Authors Note: As host to the Life Entity, Naruto is capable of besting the remaining seven colours in pure raw spectrum combat, not only that, but thanks to the fact that he's the entities host, well let's just say that his emotion sensing capabilities have been boosted to the maximum. Whatever emotion you're feeling but hiding, he can feel it, but that's just a small scale of what he can do with that gift.

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{Gotham City Slums...}

(July 18 – 11:40 am)



"Get back here!"

A half-Caucasian and half-Vietnamese teenage girl of average height chased after a masked man. She has olive-toned skin with long thick blonde hair and dark grey eyes, a slender, yet athletic and of course curvy build, and a shade of sandy blonde hair that drew down to her waist, which is currently tied back in a ponytail. Her uniform is a midriff-baring costume that highlighted her build. While it was colored in various shades of green, it consisted of a mask extending from the hairline to the cheekbones, a sleeveless top with a stylized arrow tip on the front, a pair of fingerless gloves, a pair of pants with black knee pads, and finally, a pair black combat boots.

She cursed as the man dove into an alley. Quickly pulling off the compound bow hanging on her shoulder, she unfolded it and picked up one of the multitude of arrows that was tucked in safe in the green quiver hanging over her shoulder and along her back, before fastening it on the string of her quiver as she too dove into the ally the man retreated into, before glancing around and sighing out in disappointment.

"Great." She muttered. "Gone."

She tucked her arrow back in the quiver, sighing, before folding her bow. Was she disappointed? Yes, she was. A dead end with no corner to escape from and bright day light, yet somehow, her perp escaped from her, her…


She was named after the Goddess of the Hunt for heaven's sake!

After the harsh extremely training she'd received from him, not only did she fail to catch her perp, she failed to do so spectacularly!

Oh boy…

Batman and Robin?

They didn't have any sort of troubles like this.

If this got out, she wouldn't hear the last about it.


She frowned in thought, rubbing her chin.


'That's what I need.'

Her own Robin...

A partner.


It wouldn't hurt to have someone watching her back from time to time; someone who was generally skilled, smart, athletic, witty, basically someone who could handle themselves well against an entire platoon of soldiers if she were preoccupied… someone who very well knew what they were doi-

** Clank ** ** Clank **

** Clank **

** Clank ** ** Clank **

Snapping up her head, all thoughts disappeared at the sudden clanking of an empty can.

"Well hello girlie."

Artemis narrowed her eyes, and instantly her hands had snapped to her bow and arrow.

She set it up.


She turned around, smirking as she saw who she was chasing step up from behind her.


She aimed the sharp end of her arrow at her target, causing said target to pause in midstep.

"You should've stayed hidden."

She pulled the string of her bow.

"At least, that would've given you the chance to run away from me."

This bastard stabbed an innocent, ridding said innocent to the hospital after robbing said innocent in question. With a second chance firmly at hand, she was going to make sure that this bastard wouldn't walk away again.

"Give u-!"

However, before she could do anything or even finish what she was saying, she stopped, yelping cutely as a knife cut her string and her bow was yanked out of her hands while several more men walked out of the shadows and up to her, surrounding her in a circle.

"So, you're the one who's been messing my operation these past few weeks."

She paused at the voice, before she turned around to see herself staring at a rather big, bulky red skinned hulk-like man with a weirdly fit chin looking down on her as if she were a puny ant that you could step on.

The boss man sneered.

"I can't believe a little girl like you has been ruining my operations; sending my men to prison."

Artemis smirked.

She settled in the basic fighting stance taught to her when she was younger.

"What're you gonna do about it?"

She hardly showed any fear to her prey; at this small army of men?


She could take them on sleeping.

The boss man answered her with a smirk.


He snapped his fingers and immediately, the small army of thugs rushed at the cornered girl with a battle cry, intent on getting revenge for their partners who had been sent to prison due to the fact that this bitch decided to get in their way…

The boss man took a couple of steps back and watched his men work. He was going to make sure this bitch would learn the hard way, not to mess with him and his operations.

