Chapter 1

"Now arriving at Yongen-Jaya station."

The overhead announcement spurred a young boy from falling asleep. He was an average if not slightly shorter than most in height, standing at five foot five. His hair was a large mess of dark green bordering on black with matching colored eyes. On his face, the teen had a spot of freckles on each cheek. As far as a physical build, he looked fairly average in his standard clothes, though if one were to see him in a tank top or shirtless, they'd realize that he was actually quite well built in muscle.

This was Izuku Midoriya, first year high school student of a small town on the outskirts of after his final year of middle school, he was forced to move to the main stay of Tokyo with a family friend. Around him was a crowd of unfamiliar faces, all likely men and women trying to get on with their lives, same as him. Though he doubted they faced the same difficulties that Izuku now knew.

As the subway arrived at the station, Midoriya couldn't stop a heavy sigh from escaping his mouth, taking a moment before stepping through the exit. He pulled out his phone and checked his navigation app, making sure that he was heading the right way. "It's not that far from here…" He muttered to himself. As Izuku moved to close the app, another appeared at center screen, causing the teen to jump. It was a strange program that had persistently come back after several deletions. What was worse was that it was rather creepy in appearance, the icon looking like a black eye at the center of a red mass.

"What kind of virus did my phone catch..? I should probably take it to a repair shop when I get the chance…" Izuku sighed, touching the app and placing it in the trash bin. He looked up at the signs littered across the walls of the tunnel, following one that directed him to the backstreets of Yongen-Jaya. In comparison to Shibuya station, this tram was far smaller and had less traffic as far as people around him go. Internally, Izuku was grateful for this much more tame scenery. He was going to be forced to spend a lot of time in the city with fairly massive crowds of people, even just to get to his school. At least here he could relax somewhat away from the masses.

As he climbed the staircase to reach the streets, Izuku found that it Yongen-Jaya to be what he expected: a fairly tame sub-section of the city with little traffic. This certainly made it easier for the green haired teen to find his way to the backstreets where his supposed guardian was now living. Though when Izuku arrived to the back alley, he realized his navigation app wouldn't be of any help now.

"Guess I should ask for directions…" Izuku muttered aloud, glancing at his surroundings. For a backstreet, the area was oddly busy with both people and business. To his left, Midoriya saw several apartment buildings with pedestrians loitering around. To his right, Izuku spotted a sign for several businesses: a public bath, a batting cage and a coffee shop. Behind the timid teen, Izuku had passed a small thrift store as well. None of these were particularly busy from what he could see, but people were frequenting the area, still.

"Mom said that… Sakura-san owned a coffee shop, right..?" Izuku mused aloud, trying to recall the words his mother said to him before departing.

I-I'm sorry, Izuku! I don't want to do this, b-but please bare with it! It was the only choice I had…

Izuku pushed back the memory of his mother's farewell, tears threatening to escape the edge of his eyes. No one was more broken up about Izuku's departure than his own mother, not even Izuku. It was a harsh reality for both of them to face the day the verdict came in. No, Izuku was more broken up about the opportunity that was lost to him...

"Hey, kid. What are you loitering around for?" A gruff voice disrupted the teen's line of thought, Izuku turning to his left to see an officer approaching him. True to his nature, Izuku felt his voice catch in his throat as he waved his arms around spastically.

"S-sorry, officer! I-I'm just trying to f-find my way around!" Izuku nervously spoke, a heavy stutter in his voice. This was typical of the young man, having always been a bit of a nervous wreck when dealing with others.

"A-alright kid, slow down." The officer coughed, realizing how much he actually scared Izuku. "Where… exactly are you trying to get to?"

"O-oh, uh…" Izuku nearly choked on his words, trying to collect himself and formulate a response. "I am-uh-trying to find Sojiro Sakura's house of residence, sir!" He said louder than he meant. The officer raised a brow at this and nodded, pointing further down the alley.

"Sakura-san lives a bit further down, about three rows, on your right." The officer helpfully pointed out, Midoriya blinking as he heard this before offering a grateful smile.

"I-I see, thank you, sir! I'll be on my way, then." Izuku bowed in appreciation, turning around to leave.

