Chapter 19 Battle of Likna Part 1

The solders of the Race retreated under the five of heavy machine gun fire, that had caught them by surprise as they fell back. The machine guns stopped firing and only the moans of the wounded could be heard as those who hadn't been killed by the machine gun lied on ground.

"Medics forward." ordered the small unit commander closest to the attack line. With fear in their eyes the medics moved forward, along with their normal body paint which showed their rank they wore a the image of a bright green Leaf on the fronts and backs of their body armor. The green leaf was in truth a planet wide herb which had some healing effects and had been adopted as a symbol of doctors by the Vantic people. The Race had taken the symbol so that the Vantic wouldn't hurt medics and likewise the Race didn't shoot the Vantic doctors with the same mark on their wrappings. So they took no gunfire came as the medics moved forward to collect the wounded. Only when one of the medics tried to climb the barrier did a warning shot get fired straight up into the air.

"Stop, do not come over the barrier." said a voice in the darkness.

"I need to treat the wounded inside." hissed the Medic "I will not hurt you."

"There are no wounded inside, every member of the Race is dead." said a voice back as the Medic hissed in anger.

"You will pay for this and so will everyone inside this city." stated the medic

"Bring it on, we have more surprises for you." said the voice as the Medic pulled back.

Back at the lines the battlefield a Ship Lord of the Race glared at the roadblock through a pair of binoculars. In the command structure of the Race a Ship Lord was equal in rank to an Admiral or a General in the Tau'ri command structure and had all the same duties. The only members of the Race a ship lord really had to listen to where higher ranking Ship Lords and the Fleet Lord in this case Straha and the Fleet Lord of the Colonization Fleet, Refet.

"So it would appear that they have gotten their claws on some of our weapons." Stated the Ship Lord

"Yes, superior sir what are your orders?" inquired his nearby aid

"Prepare a helicopter assault and land forces inside the city." ordered the Ship Lord "They may have a hardened outer shell like an egg but their interior will be weak and soft."

"Superior Sir, we had a situation only a short time ago where the terrorist shot down some of our attack helicopters." Advised the aid

"Yes, I am aware of that." said the Ship Lord as the Aid backed away in fear. "I do thank you for reminding me, we just finished a recount of all our weapons and none of the anti-vehicle rockets came up missing. So our choppers will be safe while they drop off our males."

"It shall be done." confirmed his aid as he went to carry out his orders. The helicopters where sitting just behind the lines on a grassy field, the males quickly got onboard and within minutes 10 helicopters took off and headed toward the darkened city.

"Here they come." said multiple Tau'ri on the walls of Likna, thanks to the night vision in each of their visor helmets they could see the choppers coming toward them. The choppers design was similar to the Soviet era Mil Mi-24 helicopter also known as the Hind, and like the Hind it carried troops as well as a lot of guns and rockets. The helicopters flew in low and without taking any fire at all, thanks to the thermal masking of the Tau'ri power armor and the sheets placed over the roadways the Race pilots saw no enemy to shot at as they headed toward the main market place.

"Too many wires running over the market place, we can't land here." reported the pilot of the first chopper as he looked at all the thick wires which crisscrossed over the large market square.

"We need to take the center market; can you land on the nearby buildings?" inquired the assault force leader on the first chopper.

"Yes, superior sir." confirmed the pilots as they choppers split off into five pairs, the pairs landed one at a time on the flat roofs of the local house. Each chopper let out 10 males of the race for a total of 100 males in the city. A few remained on over watch position on the roof while the rest of their team jumped down onto the flat patio which was common in the L shaped buildings which made up the city. The helicopters remained on over watch position as well but took no fire.

"Where are the crawlers?" inquired the head pilot as he scanned the area with eye turrets, but the city was totally dark.

Inside the buildings the Race, moved with a deserved and confirmed confidence, they had night vision goggles and the most advanced weapons on the planet. They also had the training which no crawler could hope to match, they never saw it coming. From ten different locations spread out across the city ten surface to air missiles took flight. The Helicopters where too stationary to react in time to the missiles and each of the missiles found their targets turning them into burning wrecks which came crashing down. In the case of one of the choppers it came crashing down onto the very building which had the team they just dropped off. The chopper crashed and burst into flames killing all the males inside. Other choppers did come crashing down in the market squares or onto other buildings. The city was now aglow with fires but here the building material of the Opochti people helped the defenders. Using mud dried bricks and stones the buildings didn't burn easy and so the fires where contained almost at once.

