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"Jin Gau!" Jimi winces at his father's voice, expecting a lecture and rant to be their conversation this car ride. What he's not expecting however is the meaningful look his father sends him through the mirror and he stubbornly turns his head away from the gaze.

"Son," his father sighs at the lack of response but continues anyways, "I know that life at home hasn't been the best of situations. And even though I'm disappointed in you I cannot find it in myself to punish you. I hope that you have learned your lesson and please leave that Morris boy alone?"

"Shì bàba," Jimi raises his head to watch his father nod at his response. "Can we not tell mama about what happened? I don't want to stress her more." Jimi spoke timidly and chose his words carefully. If anyone from school had witnessed the conversation they wouldn't be able to believe that this was Jimi Chen, the snarky and cheeky troublemaker of the school.

After Jimi received the nod of confirmation from his father he again turned his gaze to the scenery. Jimi wasn't ready to see Maddy and Rhydian running through the forest, their speed almost faster than that of the car.

His eyes trailed their figures and he noticed with barely concealed surprise the black lines that they were sporting on their faces and…their arms. He was disgusted to notice that it looked like veins and he wondered if the two were on drugs. A little smirk graced his features as he imagined the scandal that rumour would cause but remembering the warning his father had given him he turned away from the two and engaged his father in small talk.

"What the fuck!" Jimi ignores his friends' exclamation as he pushes them and himself towards the exit ignoring their teacher's instructions of not to panic. During the panic Jimi swears to himself that he can hear growling but when he turns around to the source he spots an unconscious Shannon and a kneeling Maddy.

He doesn't know why, maybe it's the fear of death, but he runs to the two girls and settles his hands on Maddy, she whips around and he steps back in fear at her gold eyes and snarling face. For one minute he thinks, she'll maul him and all they'd find is his mangled corpse. However, the thought is dismissed when she growls out him.

"Go! Get out of here!"

"No," he shakes his head, "I want to help." He didn't understand why he said that, just like he wasn't understanding his sudden need to help. "I'm not leaving…"

The sentence fades away as he watches Maddy snarl at him again and he can't help but whisper:

"What are you?"

"If you want to help go get Rhydian or a teacher." She evades his question that he can easily notice and he goes to argue but her face makes him rush towards the door. When he makes it out he sees Mr. Jeffries and Rhydian worrying about the two girls.

"There," he rasps, effectively catching the attention of both, "They're in there." He points towards the room on fire and when he sees their disbelief he quickly accounts what happened and he watches as they thank him and run off.

"Why did you do that?" Liam asks him, and he shrugs as an answer. Completely missing Rhydian who'd been listening in. He coughs a bit on the way out and ignores the further pestering.

"Jimi, what are you listening to?" Sam tugs the earphones out from Jimi's ears and in retaliation Jimi smacks him. His hand making a loud connection with the others arm.

"No fighting!" Mr Jeffries voice shouted over all the noise and Jimi just rolls his eyes before snagging his earphones from Sam and sneering at him.

"Does it matter? You know what I'll tell you what I listen to if you tell me what you were doing last night?" At his teasing Sam's face adopts a flustered look and he mutters a half-hearted 'shut up' before exclaiming louder.

"You said you wouldn't tell anyone!"

"Tell anyone what?" Sam glares at the innocent expression adorning Jimi's face before breaking into laughter just like the rest of their group.

"You know," Liam points out, his finger coming to poke Jimi in the face. "When you make that expression, you look a lot younger unlike Smith who looks like she aged 10 years." They all grinned at the joke. "No but seriously, you look like your 12 or something."

"Well then," Jimi replies smoothly, swatting away the offending finger. "You must be a paedophile if I'm 12." Sam breaks into laughter at the comment and Liam's face lights up in red, Jimi considers that a job well done.

Giving them all a smug smirk he puts his earphones back on and blocks out their conversation with SHINee's Lucifer.

Maddy was restless. Rhydian, Tom and even Shannon could notice, what the last two didn't know was why. Shannon was sure that it had something to do with the Beast and Tom was too jealous to even care at this point.

"It will be fine." Rhydian hugged her to himself, ignoring the glare he received from Tom and tried his best to soothe her down. "Maddy, you need to calm down – it will be fine."

