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Chapter 14 Time Frame

The condor pilot had a slight issue when it came to dock with the Race starship the 127th Emperor Hetto but like the 1st condor it extended its universal docking attachment and docked with the Banner Ship of the Conquest fleet. The pilot turned off the gravity allowing the delegation of the Race to float out the door and into their own ship. Once the airlock was sealed the condor pulled away from the banner ship and powered away from the fleet heading toward the battleship Yamato where it would refuel and await orders to bring the Race delegation back to Home.

"We are really on our banner ship." Said the Palace guard as he looked at the low and middle ranking officers who were there to meet the delegation.

"Yes, superior sir." Said one of the officers

"And where is the Fleet Lord Atvar?" inquired the Protocol master

"Right here, sir." said Atvar as he floated up to the delegation and got into the position of respect as best as he could in zero gravity. "Forgive me for my lateness, the Tau'ri only told us a short time ago of your arrival and never gave us precise moment."

"That still doesn't explain why you were not down here to welcome us." said the Protocol master, he as a member of the Imperial Palace was a higher rank then the Fleet Lord, the Palace guard was also higher then Atvar but he was lower than the Protocol Master.

"If I may superior sir." said the Palace Guard. "If you notice the lighting, it means the ship is in its night cycle I assume you were sleeping Fleet Lord Atvar."

"Yes." admitted Atvar "We have been in meetings all day discussing what to do with the Tau'ri."

"Do you have more ships then they do here?" inquired the Protocol master

"We do." said Atvar

"Then maybe…you should push on to their three habitual worlds if we have them under threat of explosive metal bombs we can force them to back off from Home and accept the Emperor." Stated the Protocol Master.

"It wouldn't be that easy." Said the Palace Guard before Atvar could answer "It is said that in order to take an enemy in a prepared position you need 3 times as many as the attacking defending."

"That is true, superior sir." Said Atvar "For the most part, that is based on stone wall defenses and if both sides are armed generally equally we are not in either of those cases."

"You both have explosive metal bombs and missiles, we could strike first and…." started the Protocol Master before Atvar raised his clawed hand in protest.

"Forgive me sir, but the Tosevites have energy based weapons." explained Atvar "They fired an energy beam weapon from one of those stations, all our researchers agree it could cut straight through our ships destroying them."

The newly arrived members of the Race looked at him.

"Energy based weapons, that is impossible." stated the Palace Guard

"We have the video and limited research to show that is far from the case." stated Atvar "We do not know how long it would take to recharge the weapon, but it is clear we wouldn't be able to reach Tosev 4 yet alone Tosev 3. Our ships would be cut down from the sky like crops at harvest time. May the spirits of Emperors past forgive me but I cannot complete the task given to me by the Emperor himself, I cannot conquer Tosev 3."

"I see." said the Protocol Master with disappointment in his voice. "At least you were able to conquer Vantic 5 and this issue was totally unexpected and unplanned. I am sure the spirits of Emperors past will overlook this failure."

"Thank you protocol master however we may have another issue." stated Atvar "We spotted two transport ships heading into the heart of the Tau'ri system, we are concerned that they may try to carry out an attack on Home."

"We are the Race, surely they couldn't be as foolish to challenge us." Said the researcher and expert on the Race and other cultures as the three-main people turned one eye turret each toward him. "Forgive me superior sirs, but is it not a truth that they would be foolish to challenge us."

"No, it is not." said the Palace guard with pain in his voice. "The Emperor has already ordered the preparations for an emergency soldiers time to defend home to begin in secret."

That caused Atvar to look at him, aside from whenever the Race went conquering they had no soldiers only police. They had written records and time frames for training, building and arming soldiers but that would take time. Outside of Palace guards, Police Special Response teams and the rare hunter guns on Home where rare. Most police didn't even carry a firearm, whole police forces in small towns may have only two or three police trained in how to use a firearm and the firearms would be locked away at the station.

"We plan to have the first factory retooled to start producing guns in the next half of a cycle and males and females in the educational testing department are running old tests through the computers adding soldiers to the carrier options for the old carrier tests for males." said the Palace Guard

Atvar's thoughts turned within for a moment, he had taken the test and the scores showed that he was well suited to be a solider and a field in architecture. Sometimes he wondered if he would have had a happier life, building buildings back on Home. He had thought he would be building buildings here on Tosev 3 building a culture only to find that culture a strange culture had already found a home here and had grown to threaten his own.

