This is a sequel to Contact at Kobol, a Stargate Battlestar cross over story. I will be bringing in characters and bringing up moments from that story. I will try to explain what happened in the events but for a more deeper understanding please go read Contact at Kobol. Now I hope you enjoy the start of the story.

Chapter 1 A Fateful Choice

Earth Year 1118 AD

The great empire of the Race, the most dominate and powerful species in all of history of the Galaxy was at a moment of great decision. The males and females of the race had over the course of their thousands of years of history had spread out from their home world, called Home and had conquered two other worlds and the primitives natives which had once ruled their world. They had flourished under the rule of their emperor for 100,000 years who along with all the emperors of the past would judge and look after every member of the race and now their two subject races the Rabotevs and the Hallessi. Now thousands of years after they had conquered their second world the population of the race had reached the levels that the long-term planners which guided their lives agreed that the population too much for their home to stand. A new world was needed to vent the extra population that would be here in a few hundred years. The answer was the same answer as it was the last two times, a new world was needed. So the scientist of the Race followed the same protocols that where developed long before they came out of their eggs and sent out their probes toward the distance stars that could possible support life. They were hopeful about two most of all a world which rotated on the outside of the habitual range of the star Tosev called Tosev 3 and other world in a crowed system around the star Vantic, Vantic 5. It took years for the probes to arrive at their destination and to gather the data needed before sending that information back to the scientists and planners of the Race to study.

The warm sun of Home beat down outside as the males and females of the race spent a lovely summer days outside. Watching from her top floor stood the head scientist in charge of finding a new world for the future not yet hatched members of the race to live on. She watched them below with two turreted eyes that could move indepentaly. Even from the great distance she was seeing them from she could still make out the body paint that all citizens beings used to ID their rank and job without the grand order that was their society. She was too far away to make out all the small differences in scale patterns but she could see the general patterns of brown with a few rare members having more tan scales then normal. In ancient records it was said that tan was almost as common as brown but over the untold number of generations brown had all but replaced tan. She opened her mouth and breathed in the scents over her scent receptors, her long rows of needle like teeth showed that her privities ancestors had been hunters, each of her hands was tipped with claws that could be used to defend herself if needed. Not that she would violent crime was almost unheard off and she was a female, males still used their claws to fight other males when the mating season came but she didn't need them.

"Excuses me superior female." said a voice from behind her as she turned one of her eyes around to see a figure standing in open doorway. The eye turret turned almost 180 degrees allowing her to see behind her without turning her whole body. The figure was a male she knew well as her second in command and only outranked by herself on this task, seeing him she turned around and faced him head on. Since she was the higher rank he was bent over into the poster of respect. His tail stump where long ago a much longer tail would have been there to help stabilize them on the run and to foil larger predators and prey which end held the teeth was raised up slightly.

"Arise." ordered the female as she turned around, the stump of her tail hitting the glass as she walked forward. "Tell me has the probe returned any information yet?"

"Yes, by Emperor we have information coming from the probe to Vantic 5 as well." Said the male as both cast down their eyes briefly at the name of their sovereign. The emperor had ruled over Home since it was unified, his soul would sit in judgement of their own souls along with the souls of every other emperor in the long history of the race.

The female nodded her head as she thanked the spirits of emperor's past for that, she didn't want to go to the head of the council of science and explain why one of their probes which had been refined and tested so nothing could possible go wrong had somehow gone wrong.

"Any idea why there was a delay in broadcasting?" inquired the female, if she knew what had taken so long she would be better able to justify the delay of her report she had to write about the potential of Vantic 5 for conquest and colonization. Plans were meant to be followed and no member of the race wanted to be at fault for causing a plan to fail, however explaining why a plan failed to follow the schedule was accepted if it was outside anyone's control.

"It would appear judging form broadcasts that a small asteroid in Vantic system hit the main radio dish and the secondary systems had to take over, to avoid duel messages coming out there is a preprogramed delay of a week." explained the male as both knew that the secondary system wouldn't have taken over at once and only after the onboard computer ran through multiple attempts to bring the main system back would it switch to the backup. The female opened her mouth again, that was a good answer. The science and planning councils couldn't blame her or anyone else for the probe hitting an asteroid when they had no way to map the distance star system.