The destruction of 10 choppers all at once caused the assaulting males of the race to look on in confusion. They had just lost 10 choppers, more then what they had lost during the entire conquest and now ten of them where burning wrecks. The 80 males of the race spread out in four different buildings, twenty in each had no idea what to do at first.

"Superior sir, what are our orders?" inquired a lower ranking male to the highest-ranking male in the buildings.

"Go outside clear the roadblocks so that…" started the male before he fell backwards as a bullet slammed into his body armor and then to the stunned amazement of the males of the race it exploded within him covering them with his blood and pieces of flesh. The walls where covered with his blood and pieces of him covered the ground, a large piece actually hung on the ceiling for a moment before falling down with a wet thump.

"By the Emperor?" asked one of the nearby males as he looked at a large bullet hole in the wall. Then another road came through that wall and hit him and exploded taking the leg and lower quarter off another male.

"BY THE EMPEROR!" yelled other males as they took cover as yet another road came through the wall and exploded in a male.

Outside the building they were in a Tau'ri SAS sniper pulled the trigger on a new handheld railgun sniper rifle. The railgun rife was large by rifle standards and heavy, with a large power supply to send the round down range and it lacked anything close to rapid fire. It had the similar rate of fire as a bolt action rifle as it took time for the charge that would send the round down range to build it but it carried a lot more punch and the snipers where using it to shot clear through sniper team carried multiple power supplies for their rifles which had a habit of burning through rapidly. The rifle was still in the field-testing stages and each sniper team still had a 50-caliber sniper rifle for back up.

With a thermal scope she could see through the mud-brick walls of the houses see where the soldiers of the Race where hiding within. The rounds she was firing wasn't just normal round but instead had timed high explosive rounds built into the tip of the roads. The technology had been taken from the Colonials who designed it to take down Cylon Centurions and they worked perfectly well against the Race. Nearby other Tau'ri snipers where busy taking down the Race forces which had been allowed into the city but they purposely left some of them alive. They needed them alive to radio back that they where alive but trapped.

"Command, I have 8 members of the race pinned down." reported the SAS sniper "12 of them are KIA."

"Good, keep an eye on them and if they try to leave the building kill them." ordered Drugov over the radio.

"Understood command." Said the sniper as she cut the line and looked at targets she had within her window, she could kill any of them right now but she held off. So did the other snipers all of which watched their targets, they needed them alive and reporting back to their commanders. As long they where alive and trapped in the city it would make bombing runs and artillery by the Race into the city would be a risky move because of the risk of hitting their own trapped within.

Outside among the forces of the Race the ship lord in command of all forces around Likna, he had both his hands behind his back and glared at the fires burning in the nearby city. It wasn't the fires which concerned him but the fact that those fires where funeral piles for 10 of his attack helicopters and now he had forces trapped within the city.

"So we will have to do this the hard way, order the land cruisers forward and beat them like the crawlers they are." ordered the Ship Lord

The land cruisers of the Race, what the Tau'ri would call tanks moved forward, while the bulk of the armor was concentrated on the main road and the main roadblock other columns headed toward each of the three other gates.

"Here they come." said Drugov as he stood on the wall by the main gate, the gate wasn't really a gate and the large stone gatehouse which had once stood there had been torn down by the Race for the highway. Instead a roadblock had been put in place, part of the mud dried bricks and stones which made up that roadblock and others came from a house and others which had been torn down by their owners. They had torn down the house and others across the city so that 16 vehicles working in pairs could go to work.

Drugov turned toward Prince Unia who was transfixed by the first vehicle coming up from a hidden Tok'ra tunnel. The Tau'ri had placed multiple Tok'ra tunnels across the city allowing troops to move rapidly and providing a safe spot for any wounded or retreating forces. It also allowed the vehicles and other equipment the Tau'ri had brought in to remain hidden until the time was right. The first vehicle looked similar to a land cruiser only it didn't have a gun. Instead it had this large folded item on top of it. Prince Unia watched as the thing unfolded and formed a ramp up to the top of the wall.

