Wow! Hello kiddies! How long as it been? WAAAAAAAAYYYY too long! So this is a new fic that I've been playing with. First, it's not beta'ed so all errors are all mine. I try to catch them but it's difficult to get them all. They are tricky little buggers sometimes. Second, there isn't a schedule for this fic. I will post when I have a chapter for you. This should be fun. HOpefully this will get my creative juices flowing so my OF can get going. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Oh and you all know Stephenie Meyer owns all these characters, I just like playing with them. NO copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1

Somewhere in an apartment in Seattle….

"I can't fucking do this anymore," she yells, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

"But, baby, it didn't mean…she didn't mean…" he begins, but she quickly cuts him off, raw hurt turning to complete and utter anger.

"She didn't mean what exactly? Hmmmm? She didn't mean to end up in our bed? She didn't mean to have your dick in her? She didn't mean to…what?" Rage stamps out the hurt that is coursing through her body.

"Bella, baby, it's not like that…really…I didn't think…"

She interrupts him again, "You didn't think…that's the problem Jake, you didn't think…No, I take that back you were thinking…but with your dick instead…I can't believe after everything…after…" Bella didn't know what else to say; her mind spiraling, twisting through a million thoughts at once.

Jake walks towards Bella, but she puts her hand out to halt his steps. He complies giving Bella those sad puppy dog eyes and turned down lips just like he's done a hundred times. Just like he's done when he's done something wrong, but never this wrong and she can't help but wonder how many times he has given her that look because of something like this. Was he just trying to cover his tracks with some other excuse that Bella's stupidity and naivety bought?

"Bella, baby…please…just…just forget about her…forget about what you saw…it meant nothing…she means…"

The fire that was burning inside her becomes all-consuming and fuels the words that come out of Bella's mouth. "Forget? Forget? Are you fucking insane? How in the hell can I forget what I saw Jake? How does one forget that? How do you suppose I forget her body writhing above yours? How do I forget your hands molded to her hips pulling her against you as you thrust upwards? How do I forget the sweat dripping down her back? How do I forget her screaming out your name? How do I forget you grunting and calling her baby? Hmmmm, Jake? Exactly how would you like me to forget?" When she stops, her breathing is labored, her chest heaves with each unsteady breath she takes. Bella feels dizzy and lightheaded, but more importantly she feels used and betrayed and so needing to escape and never look back.

Bella walks passed Jake, bumping into him hard in the process as she stomps down the hall into the offending bedroom. She's a woman on a mission—to get her things and get far away from Jacob Black as she can—for good this time.

She's a whirlwind of Tasmanian Devil proportions, as she grabs her clothes from the closet and dresser drawers they share; throwing everything haphazardly into her suitcases. Jake stands in the doorway taking in the scene before him. He knows he should feel guilty, he knows he should stop her—he should want to stop her, but he doesn't. He knows deep down that this is what is best for them both. He knows that no matter what, that if this little incident never had happened they still would eventually part ways. Bella, as amazing as she is, isn't the right girl for him. He tried against all thoughts and judgments to put that idea out of his head since they started dating a year ago. Bella doesn't deserve him, deserve what he's done now or in the past—Bella deserves more, more than he could ever give her. He lifts his hand to his chest trying to rub away the pang that's presented itself as he watches her pack up. He knows it's for the best, but still he hurts nonetheless.

Bella mumbles into the silent room, "Why, why didn't I do this sooner. I swear to God, I'm a fucking idiot. Why did I think this was it? Why did I ever waste my fucking time? " Her questions go answered.

Bella flings the last of her toiletries into her bag and zips everything up, pulling the suitcases possessing everything she owns off the bed. They fall to the floor in a loud thud causing Jake to jump slightly.

Keeping the tears at bay until she's alone, she turns to Jake with everything she owns in the suitcases she carries. She walks towards him, and he doesn't move out of her way, that would allow her to leave. He can't let her leave just yet.

"Bella, I'm sor—"

She turns and glares at him, if looks could kill Jake would be incinerated on the spot, "Don't."

That one word tells him everything he needs to know. Bella struggles with her bags momentarily, but then pushes past him in a rush. Jake closes his eyes, warring within himself if he should say something or not. No matter how much she hates him right now, he still cares about her and he can't help himself. "Where will you go?" he asks stopping Bella dead in her tracks.

She takes a deep breath, squeezes her eyes shut as a traitor tear begins to fall down her cheek. "Anywhere but here. Besides that's none of your concern anymore."

And with that she opens the door, slamming it shut behind her.

Bella leans against the door, trying desperately to pull herself together before her dam eventually breaks. "Fuck."

Contemplating her next move, Bella slowly makes her way down the hall to the elevator, thinking of the one place she can go—to the one person who knew all along this would happen. She just hoped she wouldn't hear I told you so.