"Gather the teams we will begin to look over the imagines taken from Vantic 5 and Tosev 3." ordered the female as she extended her clawed tipped to take the two files from the male, each one was lalbed with the names of each world. She flipped open the first one, the one they had expected to come in today Tosev 3. She moved her eye turrets in a way that showed her disappointment as she looked at all that blue liquid water on the surface.

"We estimate that 71% of the surface of the planet is water and parts of the land masses are on the very cold end of our acceptable limits. The probe reported frozen water on some parts of the planet." explained the male. Outside of a lab and sometimes the north and south pole frozen water was unheard of on Home. As she studied at the world she liked it less and less, it had two main continental masses. One massive one with another much smaller one which ran from North to south connected by a small strip of land. There was a lot of green, green meant forests and forests where rare on any world of the empire, sand and grasslands was what a proper world should have. Even so Tosev 3 did have some good spots, the middle part of a massive island off the main continental mass looked promising along with the large desert which could be seen on the main continental mass. A smaller desert was visible on the lesser continental mass. Even so all that water and green was a major problem, however the planet was large and the land mass would be enough to solve the expected population problem.

The next couple of images showed the primitives, they were big and ugly looking. With fur on the top of their heads and in the case of some around their mouths. They had multiple colored of soft looking skin and didn't have the clean scales that the race had or even the scales patterns that both the Rabotevs and Hallessi had. They were very primitives still riding animals and wielding spears and swords. The most advanced one she saw was a tall Tosevite on a great beast dressed in metal armor with a sword on his belt, a rusty spear and a wooden shield with a red cross on it. They would be an easy conquest if the Emperor and the planners did choice Tosev 3.

"Ugly and primitive." stated the female as she opened the next file and was greeted by a better sight. The planet of Vantic 5 had more liquid water on it then any of the other worlds in the emperor but it was only 36% liquid water and that was mostly located in two large oceans at the pole. The weather was a little on the cool side but it was better than Tosev 3 here froze water could only be found as sea ice at the far polls and on the highest mountains. Large tall grasslands covered a lot of the planet however there where not as many deserts as she would have liked to see, grassland was better than thick forests. There were some forests visible from orbit but not as much as they were on Tosev 3.

The issues with Vantic was three-fold, first the system itself was messy a lot of small asteroids would play havoc with shipping in the future, the time needed to clean up the system would be planned for. The second was that planet was slightly smaller than the world the type of world they wanted, that would raise some issues with the number of members of the race that it could support. The main reason they were going to have a soldier's time and raise an army which they normally didn't have was to solve the population issues. It was unclear if Vantic 5 could do that. Those issues where troublesome but it was issues that could be solved in time and more research. The last issue was natives of Vantic while primitive was hundreds of thousands of years more advanced then big ugly creatures of Tosev 3.

The native Vantic where extremely tall double the height of a member of the race and appeared slightly taller than a Tosevite which would be the tallest race in the empire if they joined. The Vantic appeared to be large insects and moved four legs coming out a large body which contained two large claws in the front and one in the back. On the main part of their body they had two arms with five digits located three in front with two in back. All five appeared thumb like in nature, from what they could see through the wrappings they wore over their bodies they had a semi harden shell of a body which had no visible scales and came in multiple different shades of green. They had a tan chest and under body which was segment. Their faces where triangle in shape with two large eyes which wrapped around the fronts and extended somewhat into the side of their face. Their lips where the strangest thing any of them had seen, instead of a hard-flat line which marked their mouth or even the fleshly ones the Tosevites had they had what appeared to be tiny free moving digits which moved food into their mouths.

All that would be looked over whenever they decided to conquer them the main issue was that they were much more advanced they were compared to the Tosevites. The Vantic clearly developed gun powder that was clear from the primitive guns they carried even so they appeared to still use mostly swords, spears and pikes to fight wars. They had rolling cannons pulled along by large eight legged beasts, judging from the design of the guns they appeared to be just as primitive in nature as their other firearms. They also had multiple city empires which seemed to control only a certain area judging from the colorful banners they flew from different locations. The most common form of transportation seemed to be either animal cart or walking so they were still hundreds of thousands of years behind the Race. That would make conquest of them slightly harder than it would be for the Tosetives.

"Superior female if I may inquire which world do you feel would be best for our conquest?" inquired the male.

"We will need more study of course but I would say Vantic would be out best choice, we can wait on conquering Tosev 3." Stated the female neither race would be a real threat to them but they had more time with the Tosevites then they did with the Vantices. "Either way we must prepare the date for the Emperor and his ministers to decide which world we want to add to the Empire."