(Minutes Earlier…)

"Lantern…" Aqualad greeted, as with Superboy standing nearby, he saw his spiky blonde-haired ally garbed in his civilian outfit walking towards them and following after the floating Miss Martian, in what was no doubt a steady pace. "I can see that you have been doing well. I take it life on Earth hasn't been difficult for you to adjust?"

"Speak for yourself." Naruto stated, folding his hands behind his head. "Ya know, while it's nice to bond with my roommates and fellow aliens," He nodded to Miss Martian and Superboy. "I wouldn't mind it if I got a mission that kept me busy. If nothing doesn't come soon, I'm taking off to Gotham on my own to find something to do."

Superboy crossed his hands over his chest, muttering, "You and me both."

"Have patience." Aqualad stated, as he turned to face his new friend. "I am sure something will turn up eventually. Red Tornado is due any minute now to the cave; I'm sure he'll have something for us."

"Recognized - Robin: B-02; Kid Flash: B-04."

Glancing to the Zeta Tubes where he saw the casual wear garbed Robin and Kid Flash materialize into the room with a flash of gold light, the spiky blonde-haired boy crossed his hands over his chest and muttered to the Atlantean hero.

"If you say so…"

Nothing turned up.

Sure, Red Tornado had arrived a few moments following Kid Flash and Robin's arrival but much to his disappointment, the android didn't have any mission alerts ready for them and instead chose to suggest that they do the alternative and tour the cave as a Team Bonding exercise.

He left after that.

He was a bit peckish from being away from action for so long, and wasn't about to do so any longer so he created a reinforced clone, switched with it, changed into his white lantern uniform, and left the cave, soaring all the way to Gotham. And now, garbed in a tight black and white spandex suit consisting of a mask extending from the hairline to the cheekbones (it was like an inverse of Kakashi-sensei's face mask) he soared through the skies like a jet, looking around at the city below with his hands stretched equally his sides.

He found nothing.

With his blond hair fluttering along the wind generated by his flight, Naruto frowned in slight disappointment, as it seemed that he was unable to find whatever it was he was seemingly looking for; but as he was about to turn around, his ears twitched at the sound of what was no doubt a fight and as he flew towards the direction and searched for said 'fight'; he found it, happening in an alley that was seemingly closed off from the public and the fight? Well it was between a lone costumed female vigilante, and a group of thugs.

The girl was winning.

That, however, didn't mean that he shouldn't stay around to help out of she needed it...

So, he did.

Oh, he hoped she needed his help…

He wondered how his clone was doing.

. .

Artemis, meanwhile, unaware that she attracted an audience, swiftly powered through her opponents one by one. Diving under a blow struck from behind, she grabbed the stretched hand, twisting it, and flinging its owner over her shoulder and onto the two guys that were charging at her with a look of rage.

It connected.

She then jumped over one that was about to tackle her by the side, spun around and gave him a bone shattering kick that sent him to the wall nearby before blocking a punch and twisting her body over and around her next attacker and giving him a Suplex.

* SMASH! *

The Boss Man watched all of this, fingers constantly twitching and hands crossed over his chest as a small frown wormed its way on his face, as one by one, his men fell to this puny girl. Oh yeah, to say he was more than upset about this situation, would be a mild understatement; and yet, despite how upset he was, he was also in the slightest bit, intrigued because these guys were some of his toughest men and yet, here they were, getting their asses pwned by a no name chick.

He wasn't one to miss a potential like this.

Sure, she was a little raw, and lacked finesse in a few areas, but all that could be fixed with a little bit of polishing and after that, she could be his perfect little fighting weapon and even more if he did play his cards right… yeah, and when things got tough against the League, she could be his little bargaining chip, especially against some people like Green Arrow and The Batman.

All he needed…

The Boss man pulled out his gun, and took aim at one of the limbs of the tiredly panting girl.

'Was a little insurance of compliance.'

She had just knocked out each and every one of his platoon.

* Click *

Artemis froze. She knew the origin of that sound all too well.

She cursed.

'Damn it!'

She was so caught up in her taking out of the guys around her, waisted her energy in doing so, that she forgot about the main boss standing close by.

"Not bad girlie,"

"Fine, you got me."

Artemis held her hands up in surrender knowing full well that she was beat. She had her arrows but she didn't have the speed, reflexes, or invulnerability to out match a speeding bullet. She was not Superman, or The Flash.

