Its been almost 2 years since I last wrote anything, but I'm back now with this revamp. All characters except my OC belong to there respected makers and in no way am I profiting from this. Enjoy


You ever wonder how life in another reality would be like. What places you'll find or people you'll meet. I've always wondered that, but like many have before I could only find these places in books, and on a screen. That's how things work I guess... or so I thought... I believed that too until I found myself thrust into the most lewd reality one could probably end up in. Here's my story...

It was just another lazy Saturday for you since you didn't have to work so you could sleep in. But being that you were an early riser you got earlier any else was... this led to having to be quite in the mornings as to not wake your roommate whose job has him working till three in the morning. This makes it even more difficult being that you two share a room, so every morning you had to be as quiet as possible as you left the room.

Making your way to the kitchen you make yourself a quick breakfast before going to the computer area to check your emails and what's new on steam. You were a gamer at heart and find games that are open world the best. One such game that comes to mind is by far your favorite is know as Gmod or Garry's Mod. It's basically a sandbox type game that was originally a mod for half-life 2 but was later made into a stand alone release for Microsoft windows in 2006 and has since become a great game for animators and gamers alike.

So as you look through the recent add-ons one catches your attention... now you'll admit that you've played your fair share of adult oriented games but the fact someone decided to make this for gmod was a bit unreal. The game in question was for the adult interactive RPG called Monster Girl Quest which you've played in the past and know very much that this shouldn't be here.

Still curiosity got the better of you and checked the genre file and found it to be a map. This put you at ease but still had you puzzled as the games world is just background images and wondered if it's just a single location like village or a castle based map. Seeing as it wouldn't hurt to check it out you clicked the install button. This wasn't a wise choice as once it start loading your vision starts to go dark and you promptly blacked out... and your adventure began.