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Chapter 16 Culture Clash

It was still dark outside but the warm glow from all the electric powered lights that took away the dark and replaced it with pure light. To the newly arriving Opochti people and most of all the young female Finia they couldn't believe everything they could see. The Tau'ri had brought flatbed trucks not much different then what the Race would use to move them around on their home world, however until the Race who seemed annoyed that they couldn't fit into the vehicles they designed the Tau'ri kept apologizing for not having time to adapt their vehicles to them. That amazed the Opochti people who had been talked down to by the Race about how they had to be the ones to throw away everything about their culture and take up the culture of the Empire.

"This is amazing." said Finia as she looked at the giant buildings which shot out from either side of the road. A train riding on a single line above the road glided past without a sound, through the large windows she could make out more Tau'ri riding the train however for the most part it appeared that the city was just waking up as the sun was rising in the distance. The trucks moved around a massive domed building before heading down a different road, here the buildings got smaller but still where taller than anything Finia had ever seen in her life. Then the trucks found themselves among strange looking trees, they where too green and they smelled weird.

In the distance they could see two large stone towers rising up over the top of the trees, only with closer inspection could she see that the towers where connected and had multiple pieces of colored glass in massive windows. Beside it was two more towers these thinner and shaped differently, she was about to ask what they where for to the driver when suddenly the sound of bells could be heard coming from the first two towers, other bells rang out from unseen locations and a strange call filled the air.

"What is that?" inquired a neighbor to the driver before she could ask.

"Ah, this is the single largest park we have within the Capital and the shrines and temples to all the different faiths we have are worshiped here, that is why you are hearing all the church bells on the hour." Explained the driver as he pointed toward the first two towers. "That is Our Lady of Mary the Roman Catholic Cathedral and beside that is the Silver Tau'ri Mosque, that is the call to prayer you are hearing along with the bells. We will be coming up on the Jewish Temple and the Buddhist Temple in a couple of moments if you want me to point them out as well?"

"Thank you." Said Finia as she spun her head around taking in all the strange sights. Finally, they reached a large building which looked almost like a box with a domed top.

"Well we are here, Capital City Stadium and temporary emergency refugee housing." said the driver as the truck along with the others came to a stop and teams of Tau'ri moved to help them off the trucks. They moved past glass doors which opened automatically into a large lobby which was sleek and modern looking with shinning steal and white stone.

"Come this way." Said a Tau'ri with a load speaker as the refugees where guided toward different stations where more Tau'ri waited to give them aid in the form of information about where to go to get food, medical attention and a place to clean up. Here like everywhere else the Tau'ri they ran into went over and beyond anything the Race would have ever attempted to accommodate the Opochti people. They apologized that they didn't have private rooms but instead had a large open area in the center of what looked to be a sports stadium which was covered with portable mats which was far more conformable then then sleeping beds the refugee farmers and shop owners where used to. Children found the toys that the Tau'ri had set out for them, mostly balls and blocks but for children who had been saved from being taken away from their parents' toys of any kind was welcomed.

Finia moved away from the toys and instead enjoyed a good and filling meal, the Tau'ri allowed her and every other guest as much food as they would want. It was quickly found that something called cream chicken was a favorite.

"Blessing be on your ancestors for your kindness." said Finia's mother to the Tau'ri giving out the food.

"It was my pleasure and may Allah, bless and keep you safe." said the Tau'ri neither of them truly understanding the other fully but knowing each was thanking the other.

Only a few Kilometers away Prince Unia walked into a room that few none Tau'ri had ever entered, with the only two notable exceptions being Teal'c and Bra'tak the Tau'ri War Room under the military headquarters. The state of the art headquarters was the military command and control for the Tau'ri military forces within the Sol System which included Earth, Mars and Venus three of the five currently major settled planets. The war room had a direct link to the galactic wide command and control center located outside of Istanbul and had links to other command centers spread out across Tau'ri space. The man and women who monitored the computers where the direct link between the Tau'ri high command and the different branches of the military.

Prince Unia looked at the holographic displays which the Tau'ri used to display information, he had seen the Race use similar technology but the Tau'ri version seamed to give clearer images and seamed to be smaller as well. Along with all the displays and advance technology was something which could have come out of his own war room in the palace that the Race now occupied as their headquarters on Opochti. A large wall was covered with old fashion maps, they showed locations he had never seen before but seeing something that was so filmier eased him as he walked up to a table where a shorter than normal Tau'ri stood with other Tau'ri flanking him. The Tau'ri snapped to attention and raised one of their hands to the hairy tuffs of fur above their eyes in what he assumed was a salute.