Earth Year 1812

Throughout the long 100,000 year history of the race a day like this had only come two other times. The last time was when the conquest of Rabotevs which was conquered 28,000 years ago followed by the conquest of the Hallessi 10,000 years ago. The debate of which world would be conquered, would it be Vantic 5 or would it be Tosev 3, each side had their benefits and the planners had been hard at work looking at which world would provide the greatest benefits to the Race and the Empire.

All over the Race's home world of Home males and females stopped what they were doing and awaited the official announcement of a solider time and which world would be conquered. Outside of conquest the race had no soldiers and it was known that whatever world was to be conquered the next couple batches of males hatched among them would have an chance to be soldiers. Plans were already drawn up to build the weapons of conquest including warships, killer craft and land cruisers which would carry out the conquest. Factories which normally made cars would make the land cruisers and infantry carriers while those who normally made shuttle craft would make killer crafts and attack helicopters. Factories would also begin to produce firearms, bullets and other smaller items needed for the conquest. Those preparations will take time to get into place and that would mean change to the Race. Change was something the Race avoided but this was a time that change would come and it would be for the best because without it the population of home would be too great which would cause its own problems.

Finally a Palace official moved out of the stripped wooden doors of the grand entrees and headed down multiple stone steps toward a podium with multiple microphones and cameras. His body paint showed him to be a senior palace official and aid to the emperor himself. He moved toward the podium and with one eye turret he looked down at the official degree from the Emperor and with the other he scanned the large group of reporters.

"By degree of the Emperor a Soldiers Time has been declared, a mighty fleet shall be built, soldiers shall be trained and weapons of conquest constructed." started the male, all that was already known but the next part would surprise everyone. "In his wisdom the Emperor has declared that Vantic 5 will be the target of our soldiers and settlers which will come after the conquest."

That news was broadcast across home using the network of communication satellites in orbit so that it was known almost at once by every male and female watching the news. What came next was the real surprise and something unexpected.

"After the conquest of Vantic and the arrival of the settlers the conquest fleet will then head on to conquer Tosev 3 and await the arrival of a second colonization fleet. This plan was settled on by the emperor to solve the population issue for several thousand years and all the advisors agree and so it shall be done." stated the male, that was real news never in the history of the race would they attempt to conquer two worlds at once. This would be a major period of change in the race and it made them unconformable, the only benefit was that they knew the conquests would be rather easy conquests.

Earth Year 1952 The Vantic System

Fleet lord Atvar was about to become the 3rd member of the race to get the title of World Conquer, below him was the world of Vantic 5, the 1st target of the largest operation ever to be carried out by the Race in the thousands of years since the unification of home. The world was smaller then what they would have liked with two large oceans at the poles and it had more green then was normal however even with his bare eye turrets he could see stretches of sand from orbit. Those areas would be a perfect place for the colonist when they arrive in the system some 40 years from now and the grass lands looked very like home as well even if there was a lot more of them. By then they would have the world ready for them, the Vantic people wouldn't prove much of an issue. Satellites had confirmed what they already knew from the probe which had been set all those hundreds of years ago.

"Show me our enemy." Ordered Atvar as he turned to face the ship lord of the 127th Emperor Hetto, Kirel. Next to Atvar, Kirel as the ship lord of the banner ship of the conquest fleet was second in command and therefor had the second most integrate body paint over his scale covered body.

"It shall be done." said Kirel as he punched a button with his finger claw as images of the natives of Vantic five appeared. These where more recent ones taken with probes launched by the conquest fleet which now surrounded the planet. It showed the natives of Vantic moving through markets in cities dressed in the wrappings they seemed to like. In time, they would adapt to the much simpler, cleaner and efficient body paint that the Race and all their subject races used. Their soldiers wore large metal plates over their midsections and side flakes protected them with large helmets cut so that it wouldn't affect their vision. The soldiers moved around with a mix of curved swords, spears and what appeared to be very primate firearms that required the use of a long lighted piece of rope lowered into a pan to fire. Even so Atvar could see that the bullet fired by the gun which was actually just a metal ball was a very large caliber and would likely cause damage if it hit a male of the race.

