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Sam walked through the French doors out onto Hetty's patio. He couldn't stop the smile that spread across his lips as the first sight that greeted him was Callen lying on the floor with both Deeks and Alayna on top of him. It seemed they were playing some game that included much laughing from the girl and shouting from her father.

"Ah, Mr Hanna. I do believe your partner could do with some assistance. Maybe you and Miss Hanna could go and save him?" Came a voice at his side and turning he found Hetty sitting at a table with a blonde woman who looked too much like Deeks to be anyone but his mom.

"I'm pretty sure Kam will side with Allie, but I can try and even the odds." He replied. Though as he turned towards the grass his daughter was already racing across he continued to himself, "or I could just watch and laugh as two girls hand him his ass." He chuckled.

Once Sam was on his way Hetty turned to Michelle who had also come with him. "Michelle, come join Roberta and I. We are discussing wedding arrangements, and I am sure you could give us some helpful advice on what Mr Deeks and Callen will be looking for."

"Of course, but I'm pretty sure they should be organising their wedding." Michelle responded moving to sit and taking the glass of iced tea Duke offered her.

"Oh please, if we leave it up to Martin they will be married on the beach after having gone surfing and the reception will be at the first bar he comes to." Roberta interrupted with a wave of her hand. Oh she knew that wasn't really true, but she also knew she and Hetty would do a much better job at organising a proper wedding than her son ever would. They had already debated possible locations, considering the pros and cons of many places, mainly concentrating on atmosphere, aesthetics and security. Hetty insisting on the last, due to the job the boys did. They had managed to narrow down the list very well in her mind, and as such they were just about to move on to table decorations, colour schemes and cake flavours. Oh yes, she was having a wonderful time.

Michelle decided to opt for diplomacy to that one and just laughed at the words. But it did not take the other two ladies long to pull her into the conversation, getting her opinion on what Callen and Deeks might want from their special day. Getting her involved in the discussion on the merits of themes; of whether to go with soft blues and greens, or adding bright colours in as well. They wanted something that reflected both men after all. Plus they needed to make sure the boys would look good in the suits which would obviously follow whatever colours they chose. Of course that led to a debate of suit versus tux, one Hetty was very much engaged in. The idea of dressing Callen and Deeks for their wedding causing gleam of delight to appear in her eyes. She couldn't wait, and it was not like she needed to gain their measurements to have the clothing made, she already had them all on file. They did not need any input from the grooms in this discussion in her opinion, and luckily Roberta agreed with her wholeheartedly.

Sam arrived at the site of the wrestling match to find it finishing, what with Allie jumping up to greet her friend Kam, grabbing her hand, pulling her away from the adults towards the toys she hadn't really started playing with yet. That left Deeks and Callen to climb up and try and brush of the grass stains that were now littering their clothes. That caused Sam to chuckle once more, or at least it did until something on Callen's left hand caught his eye. It was a ring, reflecting the light of the sun. He couldn't stop his eyebrow raising at that.

"Have you and Deeks gone and eloped or something, G?" He asked causing the other man to frown at him in confusion. "The bling." He explained nodding his head to the ring on Callen's finger, a ring he noticed was matched by one on the other mans as well.

"They're engagement rings." Callen replied with a smile, though his eyes narrowed with a look that dared Sam to take the piss. A look that said if he even tried it Callen would make sure he ended up on his ass.

"Nice." Sam responded rather than say anything else. There were so many things he could say, but he did not want to do it within hearing of their daughters, or his wife for that matter. He would wait until they were at work to tease his partner about this new addition.

"Hmm." Callen replied not sure how to take that. He could see the laughter in Sam's eyes and knew he was going to get it, but hell, Sam was wearing a wedding ring, he really didn't have a leg to stand on in Callen's mind.

Before any of the three men could say anything else the two girls came running back up to them shouting excitedly.

When Alayna had seen Kam coming across the grass she had climbed off her daddy G and gone to greet her friend. Pulling her towards the toys she told her about how her daddy's were getting married. "And I am going to be a bridesmaid." She proclaimed, not considering that as there was no bride there would be no need for maids.

"Oh. I wish I could be a bridesmaid." Kam responded envious of her friend at being able to take such an important role in her daddies wedding.

"Well, why can't you? I'm sure if we ask daddy and daddy G they will agree. Come on." Alayna replied turning back, her hand still holding Kam's as she headed back to her parents, shouting the question as she ran.