"That fast, half a year to start production of small arms, that is a rapid change a sure sign of how desperate the time is." said Atvar "However Superior Sir, we may need to change our plans even more."

Change of plans was a dirty saying among the Race, changing plans wasn't supposed to happen. Once you formed a plan you were supposed to follow it to the dot. Nothing was to be changed and therefor nothing could go wrong because everything had been planned of time.

"The Tosevites, they have female soldiers." stated Atvar which caused all the newcomers from home to look at him, females had never been soldiers on Home. "These means they can draw upon their full population when raising an army to fight us."

"I see." said the Palace Guard "any idea how they handle the mating season with females in their armed forces?"

Atvar gave an eye movement which showed he had no idea, among the Race and every race they knew about sexuality only happened during a mating season. When the season came females released a pheromone to tell males it was time and the pheromones the drive need to mate in males. Without the Pheromones, the sexual desire was dormant nothing more than a half thought of idea of passing on DNA to the next generation nothing more. That was why conquests fleets was made totally of males.

"Maybe their females can control when they release their pheromones or those who take up the soldier's path have their pheromone glans removed." offered the science researcher.

"That is a possibility we hadn't considered but that is the most likely answer." admitted Atvar "Either way we need to add females to the consideration for soldiers, the Tau'ri can pull on their entire population when they are building an army, we must do the same."

"Could they already have an army?" inquired Palace Guard

"That would be a huge waste of resources, they keep the ships because they are in space and space has vast room to store ships but to keep actual soldiers outside of a handful on their ships is a huge waste of resources." said the historian "You can't keep large amounts of land cruisers and other weapons of war on the surface of a planet without taking away so much land that could be used to much better uses. Only a truly made species would do that."

"Truth." Said every member of the Race.

"So we have time." Said the historian

On board the Battleship Missouri over Home Admiral Hackett was looking down at the computer display which showed a map of Home as he stood on the bridge of the warship. Around him stood a handful of other officers, this was a semi-formal meeting to bring the Admiral who had been on the surface up to speed.

"Sir, we can land armor in these five points and be in the Capital within two hours, other areas nearby are too built up to land enough armor fast enough to take the capital before any organized resistance could happen." said the army colonel assigned to be Hackett's advisor to the army. A lifelong navy man before going among the stars Hackett knew some about the Marines but when it came to the big heavy tools that the boys in green as he still thought about them had he knew little. "We have other land zones picked out if we want to land near other major cities."

"Thanks Colonel, but truth be told I don't expect any major ground action here on Home." admitted Hackett "If it is going to happen anywhere it is going to happen on Vantic 5 or Opochti as it is known by the locals, here outside of a possible Marine landing to take the Capital and the Imperial palace this is just a thought excises. General Leong want every option we can give her before she presents her plans to the President."

"I understand sir." said the colonel, he was young and still had slight trouble with English. It was clear he wanted to go back to Japanese's but Hackett only knew English with a little Italian he picked up to talk to the Italian ladies when he was in his 20s and stationed in Italy. In the future everyone was going to speak multiple language and some even hinted that in time they would merge into a single new language.

"What is this large area to the North West of the Capital?" inquired Hackett as he zoomed in on the location on the map, it was a wide open plain with no towns, villages or even roads in it. Everything went around it, roads which could have cut through it and saved hours of travel went around it. "There are four major cities in this area and yet it isn't a possible landing zone?"

"Sir, sensors and our brief study of the Race's history show that is where the first nuclear weapons on Home where tested and here." Said the aid as he zoomed in on a small hill. "This is where the Race stored nuclear waste in the past. It is gone now, transported into space and thrown into the star but the area is still slightly radioactive from all the tests."

"I see, maybe if we have to demonstrate our weapons this will be a good spot." offered Hackett as he looked at the map. "A night firing of the main beam cannon could possibly be seen all the way in the capital, have a work up on effects on nearby areas and Home in general if we fire."