"Wait, kid. Sakura-san likely isn't home right now. He's likely at his cafe." The cop stopped him, pointing down one of the closer alleyways with his thumb. "Just go straight down, it'll be on your left. It's called Cafe Leblanc. You can't miss it."

"O-oh, I see. Thank you again, officer!" Izuku gratefully nodded, following the man's directions and heading for the coffee shop. Once upon a time, Izuku wanted to be a police officer, and had great appreciation for those in the line of duty. He knew that there were those that were corrupt, of course, but seeing as how the officer went out of his way to help him, Izuku doubted he was that type of guy. Of course, those dreams were forgotten the day he saw his first All-Might video air on the internet. It was then and there that Izuku knew what he was going to do.

Or so he thought, at least. The first day he found out that he was Quirkless, that dream seemed an ocean away. To make matters worse? Now he was a Quirkless kid with a criminal record. What little chance he had in the beginning was rapidly shrinking away.

It was only a few short meters until Izuku reached the cafe in question, a red light hanging over the entrance. The shop in question was rather modest in size, most likely an equivalent to a hole in the wall. With a deep breath, Izuku meekly pulled the door to the cafe open. Inside was no more extravagant than the outside, a row of five booth's to his left and a small bar to his right. The inside was generally brown in design and the sweet aroma of coffee filled the teen's nose.

At the moment, there were only three occupants, an old couple and a middle-aged man sitting at the bar. The man wore a pink button up shirt and khaki pants behind an apron. His face was aged, a few wrinkles here and there though not enough to make him look too old. His hair was slicked back and brown with a matching pointed beard on his chin. Seeing no one else around, Midoriya safely assumed that he was Sojiro Sakura.

"All of these crashes are becoming rather frequent. I'm beginning to wonder what exactly is going on in the world right now." The old man of the couple commented aloud, most likely speaking to the distracted store owner. "Perhaps some of those heroes will be able to put a stop to it."

"Four letter word for a shellfish that harvests pearls…" Midoriya heard the man mutter allowed, internally coming up with the answer for himself.

"U-um… sir…" Midoriya meekly spoke up. The man Izuku assumed was Sojiro pulled his attention away from his crossword, glancing up at the teen for a moment before sighing.

"Right… Inko did just call earlier…" The man hummed, folding his paper and placing it back on the bar behind him before standing up. At the same time, the old couple also stood from their seats, bowing politely.

"I believe we'll be heading home now, Sakura-san. It's nice to have to not worry about any cars crashing in here." The old man chuckled, his comment seeming rather random to both Sojiro and Midoriya.

"What?" The coffee shop owner blinked in confusion.

"The rampage accidents. They've been all over the news lately, after all." The old man reiterated. Midoriya remembered hearing a few news shows mention the crashes. It was only now that he realized how real they might be in comparison to his old home. It was occurring very close to him, in fact. A fact that made Izuku nervously fidget at the thought.

"None of my concern." Sakura, on the other hand, disregarded the comment altogether, eliciting a small chuckle from the older gentlemen.

"Nothing phases you, eh, boss? Anyways, have a good day." With that, the elderly couple walked out of the cafe, Sojiro waiting a moment for them to disappear before sighing.

"Four hours for only one cup of joe…" Sojiro grumbled tiredly before straightening up as he looked at Izuku. "Sorry for the wait. I'm Sojiro Sakura, your new guardian for the time being." He finally introduced himself. Upon realizing the shop owner's attention was finally on him now, Izuku once again reverted to his meek state.

"I-I'm I-Izuku Midoriya! I-it's a pl-pleasure to finally meet you, sir!" Midoriya sputtered out, bowing low in greeting.

"Geez, kid. Relax a little. I might be going for intimidating, but not to that extent…" Sojiro sighed, waving for him to stand up. "And enough of the 'sir' thing. You can call me boss or Sakura-san."

"Ye-yes si-I mean-Sakura-san." Izuku corrected quickly, standing up straight despite his still rather shaky body. Sojiro gave the boy a quick once over before smirking.

"I figured you'd look like your mom, but to be honest you're almost a spitting image of her." Sojiro chuckled, leaning on the bar as he spoke. "Now, I'm sure you understand the full circumstances. From today on until next year, I'm going to be your acting guardian. You'll be staying with me until your probation is over. Though, to be honest, when Inko told me her kid was in trouble like this, I had no idea what to expect. Far as I can tell, though, you're actually pretty similar to your mom."