"In truth, those things are designed for crossing rivers not making ramps but it works." explained Drugov as the tortoise bridging vehicle moved back and allowed the Alligator light armored vehicle to roll up. In truth he wished he could bring up Leopard main battle tanks and use them, but incline was too much for the Leopard to use with no real support under the ramp. The Alligator was lighter armored and had a less powerful weapon but still was more than enough to do the job. At each of the four gates, two Alligators went up ramps on either side of the gate and going haul down so that only their turrets with their new railguns.

Each of the Alligators turned their railguns on the advancing columns of tanks from the Race, now the railguns which had become small enough to fit on a single combat vehicle didn't have the range of their larger counterparts built into the warships of the Tau'ri fleet due to the fact they didn't have access to the large power sources which could fit on a warship but not currently in a vehicle. It was still much more advanced then the first-generation rail guns which used to have to be moved around in multiple semi-truck sized trailers.

Inside the Alligators the crews looked out over the walls with high power sensors which turned night into day and automatically gave the range for their targets.

"Anti-armor rounds." ordered each of the commanders in the alligators as the weapon's officer down below in the crew compartment made sure the ammo belt was in the right position. The Alligator carried two main ammo types for their railgun, the Anti-armor rounds which where designed to take down light armor and vehicles which contained a metal dart about a foot long contained inside a sabot to fit the barrel. The other rounds where anti-personal rounds which where the same basic design a metal dark inside a sabot but the dart was only 3 inches long.

"Now we wait." said the gunner as he lined up on the nearest Race Tank. All along the walls smaller towed guns where being unmasked and moved into a firing position and machine guns prepared to open up on the oncoming foot soldiers.

Elsewhere in the city of Likna barrels where lifting from concealed self-propelled guns located in the side markets spread out around the city. Using information gathered by the flying drones the guns turned their barrels to the right angle to take down their assigned targets. Their targets where not the artillery of the Race but instead the tracking radar which where located in special trucks. With them destroyed any Race counter attack would be unorganized random fire. The ranges and targets also went down to the dozens of mortar teams spread out across the city. Some of them where in backyards and courtyards of homes while others shared the markets with the heavier guns. Here the Tau'ri and the Opochti worked together again. With the Opochti carrying the shells to each of the mortar tubes, this turned out to be an easier task for them it was for regular Tau'ri because with 4 legs they where less likely to trip while carrying a shell. All the defenders held their breath and waited as the Race played right into their hands.

The multiple drones which where monitoring the battle didn't just broadcast their information back to command but to the Military headquarters on Earth. From there they handed the "semi" live video to the multiple news outlets. It wasn't a pure live feed but with a 90 second delay, from there it went to Valhalla and Lanagara on a slightly longer delay due to travel time of the broadcast over the multiple broadcast stations spread out across Tau'ri space. It even went to the 12 colonies of Kobol got the broadcast even if it was delayed even more.

Watching the broadcast from the food court of their resort the movement of the Tau'ri military was of passing interest to Acacia and Medea, both of them where more focused on the cinnamon flavored pancakes which they got at the breakfast bar. Cinnamon was not something found in the colonies and was beloved by a lot of colonials, only when the pancakes where about done did Medea take note of the TVs which showed the battle of Likna.

"Robert, I don't recognize those vehicles." said Medea as she pointed toward the vehicle on the screen.

"Alligators, they are pretty new." stated Robert "Was still in the final testing stages when we invaded, the railgun had some issues. Had a habit of jamming and burning through the Naquadah power cells very fast. They fixed it but too late to be used in the invasion."

"Railgun? Those are the things that shot a metal rode insanely fast right? Before the war, word was that the military was working on that for anti-cylon defense." inquired Medea as Robert nodded his head.

"Standard on our ships and some fixed AA guns, Alligator is the first time we put it on a vehicle. Word is that they have a sniper rifle version and are working on a machine gun and possibly battle rifle rail gun to replace the SIR-15s but those are rumors." Stated Robert "Not sure how long that would take to design, power and ammo burn through are issues I have been told. Railguns burn through a lot of ammo very fast and if you have to carry multiple power cells that is less ammo you can carry."

"Why not energy weapons? You have them." advised Acacia as she remembered watching news showing the Tau'ri warships blowing up the Colonial navy. "Your tank…the Lion has one and it has shields too."

