It has come to my attention that the author's note previously post was a bit misleading and inaccurate. I must apologies for that.

The facts are like these:

There will be NO official sequel to this story. I as the author of this can see no other end nor do I feel there should be any kind of continuation fic.
BUT other readers don't think so. They have e-mailed me with a request to write a sequel of their own. I agreed. Once those sequel/s will be completed their authors will publish them and I promise to provide a link.

The other thing I wanted to address was the issue of the ending itself. The whole story was written from Harry's point of view. Did he know what happened at the end with Severus? Could he go and re-view the past year of his life to look for the list of utterly small clues that show that this was going to happen?
And this was what I was trying to do, to make you, the reader feel.