"Madam President." said the Tau'ri in the middle, before turning to Prince Unia and giving a salute as well. "Prince Unia, I am General Leong and with any luck we have your planet liberated within the next 3 days."

"That fast?" inquired Prince Unia

"Well I must admit I used your days not ours, it will take four of our days your days are longer." Admitted the General "This will actually help us in the coming operations we have planned, per your approval."

"My approval." Inquired Prince Unia

"Yes, you are our ally and this is your world we will not do anything that you don't want us to do." Stated General Loeng as Prince Unia turned to President Carter who nodded her head. All the Tau'ri knew that was only semi true, they wouldn't put their own soldiers in too much risk. There would be no suicidal attacks unless it was absolutely needed.

"I thank you, for entrusting me with this heroic task I hope that my ancestors will give me wisdom to see what needs to be done." said Prince Unia "My people will never forget everything you do for our freedom and we will not let you carry this burden alone and we will put our own lives at risk before yours."

"Thank you." Said General Loeng "Because our current plan involves the sacrifice of one of your cities."

That caused Prince Unia to snap his head toward the Tau'ri general before tilting it slightly to one side as he raised his hands up to his chest, to the Tau'ri it reminded them of photos of a mantis about to attack. Even Carter looked at General Loeng with confusion and concern.

"We need to lure out the military forces of the Race into a position where we can destroy them before we move on the capital here." said General Leong as she pointed at Nysha. "At the moment our best launching point is this wood and from there we can drive on the Capital and take it. The problem is that there is a risk that the Race can move their armor up into a blocking position before we can break into the Capital. While it wouldn't stop our advance, it would slow it down and cost unneeded lives to be lost."

"So you need to bring them out and to do that you give them a target." Stated Prince Unia "And that is our of our cities, Likna if I am not mistaken."

"You are not." Said General Leong hiding the smile, he may lack the technology, but he knew warfare. "Our plan to evacuate the civilians of Likna and then hit the education prison camp here. We will lure the Race into Likna and then we fight them. Once the Race arrives they will expect the normal amount of resistance, but we will give them more than they ever believed possible. Once they are fully engaged in a fight our forces in the forest will strike at them from behind and drive for the Capital. At the same time the 7th fleet will break from their current positions over Home and arrive at your world. With them in orbit they will carry out attacks across Ovea and bring the forces of the Race under control within a day to a day and a half."

"Then we will move on to a diplomatic solution with the Emperor of the Race but no matter what happens the Race will be gone from your world." Said President Carter

"That is the fondest dream of my people, tell me more about how we will do it." Said Prince Unia "How will we move everything into place?"

"It is time to tell to tell you about the Stargate." Said Carter

The sound of the ringing cell phone on the night stand caused Acacia Davas to lift her head of her pillow and to look around the room. Overall it was a simple enough hotel room, with a large single bed in the center of the room with one of those flat screen TV which the Tau'ri used. Even with the simple it was elegant with a couch in one corner by the window and a wooden headboard behind them with a carved scene on animals. Robert's hand shot out and turned off the alarm.

"Is it morning already?" inquired Robert with a laugh. Officially this was his room and her and her best friend Medea's room was next door, unofficially that was just a cover and everyone knew it.

"Yes." said Acacia as she leaned over him and gave her boyfriend a kiss which he returned and ran his hand through her hair. It was about to turn into something more when the second alarm went off causing the two of them to break apart in disappointment.

"I better get ready, your family and I are going out shopping while you enjoy your little game." said Acacia with a slight laugh.

"It isn't often that I get to watch the OSU Penn State game with my dad and grandpa." Said Robert "Also the winner takes the Big 10 East and with that a spot in the Championship game, win that and they have a reserved spot in the 8 team playoffs."

"And your brother in law." Added Acacia not really caring about the other part.

"Well he went to Penn State so we get to make fun of him." Stated Robert with a laugh before giving her another kiss as she got off the bed and headed toward the shower to get ready for the day as the sun began to rise over Valhalla.