"Y-yeah, I get that a lot…" Izuku sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. It was no secret that Izuku took after his mother when it came to his emotional state of distress around others.

"But that's what gets me. Considering how meek you act, you got in trouble for something like assault." Sojiro hummed, holding his chin in thought. The mention of his crime caused the teen to visibly flinch. "Why would a kid like you stick your nose in something like that when you're this skittish?"

Izuku's gaze was cast toward the ground, having trouble saying his answer at first. Right as Sojiro was about to move on, he spoke: "That woman was calling out for help. I couldn't just do nothing…"

Sojiro raised a brow after finally getting an answer, watching as Izuku glanced up and met his eyes for the first time. The cafe owner sighed, scratching under his chin and shaking his head. "Well, whatever your reason for interfering, you should have stayed out of it. Trying to play hero to something that isn't your business just gets you into trouble. Not to mention it causes trouble for people around you like your mother. There are professionals for such matters, anyways. Police officers or even actual heroes, for that matter."

Midoriya didn't have a response to that, only breaking his eye contact with Sojiro and casting his gaze to the side. Normally, had this been any other kid, Sojiro would have been far more firm in approaching the teen, but considering what he'd seen from him already and the fact that he was also Inko's son, he decided to ease up.

"I'm sure I can trust you not to cause any trouble. From what your mom's told me, you've never had an incident like this before, anyway. So try not to play hero again if you can help it and you should get through the school year just fine."

"I-I see… thank you again for taking me under your roof, Sakura-san." Izuku nodded, bowing again in appreciation.

"Geez, kid. You're making it hard to give a stronger hand on all this." Sojiro sighed, shaking his head before turning around. "Come on. I'm going to show you to your room."

Izuku blinked in question as Sojiro walked to the back stairs of his restaurant and climbed. The teen hesitated for a moment before quickly following after, catching up to see where they were going. Once they reached the top stairs, Sojiro stepped aside to allow him forward. What Izuku saw made him blink again, unsure what he was now looking at.

"This will be your room from now on. You've got a bed in that corner and some sheets I'll bring you a little later to put on." Sojiro declared, seemingly oblivious to the mess that was the room. On one side, there was a clutter of random junk, Midoriya having trouble deciding what was trash and what wasn't. The floor was riddled with dust, and the left side of the room looked no better than the right.

"I-it's um… big?" Izuku forced out, unable to figure out what to say that wouldn't be rude.

"You mean cluttered?" Sojiro chuckled with a smirk before placing a hand on the green haired teen's shoulder. "You'll have to clean it all yourself, kid. By the way, your mom sent all your clothes and things earlier. It's in the box over there." Sojiro pointed toward the dusty work shelf, a cardboard box sitting at the bottom.

"I-I see, thank you... " Izuku nodded.

"Yeah. By the way, while I don't think you'll do anything of the sort, don't go taking anything from the shop, got it? I won't hesitate to throw you out, no matter who your mother is." Sojiro warned, his words causing Izuku to slightly flinch, but nodding in understanding again. It was reasonable to make sure that Izuku knew the boundaries in place. "Now I've gotta keep the shop running. Get yourself situated here, but try to keep it down. I don't want my customers bothered by a bunch of noises, got it?"

"Y-yes, Sakura-san. I'll do my best…" Midoriya agreed, glancing back out at the ocean of cluttered junk before him. Sojiro only nodded, turning around and heading back down the stairs to the cafe. Izuku took a moment to swallow his situation, trying to sort out what exactly led to this change of lifestyle.

The consequences of meddling, huh?

It was a little over a month ago that everything happened to Izuku. All from one small incident that escalated in a quick moment. The green haired teen was on his way home from working out like he usually did, only a few blocks from his own home. A lot had been onn Izuku's mind, as the UA entrance exam was steadily approaching. That was when he heard the woman scream.

"Someone, please! Help me!"

