Malik Against the World 4

IceAngelDarkMoon and GuardGirlKT

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Yes, we do own the plot. That would be because we own our fragmented minds, from which the plot sprung. No, we do not own the characters. That would be fun, but we don't. There we go. Oh yeah, by the way, this fic will contain and has contained shonen ai. If you've got a problem with that, why are you here? You should have read the summary. It said there was shonen ai there too, and one would wonder why a person with a problem with shonen ai would be reading this fic. Couples will be Marik/Malik, Bakura/Ryou, Yami/Yugi, some unrealized Seto/Joey, and limited amounts of Duke/Mai and Tristan/Tea. There will also be large amounts of Tea bashing.

Flame Notice

Wow, flame all you want!! We have SO many uses for flames this time! School's out, so we have mountains of papers we'd like to burn. KT would like to burn all the hair off of several celebrities' heads, and Ice would like to burn Britney Spears' frontal enhancements. (No, we do not own Britney Spears, -) KT would like to burn every Everquest CD on this planet and any other. (No, KT does not own Everquest, or an Everquest CD, but members of her family do.)

"So how many of you here have played laser tag before?" said the poor random guy that was in charge of prepping the group before they played their game of "friendly" laser tag. No hands were raised at his question, so giving a haggard sigh he began his lecture, "First off this is your vest and this is your gun. You fire at the vest of people from the other team, and the team with the most hits on the other team wins. If you get hit you're out of commission for 5 seconds. Any questions?" The guy didn't even look around the room before he continued, "Good then half of you put on the blue vest, the other half the red vest. And have a good day." With that he closed the door behind them to the docking area.

"Hey Malik, do you need help with your vest?" Marik asked a glint in his eye.

"No I think I can figure this out Marik." Malik answered oblivious to Marik's intent.

"But I so love to help you dress hikari…"Marik put in before Malik hit him on the head teasingly as he laughed at their joke.

If Malik didn't need help dressing, Duke Devlin certainly did. The dice champion's vest was tangled worse than one could have imagined, and Mai Valentine was chuckling as she helped him sort it out. "I said I was talented, not coordinated…" Duke grumbled.

The blue team finally finished dressing, with no further "wardrobe malfunctions." Their team was assembling a tag team strategy to protect each other, consisting of Malik and Marik, Bakura and Ryou, then finally Mai and Duke. The red team, led by Yami and Seto, wasn't having wardrobe problems, but it was obvious their strategy was going to be lacking. Besides the leaders, their group had Yugi, Joey, Tea, and Tristan. The only strategy talk going on was Tea's plan to not shoot any of their friends since that wasn't very nice. Yami could barely restrain Seto from gagging her; he didn't want Yugi to witness murder so young.

"Alright blue team go to the left and red team go to the right. I'll give the signal when to start." The poor 'other random guy who was there to help them with their vest if anything didn't work' said. After the entire group had passed he yelled, "Your game starts NOW!" And he went back to hiding in the vest room.

"Puppy stop shooting me, I'm on your team you mutt-brain." Seto hissed wearily. Joey was right behind him holding a gun to Seto's vest and holding down his trigger.

"No, this is more fun I want to kill you." Joey said moving even closer than before to Seto.

"But you're not killing me," Seto attempted to explain, his voice rising, "I'm not registering any damage, you're not getting any points, we're ON THE SAME TEAM!"

With that shout, Seto got all the damage points he could have wanted. Two white haired thieves had found them and were sniping from above. "Now RUN mutt!" Joey and Seto sprinted away for the nearest cover they could find, getting shot all the way. They panted under the cover of a 'building.'

"Now can I kiss you?" Joey wheezed, his oxygen deprived brain not registering the Freudian slip until he saw Seto's slate blue eyes widen. "Kill, I meant kill..." Joey mumbled, knowing that kill wasn't what he had meant at all.

Bakura got up and cracked his back, grinning crazily. "I'm not sure they know what hit them hikari. See, I told you shooting people is fun!"