Within an hour Acacia was with her best friend Medea and the rest of the women of the Lefeld family, the guys had headed toward something called the ESPN sports center at the massive open-air shopping center full of different shops and dinning options. The center was located on the lake front and had parts of it which shot out over the water on a wooden pier.

"So many shops so little time." Laughed Medea as she went to town getting things that would have been impossible to get in the colonies. Acacia as more of a careful shopper then her friend even so she found more then a few things she liked. Things that would have been rare outside of Aquaria in the Colonies was common here. More Tau'ri shops and business and all of them was more then happy to be open, none of them had protestors which happened to some Colonial business selling Tau'ri items back home.

"So once they solve your whole school issue when are you going to go start shopping for a white dress?" asked Robert's youngest sister Kim as Acacia tilted her head slightly as her long red hair got in her way. A confused look on her face only confused Kim who pointed toward a nearby store where multiple different statues stood in white wedding dresses.

"Ah…I see." said Acacia with a slight laugh. "Sorry different traditions, see in the colonies you wear white when at your funeral not at a wedding. Pure soul going up to meet the Lords of Kobol and all in the after life, for a moment I thought you asked when I was planning to die."

"Oh…" said Kim "Sorry I didn't mean that."

"No problem." said Acacia as she waved off the thing as she eyed the dress in the window. "In the colonies the bride tends to wear assorted colors depending on the Lords of Kobol which rule the world they are from, chrisom red for Tauron, Caprica Blue for Caprica and Zeus Gold for Sagittarian and so on."

"And Libran?" inquired Grandma Lefeld who had been listening in to the conversation. Acacia actually blinked, she hadn't expected the older woman to remember that she was from Libran.

"Silver." answered Acacia as she turned the corner and saw the back side of the store only to see more statues in the window only these whore multiple colored dresses, the colors of the 12 colonies of Kobol. She saw a pair of women about her age looking at the dress in the window, it was a traditional Aquaria style dress which was well known across the colonies.

"I really like the look of that one, but not in that blue maybe in that gold there." Said the woman as she pointed to a dress in the Sagittarian Bridal Gold. Having a Aquaria style dress in Zeus Gold would have caused a firestorm among some of the more religious on Sagittarian but here it didn't matter at all. She then turned her attention to something she read before she left the colonies that the number of people choosing Tau'ri style clothing was growing rapidly.

Another sigh of the cross-culture exchange of between the 12 colonies and the Tau'ri when they meet up with the guys at the ESPN center, to her amazement mix in with all the TV screens showing the multiple Tau'ri Football and soccer games was actually some pyramid game. At first she thought it was a game out of the colonies but she didn't recognize the uniforms and that they wore helmets. Then she saw the score and the names of the teams.

"USC and UCLA?" inquired Medea who also noticed the game.

"Two colleges on Earth." Explain Robert's grandfather who was focused on the football game.

"Well I guess cultural exchange is a two-way street." said Acacia as she sat down beside Robert and watched the game without fully understanding it, while they waited for food.

On board the Missouri Admiral Hackett had more things to worry about then culture extend he was clashing with the culture of the Race as he looked at the message which had be sent up to the 7th fleet from the Imperial Palace of the Race on Home. Hackett glared at the message with a look of pure annoyance before handing it off to the Captain of the Missouri. She quickly scanned the message before looking at the Admiral in charge of the fleet.

"Are they joking?" inquired the Captain

"No it doesn't appear to be. It appears that they expect us to sit on our hands for months while they research how to carry out an audience between two independent powers." said Hackett

"They don't have a process for an audience already in place?" inquired the Captain as Hackett shook his head.

"No, the method they currently have in place is for a subject to go before this Emperor of theirs and that has processes I will never agree to in any way." stated Hackett with firmness in his voice as he remembered reading the process involved in an Imperial audience. If it was something simple like a bow or saying some special words that would have been acceptable but in this case, it involved all that and having special body paint put on him. He or any other member of the Tau'ri which would speak to the Emperor if they followed the method currently in place would have to go nude and that was unacceptable on multiple fronts and that was before getting to the fact they would have to admit they served the Emperor which was out of the question. "We need to solve this issue as soon as possible hopefully without setting off a war, if we don't then General Leong will start her operation and from then it will be too late."