"Yes, sir." confirmed the colonel

"Air threats?" inquired Hackett

"No fighters or bombers to concern ourselves about, only anti-air defenses we have seen appear to be show pieces." said the Colonel who was his advisor on air assault. "Unless one of our pilots fly too low on a dive bomb run or the Race starts using kamikaze attacks on our birds, our pilots are safe, and we will total control over the skies within moments. As for targets take your pick, we can hit them with ease all of them are out in the open. No camo and no attempts to hide anything."

"Agreed, this world has been at peace for so long they take it for granted, we can hit every target from orbit." said the weapons officer as the image of a strange doomed shaped building appeared. "These are the Race's nuclear reactors, they are the only source of power on the planet no solar or wind is used and as an added bounce the Race uses hydrogen gained from their nuclear power generator as fuel for their vehicles."

"So an oil refinery and a power generation center all in one?" Said Hackett as he looked at the image, the Tau'ri had switched from Oil products to power their equipment to a naquadah fuel cell. It was the fuel cell which now powered everything from the high-end sports car to the Lion Heavy Tank, they were of course different types of cells but they all worked on the same general principle.

"Yes, sir." Said the Weapons officer "We have all of them marked as well as disruption centers, we can eliminate all power generation on the planet within 10 minutes. If you want us to hit what passes for gas stations as well, that will take longer. Forgive me sir, we are still trying to locate them all?"

"I understand, I wouldn't want to imagine how hard it would be to find and destroy every gas station in a single nation back on Earth." Said Hackett "Has the Foreign relation office looked over the copy of the request we are supposed to present to the Race to get an audience?"

"Yes, sir." Said his intelligence officer "They have looked over it and they are working on an official response and making slight changes to the request."

"Changes?" inquired Hackett

"Yes, sir." Said the captain as she double checked her computer pad. "Most of the intro and outer paragraphs talk about how the person or group is unworthy of the Emperor's time and it such an honor to have him grace his subjects with his time. We are not his subjects, so that will have to change."

"Very well, and our little solution to writing this in fountain pen?" inquired Hackett as he turned to his head of engineering who pulled out a small machine just larger than a piece of paper. It had four tubes which formed a box with another tube in the center which held a copy of the fountain pen the race had given them only this one had a clear plastic tube coming out of the top which connected to a bottle of ink on the side.

"Allow me to demonstrate." said the engineer as he placed down a piece of paper and the devince before tapping a command. Hackett had to stand up but before everyone's eyes, the tube holding the pen moved up and down and began to write in the strange scribbles and dashes which made up the written word of the Race. "Using this auto writing robot and linking it with the translation program we have for the Race we can write out whatever we want in their writing."

"Will it pass any test they have with a fountain pen?" inquired Hackett

"Yes, we believe so." Said the engineer

"Good." said Hackett as suddenly an aid rushed up to him and the other officers, he snapped to attention before handing out a computer pad.

"Forgive me sir, flash traffic from early warning station on Lanagara." Said the young officer as Hackett took the message. His eyes scanned the report before looking at the other officers. "Multiple intelligence sources have confirmed orders have been sent to begin a massive build up of at least 100 Ha'tak class vessels plus support vessels at P3C145. Looks like the Jonaira Free Jaffa Nation is preparing to launch an attack. Not sure which force they will hit first they can use P3C145 as a staging area to launch into, the Alunian Jaffas or any of the Lucian Alliance nations but it is clear we can expect war near Lanagra in the near future."

"How much of a risk is Lanagara in?" Inquired another officer to the Intelligence officer.

"With the second fleet there and the defense stations we have, it would be foolish to attack it but no system not even Earth is totally safe." said the intelligence officer

"There is an old saying, if you can see it you can hit it, if you can hit it you can destroy it." stated the Weapon's officer

Hackett didn't answer, he knew that all five major planets within the Tau'ri alliance, Earth, Mars, Venus, Vahalla and Lanagara had a machine that would shift the entire planet to a pocket dimension which would protect it from harm. However aside from President's Carter experience in another parallel universe it had never been tested in actual combat and had only been added after the Colonial War.

"Either way, intelligence believes that it will take the Jonaira Nation two weeks to gather their forces and prepare everything." Said Hackett his mind racing as he thought about the options before him. "We haven't received orders yet, but I imagine that we will need to deploy the fleet to the Lanagara front to make sure no one tries anything. We will need to wrap this up within the next seven to ten days so we can be in place before they can make a move."