"Now, now, not so fast." The Boss Man stated, grinning, as his weapon was still aiming for his target's limb. "After messing up so many of my operations girl, did you really think that you were getting out of this scot free?" He gave a bellowing laugh. "Ha! No, no. Not even close."

Artemis' eyes narrowed. "If you think I'm gonna join your little scheme, then forget it."

The Boss man sneered. "Then it's a good thing I don't need your decision, isn't it?" His aim was now firm, less shaky than it was before. "All I need is for you to be is in one piece, meaning that a little bullet wound isn't going to stop me from getting what I want. Say good night girlie."

Artemis closed her eyes and waited for the shot.

It never came.

"Yeah… no."

Suddenly, before anyone could react, a pair of thick white walls appeared on the Boss Man's sides and closed onto him, slamming against him once, twice, thrice… and quite a few more times before they'd disappeared, leaving said male groaning and moaning as his figure was wobbling from left to right; this was what Artemis opened her eyes to see, the boss dizzy man unsteady on his feet; and before she could do anything, a white beam of energy shot out and slammed into his back, smashing the wobbling body against the wall, earning a single groan from the body before the passing out came.

* Thud *

Artemis sighed in relief, mentally thanking whatever gods that were out there for the intervention, before she looked up to see who saved her.


"You know, you could've stepped in earlier."

She walked to pick her discarded and destroyed weapon, before looking at it and then glaring up at the floating figure in the rather form fitting spandex that showed off his gorgeous body and rather sexy muscles to anyone who cared.

She didn't.

"Because it sure would've saved me the trouble of losing my one good bow!"

Artemis breathed out a sigh, smiling, as her saviour landed in front of her.

"But thanks for the save. I really appreciate it; I'm Artemis by the way..."

Her saviour grinned.

"Lantern, and you're welcome."

The Archer looked around, noting all the knocked-out bodies surrounding them. The place, she thought, it was a mess; with the bodies littered around left, right, up, down, and basically everywhere one could look.

Artemis whistled.


"I know, right? Wanna hog tie them up and tip the Cops off?"

"With what?"

"Don't worry, I got that handled."

And just like that, Artemis knew she was going to like this boy.

[En Route: Happy Harbour…

[July 18 - 12:10 pm

Meanwhile, as a pair of blondes were hitting it off in Gotham, a certain Clone couldn't help but think quietly to himself as he looked at his hands, clenching and unclenching it, examining them as if something was off, feeling them with his very much enhanced senses…

It was hard to pay attention to the conversation going on around him within the Bio-Ship his current dilemma.

'Is this what it feels like?'

A frown had wormed its way onto his face.


It's been a topic bothering him for a while.

He knew he was a clone reinforced with more Chakra than most to stand the test of durability, it was obvious to him – it was obvious to his creator as it was his intention - so exactly why did he feel more alive than most?

He brought the ring on his right finger to his face.

Was this why?

Just like its creator, he, Narutō, knew that the Entity was very capable of creating life and resurrecting the dead with its vast amount of White Life Energy, which was now a part of his - well Naruto's to be more precise - Chakra, heck it was what made it even more powerful than before; however, did this mean that he was alive because of it? Was he alive because of the amount of White Chakra Naruto subconsciously added in the creation of him?

What did this mean?

"Is everything alright Lantern?"

Narutō shook his head, getting out of his funk, before turned to see that the whole team was looking at him with a slight look of awkwardness on their faces. It wasn't difficult to discern exactly why they were looking at him like that.

"Because you've been looking at your ring for a while…"

The blonde scratched the back of his head in embarrassment at Miss Martian's statement.

"Yeah, sorry about that…"

He gave a short laugh, masking his true feelings; they didn't need to know what he was thinking.

"My mind was on something else. What were we talking about again?"

It was his business, not theirs.

"Miss Martian just finished demonstrating a little bit of what she can do." Aqualad stated, easing up the suddenly thick tension. "We were hoping that you would do the same, and maybe also tell us why you are White instead of Green, like your mentor."

