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I would like to take a moment to explain my future plans, I have been getting a lot of PMs asking when the Stargate/Mass Effect story will start and where it will take place. So, I will explain it. The entire Mass Effect story Reapers and all minus Humans took place in another galaxy and that is the Galaxy that the Prometheus is going to be heading too at the start of the next story which will bring the Tau'ri into contact with the Citadel Council and Reapers, I am likely going to put it in the time frame of Mass Effect 2, my personal favorite but that isn't for sure yet. As for when it will come, I expect this story to end between 20 and 25 chapters and then I will start with the Mass Effect Story. As for the Star Trek/Battlestar story, I will not start that one until after the Stargate/Mass Effect Story. Now enjoy the story.

Chapter 12 Reactions

The house was simple, with white washed wooden walls with what looked to be some kind of plaster of something to keep the heat in during the winter and keep it cool in the summer. For the Tau'ri it felt like summer but in truth it was closer to fall on this part of the planet and most of the Vantic people where preparing for what was likely going to be an average winter, a winter that could drop down into the 50s or even the 40s by Tau'ri standards. For the Race, which north and south pole at home on rare once in a decade occasions dropped down far enough for snow to fall having an average winter be in that range was too harsh.

For the Tau'ri the room was about the right size of a human to feel totally fine in, the ceiling was about the normal height and so on. The only things that really jumped out about the layout of the room was that the doorways was extra wide as if it was designed to allow people in wheelchairs to move through with great ease. The windows had wooden shutters over them and blocked out the light coming from the candles which had quickly been lite. The light filled the room with enough light to be seen but it wasn't good by the standards of the Tau'ri. A fireplace made out of stones lined one wall with a staircase large enough for two and a half humans to walk up side by side was along the other side. The life sign detectors showed four people in the house, however the strange thing was the detectors said that all four of them where in the room with them.

"Sir, report from the Odyssey, medical scans show that the locals have two hearts it can throw the life sign detectors off a bit." Said another member of his team, as the Colonel made a mental note and knocked down the number of people in the house to two Vantics and four Tau'ri members. This meant that now, the area was clear of threats.

"Please sit, sit." Said their host, the Vantic female, Janiea heading into the what looked to be kitchen of some kind which was located behind the living room, she came out a couple moments later with small glass cups on an off-color silver metal tray with a large pitcher of water and what looks to be small rolls of some kind. She placed the tray on the center low table and poured each of them a cup of water before offering him the cup. "Welcome to my home. If I may be so forward, you are aliens and not members of the Empire."

"Thank you and no we are not part of the Race's Empire, in fact they went to conquer us and found out that we were not sword swinging savages anymore." said Colonel Kumar using the translator program in his helmet to speak with his host. With that done he took the cup which was offered at making a quick flip on his wrist moment computer. Within moments the life sign detector switched to a quick scan of the water for any harmful to his heath. It wasn't a perfect system, far from it but it offered some protection. He waited until the scan was done which took a few moments then he tapped the side of his helmet allowing the front part of his visor to open allowing his host to see his slightly tanned light skin and his brown eyes, his hair was still hidden under bulk of his helmet. He took a drink which caused the two locals to communicate to each other in their native tongue which was a series of clicks which his translator program couldn't make any sense of. The on board computer had the races tongue of clicks, hisses and pops in the database which allowed him to follow but they had no source for the local tongue. The two vantic looked at him before the one which had come with them, Vaince spoke in the hisses and pops of the race.

"Sorry I forgot you couldn't understand our words." said Vaince, he like Janiea where sitting on benches but not in the normal way but long wise with the longest part of the bench running from the front to the back allowing their four legs to rest two on either side.

"That is ok, I can't speak the tongue of the race either, the computer in my suit does it for me." explained Kumar in English allowing the another one of his team to translate.

"So what are you?" inquired Janiea

"I am a human from Earth or as the Race would call me a Tosevite from Tosev 3. It appears that the Race had a choice between carrying out their invasion of your world or our world first, they picked yours and that delay along with the Race's belief that every society advances at the same rate they do. In the time they took to assemble their fleet, attack your people and arrive at our system we have advanced to a point far beyond them." explained Kumar. "The conquest fleet they sent to our world, the one which conquered your people is currently surrounded by a fleet of warships in our system and the Race's own home world is under blockage by a different fleet. Our leaders are considering sending more aid to the Vantic people and carry out military operations against the Race. It would help convince them if one of your leaders could come to Earth and speak to them about the need of your people."