"Energy weapons aren't as good as you think, we had an enemy called the Replicators." explained Robert as he pulled out his phone and showed the two colonials an image of a robotic spider. "They almost crushed the Asgard which gave us a lot of the technology we used against you because they were immune to energy weapons, but bullets worked very well."

"Are they still around?" inquired Acacia

"No, the same technology that we used against Caprica City with the Ragnorak was used against the Replicators before they could conquer the galaxy." explained Robert as he looked up at the screens. "Looks like the Marines are luring in the Race; those Railguns are already in range."

"Marines, maybe it's the army?" countered Medea as Robert shook his head.

"No, the marines are the ones who generally use the Alligators. Maybe because of the speed or the fact that it is amphibious not sure? But if Alligators are on world then you can bet that somewhere nearby is a column of two of Leopard main battle tanks are lurking somewhere." explained Robert as he checked his watch. "You two ready?"

"Sure, lets go have some fun." Said Acacia as they stood up to leave.

The upcoming military action was being watched much closer by the heads of the Colonial military forces, almost every TV screen in the rebuilt colonial military operation center was watching the broadcasts coming out of this world.

Admiral William Adama monitored the events and compared them to what he knew about the Tau'ri military strategy. A strategy which the remaining Colonial Military planners which had lived through the war was still trying to wrap their minds around. The Tau'ri had rewritten the rules of war for the Colonials and he felt no pity for this Race as they charged toward the defending Tau'ri.

"So what do you think will happen?" inquired President Roslin as she moved to stand beside him.

"Madam President, the Tau'ri are going to toy with them for a while and then punch them so hard that they will fall within moments." explained Admiral Adama as he crossed his hands behind his back. "The Tau'ri military doesn't have to build up like they did when they faced us and likely they are more focused on how to do this operation as quickly as possible with the least number of forces needed to finish the mission."

"I see, I just don't understand why the Tau'ri are attacking this world?" added Roslin "I know that they claim that they want to liberate this world from the oppression of the Race and the images they showed of these lizards things taking children is clearly a reason to go to war but I can't help but think there is something more."

"Likely there is but we are limited based on what we know." confirmed Adama with frustration in his voice. "We don't even have a map of the other powers in the galaxy, for all we know the Tau'ri want this world to set up a defense line for Earth from another power. We simply don't know and that is what really worries me. The Tau'ri wouldn't be putting all these forces into battle unless this world provided something major they wanted."

"I would ask what our spies has found but I know who well we have been in breaking into the Tau'ri computer systems and decoding their communications." Said Roslin with a sigh, so far, the peak of their intelligence department had been the ability to hack into the Tau'ri live broadcast system. The Tau'ri where broadcasting everything to the colonials but with about a 5-minute delay so that they had time to edit the broadcast to avoid giving the Colonials information. The biggest information scope they had gained from almost a year of challenging work had been finding out the Tau'ri sports scores about 5 minutes before the rest of the colonies.

"How did the members of the Quorum take the news about Tau'ri school accreditation and scholarships?" inquired Adama as the President let out a sigh.

"Better then I actually expected." Admitted Roslin "What was strange was while the Sagittarian delegation was screaming their heads off the Gememon delegation was actually for it. They wanted to make it optional for schools but that was all they wanted, and I think I will give them that."

"I am not that surprised." Laughed Adama as Roslin lifted an eyebrow at him. "Gememon may try to be all religious like Sagittarian but a look at the broadcast channels show that Gememon had the 3rd highest percentage of Tau'ri broadcast watchers behind only Aquaria and Libran."

"The Tau'ri are conquering us." Whispered Roslin with a sigh. "We fought a pointless war, lost 75 million people for what? We wanted to be in command of the Tau'ri and in the end it will be them in command of us."

"It could have been worse." Said Adama as Roslin looked at him. "From what we know, the Cylons where only months away from attacking and with that computer virus our entire fleet would have been disabled at a push of a button. The Cylons wouldn't have shown mercy they would have turned every world into lifeless nuclear husks. Compared to that future, we may have actually came out ahead."

"Maybe." Admitted Roslin as she checked her watch. "I better go, I have to visit a hospital with our soon to be second lady."

"Well at least she will get all the questions, her and Baltar's wedding is how far off now?" inquired Adama

"Three months and she is going to announce the dress designer on live TV next week." said Roslin with a roll of her eyes. The media was focused on the wedding and almost nothing else.