Those words drew Izuku's attention immediately, the green haired teen's eyes darting around in question. Not much further down the street, he spotted a woman trying to wrestle away from a taller man in a suit, bald from what Izuku could tell. Seeing her distress, though, Izuku was quick to act, beginning to run over. This had always been a fairly bad issue with Izuku. Jumping into situations because someone looked like they needed help.

"You bitch… you think you can.. Refuse me?" The man slurred out, obviously drunk. He reached forth and grabbed her other arm to hold her in place. "You've got no idea… what I can do…"

"St-stop it!" Izuku's voice scratched out, almost cracking but holding somewhat strong as he spoke. The man and woman both paused at his intrusion, the drunk only casting a sideways glance Izuku's way.

"Get lost, kid… this is… none of your concern…" The drunk huffed out irritably before turning back to the woman and pulling her closer. Midoriya bit his bottom lip, unsure what exactly he could do against the much larger man. He might have been working out often, but he was still a much younger man. When The woman began to cry out again, Izuku didn't waste another second, dropping his bag on the ground and rushing forward.

"I-I told you to stop it! Leave her alone!" Izuku snapped out, summoning what courage he had inside of him. He reached forth, grabbing the man's arm and pulled him back. Much to his surprise, the man started to lose his footing and tripped, hitting the ground face first. "Wh-what? I-I didn't… pull that hard…" Izuku muttered, the woman beside him gasping in fear. The man grunted in pain before rolling on his ass and glaring at Izuku, holding his face from a bloody cut he received.

"You damn brat! I'll sue!"

Izuku founded it morbidly funny how one moment could change his life so drastically. He imagined that a life changing moment would be for the better. But now, only weeks later after being arrested and placed on trial, Izuku was now a parolee with a record for a violent act. Midoriya felt tears threatening to escape his eyes again, gripping his hand in frustration. Out of all the things that hurt him the most, it wasn't moving away or even the fact that he would be on parole for the next year. What hurt him the most was the fact that with a record, his chances of becoming a a registered hero were all but gone. To start with, Izuku missed the UA entrance exam thanks to the incident, having been caught up in the trial. He lost so many opportunities through this one simple act. Izuku wouldn't be able to join a Hero office, wouldn't receive necessary training toward becoming a hero. Shujin Academy was many things and was even considered a rather high end school. That is, if you weren't planning on being a hero. From what research Izuku dug up on it, the school was in fact very plain by comparison.

As if being Quirkless wasn't enough of a strike on his life already. Carrying a criminal record was worse, in Izuku's opinion. What Hero office would accept someone with a record, anyways?

Izuku shook his head, trying to erase those drifting thoughts from his mind for the moment. "No use dwelling on it… just have to endure…" He muttered, those words having become a bit off a personal mantra since the court's decision was passed down. Izuku had cried his eyes out over this loss too many times to count. As it were, he would try and just deal with it now. It wouldn't do him any good to keep shedding tears.

He glanced around the room at the clutter again, the sight a bit depressing but also a bit welcome. It would serve as the perfect distraction, after all. "I'll start with this room!" Izuku huffed, a determined glow radiating around him. For the next few hours, Izuku spent his time tediously sorting through and throwing away the junk he found. Izuku wasn't a neat freak, but he didn't plan on letting the room stay like this while he was in it. The day came and went, Izuku getting done what he could for the day and being mostly done with it. By the time he realized that the moonlight was shining through the window, most of the left side of the room had been finished and the right side organized into what he would ask Sojiro would be okay to throw out or keep.

"Damn." Izuku heard Sojiro whistle, turning around to see the coffee shop owner glancing around the room, slightly impressed. "I figured you were doing a bit of cleaning, but I didn't think you'd get so much done already. Not bad. Though I guess it's normal to want to keep your room clean."

"I-I've come up with a list of things I found in here." Izuku declared, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a notepad. "First was that there were a bunch of things like books and small hardware pieces lying around. I wanted to find out from you first what would be okay to toss out. There was a bike in it all which seems to be in decent shape. I put the less practical but nonetheless noteworthy items in a trash bag for you to sort through. The ones that seemed more important I put into those boxes next to them, but if you find something you still want to throw out among them, you can. I then started to…" And thus began one of Izuku's mumbling tyrades, Sojiro blinking as the green haired teen continued to mutter out small but quick sentences as he continued to dot down the items listed in his notebook.