"No Yami, you shouldn't shoot people, only in laser tag, do you understand?" Ryou was getting a very worried look on his face as he realized this might not have been the best thing for his Yami to come to.

"But it's so much easier than a…." He wasn't able to finish before Ryou cut in.

"No,No, NO bad Yami. You can't hurt people like that anymore." Ryou was stamping his foot in a very cute way without realizing it.

"Of course I can hikari, all I have to do is…"

"No you will not hurt any one else or I won't do this anymore." With that Ryou leaned in and kissed his Yami on the lips. It effectively worked in distracting the white haired thief. "Now will you hurt anyone else?" Ryou asked in a pouty tone.

"What if I promise not to get caught? Yami couldn't find me, I'm sure your incompetent police force couldn't either…"

A deep voice came behind them. "I couldn't find who, noisy tomb thief?" Yami grinned and pelted Ryou and Bakura with lasers from his gun.

Yami and Yugi emerged into the space where Ryou and Bakura had been standing. Yugi was clinging desperately to Yami's belt, trying not to lose his dark half, who would be impossible to find if he wandered off. Neither of them was taller than any of the barriers in the playing field, causing problems in finding and shooting them. Yami was protecting Yugi from any foe they met, and Yugi wasn't doing much but following him around.

"I've been wanting to do that for a few thousand years now…" Yami sighed, satisfied. "It would still be much more fun if there was a dungeon we could keep him in, and we could have the populace throw rocks at him. Tie him up in the market as a warning?" the pharaoh mused, scaring his hikari to no end.

"Yami I thought you said you wanted to be good, that doesn't sound very nice to me." Yugi whined a little mad that his yami's attention wasn't focused solely on him. He made his face into his cute puppy dog face and gazed at Yami.

"You're right little one I'm sorry, it's just I don't like him." Yami apologized pulling Yugi closer.

"That's alright Yami, I still love you." Yugi started to lean in closer to Yami when suddenly his vest started to glow and shake showing he had been shot.

Cursing in Egyptian Yami turned to try and find who had shot his hikari when they had been about to kiss but all he saw was a flash of some long blonde hair running around a corner.

"That was too easy, even in these shoes." Mai said, returning to her partner, Duke. "They let their guard down so much it would have been a shame not to hit one of them, even if they were kissing."

"Emphasis on the 'were'… looks like a certain angry Egyptian is trying to find who interrupted his siesta." Duke laughed, getting up to follow Mai around the corner.

"Too bad we're a little higher than they are, huh?" Mai looked down at the still swearing pharaoh. "Let's get a move on, what's keeping you?" Mai grabbed Duke by the arm and tugged.

"Owww… my ear!!" Duke was firmly stuck to the barrier by his long dice earring, which had apparently gotten tangled with the barrier.

"Did you absolutely HAVE to wear this thing? Freeing you is going to take forever and we'll get shot." Mai complained.

"Who's one to talk, Miss 'I wear four inch high heels everywhere even to laser tag'?" Duke countered from his stuck position.

"Hey, at least I have a fashion statement!"

"Dice are fashionable too!"

"Polka dots are so last season…"

"They are NOT polka dots!"

Finally, after much turmoil, the earring was freed, and the two were off and running again. Only to run into a blonde duo, who were too surprised to shoot.

"What was THAT?" Marik asked, pulling himself off of the ground. "Was it some sort of elephant?"

"Only if you've met an elephant in heels…" Malik groaned still on the floor.

"But hikari, I thought other people in blue weren't supposed to hurt us? Does that mean they're traitors and we can kill them before they leak information to the pharaoh?"

"Please try to keep your mind in one place yami… this isn't Egypt and no one is going to defect." Malik sighed, finally getting up from the floor. "Does my hair look alright? The conditioner is supposed to help me avoid tangles."

"Well let me see here." Marik purred leaning in closer, running his hands through his hikari's long blonde hair. They were slowly getting closer to each other when they heard something coming up from behind them. Turning they saw a sight they could have lived without.