"Well, sir it would be a short war even if we do have one." countered the Captain as Hackett glared at her. "But I agree we could do better without a war. The Race just doesn't seem to understand the situation that they are in and that we are on a time schedule, maybe if a war wasn't brewing near Lanagara the situation could wait a few months but not with a real war on the horizon."

"No, we wouldn't have months to wait even if the rest of the galaxy was at peace." countered Hackett with a shake of his head which caused the Captain to raise an eyebrow. "The Race's reeducation camps on Ovea, we can't allow those to remain open for months while we talk everything out."

"Sorry, sir I had forgotten about those." admitted the Captain "I see the images and it is horrible but on some levels, I can't get myself as worked up about them because they are lizards doing it to bugs."

"I understand that." admitted Hackett, it was human nature after all. "We must remember they are living beings just as if they were human, doesn't matter if they are aliens of any kind that is wrong."

"I know sir and I agree with you, I am just admitting that it is kind of hard for me to get as worked up about them as I would if they were more human looking." stated the Captain

"And to the Race we are sword swinging savages." countered Hackett "That is from their actual report about of humanity from their probe, "big ugly sword swinging savages with hair tuffs of fur on their heads." Until they found out that that we are very different."

"Well that makes more sense then." said the Captain as Hackett raised an eyebrow. "Sir we have gotten multiple intercepts that call us sword swinging savages, I wasn't sure why they kept using that."

"Well the more you know and knowing if half the battle." said Hackett with a internal laugh, he remembered that old GI Joe Cartoon from his days in Canada. "But how do we get the race to know that we will not more at the snail rate they are used too."

"Outside of blasting away their ships and capturing or killing their emperor nothing that I can see." admitted the Captain

"No, the more I have studied the Race's political system the more I know we can't kill or even capture the Emperor. Not unless we want to destroy the Race's political structure as a whole." Stated Hackett as he placed his hand behind his back. "See, the Emperor isn't a figure head or even just a spiritual leader, he is the leader in all extent a total. A complete and total unquestioned ruler, there are ministers under him but they only cover certain fields, there is no Vice President or someone who takes over if the Emperor is killed or captured. No if an Emperor dies young then his son is named Emperor and if he is too young to rule, they just follow the plans current 5 or 10-year plans currently in place until he is old enough."

"Not a real flexible system or one that can adapt to change in any tangible way." said the Captain "So what will happen if we capture or kill the Emperor?"

"Basically, they have no plans for that, if we take their current Emperor and any young he has then they have no government and we have no one to make a deal with to end any war." stated Hackett "No, if we take the Emperor we are going to break the whole Empire once and for all and we have no orders for that. Until I get some we will try our best to scare them to the table."

"Maybe the return of their delegation from Earth will inform them that they are outclassed in every way." Stated the Captain as Hackett shook his head.

"No, intelligence reports that they think war between us is all but started." Stated Hackett "The thing is they believe we don't have a standing army and that it will take 37 of their years which is about 17 of ours to prepare an defense and to train soldiers."

The Captain shook her head as she looked at the planet through the display screen, it showed a world of browns, golds with only a little amount of blue and green.

"If any of the other powers had found them they would have been destroyed within hours." Stated the Captain "We are giving them too much time in my view."

"Maybe but time is running out for them, that is for sure." said Hackett as he noticed an alert from one of the crew pits. A Condor had had entered the system and was on route to head back to the colonies, the condor checked in and headed toward the Race's capital where they unload the delegation before returning to the Missouri.

The civilian transport took off and headed off the colony world of Virgon for the journey to Libra and after a short lay over at Queens City space port it would head to Aquaria. The ship was one of the new one built after the war and had small private booths for first class each containing four seats. In one of those booths sat Captain Lee Adama and former Colonial Viper pilot Kara Thrace.

"This is fraken shit we have to travel to Libra to go to Aquaria." Stated Kara with distain in her voice. "All because the Tau'ri will not let our own ships land on our own world."

"They have good reasons to do it that way." Said Lee as Kara looked at him, she had been around him long enough to know by the look on his face that he was mentally kicking himself at the moment.

"You told me something you shouldn't have did you?" inquired Kara as Lee let out a sigh.

"Yes, the Tau'ri prevented a terrorist attack by Sagittarians which involved ramming a ship into one of the Tau'ri ships." Stated Lee

"I know Sagittarians are generally stupid, but everyone knows that the Tau'ri ships have shields." Countered Kara as Lee nodded his head.