"I see so as we expected." stated Atvar

"For the most part, we have spotted a single city empire near a large canyon which appears to have advanced to the point of actual early wheellock firearms." Stated Kirel as Atvar turned his gaze toward him.

"To go from where our probe studied them to wheellocks would have taken a couple more hundred years, yet they have advanced that far?" inquired Atvar "Amazing, these Vantic advanced quickly, we will have to focus on preventing them from changing the empire too much."

"Yes however, I most remind the fleet lord that our probe had no idea how to long they had the weapons they had. They may have been on the edge of inventing them when our probe studied them. We will need to study them more carefully to find out how fast they advance and how best to control them." stated Kirel "Either way it will not make that huge of a difference to the invasion itself."

"Agreed, now let us carry out the conquest." Stated Atvar still slightly concerned at the suddenly leap in technology that the Vantic people had done concerned him. Even so he felt the ship rock a bit as a much smaller ship detached from the starship, the ship would be full of Killer Crafts. The jet powered killer crafts needed to be lowered into the atmosphere to begin their assault, they did have a handful of space born killer crafts but those where supposed to deal with asteroids. The forests of Vantic would also be a problem but while they were more common and thicker than any other world in the empire but there were large areas for his land cruisers, mechanized combat vehicles to move through and there were also large deserts which would suit the race very well. Atvar looked at his scheduled time table, they were slightly behind schedule, the invasion was supposed to start five days ago but the systems asteroids had slowed down their ships arrival in orbit. Either way the plan estimated that conquering the Vantic people would take two weeks at the most, which was almost 10 days longer then the estimated time it would take them to conquer Tosev 3 when the fleet departed for that world after the arrival of the Colonization fleet and the settlement of the colonist.

So at the proper moments nuclear tipped missiles were fired into the atmosphere of Vantic 5, the massive fireballs adding a second sun into the sky for the natives below. With that done some of the starships dropped down into the upper parts of the atmosphere as jet power killer craft took off and began an air war against the primitives. Bombs began to fall and strafing runs where carried out as the first starships landed in the open spaces and began to unload their troops. Infantry males armed with assault rifles stormed out of their ships, Land cruisers with their heavy main guns and tracks dug into the soil of Vantic 5. The infantry carriers carried the infantry males into battle along with helicopter gunships. The walled cities of the natives of Vantic 5 where no match for the guns of the attackers, helicopters gunships mowed down brave warriors of Vantic 5. The heavy rolling cannons that the people of Vantic used was no match for the much more advanced guns of the Race.

The one advantage they had was the lay out of the cities, the streets where too narrow for land cruisers and other vehicles to move down with ease so infinitary males had to go in to take the cites. Here up close and personal the natives where able to strike back with swords and bladed weapons, even so one by one the great city states of Vantic 5 began to fall under the control of the race. Until days after it began the conquest the last city fell and the official conquest of Vantic 5 ended.

Earth Year 1989, the Vantic System

Fleet lord Atvar conquer of the Vantic 5, stood in his command center inside the new city that the Race was building in one of the warm friendly deserts which was in the Northern part of Vantic 5. So far the conquest had been almost a total success, they had conquered the Vantic and their small emperors ruled by a very strange system. Instead of a single emperor which ruled them like all the Races they had encounter before. The Vantic instead had multiple families in any given city state which tended to fight among themselves for rule through a complex and confusing mix of political, business and even mating alliances. Either way they had fallen with 10 rotations and then the conquest moved into the stage of preparing the planet for the colonist. That involved teaching the Vantic the proper ways of their new culture and their place within it. This proved more difficult than they would have liked because even as the fighting stopped, the Vantic people began to fight back with terrorist attacks.

They have proven to be a pain under his scales but a minor one and one that was slowly fading as failed uprisings followed fail uprisings. In time, all his experts agreed they would come to terms with the fact that they had lost and accept their new cultured ways. The telephone hissed on his desk, when he hit the button the image of another male of the race appeared. This one in body paint the equal to his own, that meant that this could Fleet lord Reffet commander of the Colonization fleet. He was the only member of the race who would be his equal.

"I great you Reffet." Said Atvar

"And I great you Atvar." responded Reffet "I come to understand that you are not on schedule with our plans and that there are some problems?"

"Only minor ones, the natives where slightly more advanced than we thought and they have a strange focus with parentage and linage that covers each of them." explained Atvar "They each take pride in what their ancestors did and who they were."