Tom and Shannon weren't the only ones who noticed and Rhydian was graced with shouts from the back seats and when he turned around all he received was an infuriating smirk from Jimi.

"Rhydian…" Maddy whimpered her hands supporting her head as the bus lurched to a stop.

"It'll be fine Mads."

"It'll be fine Mads." He hears someone mock from behind and he turns to shout at Jimi when he notices that it isn't him. The boy is leaning against the window pane and bobbing his head to the beat of what he can assume is a musical genre.

"Everyone off the bus!" Mr Jeffries voice broke through the haze and Rhydian dragged his eyes away.

"Everything will be fine."

Rhydian and Maddy couldn't help but sigh for the umpteenth time that day. They were stranded on Lindisfarne Island and it's a full moon and it's Maddy's first transformation into a Wolfblood.

All the students were seated in the living room, it was big but not too big and had a cosy feel to it.

"Why did your father call you Jin Gau?" Everyone turns to Kay and Jimi in curiosity wanting to hear what the younger boy would answer with.

"It's my name, that's why." He answered back his eyes never leaving his phone.

"I thought your name was Jimi Chen." Katrina looks at Jimi for clarification and he sighs, looking like explaining this was the hardest thing he's ever done.

"It's my Chinese name, you blonde idiot." At this his eyes dart up and a smug smile stretches across his face at not being reprimanded for insulting Katrina.

"Isn't that interesting." Mr Jeffries beams at the class and Jimi, Sam and Liam are the only ones who audibly sigh at the next statement, "Time for bed." He makes to stand up but Kara interrupts him.

"Sir, please just one more story," her voice is pleading but Mr Jeffries is a monster and so he refuses and sends them all up to bed.

Jimi couldn't sleep, his eyes wouldn't close and Liam and Sam had fallen into a deep slumber ages ago. The unfamiliar environment and bed made sure he wouldn't be having a peaceful night like he had hoped.

"Tom," Jimi's ears caught a whisper and he cautiously stood from his bed, "where are you going?" There was no mistaking that voice, it was Kelly but what was she doing up?

"Calm yourself," Tom's voice replied, "I'm only going to the toilet – then we can go hunting for Maddy and Rhydian."

Smith and Morris are missing, interesting.

He hears them shuffle away from the door and Jimi moves towards his shoes, quietly putting them on and grabbing his jacket. He was only wearing a t-shirt that barely came up to his knees and boxers. This was probably his worst idea yet but with his shoes done and his jacket secure he made to ease out the room.

When he got out the landing was clear but he could hear Shannon and Tom bickering downstairs. His hand grasped at the banister and his feet lightly made the track down the stairs. There was light spilling from under a door and Jimi could only assume that the shadowed figure near it was Shannon. He trekked lightly, trying to hide his body from the prying eyes of Kelly. The front door was hard to distinguish from the rest of the wall – the only reason he could tell it was a door was due to the handle. The darkness of the room should cover him and his plan was to run as soon as he opened it and hope for the best.

His hands reached for the knob and he turned it anti-clockwise before throwing the door open and making a run for it. He could hear Shannon shouting in the background and Tom complaining about something but he didn't care, he continued running. By the time he figured that he had put a good amount of distance between him and them, his lungs were burning and he was just about to find a place to hide and he had completely forgotten why he had chosen to do this in the first place when he spotted two figures standing above the cliff.

Green grass rustles under his feet as he moves towards them and Jimi watches them stiffen at the sound.

"Rhydian is anyone there?"

Rhydian turns around and spots Jimi staring at them. His jacket askew and his hair rumpled from sleep. He pulls Maddy and makes her turn; all three stare in shock at each other.

Up close Jimi notices the gold eyes, the black veins, the teeth and the claws and it makes him feel queasy as he stares at them in fear. Maddy and Rhydian seem to wearing the same facial expression as well, as they stare at his slumped figure.

Maddy opened her mouth about to say something before Jimi fell to the ground with a thump, his t-shirt riding up and giving both an unobstructed view of his thighs.

She sighs, her hands resting on her eyes.

"This is not going to be as fun as I wished it would be."

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