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Rhydian fell onto his bed with a sigh. His phone pinged every few seconds and he was sure the messages were from Maddy, as he had no idea where Jimi was or even what he was doing. He groped blindly on his nightstand trying to grab the phone so he could answer Maddy before she did something stupid.

When he finally feels it, his body is at an awkward angle, his feet dangling off the bed and he it clutches in his hands, bringing it towards him and rearranging his body to a more comfortable position.


Rhydian where are u?

Like you ran off are you okay?

Seriously, where are you? Your mother just threatened me…

I still cant believe she's your mother!

Okay, it's been like an hour – contacted my parents. They want to talk to your mum

I'm taking her over to my place, reply when you're ready.

He groaned, his head thumping backwards onto his pillow as he flung his phone somewhere onto his bed. She contacted her parents, what the hell was he going to do now! God this was so messed up.

Rhydian stilled, taking in all the noises in his bedroom, the house and the outside, breathing in and out deeply. Letting his body relax, he melted into his bed and his eyelids fluttered closed. His breathing evened out and was no longer heavy as he slowly but surely fell asleep.


His eyes shot open, his sensitive ears making the sound more intense than it should be. He glared as he saw his phone light up with another message and moved to grab it, ready to give Maddy a piece of his mind. He had already planned what to say and was typing it up, when his eyes wandered and he noticed that the person who'd sent him the message wasn't Maddy and was in fact Jimi.

Quickly, erasing what he was previously typing up, he lay back down and read the text.


Are you okay? Maddy texted me about what happened

Dude, you must be freaking out…I'm free so you can call if you want to talk about it

Rhydian read over the message a few times, his eyes always wandering back to the end, 'call if you want to talk about it.'

He was stuck, on one hand he wanted to call and talk to someone about it, even if it was Jimi, on the other hand he didn't want Jimi to see, or in this case, hear how much this revelation had affected him. It would be embarrassing.

In the end however he didn't need to make the decision as his phone started blaring his ringtone and a quick glance told Rhydian that Jimi was calling him. He hesitated, thinking about how easy it would to ignore it or decline the call but immediately felt guilty and so answered, bringing the phone to his ears.


"Hey Rhydian, are you okay?"

Again, he hesitated, so he didn't say anything and fell silent. He heard Jimi sigh, and could almost imagine the expression that would be on his face. Evidently, he and Maddy had become close with Jimi.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to and remember I do know a few things. Maddy told me."

Rhydian growled, when he heard that, anger rising at Maddy for going around spilling his private, confidential family matters with other people.

Jimi must have heard it and quickly made the connection.

"Don't get angry at her, she was really worried…" Jimi trailed off sure that Rhydian knew the rest. "

"I know," Rhydian sighed, "I just," another sight, "I just don't know what to do. What do I do?" He knew he sounded desperate but he didn't know what to do and his brain was currently a mess.

"Go over to Maddy's, that's where your mum is right now, right? So go over and help them figure out what the fuck is going on! Okay?"

"Right, that's a good idea…"

"I know, all my ideas are good ideas."

Rhydian cracked a smile and thanked Jimi, ending the phone call after getting a few choice words from the other about the jailing incident. He sat there, looking at the device in his hand going over the conversation with Jimi and remembering the warmth that had spread through him when the other contacted him. Looking back on it, he was happy that Jimi had stumbled onto them on that night as it helped him gain a new friend, even if that friend is Jimi Chen, though he had to admit, but only to himself, that he was or had started to see Jimi as more than a friend and this phone call seemed to have cemented his feelings. No going back now.

He sighed, grabbing his coat off the floor and making his way downstairs. He waved goodbye to his very confused parents, telling them he was going to Maddy's and set out.

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