"They planned to make it look like the Tau'ri rammed them and touch off a larger rebellion." explained Lee

"How come I never heard about it, it wasn't in the news I would have remembered that." stated Kara as she remembered the look Lee had on his face. "It was never released to the public was it?"

"No, officially we don't know about it either." admitted Lee as he took a deep breath. "What I am going to tell you can't be shared with anyone."

"Alright." Said Kara

"You know that we have teams working with the Tau'ri in anti-terror on Sagittarian and to a lesser extent on Gememon." stated Lee as Kara nodded her head, that information was well known and was part of the treaty which ended the war. "Well the Tau'ri have black ops teams that do raids without us officially knowing about it before hand and maybe while we are not as sure afterwards either."

"The Tau'ri carry out raids behind our backs, the cocky frakers." Growled Kara "And the government allows them to do that on two of our worlds."

"It isn't just on Sagittarian and Gememon. They broke up an assassination attempt on President Roslin on Caprica only a few weeks ago." added Lee as he saw the sick look on Kara's face. "And that was one they told us about, High Command. We don't know how many Tau'ri special forces teams have raided terrorist cells across the colonies. From what we have been able to gather they tend to cover their tracks very well."

"And our government is allowing them to do that?" growled Kara "Why are we even putting up a show to be free government power. The Tau'ri are our overlords."

"Maybe, but we aren't in a position to really do anything." Said Lee as took a breath and decided to walk off the cliff even worse than he had already done so. "Without the Tau'ri government funding us and their businesses investing in us, our government would fall and our economy would be in the gutter. Kara the Tau'ri basically fund our colonies at the moment and that isn't going to change any time soon we took a worse beating then most know from the war."

Kara blinked as she looked at him with a blank look as she tried to process the information.

"I knew it was bad but are you telling me that the Tau'ri have us that much under their thumb?" inquired Kara

"Yes, don't get me wrong the government is still taking in Tax money but we spent a lot of money on the war with a promise of land on Kobol as payment." Said Lee "That land and all the mineral rights we sold to our companies never came to be and that caused a lot of them to fail and the Tau'ri swooped down on it. We haven't announced it but just over half of the major companies that existed before the war are now under Tau'ri control."

"Why didn't you use Aquaria, the Tau'ri made it livable and you sold off the land to pay for funding for benefits for the soldiers, you could sell the mineral rights to the land to companies to pay them off?" inquired Kara

"It wasn't enough, Aquaria may have been an ice ball of a world but it had been minded in the past and the resources there wasn't enough to pay for everything and the Tau'ri took some of the land for themselves, not a lot but they did take away some land we could have sold. Also the Tau'ri reserved some land for religious refugees from other places in the colonies, free housing and the like." Explained Lee with a shake of his head. "Kara, the Tau'ri won the war and because of that they are in the process of assimilating us into their civilization, not the other way around like so many of our people believed we would do when we first met them. There are active talks of dumping the our cubit and going over to the Tau'ri dollar as our official currency and well you know that we did a population census after the war correct?"

"Sure, I had to do it what about it?" inquired Kara

"Remember where they asked what religion you where?" inquired Lee as Kara nodded. "It hasn't been released but almost 15% of people answered other and another 7% said they don't believe in religion anymore."

"And that is a surprise? We have a lot of people who faked being religious." Said Kara

"On Sagittarian?" countered Lee as Kara blinked "That was Sagittarian's numbers not the colonies as a whole and since we can't enforce the religious laws on Sagittarians and Gememons anymore more and more of their people are opening turning against faith the lords of Kobol or at least not being as firm in their beliefs."

"Sagittarian is the heart of the faith." said Kara as a chill went down her spine. Sagittarian was full of religious nut cases and they along with Gememon had enforced harsh religious laws on their people. The other colonies had let them get away with it because they only enforced it on their own people and it avoided years of terrorism, the Tau'ri had broken that accord and now those who had been bound to follow the harsh rules of the faith where free and breaking away.

"And the number 1 consumer of Tau'ri media according to our intelligence department." Added Lee "They don't want to admit it and they are fighting it to but they are being converted to the Tau'ri line of thinking."

"So they are conquering us." Said Kara "Slowly and more stealthy but they are, cleaver fuckers. In a generation or two everyone might be swearing to that Tau'ri flag instead of the Colonial one."