"Maybe that is when you should announce the Tau'ri school agreement, let it get buried in the news." Advised Adama as Roslin nodded her head in agreement.

The males of the Race moved forward down the roads toward the holes in the large stone walls which surrounded the city of Likna. The males where slightly more concerned then normal, they had seen the machine guns cut down the police which went in first. That was concerning but a terrorist getting their claws on a machine gun in a world full of military forces was troublesome but not unsurprising. Then the helicopters where shot down and that was an eye turret opening surprise.

"Remember, our job is to protect the land cruiser, if they come near the cruiser kill them." Ordered the head of the squad as they moved behind the third land cruiser in the attack line. There mission was to protect the land cruiser's side and rear from any crawler which try to attack the war machine in the thinner armored sides or rear. Suddenly the boom of artillery could be heard over the stillness of the night.

"Superior sir? I thought we weren't using artillery because of the risk of…." started one of the males only to drop to the ground when massive explosions happened behind them. "By the Emperor what was that?"

"No idea." admitted the commander as he turned to look at the massive stone wall as he did the entire length of the wall became a glow with muzzle flashes. There was just enough time for the soldiers of the race eyes to widened as rounds began to slam into them. It wasn't just normal bullets which would bounce off the armor or even the larger round cannon balls that some of the Vantic had been using when they conquered them. A few luckily hits had disabled land cruisers then this was something totally different. Land cruisers where being ripped apart as multiple rounds slammed into the land cruisers and troop carriers. It was unlike anything the males of the race had ever seen, each of the land cruisers where being hit by multiple rounds tearing into them like giant machine gun rounds only these cut through the armor of the land cruisers like flesh.

"By the Emperor what is going on!" yelled multiple males as they began shooting back toward the walls. Now machine gun fire was coming in as well and it was a lot of fire and the only protection the soldiers had was the now burning wrecks of land cruisers and infantry carriers. Those where now burning and the ammo cooking off sending turrets flying and smoke rings coming out of hatches. The crews inside had no chance to get out and mixed in with the sound of ammo cooking off was the smell of cooking meat.

"We have to pull back!" yelled another male as a screeching sound filled the air. Then the mortar rounds hit and the battlefield turned into a blood bath as they race was torn apart by the incoming fire. Males where sent flying through the air as the mortar bombs landed among them, by now more artillery rounds where landing among the field guns of the race causing them to explode one by one.

On the city walls the Alligators fired their railguns as fast as possible tearing into the race, the machine gunners and smaller towed guns pouring in their fire at the race. Prince Unia had never seen such a display of power against the Race, he remembered when the armies of the City nations went out to do battle against the invaders from beyond the stars.

The Race had destroyed every army no matter how large it was with ease. Cities fell one by one until only Nysha remained, his home and then they took that. He had to escape down a hidden tunnel with a handful of guards while the rest sold their lives to allow him to escape. The Race had declared victory after that day and while he and his fighters had stung them they had never been able to really hurt them, the Race were unstoppable monsters. Now the monsters where being slaughtered by the Tau'ri and this was just a small force the main force was still building in the woods.

He knew that the Tau'ri weren't doing this just because they where pure good, they wanted things from his people however what they wanted was strange. They wanted Jina Metal or as they called it Zephry, they claimed it was a rare impossible find metal but that was hard to believe when Jina metal was so common, that it was used for almost everything from belt buckles to door hinges. The Tau'ri wanted the metal and if they kept their word they would trade for it not take it by force then it was a good deal for his people. Prince Unia nodded his head, his word freedom from the Race and help rebuilding and in return they agreed to a trade deal with the Tau'ri that was more then fair. At the moment he was engrossed in the massive defeat that was happening to the Race.

"Pull back!" yelled the Tau'ri beside him, Drugov as the Alligators which where spitting death nearby suddenly stopped firing and backed down the ramps that the Tau'ri had set up. Even the towed guns which the Tau'ri had set up moved down smaller ramps to the animal teams which would pull them back deeper into the city. The machine guns kept their firer going but the lack of fire couldn't help but be noticed.

"Why are you pulling back?" yelled Prince Unia as suddenly the wall right below where the Alligator had been exploded as a Race shell slammed into it. Seconds later other parts of the wall began to take hits as the Land cruisers back out of the killing zone opened up with their guns at long range. The Race's artillery began to fire as well bringing death down on the wall.