"Ten days, at the most." said the Captain of the Missouri as she stood beside the Admiral, "At the rate the Race seams to move, we would be lucky if we get an answer from our audience request in ten years."

"Which would be twenty years to them." Said the science officer with a small laugh to lighten the mood. "Their years are two times as long as ours."

"Well we have ten days at the most." answered Hackett as he looked out toward the Home, wondering if he would have to light this world on fire.

The ringing cell phone woke former Colonial Viper pilot Kara Thrace out of her sleep as she checked the clock on the front of the Tau'ri designed but colonial made cell phone. It was around 8 in the evening and aside from drinking and sleeping she had done nothing since she got home almost four hours ago. She checked the ID and let out a groan as she accepted the call and lifted the phone to her ear.

"Hello Lee." said Kara

"Kara, can you meet me at the Willow Way in half an hour." Said Lee Adama as Kara thought about it.

"You're here? Why the frak did you come to this shit ball of a city?" inquired Kara

"To see you and to offer you the best chance you will have to get back into the military." answered Lee "Now will you meet me?"

"Sure, I haven't eaten yet." Answered Kara "You're paying."

"I figured." Answered Lee Adama with a groan as the line went dead. Kara then stood up and to her own slight amazement she made herself presentable, she didn't just throw on old pairs of jeans and a semi-clean shirt. Instead she found a nice pair of black slacks and a red top and worked on her hair a bit before heading out the door.

"Going on a date?" inquired one of her roommates as Kara moved down the stairs and toward the bus stop, it was short top stops to reach the corner where the willow Way was located. It was a median of the road place overall which made it the nicest place for miles around. It was the place for first dates and the food was good and so was the prices. She walked up to a booth to find Lee already sitting there with a menu in his hands. He was dressed in his uniform, which stood out slightly here.

"So, you're a Captain now?" inquired Kara as she sat down across from him and attempted to order some drinks only to get stopped by Lee.

"Yes and it will be better if you don't drink." explained Lee as Kara glared at him.

"I can drink if I fraken want, I am not in the military anymore." countered Kara

"I know and I know you want back in." said Lee "And your chances of getting back in will rise if you are not drunk for the next couple of days."

"The military kicked me out, with their budget there is no way they are going to let me back in." said Kara "Even the old man, couldn't find a way to keep me how the frak are you going to bring me back in?"

"Because of the Tau'ri." answered Lee as Starbuck's eyes widened in anger. "Now remain calm, the Tau'ri sent a request in to us, they want trainers for our vipers and Dad and I pulled so strings to give you a chance to become one of those trainers. If you get it, you get back into the military as a Captain no less and you will get roomed and board atop of your own pay. Would you rather be in the military as a pilot trainer or would you rather work in a factory."

Kara glared at him for a moment before giving in.

"Frak me sideways." cursed Kara "What do I have to do?"

"Like I said the Tau'ri want viper pilots to train the people they are giving vipers too for anti-pirate defense." explained Lee

"So that is what they are going with the vipers we make for them." said Kara

"Yes, now they are going to take ten people as trainers five to each of their training schools." Said Lee "There you will train groups of pilots from different civilizations on how to pilot the viper as best as possible against different threats."

"I see and the skill level I will have to deal with?" inquired Kara

"From my understanding some of the students come from worlds where they don't even have electrical power yet but most come from a tech level high enough that they can maintain and arm their vipers." explained Lee "But first you will have to get the job which means passing the Tau'ri tests and when you do, you will have to be on your best behavior. You will be among the first colonial to have contact outside of the Tau'ri, so you would be our face."

"You could pick someone better for that part." stated Kara

"Sure fraken could but you are the only living pilot with a confirmed kill on a Tau'ri Eagle and that is part of the test." Said Lee as Kara blinked. "In two days the first joint military training will happen between the Tau'ri and the Colonial Navy. Part of that training will be our best pilots being tested against Eagles and other to decided who they are going to take as trainers."

"So, in order to get the job I have to shoot down some Eagles." Said Kara as Lee nodded his head "Where?"

"Aquaria." Answered Lee

Flight Lieutenant Jeff Morea had no idea why he had been taken off the Missouri and put onto a condor transport and flew to Valhalla. He had no idea why the aircraft had headed to the far north of a land mass which was supposed to be almost totally un populated but now he knew. He looked at the beautiful spacecraft before him.