"Sweetheart, breathe, then try and say whatever it is you're trying to say." Deeks said grabbing his daughter shoulders and hoping that then he would be able to translate her excited squeals.

"Can Kam be a bridesmaid with me?" Alayna asked in a rush, biting her lip as she hoped the answer was yes. She knew you didn't have to be a daughter of one of the people getting married to be a bridesmaid, they were usually any family member, and Kam did think of daddy G as her uncle. Surely that would count, right?

"Umm." Deeks replied turning to look at both Sam and Callen for guidance with this one, though Sam gave nothing back in response. It wasn't his wedding after all. Callen for his part just shrugged in a way that clearly said, sure why not? Therefore Deeks turned back to the girls in front of him. "Of course she can, pumpkin."

"Yeah." Alayna and Kam shouted excitedly before both dashing off to the women sitting at the table, Kam wanting to tell her mom, and Alayna wanting to tell her granny's.

As soon as they got to the table Kam burst out the news. "I'm going to be a bridesmaid at uncle G and uncle Deeks' wedding."

"Daddy said so she could." Alayna tacked on at the end making sure everyone knew who had given permission. Because if her daddy said it, then no one could say otherwise in her mind. His word was law, literally as he was a police detective.

"That's wonderful darling." Michelle replied with a smile at her daughter's excitement. She was glad Callen and Deeks were giving her this chance, giving her this involvement in their wedding.

"Oh yes. You will both look beautiful walking down the aisle. Maybe they could scatter petals as they go?" Roberta added turning to Hetty with her suggestion. She could just imagine what a striking image the two girls would make dressed in matching dresses preparing the aisle for the boys to walk down. They would have to find a colour that suited them both within the colour scheme.

"I like that idea." Hetty agreed and Callen who had followed with Deeks and Sam could feel his eyes widening. Scattering petals as they walked up the aisle? They weren't going to be walking up any damn aisle… were they? Just what they hell was he getting himself in for here? What happened to a simple, small ceremony without any pompous crap?

"Please, kill me now?" He muttered to his partner as stopped walking forwards, wanting to keep as much distance as possible from the scheming women. He was suddenly realising just what a bad idea it had been to induce Deeks mom and Hetty.

"Sorry partner, no can do. When it comes to weddings, the mothers word in law. Believe me. But I can get the condemned man a last drink. Come, best leave them to it." Sam replied with a chuckle as he steered Callen away from the women and towards where Duke was standing with beers at the ready. He still remembered all the conversations he had sat through with his mother-in-law while arranging his and Michelle's wedding, and the memories still had the ability to send a shiver down his spine. Best to walk away now in his mind, leave them to do whatever they were going to do. The groom never got a say anyway. And with two grooms and no bride, did G really think he would be arranging his own wedding? Poor foolish, deluded man.

"Thanks." Callen responded sarcastically, though he was grateful of the cold beer when it entered his hand.

"Hey, it could be worse. At least Deeks isn't likely to turn into a bridezilla… or though, maybe he will?" Sam replied laughing out loud at the look of horror his words caused to cross his partners face. Who knew this would be so much fun?

And Callen, well he just took another large swallow of beer and tried to ignore the feeling that he was somehow in a head on collision with absolutely no way of stopping it, nor any idea if he would survive at the end.

Deeks for his part had stood next to the women and listened for about half a minute before deciding it wise to take a strategic retreat. He'd heard enough to know he and G were going to have to do some serious damage control with his mom and Hetty before they got too carried away. Though in truth he knew they wouldn't. They were just excited to be planning a wedding. He was pretty sure his mom had been thinking about this day ever since he turned 21. He couldn't stop her fun now, not yet at any rate. Later, he would rein her in later. Therefore he moved to join his fiancé and Sam, and the conversation turned to talk of kids, work and the friendly banter that they always shared.

The evening move on after that with the girls slipping away to play as the adults talked. The guys joined back up with the women and the conversation turning from the coming wedding, much to Callen's relief. Instead they fell into an easy conversation between them all, relaxing together as they enjoyed the company of their family around them. It really was a wonderful night and the perfect way to celebrate Callen and Deeks' engagement, and thankfully in Callen's mind no one made any embarrassing toasts. Though Sam did inform him that it was only because he was saving his for the actual wedding. That was the job of the best man after all right? And there was no way he wasn't going to be G's best man. He would beat the crap out of his partner if he tried to say otherwise. Something he made sure Callen knew, very clearly before the night ended.