"We don't have enough guns here to stop their artillery which is why we waited for them to get in close strike and pull back before they can bring shells down upon us." stated Drugov as he showed those white teeth that the Tau'ri had, they called it a smile. "Now we bring them in and then we grab them by the belt."

"What?" inquired Prince Unia as they moved off the wall, the Tau'ri machine gunners where still laying down fire as their mortar teams began to deploy smoke between them and the Race line.

"The Race has fields guns and air power, we can counter the air power with our anti-air and our smaller amount of field guns can begin to take down their guns but still we need to get in close and grab them by the belt so that they can't bring their air power and their artillery into the fight." Explained Drugov as they reached the slopped tunnel which lead down into the network of tunnels made by the Tau'ri. The Alligator was already there and the turtle was rolling down there was well the ramp back on its body. "This is just the opening moments and believe me."

The race began to pound the walls but the Tau'ri and Opochti had pulled back so that all the Race ended up doing was making a lot of noise and wrecking a stone wall which had been cleared out. All the while the Tau'ri and the Opochti fell back to the next line and awaited them.

Watching the soldiers who occupied her home die on mass with pure joy on her face was Finia, she like every other refugee that the Tau'ri had brought to this magical city watched the destruction of the Race. They watched it on the large screens which showed moving pictures, the Race had a version of it but the Tau'ri called it TV. She like so many of other of her people cheered when they watched the machines of the Tau'ri destroy the unstoppable Race.

"I can't believe it." Yelled Finia as the Tau'ri mowed down the Race with ease. She had nothing but thankfulness for the Tau'ri, they had shown nothing but kindness to her and her people. Yes, they did make some mistakes mostly when it came to telling each of them apart. She didn't really understand why the Tau'ri had all the trouble telling males from females, she had a pointed triangle shaped face compared to the rounder face of a male and her body was longer. It was clear to anyone but yet the Tau'ri had trouble with that. Then she thought about it and realized that she had trouble telling the male and female Tau'ri apart, she only knew that generally the Tau'ri females where shorter and had fleshly mounds on their chests.

That small fault was more then made up for in their kindness, they had given then toys, food, clothing, beds and most of all safety from their enemies. They wanted for nothing, they had unlimited access to food and the Tau'ri had hot and cold waters that came out of taps like the race. The Tau'ri did limit their freedoms to some extent, they couldn't roam the city and the area of the large park beside the stadium they where in had an assigned area for them. Tau'ri police moved through the crowds of refugees and settled any issues that came up. Tau'ri aid workers moved through helping with anything that they could and one of the aid workers had taught the children a game called soccer which the children had picked up fast.

"Thank you…" cried a woman behind Finia as she turned to see one of the Tau'ri medical personal, dressed in white handing over a birthing sack to a female.

"No problem." Said the Tau'ri, they wore a slightly different version of the Tau'ri helmet which had a much more open visor showing her entire face and was perfectly see through.

"If I may ask, how…how do you know this is my young? The Race kidnapped him." Said the female.

"I assure you this is your child, the Race kept records and we confirmed it using your DNA and comparing it to a sample of the child's." Explained the female "This is your daughter."

"Daughter?" inquired the female

"Sorry, I didn't mean to reveal the gender." Apologized the Tau'ri "Please forgive me."

"That is ok, you brought my…daughter back. If I can ask what is your name maybe I will name her after the female who brought her to me." Said the mother clearly caring more about the fact that her child was back then anything else.

"Samantha O'Neill." Introduced the Tau'ri

"Samantha O'Neill, strange name but it will work." said the woman

"Well O'Neill is my last name; my first name is Samantha." explained Samantha

"You have a last name, only nobles have last names." exclaimed the women in amazement.

"It used to be that way but now we all have last names." explained Samantha "Likely in time your people will gain last names as well, maybe they should get them already but first from everything we have know your baby is alright and is totally healthy."

"Good, very good and thank you once again." Said the woman as the Tau'ri medical personal left and headed back to wherever she had come from. Finia looked up toward what she had been told were called sky boxes which surrounded the large area which was normally the playing area. The boxes had some Tau'ri in it along with some of her kind. Her eyes locked on one of the boxes, there was a Opochti but she wore no cloths and instead stood there in body paint of the Race.

