There has always been Nothing and Everything.

However, the idea for them to work together was fairly novel. The idea began with the initiation of time itself.

Before time, Nothing was a very orderly place, which was fitting, as Order had created it. It was mostly just a set of rules, a perfectly governed set of rules in which many Somethings could happen. By its nature, nothing happened in Nothing, because its structure was too rigid to allow things to occur.

In Everything, by contrast, Anything was possible. And it all happened, all at once, all without structure or reason. This was the doing of Chaos. The sheer impermanence of Anything happening in Everything made it so that everything in Everything was ultimately meaningless, because it followed no laws and held no lasting impact.

As time had yet to exist, only as a rough concept in Nothing, both Nothing and Everything were content to exist indefinitely.

One of the greatest mysteries of all is why that changed. There was no enforceable law that opposites had to attract. Order had written it, but it wasn't beholden to its own laws. Chaos certainly didn't have to follow Order's laws, and the two had seen no reason to cooperate.

But something did change, and as Chaos brings change, it was Chaos who supposed it.

Suppose Anything could happen in Nothing. It was an intriguing idea, but Order balked initially. Logically, Order countered with the contrasting offer.

Suppose Something could happen in Everything. Chaos found this worrying, as it felt that Everything might be less fun with things such as "rules".

But, neither Nothing nor Everything would be lost by trying, so try they did.

As complete opposites, Order and Chaos were incompatible. Try as they might, their differences contrasted so starkly that all of their ideas annihilated each other when brought together. It seemed as though Order and Chaos couldn't create a structure that encompassed both of their ideals.

But, as was in Chaos' nature, it did something unpredictable. It relented.

On the next occasion that Order and Chaos put forth their ideas, time began, as it had been trying to do each time this happened.

Very suddenly, Everything was in Nothing again, and as set forth in the laws, Nothing tried to destroy Everything. But in this instance, it wasn't able to do so perfectly. Chaos had given less Everything than it had made to Nothing, and so without enough Nothing to destroy Everything, Something was able to exist.

The extremely brief moment of time when Nothing tried to resolve Everything was perhaps the most chaotic thing that would ever occur in existence, and it brought Chaos extreme delight.

Now, Everything exists, with the curse that eventually time would wear Everything down into Nothing again. But only Order and Chaos will be able to tell us what happens after time runs out.

By the grace of Order and Chaos we now exist, hung in a frame of our perceptions.

There is so much that spans the scope of creation, so many planes of existence, and on any one of those a being is only able to perceive so much.

Why is the physical universe in particular so compelling? Perhaps it is the realization that no structure in creation fulfills the struggle of Everything suspended in Nothing so perfectly than the physical universe. Everything tells its own miniature story of Order and Chaos. The birth and death of stars in particular, all of which are children of the massive explosion wherein one little drop of Everything was placed into Nothing.

It was particularly surprising that the concept of life could develop in such a structured, Orderly construct like the physical universe. Perhaps it did not surprise Order or Chaos as the rules in place allowed for it, but seemingly only just barely. Perhaps that's why life is so exciting.

When life develops on a planet, Order and Chaos visit the vicinity of that world to oversee it. When life becomes sufficiently advanced, its members are given souls to tie them to the greater structure of reality. The two Prime Deities do not keep their attention on a world forever. Instead, they craft little bits of themselves as specialized souls that are tasked to maintain and oversee the development of life on a planet. They inhabit their own specialized domain, unique to the world they have been given as their charge.

These beings are called the Celestials.

As all souls are initially, they were formless, but as life develops on a world, the Celestials change along with it to suit the needs of the world.

Of all planets, Earth was at first rather unremarkable. Life had already developed on several other worlds, and it initially seemed like Chaos just didn't think it was a good idea to have life develop on Earth. There were several major setbacks, including one that tore a huge chunk of the world away to become a moon, but eventually things settled back down into Order. As both Prime Deities had their fill of the world, they left, leaving a collection of Celestials behind them. As was now traditional, Order left just one more soul than Chaos, as was representative of the nature of the laws that allowed existence.

The Celestials, like the creatures of Earth, began rather dull and humble. As the creatures of Earth developed, however, it was clear something special was happening, particularly with a certain group of creatures that were eventually called "mammals".

They were becoming self-aware.

The Celestials of Earth obtained this gift just before the creatures of Earth did, as helpers to guide their development. Then the Celestials slowly took forms, as the various sapient mammals started to identify more with one Celestial or another. The unique personalities and responsibilities of the Celestials began to come more into focus as they became aware of things.

Life is ever changing, and so too will the Celestials change. Who knows what event will make them change, even just a little bit?

"I never get tired of hearing that story."

The speaker was a Celestial of Order named Growth. At most times, he appeared to be an adolescent deer. He had vivid green eyes and flowers, vines, and other plant-life adorned his small horns and swept across the rest of his body, down to even his hooves.

"As I never get tired of telling it."

The storyteller was an equine Celestial of Chaos, Phantasm. Her midnight coat sparkled with facsimiles of stars, whereas her gossamer mane and tail appeared to be crafted from fabric resembling the northern lights. She stood up on all four hooves in her particular area of the Celestial realm, a dreamscape full of lovely visions of heavenly bodies.

Growth pranced around Phantasm, his four light footsteps creating bursts of flowers on the "ground".

"So, can I come back for story time tomorrow?" Growth asked. "Can I?"

"Of course," Phantasm smiled. "I consider myself fortunate that you never grow tired of my ramblings. The other Celestials certainly do."

"I can 'grow' however I want!" Growth proclaimed with youthful boldness, holding his head aloft with his eyes closed. "It's no fun to grow old and tired."

"I'm sure the mortals would agree with you there," Phantasm nickered.

"So you really think that's how it all happened?" Growth wondered, his eyes big with curiosity.

"Well of course none of us were around to experience the beginning," Phantasm said airily, "and none of us have actually ever seen Order or Chaos, but I like to believe that was what happened. Of all of my ideas, it seems the most likely, and the most compelling."

"I'll say; it's a great story!" Growth nodded as the two fell into step beside each other. "I wish we could have met Order and Chaos when they were here."

"They might defy even our abilities to perceive, little Growth," Phantasm chuckled warmly.

"That's no fun, I bet it would make a great story to tell if they did come back," Growth considered, shaking his head loose of a few pink petals.

"Well, I've often wondered if it wouldn't take something as Chaotic as a meteor impact to make Chaos return, or something as Ordered as an ice age," Phantasm seemed pensive. "We shouldn't invite calamity."

"Have you got any more stories, Phantasm?" Growth wondered, tilting his head. "I'm getting bored already."

"You insatiable little Celestial," Phantasm laughed. "I could tell you many more stories over the things I've thought of, though I'm sure some of them would be too esoteric for you to be interested in. However... I believe that even among ourselves, many stories can be found and told. Maybe you should ask some of the other Celestials for their stories, even if you don't think they have any."

"Hm, okay," Growth nodded. "I mean, things don't really happen in our realm too often..."

"Well, they might, all it takes is one little touch of Chaos to shake things up," Phantasm smirked.

"Of course you'd say that," Growth laughed brightly. "Hey, is it weird that we get along? You being of Chaos and me being of Order?"

"Well, as I insinuated earlier, opposites do attract," Phantasm said with a sense of mystique. She began to trot away, and Growth considered her words briefly before accepting them and moving along his own way.

He hoped something interesting would develop in his realm, and soon. He was a restless little Celestial.