Written for Bex via the Drabble Game Challenge (BlairChuck, "If you want something, it'll happen, I promise."/"I want the world to burn."/"Look out the window.") Enjoy, darling!

She looks like a queen, Blair Waldorf of heaven and hell and fallen empires. A smile so glossy and sharp everyone stares, teeth white like snow before blood drips. She's a goddess and he knows everyone is staring at them, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, the former golden girl and boy who have long since lost their angel wings.

Blair looks so strong in public but then she collapses shaKily on his couch and kicks of her high-heeled shoes and he sees the circles under her eyes and she looks so small and fragile.

It's not that he doesn't love her because he has for years, through everything, but he's never seen a person break before and he never ever imagined that the infallible Blair Waldorf would be the first.


She can tell he's staring at her again when she turns away. That's the worst part. He looks at her with pity instead of lust or hatred and it's just a reminder of how far she's fallen.

So she kicks off her heels and goes to the bathroom to wipe off her makeup and he mumbles something about ordering food and isn't it a day when Chuck Bass mumbles peace offerings and Blair Waldorf splashes water on her face and tries not to cry?


She's asleep when he gets back from getting food, napping softly under a blanket far too thick for this weather.

When he reaches down to brush her hair off her forehead, his suspicions are confirmed. She's burning up a fever.

It's hard to imagine that she's the same girl who plotted Serena van der Woodsen's downfall and drove Nate Archibald mad and seduced Chuck Bass in the backseat of his own car, but then she's stirring and he's rushing to her side while she feverishly whispers his name and he thinks this might not be such a bad thing after all.

"Chuck?" She says sleepily.

He swallows back his pride. "I'm here. How are you feeling? I have medicine."

She flops further into the blankets. "Don't want medicine. I want-" she trails off.

"If you want something, it'll happen, I promise," he says and part of him wonders why he's promising her that when she won't even remember it in the morning but the other part of him acknowledges that it's not just for her sake.

She sighed drowsily. "I wanna see the world burn," she says, slurring the ends of her words.

"Look out the window," he says and wills his heart to stop beating this fast.

She looks outside, barely comprehending anything, but still turns to him with an utter look of betrayal and he can't help but smile.

"That's the before picture before we take over," he says when it's all gotten to be too much and she begins to look impatient.

She nods at that, smugly satisfied and he tries not to blush. "M'kay, goodnight," she says and falls asleep instantly.

"I promise you I'll fix this," he whispers and grabs her hand. He won't let go till she wakes up.

He owes her at least that.