"She is a traitor, they took her when she was helping process us into the camps." Explained one of the kids her own age as he followed her gaze toward the figure watching the giant screen like everyone else. "The Tau'ri should have pulled a blade and take her head but they took her prisoner instead."

"I see." said Finia as she noticed a Tau'ri walking up to the prisoner, this one was wore the white armor of a Tau'ri medical officer.

Kassquit glared at the massive screen at the other end of the stadium with pure hate in her eyes, she watched in horror as the males of the Race where slaughtered by the Tau'ri.

"Kassquit, if I may ask what do you remember before the conquest?" inquired what the Tau'ri called a Doctor. The doctor wore white which was the wrong color for a medical officer, it should have been red that was the proper color for a medical officer. "If I understand it correctly you Opochti have a very long-life span and that children your age should remember clearly what life was like before the conquest."

"I am a citizen of the Empire and you are imprisoning me against my will. I demand to be freed at once and returned to my people." snapped Kassquit

"Well your people believe you are a traitor now tell me how does that make you feel?" inquired the Doctor.

"They are primitives and you are preventing them embracing the light of the Emperor and the glory of the Race." stated Kassquit "The Empire can't be stopped, they are the most advanced and powerful civilization in the universe."

"No, they are not because if they where they would be winning right now." countered the Doctor as Kassquit turned her attention back to the screen on the far end of the stadium. It now showed the race blowing up the wall with a massive display of firepower which confirmed her point.

"Look again." Countered Kassquit with as she watched what the military force of the Empire was doing. Then it showed a replay showing that the Tau'ri and the Vantic terrorist pulling back before the shelling began, so the Race was doing next to nothing. That was bad enough then it changed to show a fleet of orbiting Home, the Tau'ri already had forces in place to strike into the heart of the Empire. "You aren't fighting fair, the Empire did nothing to you and yet you are attacking it for no reason."

"And the Empire never threatened your world, but they conquered and enslaved it like it did to the other worlds they control and they wanted to do the same to us but we aren't what they expected." countered the Doctor "We are coming to liberate your home world, from the Race after they came to conquer us. That is more then enough reasons to fight the Empire. Now that I have answered some of your questions please answer mine, what do you remember of the Conquest. You would have been around 7 or so by our scale considering your people live around a 150 of our years naturally."

"I remember watching those who had caused me nothing but harm dyeing on mass and I loved it." Growled Kassquit the happy memories coming back to her as the squad of the Race stormed the market she was in.

"Do you remember your name?" inquired the Doctor

"I had no name, I was a lot number. I was a slave sold multiple times until the Race found me and treated me like one of them owns and raised me." stated Kassquit with anger in her voice. "The Race gave me a name and culture. They would have started with a newly hatched crawler, but they wanted to see if the current generation could be cultured so I was chosen."

"I see." Said the Doctor "I was unaware of slavery on your world."

"You people are helping slavers, how does that make you feel?" inquired Kassquit, she was a junior researcher, so she was going to try to turn it on her.

"Considering my ancestors were brought to Haiti as slaves, not well but we got rid of slavery on Earth and we defeated a group of Empires which had enslaved trillions of souls across the galaxy." countered the Doctor as she paused for a moment as an idea entered her head. "Kassquit would you be up to take a little trip if I can arrange it?"

"Yes." said Kassquit

"Give me a few minutes maybe I can better convince you about the situation your Empire is face." stated the Doctor, true to her word a few minutes later and under guard she was lead out of the building where a strange craft was waiting for them. They board, and the aircraft took off and headed up, to Kassquit amazement she could look out the window of the aircraft and see the dark void of space but she wasn't weightless. They rode in next to silence before a world came into view, it had a massive blue ocean covering the Northern third of the planet with greens and a few browns in the mostly land southern 2/3rds. The aircraft, Owl she had learned in her flight dove back down into the atmosphere of Mars before coming in for a landing. When the back ramp opened she let out a series of load clicking scream which was her native biology sneaking out. A member of the Race would have let out a hiss but either way what was before her was planet shattering.

Before moving around was thousands of Tau'ri, some of them with weapons and some without but all of them had that power armor on. She looked around, she was in the middle of a military base and a large one of that. She could see rows of Land Cruisers each one looking much more powerful then the version the Race used sat in a vehicle pool, a nearby runway had killer crafts and bombers all with ground crews looking over them. One of them a narrow-framed aircraft with short wings with missiles and a snout mounted machine gun took off like a Helicopter but without the spinning blades over it.