"Come on Tea let me shoot them they're standing right there," Tristan whined his arms firmly held to his side by Tea trying to restrain him. Getting bored with the sight the two Egyptian leaned in to kiss and both shot at the other two while their lips met. Both Tea's and Tristan's vest started to light up and vibrate.

"That's not a very friendly thing to do, to shoot your friends or to try and to stick your tongue down their throat." Tea whined still holding Tristan's arms in place. Spots of color appeared on Malik's cheeks, but Marik continued to hold him firmly.

"Tristan! You are not even listening to me!" Tea yelled, finally realizing her partner was completely ignoring her latest friendship rant.

"C'mon Tea, what could be more friendly than a game of laser tag? It's not like I hurt anyone!"

"You made them do… whatever they were doing!"

"No, the kissing was entirely of their own free will…" Tristan's intelligent (did I just write that?) observation completely threw Tea for a loop.

Tea was about to make another rant to Tristan about the unfriendliness of laser tag when something caught her eye. Looking around she realized what it was. "Tristan look, everyone came together to find us how nice is that?" Tea said waving to the entire group that had surrounded them completely, it even went up to the second level where Mai and Duke were sniping down at them. Tristan looked worriedly around him and realized that although everyone was surrounding them it was not as friends every gun in the entire match besides theirs was pointed at them.

"Um, Tea, I don't think they're trying to be friendly now." Tristan whimpered, staring at the tip of Marik's gun.

The concept was lost on the brunette. "Hey Bakura," Tea said happily, "Don't you think we should be doing something much more friendly than shooting each other? We could cut flowers and start a friendship garden, and make concrete stepping stones with our names on them!"

The tomb thief could only stare in disbelief. "The only friendship outings I do is tomb robbing with Marik… this is to the death!"

"Yami! Didn't I tell you NOT to kill anyone?!?" Ryou freaked. This had not been one of his brighter ideas to entertain his yami.

"We should go tomb robbing after this! Wouldn't that be fun? Maybe someone would get crushed in a trap or something! Do people still have traps in graves? Can we go Malik, can we?" Marik was cackling insanely, picturing Tea running madly from a boulder, falling into an endless pit, whatever came first!

What happened next no one can agree on, but out of the group someone pulled the trigger and shot Tea right in the vest. Then everyone was firing, both Tea and Tristan were hit and even temporarily blinded by the multitude of flashing laser lights. And then just as Tea seemed to pull in air to begin a friendship lecture to try and stop the fight the guns stopped working. The vest stopped flashing and everyone looked around confused, then the voice spoke.

"Thank you for joining us today, the game is over, please return to the prep room to return your vest. Remember the number on your vest so you can get your scorecards to see who won. Please come back and play with us again sometime." A voice droned to them through the loud speaker.

As anyone would have guessed, the blue team won by quite a bit. Everyone waited eagerly for the announcement of who hit the most people. Both Marik and Bakura were laying claim to the title, their argument growing far too loud for the small room. The vest guy looked very frightened as he came in the room with the scorecards that announced the winner.

The king of the game? Who else but Yami? Everyone was a little annoyed at the cliché, especially the two other yamis. The dark magic was building in the room, and the tension was so thick that Malik could have cut it with the rod. Suddenly Tea spoke, "Let's go get some ice cream! That sounds friendly!"

For once, not one person argued with her or tried to kill her.

TBC… as always

IADM: Wow that was a fun one to write! I love laser tag! Kamikaze attacks are my specialty!!

KT: o.O Wow… we didn't have any traumatic experiences for our Egyptians in that chappie?!? AND we agreed with Tea?

IADM: Well who says no to ice cream, and think of all the possibilities. Plus the Egyptian guys got to kiss AND shoot Tea at the same time how cool is that?!?

KT: How come all of these chapters end with inferences? We must be kinky at night or something… ice cream definitely has possibilities.

IADM: o.0 What are you thinking about? I'm merely thinking about the food part, what were you thinking?

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