"Wh-whoa kid, slow down. Take a breath of air before you choke." Sojiro finally stopped him, Midoriya blinking as he looked up from his notebook at him. "You always go on little rambling rants like that?"

Izuku blushed in embarrassment, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Y-yeah, sorry about that… I've been known to do that kinda often, sometimes…" he admitted, remembering his times at school when he would be caught by other students doing the same.

"Well… anyways, I'm getting ready to lock up. Try and head to bed. You don't want to stay up too late and catch a cold." Sojiro suggested, turning around to leave. "If you're hungry, I made you a plate of curry downstairs. Just warm it up and you should be good to go."

"A-ah, I see. Th-thank you, Sakura-san." Izuku nodded, bowing in appreciation.

"Yeah. Just remember to stay out of anything else down there. Oh, and as a reminder before I go, tomorrow we're going to your new school, Shuujin Academy. We've got to get your class schedule and meet with the principle."

"I-I understand. Thank you again…" With that, Sojiro turned again to leave. "B-but I was wondering… how come I'm staying here instead of… at your house? If you don't mind me asking…" Izuku curiously inquired, causing Sojiro to stop for a moment. The middle aged man sighed and rubbed the back of his head, glancing at Izuku.

"There are a few reasons for it. All of them none of your concern." Izuku flinched at the blunt statement, nodding in acceptance as it was obvious he wasn't going to get much else out of Sojiro on the subject. It wasn't his right to pry, anyways.

"R-right, sorry for prying…"

Sojiro saw the look of defeat on Izuku's face and sighed, feeling a bit bad. "Look, just know it's nothing to do with you. Besides, this place is much bigger than any room I've got, and we'll both have our own privacy this way. Anyways, I've gotta get going to start dinner. I'll see you in the morning." With that, the shop owner finally took off for home. Izuku sighed in resignation, glancing around and looking at his bed. With the work he put into cleaning this place, it looked fairly welcoming.

"Guess I'll just head to bed... " Izuku took a step forward, but paused when he heard his phone chime. He blinked as he pulled out his phone, and was once again greeted by the familiar app that infected his his cell. "Again? This spyware just won't go away…" More for self reassurance than anything, Izuku moved the app to the trash bin. Releasing a sigh, the green haired teen trotted to his bed and laid out on his back, lazily pulling the blanket to cover his legs at least. "Guess this is the next year for me…" he muttered mindlessly, his eyes becoming heavy with each passing second. He didn't fight it, allowing sleep to come.

The moment that Izuku felt his mind forced awake was a rough one. He was sweating and struggled against the sensation. With a start, Izuku's eyes shot open, an unsettling feeling overcoming his body. The moment that he opened his eyes, Izuku could tell something was off. The ceiling was much darker than before and higher off the ground than he remembered. A faint light shined above his head, and the walls around him were much closer.

The teen sat up in a state of panic, now getting a look at his attire and widening his eyes. "Wh-what is this..?" gone were the clothes that he had decided to sleep in, now replaced with what he thought were cartoonish prison clothes, his shirt and pants ragged and black and white striped. On his ankle was a very real iron shackle, Izuku shuttering at the thought of a possible kidnapping. He jumped to his feet and quickly looked for an exit, finding that the only entrance was beyond the faint light he saw before, sealed off by steel bars. He darted desperately for the bars, nearly tripping when he realized his ankle was being held back. He glanced toward the back of the cell to see that the chain connected to his ankle was also connected to a comically large iron ball. Though nothing about Izuku's situation felt humorous.

"So you've finally awoken." Izuku jumped in shock when he heard a menacingly deep voice, snapping his attention back out of the room. A few meters toward the center, a man sat at a large desk covered with papers and a single lampshade. The man himself looked rather aged but also looked unnatural, almost inhuman. His arms were lanky and long and his eyes were large and round. The most noteworthy thing about this man, of course, was his obscenely long pointed nose.

"Greetings, Trickster. Welcome to my Velvet Room."

Izuku meekly placed his hands on the bars as he stared out the the man, unable to formulate a solid response. Instead, his lips curled up and the teen desperately tried to figure out his current situation. When no answer came, only one thing came to mind for him to say:

"What's going on?!"

To be continued…

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