanted, using whatever made quirks work to cause electricity to be drawn largely from his body, and minutely from the environment around him, causing the red aura of electricity to once again surround his arm, giving him a very diabolical look with the light shining upon his face.

Izuku went full on investigation mode, looking his arm over with an intensity that put some NYZ Gentek scientists to shame, and causing Jeremy to back up in slight alarm for such a look being aimed at him. Jeremy looked towards Tsuyu, giving her a look of genuine alarm, hoping that she would rescue him from what could possibly be his death, but the traitor was simply giving him that infamous blank face of her frog form, trying to hide the mischievous glint in her eyes.

He sighed, before settling down for what was going to be an intense session of show and tell.



"So you can change your body down to the molecular level?"


"Which allows you to make the weapons you have by manipulating your DNA."


"So that's why you can't give others your armor or weapons, because they require you to keep them active?"


"So theoretically, you could surround someone's body with yours, and give them a personal battle armor?"

"Ye- wait what?" He said, the first words out of his mouth in an hour that wasn't yes coming with slight puzzlement.

Izuku had been questioning him for an hour, a straight hour of nothing. but. questions. The only thing that had kept him awake was the fact that Tsuyu was here giving him silent encouragement, and that the little Deku tree had been asking some questions that even Jeremy hadn't thought of.

Such as surrounding someone's body with his near impenetrable self.

He had to think about that one, it was certainly possible for him to do it, it would be as simple as turning his body into a semi liquid state, possibly like Jell-O, covering the person, and then solidifying himself. Although, it would be difficult to let the user control what would basically be a living exo suit, because whoever was in him wouldn't be able to move his body, and even he couldn't predict what was happening in his insides.

"I don't honestly know, it might be possible, but I haven't tried that before, it could happen I guess." He spoke, hesitantly, trying to not get the kids hope up on possibly using him as battle armor. Izuku seemed to not notice the hesitant look Jeremy now sported, instead gaining his own look of contemplation, as though he was thinking of the prospect of trying it out.

Jeremy decided now was the time to leave.

He was all for giving someone armor, or trying to give someone a weapon, but the chance of the little guys plans actually working was slim to none, and he didn't want to accidentally eat someone, that was also an incentive.

He got up quietly, trying to not bring the little dude out of his thinking position, he gave a smirk and a two fingered salute to Tsuyu before he took off, going well over whatever speed limit was placed upon the city near his position. He chuckled, hoping he wasn't breaking any laws by running so fast, and trying to not focus on the feeling of electricity arching between his feet and the ground.

It was an interesting thing, for a brief moment, he could feel where his electricity went, allowing him some small amount of out of body experience. Maybe it could be used for scouting?

While he was thinking on other aspects of his new power, he hardly noticed the silver streak that was chasing after him, or the fact that said streak was currently shouting at him to stop, he did take notice when he was once again clothes lined by a gauntlet covered arm.

He fell backwards, shock registering on his face at the fact that someone could have done that to him and survived, and at the fact that someone could even catch up with him in his moment of speed.

"Really need to pay more attention…" Jeremy grumbled, rubbing the space on his nose that had taken most of the brutal hit to his poor delicate face. He almost felt like taking it out on whoever decided to clothesline him, but the feeling of a sneeze drowned that out.

Jeremy didn't really feel like questioning how someone who was basically a virus could sneeze, but he had accomplished such a legendary feet, sending small dust particles out of his nose, and making himself go cross eyed trying to figure out how he had done something like that.

A cough from nearby reminded the floored virus that he was currently surrounded by a group of towns people, and a man in a suit of metal that looked more at home in a power ranger movie then in real life.

It was a strange looking protection piece, with what looked like pipes and mufflers covering the upper portions, two metal horns sticking out on the back of the helmet, and one other horn on the front, giving the appearance of a strange triceratops, and reaffirming Jeremy that this guy was probably a Power ranger.

It looked cool to a certain extent, although there was a massive dent on the arm piece, most likely from the dude deciding to clothesline him, for whatever reason he decided to do such a stupid thing.

Jeremy rubbed his nose for the last time, standing up slowly to so he did not appear too threatening to the Power ranger, who must have been giving him a very intense look.

He really hoped he wouldn't get a ticket, because explaining that to Tsuyu would be a problem.

"Do you realize the danger of traveling so fast sir?" Power ranger asked, not seeming to care about the people staring at them.

"Well, yea, but wasn't clotheslining me just as dangerous?" Jeremy asked, trying to talk his way out of this probably wouldn't work, because this guy seemed pretty serious about his job.

"Now is not the time for jokes sir, you were going much too far over the city limit for Quirks, I will need to give you a ticket."

Well crap.

Jeremy only gave a sigh, that was exactly what he deserved for going so fast, but honestly, running like that was amazing.

He was prepared for the ticket, but he wasn't prepared for a small static noise to come from Power rangers armored head, or the voice that was currently asking for assistance for an emergency.

The Ranger gave him a look very quickly, having some kind of inner debate, before he crumpled up the half finished ticket and zoomed off further into the city where Jeremy could somewhat here a large amount of smashing noises.

He slowly walked away, eyeing the direction the man had gone in case he came back, and trying to get away from what could possibly be a very large fine.

"Man, I really need to get myself together, because that was crazy." He said slowly, picking a random direction and trying to avoid the stares from random people around him, and trying to get far away as well.

He should really just take a vacation.

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