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"Come on Harry, only this one. Pleeeeease? For Daddy?" Severus tried to make his son eat the baby food -that tasted like sweet apple. Lily, who was watching the scene from the kitchen's door, laughed, her emerald eyes shining with mirth. "How about you come and help me, insted of laughing at me?" Said Severus in a mock angry tone. "Oh, Sev. Sometimes you can be so stupid! How about you try it infront him? To show him that it tastes good." Severus rolled his eyes. "Cheeky brat." He muttered under his breath. He took a spoonful of the baby food and ate it. "Yum! It tastes good Harry, how about you try it now, hmm?" He held out the spoon to Harry who took it cheerfully. "Excellent Harry! Now eat it." But Harry didn't eat it, instead he threw the spoon at his father. At that Lily burst out laughing, she was laughing so hard that she had to hold on the kitchen table -which was close to the door- to stop herslef from falling on to the ground.

Severus looked at his wife fondly. He still didn't understand how he deserved such a beautiful and kind wife, and a wonderful son. He had always thought that he will grow up to be a lonley and a bitter man, but this beutiful creature had come to his life and made him see that he deserved a life, just like everyone else did.

"Oh, stop it. It's not like you got him to eat the food anyway." He said to his wife, who had stopped laughing now, but had tears of luaghter rolling down her cheeks. "But atleast he didn't throw the food at me." She countered. "Whatever." He grunted, and made his way out. "The food didn't taste good, anyway." He muttered as he left the kitchen. Lily burst into another fit of laughter.


Severus sat on the couch, his arm wrapped around Lily's shoulder while Harry was playing with the ball. They were watching a movie -Sweeney TODD: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Lily had found it halirous that the judje looked like him while Mrs.Lovett looked like Bellatrix Lestrange, as for Mr. Bamford, he looked like Peter Pettigrew.

"Dady catch!" Shouted Harry as he threw the ball towards him. Severus caught it and threw it back to Harry who giggled when the ball hit him on his tummy.

Suddenly, the floo turned to lkfe and Albus Dumbldore stepped in. "Good evening, Severus, Lily." Said Dumbldore as he stepped out of the fire place. "Good evening, headmaster. To what do I owe this pleasure?" He said as he and Lily stood up. Harry threw the ball at the Headmaster, who laughed and threw it back at Harry, and again, Harry giggled when the ball hit him in the tummy. However, the Headmaster's eyes lost their usual twinkle.

"Severus, I need to ask you for a favor." Began the headmaster soberly. "As you know, my dear boy, we need a spy, a spy to spy on Voldemort. You are aware, of the fact that we've been -the order- discussing the subject of the spy, many people volunteered, I, however, see that you my dear boy should be a spy. I know it's a-"

"NEVER!" Lily cried as she fiercly held her husband's arm. "Lily, it's OK, Lils please let him finish." Severus tried to sooth her. Reluctantly, Lily let the headmaster finish.

"-a dangerous job, so we will take certain precautions." Comtinued the headmaster, as though he had never been intruptted. "Like what?" Hissed Lily. "Like earasing your memories -he indicated at Lily and Severus- I know, Severus, that you are a gifted occlumnse, however precuations must be taken. Once the war is over the memory charm shall be lifted automatically. However, in case something goes wrong, letters will be sent to you -he indicated at Lily, Severus, and Harry, who was still playing with his ball- after ten years. I know it's too long but atleast it's better than never. The memory charm will affect everybody, everybody will believe -including you- that Lily is married to James -who has kindly agreed to help us- and that Harry is their son. Glamours will be put on little Harry.

At the end it's your choice, but please think about it, for it's for the good of the wizarding world, and your family, of course. You have a week to think about it." Not waiting for an answer, Dumbldore flooed back to his office.


A week had passed since Dumbldore has flooed to the small cottage. Lily and Severus were standing beside the fire place, holding each others hands as they watched their son play with his ball. "Daddy, Mummy, catch." Squeaked Harry as he threw tha ball towards his parents. Lily smiled sadly as she caught the ball, her eyes shining with tears. She threw the ball to Harry who caught it.

At that moment the floo flared and Dumbldore steepd out of it, looking sober, his eyes not shining with their usual twinkle. "So?" Inquired the headmaster. "We've decided to go with the plan." He said soberly. Dumbldore nodded. "Are you ready?" Severus picked up Harry -who had come to stand beside them at some point- and wrapped his arm around his son's thin frame. He held Lily's arm with his other hand. "Always in my heart." He whispered. "Always." Said Lily quietly. They hugged each other, Harry sandwiched between them. He cupped his son's chin and kissed him on the forehead. "Always in my heart." Harry just stared at him and then smiled, oblvious to what was going on. He hugged Lily and Harry, who hugged him back. "Always in my heart." Said Lily and Severus in union.



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