Narutō sighed. "Okay first, Green Lantern isn't exactly a mentor to me like yours are to you." He stated. "I may have picked up a few tips from him off world but I'm not his sidekick. I happen to work with the Green Lantern Corps and that's it." Well technically Naruto worked with the Corps and not him, but they didn't need to know that little bit of info yet; and besides these were the answers Naruto would give, so he gave them.

"So… you're saying that being a White Lantern is different from being a Green Lantern?" Kid Flash asked, tapping his chin in thought. "Exactly just how different are we talking about?" He wondered, before glancing at the blonde. "Like what can you do that he can't?"

Before Narutō could, however, say anything to answer the speedster, a distress call from the cave alarmed them all to their com-sets.

"Red Tornado to Miss Martian…"

It was from Red Tornado.

"An emergency alert has been triggered in the Happy Harbour Power Plant. I suggest you investigate covertly; I'm sending Coordinates…"

"Received; Adjusting course."

A bright light flashed as soon as the conversation was cut and as soon as it died down, the team turned to the source and saw Narutō, except he was no longer in his civilian garment. Now he was garbed in an outfit made up of bright white flames, which covered every inch of his body, from arms, to hands, to fingers, to the toes, leaving only a glowing figure of white, holy flames. Down the centre, the flames seem to part, revealing bold black chest, as the waist seem to flow down, before the top layer of flames became a cloak of some sort, with spacious long sleeves, and a high collar.

A row of six magatama markings was around his neck, and he had bold black linings seem to wrap around the shoulders, armpits, and meeting in the middle of the chest; and on the black chest, with another row of magatama at the top near the neck, was a thick white line going down, and meeting a circular rippling design in the abdomen, two lings breaking down the legs and stopping on the feet, where it would then seperate and wrap around the sole of the feet, the same going for the hands.

Narutō also had three bold lines on each side of his cheeks side, and two bangs of his head stood up, pointing upwards, resembling horns.

"That's… quite the unorthodox look."

"You wanted to find out the things that make my powers different from Green Lanterns'?"

Narutō smirked.

"Stick with me and you'll find out."

And with that, leaving a surprised team of young heroes on his wake, he disappeared in a white flash to the coordinates transmitted by Red Tornado. Robin and the other who suddenly turned a bit sheepish.

"Well you have to admit, that was cool."





Authors Note: Honestly, this chapter has been out for more than three weeks but I couldn't, for the life of me, find a way to progress further than what I have. Hope you like it, 'cuz it sure as hell took me a while to develop. And indeed, now, the clone that Naruto created to ditch boredom is no longer a shadow clone. It's more like what Ben Riley is to Peter Parker. The clone is Naruto's Ben Riley thanks to the life giving nature of the White Ring, and he can't be dispelled.

Side Note: Naruto's 'uniform' is a white version of his Kurama Chakra Mode.

Authors Note II: Just to point out, for those who are confused with what the White Lantern ring is powered from, it's powered by one's mastery over Life, aka Life Energy or in Naruto's case, Chakra. At first, I was confused because I was trying to figure out what emotion powered the White Lantern ring but its power doesn't stem from emotions, I finally realised. Everyone has life energy and that's what it's drawn from but one's mastery of said energy increases the wielders potential with the White Lantern ring - say it were someone like Goku who had a White Lantern ring, or Aang - they would be masters of the power; in this case, the same is for Naruto; because he's had complete mastery with his Chakra - thanks in large part to the Sage of Six Paths – his mastery of the White Lantern powers would easily put him on the class of an Omega Level or maybe even Alpha Level Mutant. I hope that makes things clear for you as it did for me.


And while a shadow of their power has been left within Naruto, the tailed beasts are no longer within him, including Yin and Yang Kurama, and that's largely due to in part to the fact that he's a lantern. He gets to visit many planets, and some of those planets may have certain atmospheric conditions in which the Bijū find pleasant. With this – therefore – I hope that Kurama's silence in the story, now, makes sense.

Finally: Be sure to check out my latest Naruto/Fairy Tail Story A Different Type of Mage, which is in all essence, a replacement for the other one as I'm stuck on where to go for that one. I started out the chapter but I was stuck on moving forward. Here's hoping that this one that includes a tripple threat of Naruto, Fairy Tail and Marvel, will entice you all.