"If you want to help us why do you call us by the name the Race gave us." hissed Janiea "You insult as by calling us by our oppressors name."

"Sorry, we only have the records of the Race to go off us and they didn't record what name your people called yourself before the Race came here. The Race didn't record what your people called yourself or this world." explained Kumar

"Forgive me, I shouldn't be surprised by that." said Janiea "The Race is self-centered to the extreme with only their worthless Emperor standing over them. We are Opochti the and this world is Ovea, it is our home and no one will take it from us."

"I understand, we recently fought and won a war against a group who tried to claim control over all of our race, humanity and the worlds we rule." Said Colonel Kumar

"Are you conquers as well?" inquired Janiea "Are you any better than the Race? Do you conquer and enslave those you conquer?"

"We are not conquering not in the way you think anyhow." Said Kumar "We have settled on un populated worlds and those worlds in our area of control that are populated are left alone for the most part. We try to open trade with them, offer schools, medical help and trading locations and in return it is hoped that one day those worlds once they reach a certain level will want to join the Alliance as Equals. Only a couple of years ago we had one world with over three billion people join our alliance and one of their native-born sons is our vice President which makes him second in command of the entire Tau'ri alliance."

"I see." Said Janeia

"Do you have a way to contact your leaders, so that we can get them in contact with our leaders?" inquired Kumar as the two locals looked at each other.

"He and the others of his team saved my neighbors and I, we can trust them." Stated Vaince "Remember I swore this on the spirits of my ancestors."

The Tau'ri had no idea that this statement was the highest that any of their kind could use, it was a kin to swearing on the bible or other religious text would be for the Tau'ri. It was a sign of deep trust and respect.

"Very well, I will contact the resistance. The question is how do I explain this to them?" inquired Janiea as she stood up and moved toward a line of candles in the window, with care she light two of the three with the one in the far end no lite. The Tau'ri watched as she moved to another window and lite only a single one, this one in the middle.

"A sign that you need to contact them?" inquired Kumar

"Yes, telling them I need to speak to them at once but it may take some time." explained Janiea "Would you like some food?"

If anything the meeting area that the Race had set up inside the shuttle craft terminal was hotter than it was outside. The Race had sealed off an upper level of a large two-story lobby for the meeting, the lobby was set up with a bunch of ticket counters for different shuttle craft companies on the ground level with a large open space with a statue of some lizard in the center. The second floor wrapped around the lobby but was open in the center so that a person could look down at the lobby below. The issue was that the 1st floor was still open to the public and the reporters where straining to get images of Tau'ri delegation. The Race had freaked out when ten of his marines had followed him in and had formed a defenses position with four marines each at the top of the two stairs leading up to the second floor with a reserve force of two marines with him along with his translator/aid and the marine holding the flag. He didn't see a reason for the flag but the Race had one of their unarmed police holding one and this allowed him to have another armed marine with him. The rest of the force was outside guarding the owl, the pilot and copilot had that on standby and its chain gun and missiles would come into play if the Race tried anything. They of course would be beamed out but that was a card he would rather not play yet and so far the Race while outnumbering the Tau'ri forces had shown no visible weapons outside of harden plastic police batons and their own claws and teeth.

Hackett looked out over the crowd of lizard reporters all yelling up at him from the lobby, thanks to the hearing piece in his ear he could understand all them even if he had to use a translator to speak to them or put on a helmet to use the program built within.

"Are they ready?" inquired Hackett to his aid as he turned around to look at the Race's delegation to this meeting. He couldn't read their body paint but he guessed it told of their rank kind of like how his military uniform insignia.

"Looks to be about ready sir." Said the aid as Hackett looked down at his computer pad, he was getting up to the minute reports about the current situation on Vantic 5.

"Request the teams on Vantic 5 to inquire about the actual name of the locals and what they call their world." Ordered Hackett as he noticed one of the lizards turned an eye turret toward him when he said Vantic.

"At once sir." Said the aid as he used his radio to communicate with the Missouri who would send the orders to the Odyssey and the teams on the surface. Only to find out that the answer had been sent already. "Sir, the team on Vantic have said they call their world Ovea and their people are called the Opochti."

"Good." Said Hackett as he made a mental note of the names.

"We are ready to begin." It said to the aid not knowing that the ear piece allowed Hackett to understand him. They moved forward and stood across from the five members of the Race delegation, a table sat between them and aside from it being low by Tau'ri standards it was basically the same as one would find on Earth. It had a lamented top with polished metal legs at each corner, it was the chairs which would be an issue, it was designed for the Race and had a hole for a tail and was designed horribly for a human to sit in it.