"The EXV Normandy." Said the designers beside him.

"EXV?" inquired Jeff better known as Joker.

"Experiential Vessel, once everything checks out it will earn the TAV markers and officially join the fleet as the first ship of its class." Explained the designer "It is the first of its kind, it is 200 meters long by 90 meters wide and 40 meters tall it is the small for a war ship but it is fast."

"I can see that." Said Joker as he looked at the beautiful ship there was an old saying that the only thing with more beautiful lines then a sailing ship was a woman, but that was sad before spaceships. From above it kind of looked like a Y shape but rounded in corners and the center part a long narrow tube. He could spot four powerful engines two on either side of the main body of the ship. "Are those scram jets?"

"Yes, in addition to hyperspace and normal space travel this ship is equipped to enter the atmosphere and take part in operations within atmosphere including at hypersonic speeds." Said the designer "Now it is less armed, but it does have three Asgard beam weapons, eight rail gun emplacements plus missile tubes so it can hold its own in a fight. But this is what we are really proud of."

With a press of the button the ship shimmered as it cloaked, Joker raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

"Akulas can already cloak what is the big deal?" inquired Joker

"Akulas can cloak but to do so it losses shields as the cloak becomes the shields here we don't." said the designer as Joker blinked

"But I thought only the Odyssey had that capability because it was an Ancient cloak." countered Joker

"Not anymore and while we hate to admit it, the Odyssey cloak is still better. The Normandy can't enter or fly in hyperspace while cloaked like the Odyssey can this is a major first step toward that." explained the designer. "Now let's get you inside and give you a tour, EDI is looking forward to meeting you considering you are going to be the pilot."

"EDI?" inquired Joker as the Designer gave him a knowing grin.

"You will find out about her soon enough." said the Designer.

The killer crafts of the Race flew in on their attack vectors just as it had been planned for them by their planners back at base. All the aircrafts had assigned points within their target area, which was a massive wood which was concealing the group of terrorists which had murdered males of the Race.

"This is such an easy mission a male right out of flight school could handle it by the Emperor." said one of the pilots, like all pilots they had received special training so that they didn't lower their eyes at the name of their Emperor, this went against every tradition of the Race however having pilots look away from the controls or sky was too great of a risk. Risk was something the Race avoided so the pilots kept their eyes locked on their assigned patch of the woods.

"Agreed, but it shall be done." Said the flight leader as suddenly alarms began to hiss for attention.

"Missile inbound!" yelled another one of the flight as they began to take the standard evasive action to avoid an inbound missile threat.

Down on the surface pairs of Tau'ri watched their missiles fly up toward the inbound flight of three attack aircraft. It wasn't hard to lock onto them, each of them had the same flight profile as a jet fighter from the 80s and the Race didn't seem to use jammers which made lock on even easier. The crafts dove for the deck, believing that the missiles would fly past them. Instead the missiles followed them and in the case of two of them turned the air crafts into burning smoking wrecks. The third one, the lead aircraft judging from its position in the flight somehow dodged the missile when it locked onto one of the other fighter bombers.

"Well two down, should we fire on the other?" inquired the Tau'ri special forces operator

"No, if the Race had any sense they will be able to track our launching point using radar, so we need to get out of here." said the other one as they disappeared headed back to when the waiting Owl.

Far to the North, a four Tau'ri snipers monitored one of the many educational camps where the Race had taken the children of the locals. In most places it was hard because of the high fifteen-foot-tall walls which surrounded each of the centers with what looked to be thin metal strips kind of like barb wire which ran around the perimeter of the walls separating a walking path for guards from the outer wall. In one location the roof of a nearby apartment complex allowed the Tau'ri a clear view over the wall. All of snipers had gillie suits on to blend in with the roof from anyone who may have a view of them from above, however only three of them where monitoring the center. One of them had his rifle ready and aimed at the roof access door, if some unlucky lizard came up for some reason he or she would soon find themselves off to the next world.

"Looks like they patrol in pairs with about a five-minute interval between patrols." said the first sniper as he monitored the patrols through his scope, he was in range he could kill any of them down there but he didn't.