"I see someone has been watching Tau'ri media as well." Said Lee as Kara realized what she had said.

"Frak." Cursed the former Viper pilot.

The Protocol Master along with the head of the Palace guards entered the palace through a side entree and headed straight toward the private chamber of Emperor Risson. They found Emperor Risson sitting behind a large ancient wooden desk which predated the actual unification of Home. Emperor Risson turned both eye turrets toward two of his highest officials. The officials took up the position of respect reserved only for the Emperor who told them to rise with a wave of his hand.

"So the Tau'ri can travel faster then light." said Emperor Risson "I feared so."

"Truth, your majesty and they have already reached Vantic 5 and claim to have ships over every world in the Empire." Said the Protocol Master

"How disappointing, are they reasonable?" inquired Risson

"I fear not your majesty they follow the same foolish belief as the Vantic with family united based on blood lines and they do not have an emperor instead a female who holds an office called the President picked by snout counting." stated the Palace Guard "Fleet Lord Atvar has informed us as well that the Tau'ri defense stations have energy based weapons which would tear apart our ships like claws into fresh meat."

"Energy based weapons, that is concerning luckily it is only on their defense stations not the ships overhead." said Risson "What demands are they giving?"

"They want us to give up Vantic 5 and that is something we can not do, your grace." said the Protocol Master "Our population is too great and not having Tosev 3 will already cause us problems but that can't be avoided."

"Your majesty we believe war is likely." Said the Palace Guard

"I feared that as well." Stated Risson "Maybe when I have an audience with this Admiral Hackett we can come to an accord, that will be your task Protocol Master I need the research done in how to carry out an audience with an independent power."

"I shall start at once your majesty." Stated the Protocol master

"And you will look into the training and arming of the palace guards, we must be prepared for anything now." stated Risson

"It shall be done, your majesty." Said the Palace Guard

"I want this done fast, two weeks and I expect to see the difference." Stated Risson as the Palace guard nodded his head, that was unbelievably fast but it would be done.

Darkness was still hours away in the city of Likna on Ovea or as the race called it Vantic 5, the city which was a hotbed of resistance activity was still almost totally populated by the local people. Even so it like every other city on the planet had a police force made totally out of the males and females of the Race. The Race had taken over the local prison when they took the city in their conquest and still used as the current police station. It along with a shrine to the spirits of the Emperor's past which had replaced a temple to the ancestors sat on opposite sides of the open air market and where the only two buildings to currently have electrical power, indoor running water and phone lines.

"I can't wait until they remove all these buildings and replace them with true buildings." Said one of military police which controlled the town. Since this was still a Vantic town, military police instead of regular police patrolled the streets and protected the shrine to spirits of Emperors' past. They had carved out a part of the open-air market for a vehicle park and had parked two infantry carriers and some trucks along with their personal vehicles there. None of the locals came within a 100 yards of the police station or the vehicle park for fear of bringing the Race down upon them.

"Truth." said another MP as he turned an eye turret to where a local was selling some kind of meat in the market. "Totally unsanitary to have a market like that for food, it needs to be processed and checked. I can't wait until they bulldoze everything here and build a proper city with super markets and true apartment buildings."

"Truth." said the first MP as he noticed that more of the locals where backing away from the building even more then normal. "Something is wrong."

"I don't see anything." Countered the second MP as checked his watch. "Why haven't we heard from any of the others on patrol?"

"I don't know." Said the first MP as he hit his radio. "Superior sir, something is going on. We haven't heard from any of the other patrols."

"We haven't gotten any distress calls and no reports of gunfire from our microphones." said the operator within the building behind him.

"They could have been ambushed." countered the first MP

"We sent them out in squads of six males? Do you think these crawlers can take down six males of the race without making a noise? And there are currently six squads out there that is 36 males all of them veterans of combat, it is impossible."

"Yes, sir." Confirmed the first MP as he lowered his head.

Only a few streets away the bodies of six males of the race had been dragged into house of a freedom fighter to conceal the bodies. A couple of females came out with buckets of water to wash away the blood as a Tau'ri commando team covered the road.

"Mark off one more patrol." said the commander as he checked his silenced weapon, with that along with the computer hack into the Race's computer network to disable the gun fire microphones the Tau'ri had begun the operation to clear out the city of Likna from the Race.