"Sir, we can find you something better there is a field stool on the Owl." offered the aid as Hackett looked at the chair.

"Yes, that would be for the best this might take some time." Admitted Hackett as the aid explained the issue to the Race delegation who looked at Hackett and the chair in confusion as if they couldn't understand the problem. It didn't take long for a marine to come up with the simple camping stool and while it wouldn't win any prices for comfort it was light years ahead of the Race's chair.

"Now we can begin." stated Hackett as he sat down across from the delegation of five lizards, it was clear however that the one in the center was the real lizard in charge. One appeared to be just a flag barrier and the other looked to be a reporter and held a video camera, there was microphones on the table already.

"In the Name of the Emperor I welcome you to Home and he is ready to embrace the Tau'ri so that they can rise up to true glory." Said the protocol master as he began the talks the way that had been agreed upon. "We can unite our empires together under the grace of Emperor Rison and your Emperor bows to him will become truly great."

"No." said Hackett through his translator, that seemed to take the lizards aback right away. "We have not come to join your Empire, in fact we have a major issue with your Empire most of all the actions you are carrying out on Ovea to the Opochti people."

"What are your speaking of?" inquired the Race member in the center. "What is this Ovea and Opochti?"

"The people you call Vantic on Vantic 5, that is their actual name according to them." explained Hackett more than annoyed that these conquers wouldn't even recognize the name of people they have basically enslaved. "Our ships are already in orbit of their world and what we have found is not looking good for you."

"Are you threatening us?" inquired the center one

"We have major concerns." Said Hackett coldly, which was diplomatic speech which basically translated to a sword being pulled only halfway out. "It is hoped that we can come to a peaceful solution to the issues we have found."

"And what issues is that?" inquired the center one. "We have conquered Vantic 5 and by right of conquest we rule the savages there just like your Empire rules you Tosevites and any other races in his Empire."

"We have no Emperor." Stated Hackett as the Race turned both eye turrets on him, clearly, he now had their full interest. "We have no Empiror, we are ruled by a President and a congress of leaders elected by popular vote of the people of the Tau'ri alliance. From the reports we got your Fleet Lord Atvar called it snoat counting."

The race seemed stunned, as if they couldn't process the information that was given to them. It was as if the idea of a government without an Emperor was beyond their mental power, like it was such an impossibly that they never imagined it was even possible.

"Besides we Tosevites or humans as we call our selves which form the Tau'ri alliance was never conquered we rose from our home world of Earth and thanks to our advance technology gained by hard work, rediscovery of ancient technology and other skills we have become the major power in two galaxies."

"Ah…your lies are a clear that a hatching still wet from the egg could see through it." said the center one with a term which caused Hackett to raise an eyebrow at. He didn't really follow the saying but it wasn't too hard to guess they didn't believe him. "You are clearly lying, because it is impossible to travel faster than light and it is also impossible that you have no emperor because there is no other way to organize intelligent beings. You are clearly lying to us."

The lizard crossed his arms over his or was it her chest, Hackett couldn't tell the gender of the creature across from him, in strangely human way. It was as if he or she believed that they had just proven a point that couldn't be argued against in any possible way.

"You think so." said Hackett as he took a deep breath. "Tell me where do you think the fleet of warships which is currently over this world came from? You have radar, you must have seen that they came out of hyperspace at speeds which are very near to light speed and began to slow down."

"Near light speed, not beyond it." countered the race member, not admitting that even going that close to the speed of light was believed to be impossible. "Now let us turn to the issues before us, Vantic is ours just like Tosev 3 now belongs to your Emperor, by right of Conquest. We have brought civilization and culture to the savages just like your Emperor brought it to you into the light of civilization."

Hackett eyes narrowed in anger at the insult but he remained calm, he knew that his fleet could crush the Race's Empire in a day not just this world but on all their worlds. They would likely take more time traveling from each world then it would to conquer them. Outside of Ovea none of the worlds had any military force, he could fire on them from orbit and carry out air strikes, before putting troops on the ground if he wanted too. He could even call on the super weapon ship, the Ragnarok which had erased Caprica City in the 12 colonies of Kobol off the map if he really wanted to. Then he shook his head slightly, the Ragnarok was currently undergoing testing in the Pegasus galaxy and outside of his ability to get in a timely fashion. The Ragnarok was out of the question, so he would have to it the old fashion way if he wanted to bring the race back to the stone age.

"Now, you will start telling us the truth." ordered the lizard as if he was an General talking down to a cadet who has broken some rule.