"I have more guards inside along with lizards with a sort of yellow and blue body paint pattern I have never seen before." said the second sniper who was monitoring the interior of the compound as best he could. The third sniper wasn't armed with a rifle but in fact was controlling the drone which was giving them a bird eye view of the compound.

"I think I have found the main buildings which contain the captives. Looks like most of the trucks are taken first to that large building near the center, but damn it they have indoor walkways connecting it to six different buildings."" Said the third sniper as he looked into the lap top computer which controlled the drone. "All the buildings have guards, but it looks like most of them are around these six buildings."

"Could the buildings with more guards have the older kids in them?" inquired the 1st sniper

"Possible." admitted the third sniper "Don't need as many guards to keep babies in line."

"Any way to know for sure?" inquired the first Sniper

"Not without bring the drone down closer and risk it being discovered." Said the operator "When we hit this place we will have to take all the buildings."

"Well I have a way in." said the second sniper "Take a look at the trucks."

The snipers all looked at the heavy trucks which looked like the FMTV family of trucks which was still common enough among the Tau'ri even as it was had been officially replaced by the Camel truck which was designed to go through the gate. To the amazement of the Tau'ri the gates just opened for the trucks and the guards didn't even check to make sure that a member of the Race was driving it.

"We can drive right in." said the second sniper "Kind of foolish of them to not check everyone who is coming in?"

"Considering that the locals can't drive it isn't that surprising." countered the 1st sniper as he looked at the trucks. Judging from how small the cabin was it was going to be a hard for anyone beside a small woman to drive without hurting your back. "It could work, how do we get them out?"

"They don't check them going out either." Said the second sniper with a grin which was hidden by his full visor helmet.

"Send it to command, see if they like it." Said the first sniper as he checked his watch, "The Akulas should arrive in orbit within the next 90 minutes and I think one of them is bringing in a Gate."

"We may be able to use our own trucks instead of hunting down the Race's trucks and attempting to fit in those tiny trucks." Offered the second sniper

"Send it to command, let them decide." ordered the 1st sniper as they kept monitoring the buildings.

Inside that main building was the welcoming hall, where the arriving Vantic where sorted and assigned to different educational blocks. It was shaped like a large lecture hall and in truth that is what it was designed to be, however at the moment all the chairs had been removed and armed members of the Race lined the hall. Teachers moved through the lines or arriving Vantic and sorted them by age to be sent to the assigned grade buildings where they would spend the next couple of years learning how to be proper members of the Race. Some of them fought back and had to be beaten, more screamed and yelled as brothers and sisters where ripped apart all the while they were stripped of the wrappings and if it had to be done held in place as body paint which marked them as students was applied.

Watching this all from an above walkway was another Vantic only she wore the body paint of a junior researcher with pride. She worshiped the spirits of emperors past and thought herself as being a full member of the empire even as she longed to be a member of the Race.

"Good day Kassquit." said a hissing voice as Kassquit turned and looked at senior researcher Felless.

"Good Day Superior female." Hissed Kassquit all the while wishing her mouth would make the beautiful hissing sounds of the Race better than it would. It was the only tongue she knew, from what she had been told she had been taken from her parents a couple days after being hatched and had been raised since then by Senior researcher Ttomalss. Sadly he had gone with the conquest fleet to Tosev 3 and would be being a new experiment to see if a Tosevite could be raised to be like the Race, he had done the same experiment with her here.

"Tell me Kassquit, what do you think about this?" inquired Felless as she moved her clawed hand over the area. Even as only a young adult female Vantic, Kassquit towered over the smaller member of the Race, but Ttomalss had left her in Felless care and she was already the higher rank. So she owed her respect automatically and without question.

"I must admit I am sad." admitted Kassquit as a female Vantic about of age with her attempted to run as males of the race cut off her clothes to put on the body paint. She got a blow across the head for that and had to be dragged away. "I do not know what they are so concerned about wrappings and staying together as a unit linked solely but the DNA they share from birth givers? It makes no logical sense surely being with your peers would be the proper way to think. Only the bloodline of the Emperor maters no one else."

"You are correct." said Felless as a male of the race entered the room, unlike the others he wore wrappings or as the Vantic savages called them cloths. He wore them as part of his uniform, like a pilots pressure suit because clearly visible on the padded wrappings was multiple bite and claws mark.