"Welcome to one of our bases." Said the Doctor as she leads Kassquiet around, each thing she saw caused fear to rise within her. She passed close to one of those Land Cruisers and a group of Tau'ri males and females came running past her in formation, none of them had power armor on but wore large packs on their backs and carried rifles.

"Why are those not wearing the armor like the others?" inquired Kassquit

"New recruits going through basic, power armor may be a staple now but we still train without it just like we do training without any of our technology so that we don't become to dependent on it." Explained the Doctor as they moved past an area where Tau'ri soldiers where training in hand to hand combat, some with power armor some without. Then the real horror, she saw a large group of Tau'ri gathered around another Tau'ri with a holographic display. She watched without understanding then she noticed that each of the images showed where weapons of the Race.

"You already have a military, why would you waste all the resources on that?" stated Kassquit

"Because the Universe is not a peaceful place, we have been at war multiple times and a standing military is what all great powers have to defend themselves. The Empire should consider itself luckily if it had fallen inside the territory of another one of the powers they would have been attacked long ago and if the Goa'uld had found them before they were defeated, the Race would have been enslaved." explained the Doctor "Now would you like to help and maybe save your Empire?"

"I will do anything in the service of the Empire." Stated Kassquit

"From what I have been told, your leadership doesn't seam to understand that we have a standing military." stated the Doctor as Kassquit looked toward the nearby road, a long column of Land Cruisers, tanks she had been told they call them, infantry carriers, infantry and other vehicles of war. From her location she could see what had to be thousands of warriors and this was just a single base on a single world. "The Empire doesn't seam to realize that they are tangling with possibly the strongest power in this galaxy and who controls 20% of this galaxy with a strong outpost in another galaxy. They need to be made aware of this and that time is all but out, if we have to this soldiers could soon find themselves fighting not only on Vantic 5 but every world in your Empire including Home. Your Empire is facing destruction and they don't seam to understand, maybe a citizen of the Empire who is not a member of the Race can convince them otherwise. If I can clear it with command how would you like to be the one to deliver the message?"

"I will return to Vantic 5 at any time." stated Kassquit as the Doctor shook her head.

"Not Vantic 5, we can't have you warning the military leaders there." stated the Doctor "However Home is possible."

Fleet Lord Straha was not pleased not in anyway as his driver parked his car and he moved toward the Ship Lord who was currently commanding the assault on Likna.

"Ship Lord Binia." Snapped Straha as the Ship Lord and lower ranking officers snapped to attention as Straha entered the command tent.

"Exulted Fleet Lord, I was preparing a report about the actions and was about to transmit it back to you for your review." explained Binia as the Ship Lord looked at the Fleet Lord.

"I have seen the video captured by our news reporters and our people have seen the burning wrecks of our Land Cruisers and our dead males. Now explain to me how crawlers could possibly do that?" inquired Straha, his question was totally understandable but there was venom in his voice.

"Exulted Fleet Lord, we don't know we have reports of strange fire coming from eight locations two at each road leading into the city and we have confirmed artillery coming in from the city." explained Ship Lord Binia

"So you are telling me that the crawlers got artillery?" inquired Fleet Lord Straha, his answer came when a shell came in nearby and blew a Race gun up. "I see, radar tracking?"

"Destroyed in the first attack, we have more on the way." explained Ship Lord Binia

"Good, send in the males and take the city." ordered Shraha

"Exulted Fleet Lord forgive me but we needed more guns and weapons up here before we take the city." stated Ship Lord Binia

"More are coming but we need to take this city before the deadline that terrorist Unia, we already have reports of riots and increase terror attacks around the world. We need to crush this rebellion once and for, this is their last chance and we will crush it. The longer this fight goes on the more the riots spreads around the world." Explained Straha "So send in the Males, when reinforcements arrive they will come in behind them."

"It shall be done." Confirmed Ship Lord Binia as he turned toward a lower ranking male and repeated the order. Within moments squads of males rushed forward toward the walls, they expected to take fire but no fire came in as they moved forward. They reached the walls taking no fire at all, within minutes the first males breached the roadblocks and entered the city of Likna not knowing that it was just the Opochti freedom fighters in there but the Tau'ri wolves were waiting for them.

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