"I have already told you the truth, the situation before us is making sure you understand the situation you find yourself in." said Hackett as he lifted his hand up and an aid placed an Asgard hologram stone in his hands. He placed it in center of the table and tapped it as a map of the galaxy came up, for a moment the Race delegation looked at it before the map was broken up into multiple different colored designs with the largest section being in a shade of blue. "This is the current boarders for the major powers in the Galaxy and the blue is the area under the control of the Tau'ri Alliance."

He tapped the stone again as the blue section became larger and in the middle of all that blue was a tiny section of red. The amount of red was tiny and far away from the nearest borders of any other powers. The Race was surrounded by the forces of the Tau'ri, there wasn't even another smaller power also surrounded by the Tau'ri like the Colonials or the Cylons.

"The red is the area you control; the blue is the area under the direct or indirect control of the Tau'ri alliance." explained Hackett, he had no idea that in the eyes of the Race blue was a weak color and red was a stronger color. "It comes to around 20% of the galaxy and while we are still in the middle of a proper mapping of the area we are talking hundreds of thousands of worlds some habited some not. We are also talking about an almost countless numbers of souls who are under Tau'ri control in one way or another. This is what you are facing, a nation which spreads out across 20% of this Galaxy and has a large base of operation in the Pegasus Galaxy. We have hundreds of warships armed with weapons which you have never imagined and that you have no defense against."

"What proof do you have? You have claimed all this but no evidence." countered another member of the Race. "How could you Tau'ri can explain your so call rapid advancement? You claim all this and provide no proof."

"I believe the fleet of warships in orbit is one proof." countered Hackett "When it comes to our advancement, tell me do cells divide at the same rate?"

"No of course not, cells divide at different rates but what does that have to do with anything." inquired the male

"Because you assumed that cultures and civilizations change at the same rate, they do not." explained Hackett as the Race came to face an idea they had never considered, that civilizations advanced at different rates. "Like cells, they divide at different rates some are slower like your civilization is while others are much faster in their rate of change, like mine is. You took three samples when it came to yourself and your two subject races and assumed that it was a natural law, it isn't."

"We have three subject races so we have four examples." corrected another one of the lizards, not realizing that on the computer pad in Hackett's hand was a target book for not only Home but every world within the Empire and an outline of a plan to destroy the empire in a single day.

"Maybe some hard evidence is in order." said Hackett before turning to an aid. "Can a Condor land on the runway outside?"

"Shouldn't be a problem." Said the aid as he pulled up a map of the shuttle port. They could have beamed them off world and onto one of the ships in orbit, likely the flagship Missouri but that was a card they didn't want to play until it was needed. "But sir, we could use an Owl?"

"I don't want these things on one of my warships for the moment." explained Hackett in English so that the Race couldn't understand him.

"I understand sir, the race don't use a runway like we normally use but they cleared off the pad of almost all their shuttles, we can land with ease." Explained the aid.

"Very good, with your permission one of our longer-range transports will land here and take a small delegation of your choice to Earth. There you can contact your Fleet Lord before coming back here." offered Hackett as he looked at the distances on his own computer pad, a Condor wasn't as fast as a warship or even a larger Hardin class transport but it could make the trip to Earth in about an hour. So a two hour flight time with some time there thrown in. "Will having them travel to Earth or Tosev 3 as you call it and be back in a couple of hours will that convince you of the truth."

"That is impossible so why are you trying to trick us?" inquired the male in the center

"No trick, the only other choice is that I show off some of the fire power under my command." said Hackett "Maybe a weapon test in some uninhabited space would show you as well. Would that be more to your liking?"

The race members shared a look between themselves, they were not used to having to make a choice of such importance without proper weighing of options and outcomes. The thing was the choice was clear, they didn't want some unknown weapon firing on their world even if they got to pick the test site. If the choices were between having to deal with this false front of faster than light travel and having a nuclear weapon because that was the strongest weapon possible going off the choice was clear.

"Very well." said the Male to the right, he was slightly bigger and was the only one who seemed armed, armed with a baton but still armed. By the way he stood, he was likely a solider of some kind, maybe a palace guard even so he wore gray body paint which wouldn't help him hide in a battle if all the guards wore that the teams on standby to take the Imperial Palace if ordered would have an even easier time. "I will make the arrangement."

"Very good." said Hackett as he nodded toward his aid to give his permission to the aid to send the order.