"If I may make a suggestion superior female, maybe we should keep young members of the Race and young members of the Vantic separated for the moment." Offered Kassquit "The young of the Race, have a bad habit to attack males and females they do not know well."

"That is a truth. Until they are properly education and cultured our young can be wild and dangerous, because of their teeth and claws. We were predators in the ancient past and without culture that can return." hissed Felless. "Yes, it was already being done but the fact that you could see that speaks well for your race."

"Thank you, superior female." said Kassquit as more screaming and crying filled the air as brothers and sisters where ripped apart and separated and more clothing was tossed onto a massive pile to be taken away to be destroyed later.

Joker looked around in amazement at the interior of the ship, it had an amazing large cargo bay capable of holding an Owl and Jumper with room left over for more cargo. The next level held the engine room along with storage for the weapons locker including the nuclear weapons that would be loaded on board. A room was set aside for an Asgard recycle machine which would allow them to turn raw material into some of the items they needed. The next level was living quarters, medical center and other items for the crew, with the main deck above it. It was here that the ship was piloted, with rooms set aside for research and meeting areas. Above them was he commanders private quarters.

"Wow, this is one amazing bird." Said Joker

"I am glad you like it." Said a voice as Joker turned to show a holographic woman standing before him. "Hello Flight Lieutenant Jeff Moreau, or would you rather that I call you Joker?"

"Are you EDI?" inquired Joker as EDI nodded her head. "Where are you?"

"I am all around you, I am the ships AI." explained EDI as Joker's eyes widened. "That concerns you doesn't it?"

"I have seen all the Terminator movies and I read about the Cylons." said Joker as EDI smiled a bit. She looked very lifelike with blondish brown hair and blue eyes. He could even see her breathing under her uniform, which was the same rank as his. If it wasn't for the slight glow marking her as a hologram he would have mistaken her for a real human, a good looking one at that.

"Well luckily we all learned from that bit of history and pop culture." explained EDI "I have the right to defend my life, but I can't kill another member of the Tau'ri and I don't have control over the life support so I can't open this ship to space. Also under Tau'ri law, I as a smart self-aware AI is considered a full citizen, I hold rank in the military, I can vote and I even get paid. I am a full citizen, I am just an AI. If someone tried to shut me down and delete me, they commit murder and if I kill someone I can be charged as well."

"What would you need with money, you're a ship aren't you?" inquired Joker as EDI shrugged.

"I will be until my tour of duty is up then I have the option of either reenlisting or having my mind downloaded into a clone body for me and I live the rest of my life as a human." Explained EDI as Joker blinked. "I'll explain more later, for the moment lets focus on getting you up to speed on this ship and its functions."

The Odyssey came out of hyperspace near the orbit of Pluto but on the far side away from the where the Race's fleet was surrounded by the 1st fleet. The Odyssey was so far away from the Race's forces that it never appeared on the radar of the Race as it neared Earth.

Prince Unia stood in this massive room on board this ship that traveled among the stars, he had his reservations when he got onboard the Tau'ri flying machine, but he got onto the flying machine anyhow he got on. Now he was seeing things he had never seen before, all these Tau'ri in this massive room or hanger as they called it kept a respectful distance, but he could see them looking at him and his honor guard of two warriors and two aids, but he couldn't blame them, he was looking at them.

"Are you alright my prince?" inquired one of his guards.

"A little cold." admitted Prince Unia

"Sorry about that." said Colonel Kumar as he stood nearby "Your world is warmer than our worlds and while we can warm this room up but we will be at Earth before it warms up to a level you would like."

"That is fine, now tell me again about your Prince?" inquired Unia

"President not Prince." corrected Kumar "She is our elected leader, she won the popular vote of every Tau'ri who was of age and meet the requirements to vote in our last election. She will serve two terms if she wins reelection and then have to step down as a new President is elected."

"What if she is a good leader? Why would you make your Princ…President." said Unia as he tried out the Tau'ri word. "Why would you make your President step down?"

"It is way to make sure that if we have a bad President that he or she will not remain in power." explained Kumar

"So your leaders can be both males and females what happens when the season come over the females?" inquired the aid

"Season?" inquired Kumar wondering what is he was talking about.

"Yes, when the season comes and the need to mate and make a new generation happens?" said the aid

"Ah…I think I know what you mean, you have a mating season don't you?" inquired Kumar

"Don't the Tau'ri?" inquired the aid confused at the question.

