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{Sector 2814…


He was bored.


Naruto Uzumaki sighed.

Over a week ago, ever since he 'joined' the team consisting of Aqualad, Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, with himself officially as Lantern, there has been a certain lack of mission alerts he and his teammates could attend to, aside from the one involved with Project CADMUS, the one which Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, and much later, Superboy, were involved in, and according to them, they were only able to find out about the mission in the first place thanks to Robin's hacking of the computers right after they - the full rooster of the Justice League - had moved to respond to a more serious attack that would threaten the lives of the people of Earth - something, which quite a few members of The League didn't take kindly to.

Yeah, it was that obvious.

Anyways, despite Robin's blunder, his and The Teams - at the time - initiative to investigate CADMUS covertly was very much appreciated (so he, Naruto, was told) and because of that, The League decided to not only make The Team of young heroes official, as an extra show of appreciation, they - The Justice League, that is - decided to also rehash their old base in order to make it more hospitable, and a more secure as a living quarters (for those who didn't have a place to live) and a home base for the Team of Young Heroes.

Three days later the work was done.

Unfortunately, there still hasn't been any mission alerts to keep him on his toes.

Sure the free time gave him ample opportunity to explore the planet he would now be staying in for the foreseeable future, and bond with some of his teammates - Superboy and Miss Martian, more so than the rest because the three of them were dorm mates, and unlike many in the team, they were also 'alien's' who were pretty much new to Earth… well technically Superboy was a clone born on Earth and thus has been on it for not less than 18 weeks, but half of his clone DNA was alien and he'd never seen the outside world since he was born - so yeah.

Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad were otherwise occupied with engagements from their various homes, be it fighting crimes with their individual mentors back in their home cities, or spending time with their family.


Naruto looked at the ring settled on his hand.

When was the last time he had seen his?


The Elemental Nations?


That was more than three years ago, since before it hit...

The thing that wiped out everything he ever knew.

Except him.


Of everyone in the Elemental Nations, why was he exempt?

It haunted him, even till now.

To make matters even worse, the incident that wiped out 99% of The Elemental Nations… empowered him.

That's right…

It changed him: transformed his Chakra into something else entirely, something that gave him access to amazing powers and abilities - powers and abilities that didn't even offer a silver of help to his problem.

What was so special about him that he banned from joining his friends in the afterlife? Was it because he was the child of prophecy? Was it because of the fact that he was one of the main driving factors that ushered his world into an era of peace? Or was this his reward for defeating Kaguya: complete destruction of everyone and everything he ever knew?

It's been over three years.

After mastering his powers, his new chakra - and remastering all his old abilities which went a bit haywire due to the change in his chakra - and after burying his friends and just about everyone who ever existed in the Elemental Nations - thus making his home a graveyard planet - he went to the summoning realm… only to find out that like his world, it too was destroyed.

No Toads, Slugs, or even Snakes.

The entire animal realm, everything…


Never had he been so… alone.

Kurama was asleep and would be for who knows how long, and the rest of the Bijū wouldn't respawn until a year later.

It was when he decided,

That it was time to leave.

The third year following the incident, he focused his powers and abilities on the space-time applications and worked on a way to tear open a rift in space-time that would send him to a dimension far away from all of… this.

It worked.

Gathering Kurama's siblings and (obviously) Kurama, and promising his deceased home planet that he would live on for them as a symbol of their strength, he jumped through his portal, away from his home dimension and onto a new one.

This one.

It was where he met the life entity and bonded with it, becoming even more powerful than before - despite the fact that his body couldn't hold more than at least 50% of its total power; the rest of which was divided by Kurama and his siblings.


And that was when he became the first ever White Lantern.

That was 6 months ago.

He missed his home.


Naruto blinked, drawn out of his thoughts as he felt something wet trail down his cheeks.

'I'm… crying?'

He cleaned his face with his hands, removing all evidence of any tears; he didn't need this.

* CreaK *

Naruto looked up from rubbing his wet slightly eyes to see his teammates pretty green skinned redheaded head poking straight through the door hole with her pair of concerned green eyes looking right back at him.

He got up from his bed, walked up to his door and opened it fully to see her properly.

"Lantern, are you alright?"

"Sorry Miss M, just lost in thoughts."

Miss Martian pondered his words a bit, before smiling as she'd gotten the expression.

"Oh, silly me I mean, Hello Megan! It was just an expression."

"Um… yeah."

Naruto scratched the back of his head, rather awkwardly.

On a different note…

He wondered why Megan was fond of saying that 'phase'.

Hello Megan,

Sure, it's been a little over one week since he joined the team, and it's been a little over five days since he's been living in the Cave, but he shared it with Megan and Superboy and whenever he was around Megan, he'd always hear her say that phrase whenever she made a slight fumble - almost as if it was rehearsed or something - if anything, at least, it was better than his 'Believe it' phrase...

Thankfully he grew out of that.

"So anyways, since Red Tornado's returning from meeting up with the Justice League, me, Aqualad, and Superboy are going to see if he has a mission for us." She said, drawing a blinking Naruto out of his thoughts. "Kid Flash and Robin are about to Zeta to the Cave so that they won't be left out. Aren't you coming?"

Red Tornado?

Oh yeah…

Red Tornado was an android hero who volunteered to be their 'Den Mother' due to the fact that he was an android, which meant he could take the responsibility of monitor duty so that The Team can focus on their missions if there were any when The Batman called… which he hasn't done yet so far.

Naruto shook his head, mentally, and looked at Megan. "Sure," He grinned, masking whatever emotion he felt. "Why not?"

"Great! I'll see you in the mission room." She chirped, rather happily. "We're hoping that he has at least something for us."

"Better than sitting and doing nothing."


Naruto smiled at the retreating Megan, before walking out of his room, closing his door behind him, and looking at his ring.

Anything sort of distraction was welcome, as long as it kept his mind busy.

Boredom was a dangerous thing after all…





Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or DC.

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