On Valhalla Acacia and Medea where already enjoying themselves to no end and they hadn't even reached the park itself yet. The hotel they were staying at with Robert and his family was amazing themed to wildlife and that was something Acacia loved even more than most. It had large wooden columns of deep brown wood and a statue of two large animals native to Valhalla stood facing the two main entrees. One was a silver Deer, which was a larger than normal deer with silver antlers which didn't fall out and a cougar sized black cat with silver tiger strips called a Shadow Cat. She had read that until the Tau'ri came and populated the almost barren world with their animals those two animals had been the largest animals on the world. The woman behind the reception desk was much more welcoming to Acacia and Medea then the one at the hotel they had stayed at the night before, once she learned they were colonials she offered to send someone to help explain how everything worked.

"Don't worry, my boyfriend will do that." Explained Acacia as she stood beside Robert who smiled. The receptionist smiled too and without saying a word so his parents would hear a window popped up on the computer in front of her and Robert. "Approval for Miss Acacia Davis to have access to Captain Robert Lefeld room?"

Robert tapped the yes button and with that Acacia now had access to Robert's room at any time by the DNA scanner on the door.

"Thank you." said Acacia as the woman nodded.

"My pleasure." said the receptionist. "Looks like you are with us for 10 days and on one of those days your taking a trip on our wildlife tour."

"Yes, really looking forward to that." said Acacia "I am studying Zoology back home."

"Really." said the receptionist as she made a note. "I'll tell your guide about that, now I believe everything is in order. Captain Lefeld, with your military discount and hero discount your total comes to."

"Here." said Robert as he handed over his card as the woman took it and began to take down the information.

"Robert what is this all about?" inquired Robert's father voice as both turned to see a news broadcast on one of the impossibly thin flat screen tvs which was located around the lobby for people to catch up on the news real fast. It showed what looked to be a lizard like being forcing a bug like alien around at gun point. The next thing to come up had a warning about how young people shouldn't watch then it showed another one of those lizards murdering a different bug alien. Then it showed a camp which looked like one of those horrible death camps from the darkest part of Tau'ri history.

"What is going on with that?" inquired Lisa Lefeld as she looked at her older brother for the answer, as if being a Captain in the military meant he knew everything about what was going on in the galaxy.

"I have no idea." admitted Robert as they watched the news for a moment before heading up to their rooms.

"Looks like that lizard race called the Race kind of self-centered name thinks they can conquer Earth?" added Mrs. Lefeld, Acacia and Medea didn't counter with the fact that the name Tau'ri meant, those of the 1st world.

"Judging from the technology they don't stand a chance and the 1st fleet is surrounding them." added Robert as the reporter went on to read a statement from President Carter about how there was no threat and that the 7th Fleet had the Race's home world under blockage and that the Race has occupied a world populated by another race of insect like aliens. The actions being carried out on that world did not look good in the eyes of the Tau'ri, even the two Colonials watching with them was getting angry as they watched what was explained to be children being moved at gunpoint into camps. They couldn't stand around in the lobby all day and finally they headed out on their day.

After checking into their rooms, they were on their way to the main park using the monorail system which ran between Disney's two parks and the single finished Universal one and soon to be second one. It was a joint venture by the two rival companies to make getting around the area easier.

"Robert what will happen with that that insect world and the lizards?" inquired Acacia

"Likely the lizards will leave on their own or they will be forced out." said Robert. "Judging from what they should of their equipment, it not that good by our standards and we would have the advantages in almost everything."

"Well you had the advantages in almost everything and you still couldn't take over the colonies right away, for the 1st couple of months we were in a basic standoff." countered Medea, she expected Robert to get angry instead he nodded his head.

"True but that was because we didn't have the ships built yet, hell the three of us are the same age technically but thanks to the time dalliance we used to buy us time to build the ships I am older now then the two of you." explained Robert "Against this Race, we have the ships, we have the soldiers, if it goes to battle it will be over fast. A couple of hours at the most."

"This is going to be so much fun." said Robert's niece interrupting the talk.

"Let's not focus on that, we are here to have some fun." added Robert as they rode toward the park, Acacia and Media didn't even notice it until after the monorail made the turn to run past it. Even then the first thing they noticed wasn't the grassy field or the halfway rebuilt buildings, but instead it was the beautiful lake with the rays from the sun bouncing off the water. Acacia had just taken a photo when a rock bounced off the window causing her and many others in the car to jump back as more rocks hit the window and side of the monorail car.

"What the frak?" added Medea as the speakers above them came alive.