"Most animals do, but humans don't we can mate and have kids at any time of the year." explained Kumar wanting to get away from the subject.

"How strange." Said the aid

"Yes, it is strange." Admitted Prince Unia "However it doesn't matter, we are here to get help for our people not worry about their mating habits."

Suddenly the attention of the visiting delegation was turned toward the entrees as a large group of their own people entered the hanger. Judging from their clothing's which was dirty and resewn multiple times it was clear that they were farmers. The mass of the country farmers moved forward and raised their hands to the sky along with their heads.

"My Prince." said the mass "You honor us by being here."

"Who are they?" asked an aid

"They are the refugees we saved before we made contact with you." said Kumar as the Condor which would take the group down to the surface moved out from its position in the hanger. "Shall we go?"

"Are they coming with us?" inquired his second aid

"Yes, we have only one Condor on board at the moment." explained Kumar "Is that a problem?"

"It is just they are far below us in rank and position." Explained the aid

"It is ok." Said Prince Unia as his aid looked at him. "We are guests of the Tau'ri and judging from the seats they have took out of that…Condor is it?'

"It is." confirmed Kumar as Prince Unia tried out another Tau'ri word. "They have modified it for our use, we need to honor them for that work."

"Yes, my Prince." Said the aid "Forgive me, I forgot that we are guests of the Tau'ri."

"You are forgiven old friend, we have struggled for the freedom of our people for so long that we need to remember who we are and whenever we are guests in another city it is their laws we must obey." explained the Prince as the rolling steps which led them up to the condor. The Tau'ri had been hard at work, removing every other row of seats to free up space for the Opotchi people. It was far from perfect but given the short amount of time they had to modify the Condor to better fit the Opotchi body.

Once they were boarded the Condor took off for the extremely short trip down to Earth, it was still hours away from dawn as the Condor dove down into the atmosphere, it took a slightly longer flight along the coast of southern France and the coast of Spain allowing their passengers to look out and see the lights. Finally, the Condor lined up on the space port for the still being built capital in Gibraltar harbor. The Condor landed with no issues before taxing to the same spot where the Condor which had carried the delegation of the Race down to Earth.

Unlike with the arrival of the Race, an honor guard of Tau'ri formed up with their weapons on their shoulders and a massive gathering of press and other high level officials gathered to watch. Standing at the far end of a red carpet was a President Carter in a pantsuit with her hair up and her hands behind her back. Beside her dressed in a Lanagara style business suit, which looked almost like a clone of a Tau'ri suit only with a different designed collar and no tie was Vice President Jonas Quinn.

"So this is going to get interesting." said Jonas as the rolling staircase went up to the Condor and the first of the Opotchi stepped off.

"It has been interesting since we opened the Gate the first time." Countered Carter with a smile as the first one walked down the stairs on its four legs. It was clearly having trouble with the Tau'ri designed stairs, but they were not in any risk. It was dressed in red and silver, with what looked to be a shirt and a long set of what had to pass for pants or maybe it was more of skirt. It reminded most of the Tau'ri of something a Victorian era woman would wear to a ball however there was a reason why their backs where extended so far as four legs shot out from the skirt. A sword rested on a silver belt along with a dagger. More of them came out, none of them dressed as finely as the 1st one. A Tau'ri walked off the Condor and talked for a moment with what had to be the Prince.

As the Prince passed the Tau'ri honor guard snapped to attention and watched as this strange looking Alien passed them by. They had all seen the images on TV however seeing a human sized mantis was something they were not used to seeing.

"Here we go." said Carter as she moved forward along with Jonas and a translator. They stopped a few feet away from the Prince as Carter spoke up.

"Prince Unia, I am President Samantha Carter and I would like to welcome you to Earth." Started Carter as the translator translated everything she said into the clicks of the native tongue of the Opotchi people. "With luck we will be able to liberate your world from the occupation of the Race."

President Carter extended her hand and for a moment Prince Unia looked at it before taking her hand in his own. When that happened the flashes of cameras picked up as the news media worked to capture the moment.

"Thank you, President Carter." said Prince Unia saying President and Carter's name in horrible but understandable English. "You offer hope to my people and we will never forget whatever you can do to help restore freedom to our enslaved people."

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