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"Patience Ragna." A lady's voice ringed from the hallway.

The guard stopped as the figure came out of the shadows.

"Why don't you take a break and I'll handle the prisoners." The lady smiled.

The guard glared at Katara before he left.

"Pardon my soldier's attitude, they tend to have short-temper when facing-uhmmm- you." The lady spoke, avoiding words that disgusted her.

"Who are you?" Katara asked.

"I am Mei Lin, the commander of His Majesty's army." The lady spoke boldly.

"What do you people want?" Toph asked.

"Well, we just want to avenge the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai and those who betrayed him." The lady then looked at Zuko.

"I was never on his side to begin with." Zuko spat.

"My Love don't worry after His Majesty takes care of you I'll treat you with outmost care and love." Mei Lin stepped closer to Zuko and caressed his face before lustfully kissing him.

Katara avoided the sight as she gripped the wooden floor.

"Get away from me!" Zuko demanded after Mei Lin broke the kiss.

"I see, you have a romantic attachment with someone else." Mei Lin spoke disappointedly.

She walked towards Katara's cage.

"How did it feel, to watch your lover get kissed by another girl?" Mei Lin grinned evilly.

Katara ignored her.

"Answer me when I'm talking to you?" Mei Lin yelled as she wrapped a chained around Katara and pulled her to the corner of the cage.

Katara ignored her.

"Talk peasant talk!" Mei Lin laughed crazily as she repeatedly smashed Katara to the wooden bars.

"Stop it!" Zuko yelled as he tried to unchain himself.

Katara fell to the wooden floor.

"You want to know how I feel?" Katara groaned in pain as she stood up.

"Then you shouldn't have imprisoned me on a ship surrounded by water." Katara mumbled.

After a minute, the ship started to rock back and fort.

Mei Lin couldn't keep balance, she held the wooden pillar tightly.

"Rule no. 840, Don't anger a waterbender." Toph spoke, remembering the moment she made Katara angry.

Water started to enter the ship as Mei Lin called out for the guards.

Katara easily froze Mei Lin as she water whipped the wooden bars, releasing her and Toph. She moved to Zuko's cage and unbolted it before unlocking the chains around Zuko.

Zuko fell helplessly into Katara's arms. He groaned in pain as he tried to help Katara in enabling him to walk.

"We can't leave here with you like this." Katara uttered.

She laid Zuko to the floor and healed him.

"I'm sorry." Zuko apologized.

"For what?" Katara asked not sparing him a glance and focused on healing his wounds.

"For kissing Mei Lin." Zuko gulped, afraid of not being forgiven by the waterbender.

Katara lifted her face and smiled at him.

"It's okay, she's the one who kissed you and I got to freeze her up so it's a win-win." Katara smiled.

"Come on guys we have to leave." Toph spoke.

Katara nodded and helped Zuko up.

Glancing for the last time, Katara ran back to one of the cages and unlocked it.

"But why are you helping me?" The boy asked.

"You're a prisoner of the enemy, that means your an ally." Katara smiled, lending her hand.

"We have to escape from here." Zuko spoke as he blew a hole from the ship.

Wrapping them in a bubble, Katara immersed them into the sea.

"We have to go back to the island, some are still following my brother." Katara spoke.


"Let's spilt. He can't be far." Sokka heard the foe spoke as he hid in the cave that were covered with hanging vines.

He groaned and held his wounded arm. He ripped his vest and tied the cloth around his bleeding arm.

Eyelids closing, Sokka breathed as he drifted to sleep.


"Where's my brother?" Katara asked the guy they caught.

"I don't know, we lost him in the woods. The others are still looking for him." The guy answered.

"I know some good hiding spots in the forest." Duan Gang spoke.

"Can you now please release me?" The guy asked since he was buried on the ground.

Duan Gang smiled playfully as he balled a cloth and gagged the guy.

"We can't risk you telling your friends we're here." Duan Gang uttered.

The guy shook his head as Duan Gang covered him with leaves.

"So where do we start?" Zuko asked.

"Just follow me." Duan Gang spoke.


"He's awake guys." Toph smiled.

"Sokka!" Katara hugged him.

"How'd you escape?" Sokka asked.

"Rule no. 840." Toph uttered, making Sokka laugh.

"How are you, kid?" Sokka asked after eyeing Duan Gang who stood shameful at the edge of the cave.

"I'm fine." Duan Gang replied.

Through the Gaang journey they found trusting anyone hard but Duan Gang is still a child and he was used as a tool by the Eyes of Ozai.

"It's getting dark." Zuko spoke after he entered the cave.

"We have to head to next island tomorrow." He added.

The group agreed and started to take their rest.


"Commander, are you alright?" The soldier bowed.

"F-find those thugs and bring them to me!" Mei Lin growled.

"And bring me more hot water." She shivered.

"I swear if I get my hands on that waterbender I'll kill her myself." She cursed, still feeling the cold ice that Katara froze her in.


"Fire Lord Zuko?!" The man spoke in surprise.

"Where is my sister?" Zuko asked.

"Her classes will be over soon." The man bowed.

"Why exactly are we here again, Asking your sister for help?" Toph asked.

"I already told you, after having speaking sessions with our Uncle she changed. Why else would she be in a school teaching children." Zuko pointed out.

"Brother, it's nice for you to give a visit." Azula smiled.

"Wait, that's Azula?!" Sokka asked with his mouth agape like how he normally reacted back when they were young.

Who wouldn't be surprised? The Azula now was really different, she had glasses and wore a decent clothing as she is a teacher. Her hair also grew as it was groomed like how their mother's hair was. It was really different, she looked very innocent, fragile, and feminine.

"I see you also brought your friends." Azula then individually greeted them.

"We came to tell you about the Eyes of Ozai, and they're back to avenge father so we came to warn you. They might need help and approach you-"

"It's okay brother, I already have declined them. I have a much more important duty here, teaching the children." Azula cut off.

"Declined them?" Katara asked.

"Yes, they came here just a week ago and seeked help from me but knowing all the mistakes I've done and the greatness it brought me now, I declined them. I just didn't knew their aim was you. Oh brother, if I just only knew I could've warned you." Azula mumbled.

"It's okay sister, I'm just glad to see you're fine. You don't have to worry about me, We'll manage." Zuko uttered.

"But if you are needing help, I can ask Xian Gao to help you. He can go undercover if it helps." Azula offered.

"I can't, Xian Gao is currently looking after the Beifongs and I can't risk to have someone die again because of father's stubborn dream."

"Wait, the leader of the army you sent to Toph's house is Azula's husband?" Sokka asked, still gaping from surprise.

"He is, though he is not a nobleman he showed me his sincere feelings and have accepted me of who I was in the past and who I am now." Azula responded.

"Wow! I gotta need some speaking sessions with your Uncle, it might help me build some patience with the tribe children." Sokka spoke in awe.

"Then brother, you must take your leave Mei Lin's army maybe nearing your location." Azula worried.

Zuko nodded.

"But if they're following us, we can't run. They'll return here and-"

" You're right. We'll have to face them." Sokka uttered, cutting off her sister.

"You have to stay here." Katara spoke as she bent down to talk to Duan Gang.

"But I want to fight." Duan Gang courageously spoke.

"I know you're strong but...you'll just have yo trust us, okay?" Katara smiled.

"Don't worry Katara, I'll look after him." Azula spoke.

Katara nodded at Azula and joined the Gaang as they headed back to the same direction they came from.