"Sorry for the delay, but the monorail station at the Kobol City ruins are no longer open we are proceeding onto the Valhalla Disney World station." reported the conductor as the monorail picked up speed as Acacia like so many others moved toward the window. There was maybe two or three dozen people dressed in normal looking cloths surrounded by police. One of the protestors held up a scroll, which she instantly knew to be one of the holy scrolls of Lords of Kobol.

"Kobol City?" inquired both colonial woman, as they looked out over the site where Tau'ri teams had dug up and preserved what remained of what the Holy Scrolls of the Lords of Kobol, called the City of the Gods. It wasn't that impressive, remains of some stone buildings, a couple of large rocks a road and that was about it.

"More Colonial protestors." Complained another guest nearby the two Colonial woman and the Lefeld family. "They have been at it for a couple of days now, I kind of wish that the police just removed them and end their little prayer in."

"What are they praying about?" inquired Medea as the man shrugged.

"They are Colonials, what else do they complain about their stupid religion." Said the man unaware that two Colonials stood before him. "They just can't it through their thick heads that this is Valhalla and it is under our rule, not their religious rule. I know the screen them before they come but that only works if they plan to do so ahead of time, if they decided on the spur of the moment to do that then there is no screening process for that. We gave them land to build a temple to Zeus and instead they throw stones because it isn't on the remains of the Gou'ald city where they were slaves. After the nuked us, that makes perfect sense."

"Where is the temple at?" inquired Acacia as the man pointed out the other window away from the historical site on the shore of the lake. There was a plot of land which was cleared and the early parts of construction was already started.

"Right across the road but they want to build it on the historical site. Part of me wish we had forced them back to the stone age. Let them beat each other to death with clubs and leave us alone" answered the man with a shake of his head before turning back to his own business as Acacia lowered her head and backed away from the man. Only to feel a hand on her shoulder, she turned to see Robert smiling down at her and her heart began to rise again.

"Don't worry about it." He said as he gave her a short kiss as they made their way toward the park.

Back in the Colonies Kara Thrace was in a horrible mood as she rode the bus back to her apartment complex, back on Delphi before the war she had a large vehicle which looked at home on the battlefield then on the street. Now she had to take a bus because she couldn't afford a vehicle, like so many other members of the military most of all those who had lived on Caprica she had banked at Colonial Military Credit Bank. The bank was headquarters in Caprica City and that is where all their computers and records where located, when Caprica City was whipped off the map it took all the records of her and millions of others account. That had ruined her bank account and then her vehicle had been destroyed when the Tau'ri bombed the military base she had went to get into the fight. That had cost her bank account and her ride, then her landlord had raised his prices and she was discharged from the military due to budget cuts. So now she found herself on a dirty city bus heading into the bad part of town toward an apartment she shared with four other women.

"At least I have a fraken job." Stated Kara to herself as she looked out the window, Kythera was the largest city on Leonis and had a lot of factories. It had taken some fire from the Tau'ri but the Tau'ri had focused most of their firepower on Tauron, Caprica, Picon, Gemomon and Sagittarian. The rest had taken raiding attacks on their worlds but still damage was damage. The bus passed the burnt out remains of an anti-air missile defense station which still hadn't been cleaned up.

"You think with 20% unemployment they could get some people to clean this place up." Said one of her fellow coworkers who was also on the bus with her.

"Where are we going to get the money, all the money is being spent on Tauron, Caprica and Picon not here." stated Kara as she looked at the rundown buildings. It had been just over a year since the end of the war, but the economy of the Colonies had basically stopped because the government couldn't pay for the loans they had taken to buy war material. That had caused countless numbers of business both large and small to fail almost overnight. Cars and trucks where parked along the road, the same vehicles that had been there for weeks, fuel prices where over the top because the Tau'ri had destroyed the refineries during the war. They were coming back online but the prices where off the scale for people who didn't have jobs. The only places that had jobs was Aquaria and Libran because they were the Tau'ri favorites and had heavy investment from them, the other worlds which had jobs was Caprica, Picon and Tauron but those jobs where mostly clean up duty from the war and rebuilding the civilian space fleet.

When her stop came she got out and walked another block toward an apartment building, she used one of her keys to open the front door and started up the stairs toward the 5th floor where her apartment was located. As she headed up the stairs a boy came running down with of all things a toy Tau'ri Eagle fighter in hand. He held it in the air as if he was pretending her was the pilot.

"Fraken traitor." Said Kara as she fought the need to slap the toy out of the boy's hand as she moved up to her apartment and entered to find one of her roommates, a former marketing planner now turned worker at one of the Tau'ri fast food business.