"This is team 4 we have control over the road in and out of the city." Said another voice over the radio

"Team 5, we have control over the old gatehouse and have cut all lines of communication, the city is isolated." Said another team.

"Then we have the green light." Said the commander as one of the strangest creatures any of the Tau'ri had ever seen came to a stop beside them. It looked somewhat like a horse with three horns, two like a long horn cattle and the last like a rhino's. On top of that it had a hardened grayish green skin and walked on six legs. It pulled a large covered cart which looked more in place on the Oregon trail then in a city market as male Opochti in the dress of a farmer walked beside it holding the reigns.

"Alright." said the Tau'ri commander as they got into the back of the cart and readied their weapons. Once everything was in place the cart took off down the road and turned a corner into the market place. They moved through the market place people stepping aside to allow the cart through.

"Alright you are nearing the target, taking out roof gunner." said one of the snipers as he aimed sniper rifle at the guard standing post beside a machine gun on the roof of the building. The roof was too narrow and slopped wrong for a team to be dropped in from the air but it had just enough room for a machine gun nest. He took careful aim and let out a breath as he pulled the trigger, the bullet left the barrel and flew straight and true hitting the lizard in the unarmored chest with the exit wound exploding out the back. The lizard dropped without even alerting the two other guards standing on the ground floor only 20 ft away from him. Those guards where too focused on the cart which was coming up to them.

"Stop." said one of them as he moved forward. "Must check for contraband."

"Yes, superior sir." Said the resistance fighter in farmers clothing as one of the males moved around to the back of the cart while the other stayed more to the front by the massive beast. The male was reaching for the handle to drop the thin wooden ramp which would give him access to covered cart when three rounds from a silenced assault rifle ripped through the thin wood and into him. He stumbled backwards grabbing his chest as his comrade turned an eye turret to him only to have the second one snap to him as well in confusion. His teammate was just raising his rifle when a his chest exploded with rounds going through his body armor and sending him to the ground in a pool of his blood just like he was in.

He couldn't talk, the pain was strangely distance as he turned to look at the cart, strange creatures dressed in a camo pattern and wearing wrappings he had never seen had jumped off the cart and was running toward the door to the police station. They cut through the razor wire protecting it with some tool he couldn't see, they all had weapons in their hands. They had come to murder him and his squad mates, his friends. He couldn't allow that as he gathered what strength he had left he lifted his rifle up and took aim. He never heard the round that came at him from one of the creatures as his head exploded and he went to the afterlife.

The suppressors caused the members of the race inside the building not to notice that they where under attack, outside however the people in the market noticed full well that the gunfire. Some just started to run away, while others turned toward the source to see the resistance fighter pretending to be a farmer pull out a long slightly curved sword from a hiding spot on the cart. He spun it in the air so that everyone could see that he was a member of the royal guard.

"Liberation is at hand, we have allies." said the Guard "Stay, watch and observe!"

The Tau'ri at the door lined up, the door was new and made of what looked to be a kind of frosted glass. The Tau'ri in the front tested the door and found that it opened slightly and checking his life sign detector saw that three members of the Race was within 10 feet of the entrees with an additional half dozen spread out within the building. This was made possible because of the duel heart system of the local Opochti people which would appear different to the Tau'ri system.

"Ready." said the first Tau'ri as the man behind him pulled the pin on a flashbang but held it in place. Then with one quick movement the lead man opened the door as the second threw in the flashbang into the lobby.

In the lobby two military police officers stood on guard duty while a female receptionist sat behind a desk answering calls and helping anyone who came into the building. They all turned an eye turret toward the opening door when the hissing sound of an open-door sensor alerted them that someone was coming in.

They watched in amazement as a tube about the size of a small pipe came flying into the room, a level of some kind came flying off the top of the pipe. If flew into the center of the room before exploding with a blinding flash of light and a deafening blast sound.

"Go!" yelled the Tau'ri team as they followed the flashbang in half a second after the blinding flash. The members of the race where stumbling around, the two guards had weapons in their hands while trying to rub their eyes with a free hand. Bursts of fire from the Tau'ri dropped both of them before their vision cleared. The receptionist got a round in the head as the Tau'ri cleared the lobby and moved into the heart of the building.