"Fools, aside from the line of the Emperor what does it matter about lines of ancestors it is up to you to earn your own honor." stated Reffet as both males looked at the ground, a sign of respect to the emperor. When it came to mating among the Race and the other two subject races the Hallessi and Rabotevs they mated with whoever once a the season came over them. When it wasn't the mating season it wasn't even in their minds.

"I agree; however this has caused them to fight back harder then we expected, see like us they do have a mating season but they are bonded to one another and they mate only with that single mate." Stated Atvar with distain in his voice. "This has caused issues when we have killed or harm a mate, because the other living mate or their kin will attack us. They do not have the power to do much harm but they attack none the less it has slowed us down in ways that is disappointing."

"I see, and will this change the schedule in any major way?" inquired Reffet, to which Atvar gave the negative hand gesture.

"No, not in any real harmful way." Stated Atvar "I am going to leave you more of our soldiers then originally planned and I will delay the departure for Tosev 3 by 5 rotations, that would be 10 of our years. By then the resistance should be all but rooted out and settlements finished. The soliders I leave behind will be more than enough to handle any terrorists we haven't located yet and watch our settlements."

"The plan was to have you leave within 4 native rotations or 8 years, not 10 years." Stated Reffet with some annoyance however it was an understand deviation from the schedule. "Very well, I will arrive with our colonist soon and we can work together to hopefully get you underway sooner."

"How much could 10 years matter against sword swinging savages." Said Atvar

"Agreed, I understand that you have found something interesting, that didn't appear on our prob." Stated Reffet as Atvar gave the affinitive gesture.

"Yes, an unknown element was discovered and the early research done by the scientists of the conquest fleet show that it is highly conductive of electrical energy and that it could revolutionize our electronics." Stated Atvar, not that he nor any living citizen of the empire would live to see it. First the findings had to be confirmed, then samples would be sent to home for more study. Once everything was confirmed which would take centuries the planners would then study the likely effects it would have on the empire. That effort would take more centuries and then once all outcomes where studied and plans developed and put in place to counter any negative development this new element would be introduced in such a way that it would cause as little effect as possible on their civilization.

"That is most interesting how common is this element?" inquired Reffet

"Very common, the locals where using it to make common everyday items when we arrived." stated Atvar "Our probe missed it for some reason."

"Well mineralogy isn't the primary goal of the prob." countered Reffet as Atvar gave the affirmative gesture yet again.

"Truth, but still it concerns me, what else could the probe had missed." Admitted Atvar.

Earth Year 1999 Vantic System

Atvar stood on the surface of the world he had conquered for the last time, his personal shuttle was waiting to take him up to the banner ship for the 35 year journey to Tosev 3, that would be almost 70 years on home but with so much time in cold sleep and the long life span of the Race, he would be still a middle age male when they arrived to add the 5th world into the fabric of the Empire. On some levels he wished the conquest fleet would have been launched from home and headed directly to Tosev 3, home was closer to Tosev 3 and in fact the Conquest fleet had went in the opposite direction to reach Vantic 5. There was no need to build two conquest fleets and have two soldier's times when they could only build one and do both jobs. He would be taking 500 of the 750 warships with him to Tosev 3 and there they would stay with just under 40% of his actual combat strength. Almost half of his force would be less trained combat engineers but considering the threat that the Tosevites would give him it would be more than enough.

"May you go forth and conquer." stated his former third in command Straha who would be assuming command of the remaining forces of the Conquest fleet in basically a holding action. The third in command the ship lord Straha who was more power hungry then Atvar would like would be staying behind, since he was more aggressive then the second in command Kirel, he would be best equipped to take down the terrorists. In the end Straha would get what he wanted, he would be a fleet lord even if he wouldn't be considered a conquer and Atvar would get Straha out from under his scales.

"It shall be done." said Atvar to his old subornation and aid before turning toward the shuttlecraft that would take him up to the conquest fleet, there he would go into cold sleep for the journey to Tosev 3 where he would add the 5th world and a 5 race to the empire.