"Hello Kara." said one of her roommates as Karl nodded her greeting before going into the apartment. It wasn't a horrible place, but not the place Karl wanted to be. She walked past another one of her room mates who was busy watching the TV, a woman who had once worked at an artillery shell factory before it was blown up and now worked nights cleaning bathrooms the same Viper factory Karl worked at. Her other roommate making the 4th woman sharing an apartment designed to hold only two, was currently unemployed but had an interview for one of the almost four thousand jobs which was coming soon in a still being built Tau'ri computer factory. Four thousand jobs with over 50 people trying out for each job making Tau'ri designed computers which wasn't even their best computers for a colonial market who were in a mad rush to buy anything Tau'ri. The Tau'ri may not have conquered them in the traditional sense but they had conquered the Colonies none the less.

"I hate my fraken life and the Fraken Tau'ri." said Kara as she went into her room and fell onto her bed, before feeling around the floor beside her bed with one hand until she found a bottle with some liquid in it among her collection of used liquor bottles.

Fleet Lord Straha was not in a good mood not by a long shot, his efforts to bring culture to the savages of Vantic 5 was running into more problems than he expected. The populous was fighting back against the light of civilization more than he had ever believed possible and more than the experts and planners believed they would. The locals need to hang onto their hatchlings was confusing to every member of the race, who once their young came out of their eggs they would hand off to a male or female properly trained in raising them to do the job. The idea of motherhood and fatherhood as the Vantic called it was pointless and alien ideas to them, outside the line of the Emperor, none of the members of the Race knew who fathered them because when the mating season came it was a free for all in the rush to mate and a female could and would mate with dozens of males in the same season. Most didn't even know who their mother was but that at least was on public records but no one really bothered to look it up.

"How many of the crawlers have attempted to attack our schools?" inquired Straha

"There has been 17 major attacks across the planet and countless numbers of smaller more peaceful attacks." Stated his aid "With the worse being…"

"I know where it was." hissed Starha in a threatening tone which caused his aid to shut up at once. He even extended both hands showing his claws a clear sign among the race that he was ready and wanted a fight. "How did some backwater savages kill so many highly trained males and four helicopters in a couple of minutes and that is on top of the ones they murdered during the day and the trooper carriers they destroyed?"

"Sorry Exulted fleet lord, we aren't sure, we have isolated the woods and plans are being made to send in wood clearing crews to remove the hiding spots." said the aid as Straha put his claws away.

"No." hissed Straha "I want plans drawn to fire bomb the woods, let's see these wolves as they call themselves hide when everything is a smoking waste."

"Sir, I will order the planners to begin drafting the plans." said the aid as he rushed out of the room.

"Good." Said Straha as he moved toward the window and looked down at the ceremonial wall where the Race had inscribed the names of every male who gave their life to spread the Empire. Here the wall was already larger then another other conquest and now more names would be added. Looking at the wall his mind went to Atvar and the rest of the Conquest Fleet.

"He will have the easiest time of any conquer and get all the credit while I do all the real work." Complained Straha as he ran the dates in his mind, the fleet would have reached Tosev 3 by now or was at least in orbit. Once the males came out of cold sleep the entire conquest would take a few hours a day at the most. "Longer to get everyone out of cold sleep and ready then actual fighting. Damn his luckily scales for being there instead of here where males actually have to work."

Little did he know Fleet Lord Atvar was not in a good mood either, in fact he was wishing he was back on Vantic 5 instead of dealing with the situation in his claws. His fleet was surrounded by the Tau'ri fleet and between them and Tosev 3 was not only a war fleet but multiple battle stations armed with weapons that could rip his ships apart. If that wasn't bad enough he had three fully populated worlds before him and all of them full of advanced Tosevites or Tau'ri as they called themselves. The meeting of all the ship lords would likely be recorded in the history of the race as being the longest in history.

"Exulted Fleet Lord, may I recommend that we end our discussion for today and return again tomorrow to take up this task a new." offered Fleet Lord Kirel, Atvar scanned the fleet lords assembled in the hall, they all looked tired and concern. He was about to give his consent with orders to have an early start to the next meeting tomorrow morning, when an alert appeared on his computer monitor.

"One moment." Said Atvar as he checked the notice coming in from the operational center of the ship. "Forgive me fellow males but we cannot call this meeting to a close just yet. We have new information coming in from interpreted Tosevite broadcasts and it sadly answers once and for all about their claim of faster than light travel."

