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SPHINXBy Dragonfires

Draco Malfoy stared at the Quidditch Pitch after yet another loss against Griffindor. Using a gloved palm, he swept his silver blond locks behind an ear. There was no use in looking defeated. Pouting doesn't help except with Narcissa. Three quarters of the stadium, dressed in scarlet, were going wild and cheering yet again for Harry Potter. The other quarter was cursing the bad luck, and their seeker, Draco. He had failed to get the snitch.

Harry Potter looked over at Draco with a smirk, triumph on his face. It was a sickening sight for the Slytherins. We'll win next time, Draco thought. Yea, we say that every time and look where it gets us. Nowhere. Second place is for losers, not Slytherins. Father will not be pleased.

Their strategy hadn't worked yet again.

Hermione walked with Harry and Ron through the halls. The trio was on their way to celebrate their latest victory against Slytherin. Suddenly Malfoy appeared in front of their path.

"Move it," said Ron.

"Won again have we Potter?" Malfoy sneered.

"It's better than you," said Ron. "Slytherin doesn't have one win to their name against Gryffindor."

"Shut up, Weasley. So, Potter, is winning your life pill? You just can't live unless you vanquish evil or win a Quidditch match. I am going to have a hearty good laugh at you when you fail one day."

Harry gripped the broom tightly, trying to stop himself fromhitting Malfoy.

"C'mon, Harry," said Hermione. "He isn't worth it. Save your energy for the next Quidditch match. It's against Ravenclaw."

"Yes, Potter is going to need his wits about him. After all, his littlecrush is flying against him."

"You take that back, Malfoy!" shouted Ron.

"Why should I? Potter would never let his little girlfriend down. I would lay any amount of money down that Potter will lose it on purpose."

"Shut up!" shouted Harry, dropping his broom.

"Ooh, is big, bad, Harry Potter going to beat me up? Save me! Save me!"

"Malfoy, Harry would never lose on purpose. Cho is just a friend. You should know that," Hermione said.

"I say we propose to bet. I bet Potter will lose the next Quidditch match."

"I accept!" shouted Hermione.