Earth Year 2026

Specialist David Goldfarb stood in the radar command center of one of the multiple Kusanagi defense stations which was spread out around the home system of the Tau'ri alliance. The goal of the massive space stations each of which was armed with a beam weapon capable of cutting through even the strongest known ship born shields was to defend Earth and the recently terraformed Mars and Venus. The native of London took a drink from his coffee as he remembered at only a couple years ago in 2020 the world hadn't heard of the stargate and now the people of Earth joined by another human world of Lanagara spread over 5 worlds with outposts on countless others. They controlled 20% of the galaxy and had defeated only a year earlier the 12 colonies of Kobol who wanted to put the people of Earth under their control. They were the unquestioned major power in the galaxy and they had bases in the Pegasus Galaxy.

David let out a sigh as he looked out the large window which lined one side of the wall. He could see the surface of Pluto, when he was a kid that barren rock ball had been a planet then it got demoted to a dwarf planet. He took a drink of his coffee and turned back to the seven people under his command. They were glorified air traffic controllers in fact aside from him and his second in command the staff was former civilian air traffic controllers. They were assigned along with similar crews on each of the multiple stations in the system to watch for oncoming threats. They also had the secondary job of guiding ships in and out of the system, once they cleared the Pluto defense line they would enter hyperspace and be out of their hair.

"Did you match last night." inquired Goldfarb's second in command, a native of Scotland.

"I did Timmy, too bad they had to call it because of the lightning storm." stated Goldfarb "Makes you wish we would use all this new technology to make a weather control machine, or at least put a roof over the pitch."

"I believe the second one would still be the easier one to do, even with all our new toys." Stated Timmy as he looked at the main radar screen, it wasn't radar but they still called it radar. It was in fact advanced sensors that could detect ships coming toward them in hyperspace from days away. At the moment the scopes where clear, the only ships where all Tau'ri ships. Mostly warships heading either from or to the colony world of Valhalla or Lanagara. "I believe they are going to finish the game tonight, if you are interested in watching it after we get off duty?"

"Sounds fun, we can head down to the mess hall and get a couple of beers and enjoy ourselves." Stated David with a laugh as he looked at the schedule for tomorrow. "So that group of asteroids we have been tracking is finally going to get a science vessel to go study them?"

The Archimedes class science vessels was among the rarest ship in the Tau'ri navy, with the war with the Colonials the number of warships built shot up a lot faster than originally planned and that meant the planned number of science vessels was down. As such there wasn't that many science vessels to go around and so projects that would have been studied much sooner had to be delayed.

"Yes, they have been waiting for those damn rocks to get closer so they wouldn't have to waste as much time getting to them." explained Timmy as he tapped a button and a holographic image of a radar display showing a large cluster of over 500 asteroids moving at almost the same speed headed on a path which would lead them just outside the orbit of Pluto. "We should have known what those rocks where much earlier, I know all the computers say they are rocks but I am still concern about them."

"So am I, but they are moving so slow and if they are a threat at that speed they are still months away from Earth and they would have to get past everything we have here." Stated David as he looked out the window just in time to see a flight of six Eagle space fighters fly by. In the distance, he could see one of their Missouri class battleships along with two escorting Daedalus class cruisers and two Galahad class Destroyers move past Pluto. He kept this eye on them as they opened a hyperspace window and disappeared into hyperspace. "No idiot in his right mind would come here."

"That is likely what they said on Valhalla before the Colonials appeared and fired a nuke." Countered Timmy "And that gave us a war, a war we won we ease but a war none the less."

"And we have updated our sensors, we know when that type of faster than light travel is used and we will have warning for that." countered David

"Yes, but what about the types we don't know about yet? How will we be warned about those?" inquired Timmy before letting the topic go. "Your right but I am still concerned."

"I can't argue with that." Agreed David as he looked at the multiple dots on the screen for a moment longer before turning them off again.

Out in the vacuum of space the conquest fleet of the Race moved toward their target of Tosev 3, they had journeyed through the stars, in pretty much a straight-line form Vantic 5. Now that they were getting closer to their destination dominate ship functions came online. To avoid hardware breaking down after decades in space, systems tended to shut down and go into a standby mode with only a skeleton crew running the ship and monitoring the short-range radar and radio transmissions from Home. Lights turned on in dominate parts of the ship as sensors where turned toward Tosev 3 for the 1st time.

The operators onboard the ships of the conquest fleet wasn't expecting anything what they got surprised them. They were getting weak broadcasts from within the heart of the Tosev system, they couldn't understand it. They could detect broadcasts but their computers couldn't put it into any known radio types. What they didn't know was that their systems where just too primitive, the Tau'ri had advanced to such a point that while the systems of the race could tell something was there they couldn't tell what it was. Following the fixed command system the officer who detected the unknown broadcasts reported it up the chain of command until finally it reached the desk of Fleet Lord Atvar.