With that Atvar pressed a button on his computer as the image in the larger display center changed to a mirror of the one on his own computer. It showed a real time broadcast of a Tau'ri news channel showing one of the Tosevites a female he guessed by the longer fur on the top of the head in red. They couldn't understand what the female was saying but the image changed to what was clearly an imagine of a Vantic being pushed around by a male with a rifle. More images of an educational center quickly followed, to the race the buildings didn't really cause any emotions the educational centers on Vantic where almost perfect copies of the educational centers on each of the races worlds and would have been built on Tosev 3 as well. The next images showed buildings not of the races design but clearly similar, the images where black and white and appeared to be taken from above. This caused only confusion for the Race, who didn't know they had just seen a photo from above of a Nazi death camp from WW2. They had no emotional pull from the images or the videos of males dragging young vantic away from their homes and parents. To them it showed the backwardness of the Vantic for focusing on blood ties outside of the line of the Emperor.

"What do you think Exulted Fleet Lord?" inquired Kirel

"I was going to ask you that." admitted Atvar

"Well if I were to assume this only helps us." explained Kirel "Surely as advanced as the Tosevites have become they do not hold tight to these notions of importance of who gave the DNA to an offspring. There is no logical reason why that is of any importance."

"Agreed, this does settle the debate the Tau'ri are capable of traveling faster than light." Said Atvar before turning to the other ship lords. "We will end this meeting for today and meet again in the morning. Dismissed."

The Condor landed without issue and came to a stop at the far end of the landing area for the Race's shuttle craft, using its powerful engines at the lowest setting the 60-meter-long space craft spun around as best it could on the runway. It turned back the way it had come, the door opened and a ladder was lowered to the ground.

"Not the best design." stated the member of the race, the black color made no sense either because it would make it hard to see out in space. The idea that was so that the aircraft was harder to see by any enemy out in space, never crossed their minds.

"Well let's go prove this whole thing to be a falsehood." said the Protocol Master as they headed toward the strange aircraft. The rungs of the ladder was not designed for them, the spacing was too far apart and they had to stretch to reach each of the rungs. They entered the aircraft and found it full of seats, they picked out ones and waited. They watched as another Tosevite lifted the ladder up and resealed the aircraft. Then in a horrifying experience the Aircraft rushed forward at what had to be unsafe speeds and then up heading up into the sky, it wasn't smooth at all which was seen as a design problem with the aircraft by the Race and that meant it was there for primitive. In truth that was because of the shortness of the runway so the pilots had to gun the engines to get in the air before it ran out of runway.

"By the Emperor we are already in space." Said the reporter with them.

"That is impossible, we would be floating in space." countered a science advisor

"Gravity plating, allowing us to simulated gravity." Explained the Tau'ri guard by the cockpit as the attention of the Race went outside again as the wings folded back as the Condor prepared to enter hyperspace. With the edge of Home still visible the Condor opened hyperspace opened and with a rush of speed, the Race delegation was on its way to Earth.

The drone spotted the arrival of the guard of a leader of the Resistance while the local freedom fighters believed that they were still hidden by the cover of darkness. They approached the house in two pairs, one heading toward the front door while the other pair heading toward the back door. The pair heading toward the back door never saw the Owl sitting nearby with the rest of the Tau'ri team because it was under cloak. All four of them where armed with long slightly curved swords almost like Civil War sabers, they pulled them before entering the home.

"Janeia, why do you need us." said one of them in a series of clicks that would have been nothing but clicks a short while ago. While they had been waiting for the arrival the Tau'ri had used the time to get a basic knowledge of the tongue of the locals from their teachers, the computers made that easy all they had to do was say a word in both the language of the Race which the Tau'ri knew and then their own, it was far from perfect but it would work. "We have a lot of problems with the Race taking our children."

"And I hope to help solve your problem." stated Colonel Kumar as the two members of the freedom fighters turned with drawn sabers toward the source of the strange sounding voice. What they saw made them wonder if they could trust their own eyes. Standing in the corner was a figure about as tall as they were, but it walked on two legs without a tail stump. It was dressed in cloths like they were but clearly something far more advanced and it held in its hands a strange rifle pointed at the floor. Its face was hidden by a full helmet and it looked as if metal tubes ran down its arms and legs which appeared to be attached to a pack on its back.

"By the Ancestors what is that?" inquired one of the fighters.

"Colonel Kumar, Tau'ri Special Forces." Introduced Kumar as he lifted his hand and pressed a button on the side of his helmet turning on lights inside the helmet allowing the new comers to see his human face. "I understand you could use some help in freeing your world correct? If so please take me to your leaders."

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