There was no way to hide the sound of the flashbang as the other males and females of the race in the building looked up from what they where doing with alarm. The males mostly where armed and even the females who where regular police officers carried weapons. The bulk of them where located on the second level in a room filled with cubical and desks. They where just heading toward the door when it flew open and grenade flew into the room. Before they could do more then look at it, it exploded outwards in a blinding flash of light and sent razor sharp pieced of metal flying in all directions. Two nearby MPs went down as the door flew open, and figures dressed like nothing they had ever seen before entered the room. With bursts of fire they began to clear the room and leaving no one alive they moved onto the next room and cleared it out as well.

It was a perfect straight forward operation for the Tau'ri special forces, it was easy in all ways. The race had never expected an attack to get past the lobby and had therefore not planned on how to deal with it. They had been in the building for only a few minutes when they reached the final room, which was in fact the armory. The Race had put in a reinforced metal door to prevent their weapons from falling into the hands of the locals.

"Looks like we have three members of the Race sealed inside." said the Tau'ri point man as he studied the door, it would have stopped an attacker with a sword or other hand tools but not him. Then without a word he placed an explosive charge on the door and backed away. Once a safe distance he swiped his finger over the touch screen computer on his wrist. That caused the charge to go off and send the door flying in. The Tau'ri stormed in to find that the large metal door had done their work for them for the most part. The door had crushed two of the lizards flat out and the other had been hit in the head by it and was lying on the ground his breathing shallow and rapid. His eyes seamed unable to focus on anything and his brain was clearly visible through a massive hole in his skull.

"End him." said their commander as one of the Tau'ri pulled a pistol and pulled the trigger ending the doom lizard.

"Clear." answered the Tau'ri who had pulled the trigger as he put his weapon away.

"Building is secured." said the Tau'ri commander as they exited the building only to find a massive crowed gathered outside. They looked at the Tau'ri with confusion which only grew as one of their numbers took off their helmet allowing the locals to see his face.

"Citizens of Likna it is time to reclaim our world and with the help of our new allies, the Tau'ri we will defeat the Race." said the Resistance fighter as the Tau'ri pulled out a small crystal and placed it on the ground. The ground shook a little before a ball of energy shot down into the ground at a 30 degree angle. It didn't come to a stop instead it ran right into another tunnel which was already below and waiting for the top to open and finish the tunnel.

"Everything good down there!" yelled the commander down the Tok'ra tunnel

"Yes." said a voice back as a heavy duty Tau'ri truck moved up the tunnel which ran from the city all the way back to the woods where the stargate was located. The locals looked on in amazement as what looked to them to be to them a Land cruiser of the Race but was in fact a self-propelled gun came up after the truck. Next came more heavy weapons including more self-propelled guns and towed guns, heavy trucks carrying more Tau'ri soldiers and most importantly more local freedom fighters including Prince Unia.

Prince Unia stood ontop the front slopping armored plate of one of the Tau'ri self-propelled guns with the banners of his kingdom flapping behind him along with the blue and silver Tau'ri flag. All the eyes of the locals where on him as he used a small megaphone and speakers attached to Tau'ri vehicles so everyone could hear him speak.

"People of Likna, we are going to reclaim our world and we will kick those scaly covered monsters off our world once and for all." Proclaimed Prince Unia as he raised the ceremonial sword which had been in his family for generations. Generations in which this city had always been under the rule of his family. "Who is with us!"

Almost as one the crowd raised both their hands over their heads and started making a clicking sound in approval.

"I guess we are about to have some fun." Said Colonel Drugov as the Spetsnaz solider and only Tau'ri that the colonials ever had a prison of war as he stood beside a truck loaded with AK style weapons and behind it was another truck with RPGs and after that truck another truck full of weapons. The weapons would flow into the city and while some of the civilians would fight the rest would help prepare the city for the battle before going down the tunnel which would take them back to the main Tau'ri base camp and the stargate.

"Sir, we better go check out those trucks it will be dark in a few hours." said a private as Drugov let out a sigh as he looked at the Trucks that the race used. They where about the size of their Tau'ri counterparts but the compartment looked tinny. "They will be a pain to drive."

"They will but that is key to getting this done right." said Drugov as he and other Tau'ri special forces headed toward the trucks while others started handing out weapons. Still others spread out across the city and secure it all the while beginning to set up the little surprises that all needed to be in place by sundown. It was going to be a busy few hours for the Opochti people and their allies the Tau'ri.

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