"Is this report real?" inquired Atvar as he turned a turreted eye toward his adjutant Pshing. As his adjutant Pshing's body paint was stranger than other males, half of his body paint showed his relatively low rank however the other half showed the complex body paint of Atvar. "We are getting broadcasts from Tosevite 3?"

"Not just Tosev 3, exulted fleet lord." Corrected Pshing "We have also gotten broadcasts from Tosev 2 and 4."

"Both planets are uninhabitable." countered Atvar as he thought about it. "How could we be getting radio broadcasts from the system?"

"Exulted fleet lord our best guess seams to be that the broadcasts are coming from the star itself." Stated Pshing "It could be a type of solar flare we have not seen before throwing off sounds into space that is bouncing off the planets or some other kind of natural event. There is no other logical answer, if it was coming from just Tosev three we could say it was possibly some other Empire had conquered it but Tosev 2 and 4 cannot support life in any way."

"Still this is concerning." stated Atvar "When will be range that our radar can get an image of the inner parts of the system?"

"Half a year." Stated Pshing, translated into the native orbit length which was double of the orbit of home, it would be three months. "We could turn them on now and get some information about the system but not enough. If I may exulted fleet lord I recommend that we launch one of our recon probes early and send it to study they system."

"Yes, that is what I was about to order. Prepare the probe for launch and send me the projected path and timetable for getting information from the probe." ordered Atvar

"It shall be done." answered Pshing as he went off to carry out the will of the fleet lord. It was a rather straight forward process and something that was on the conquest schedule drew up thousands of years ago. The only required changed to the probe was the flight path and the amount of time that the probe's rocket engine would burn. With that done the probe was launched leaving the banner ship on a flight path toward Tosev 3 even as the fleet as a whole began the process of slowing down to begin the turn toward the inner part of the system.

Unknown to the members of the race who programed the flight path they had sent it within a few hundred Kilometers of one of the Tau'ri early warning defense stations. The probe was still multiple thousands of kilometers away but the sudden appearance of the probe from what was believed to be a large gathering of asteroids caused alarm bells to start going off. The first alarm bell happened on the radar watch deck where man and women monitored the space around the home system.

"What is going on?" inquired the head officer of the watch Specialist David Goldfarb.

"We have something launching from Asteroid Group D-34B." reported a radar operator as she looked down at her screen. "It is making a turn, it is not a natural break up. This thing is under power and it is speeding up."

"A missile?" inquired David

"Unknown, if it is it is moving too slow and it was fired too soon." answered the operator "If I were to place a bet, I would say it was a probe."

"You launch a probe from a ship." Stated Timmy as he looked at Goldfarb, "I don't think those are asteroids, I think they are ships. A lot of ships."

"I Better make the call." said David as he picked up a phone built into his work station and called the commander of the station. With that done the crew turned their attention totally on the group of asteroids, which were clearly not asteroids anymore. Within moments the sound of general quarters began going off followed moment later by the force of the station commander.

"General Quarters, General Quarters all hands man your battle stations." said the commander's voice, most people on the crew likely thought it was a drill then he went on. "This is not a drill all hands man your battle stations."

Then it got serious as men and women rushed to the battle stations, the multiple rail guns came online, the shields where brought up to full power and within moments Eagle fighters began taking off from the hanger below. The massive main beam cannon which was located in a long arm in the main part of the station swung toward the large group of asteroids which were clearly not asteroids anymore. It was too early to charge the weapon considering once it was charged it had to be fired but they made it combat ready Within moments the station was ready for a fight, all over the system alarms where going off as the Tau'ri 1st fleet went on high alert. Battleships, carriers, cruisers and destroyers began to move into a defensive stance as word rushed back to Earth and the high command.

Well I have returned after a short break where I have been relaxing somewhat, now I hope you enjoyed this start to the story. I will be bringing in some characters from Contact at Kobol, so if you haven't read that please go read that. I will also go back and wrap up some issues that couldn't have done before because of the time line of the stories and for those who would have rather have me go straight to my planned 3rd story which is a Mass Effect/Stargate story I will say. Please stay with me because I will be using elements I introduce here in the 3rd story. Now I thank you and please keep reading, Thanks Wilkins75.