Chapter 23 Angels on High

The sounds of explosions could be heard in the distance but for the soldiers of the race manning the roadblock on the highway leading toward Likna from the Capital of Nysha it was nothing to be concerned about. They had heard explosions before as their fellow males did battle with the terrorists claiming the city as their own. They were more concerned with the large group of males and females who were attempting to break the roadblock in order to make their own lives better.

"Are you stupid, why would I have to drive an extra two hours out of my way to by pass the crawler's uprising." stated an irate semi-driver as his truck sat engine running behind him. "I have important items that I have to get to the stores on time and the only way that will happen is by going down that road."

"The road is closed because of terrorist activities." stated the head male for the thousands time that day.

"But the road doesn't even pass within Likna, surely the road is safe if the crawlers are trapped within the city walls." Countered the driver.

"Orders from the Fleet Lord, the road is closed." stated the small unit commander as a female pushed her way toward the front of the crowd gathered before the group of Soldiers and police which formed the roadblock to keep the road closed to all but approved traffic. He scanned her body paint which told him she was of all things a tour group leader.

"Excuses me, but I have a group visiting up from the South and we need to visit that observation tower there." Stated the tout guild as she pointed toward a small rise less then a quarter of a mile down the road. It wasn't much to look at, a small gentle rise in the ground which the highway went right over but to the side was a stone watchtower that rose about the ground from the top of the rise.

"You want to see that?" inquired the small unit commander as he looked at the ugly building, it was shaped like a tringle and had unneeded decorations on it. "Why?"

"Like I said I am leading a tour of vacationers from the South and they want to see some of the works that the crawlers made before we arrived." stated the guild "And more importantly if we don't visit that it throws our entire schedule off."

"Sorry but orders from the fleet Lord, you nor anyone else can go down this road past this point." Stated the small unit commander "Now move along."

Just on the other side of that rise a large group of Opochti freedom fighters rode on top of their great war mounts as they moved to retake their planet. In the lead was a fighter carrying the brown and orange banner of the Nysha royal family and the last free Prince Unia. Mixed in with the now almost 200 strong mounted warriors was a small group of Tau'ri forces on horseback one carrying the blue and silver Tau'ri flag. The two banners where very different the Opochti people didn't have flags like the Tau'ri or other powers had, instead they had what looked more like banners which the strapped down to poles they carried into battle.

"Man will you look at this." said one of the Tau'ri as he looked around at the almost 200 warriors. Some of them looked like twisted knights riding giant rhino beetles while others looked like farmers who had joined the fight. Some wore metal armor, some wore farming cloths. Some had long spears and curved swords, while others had sharpened fire harden wooden poles and farming tools. "Kind of reminds me of stories my great grandmother told me that her own grandfather or was it great grandfather told her about the civil war."

"Well I am sure the confederates didn't ride armored beetles capable of going almost 50 miles an hour." stated the head of the little Tau'ri front force, Captain Kasumi Goto as she looked at the giant beasts. They did look like Rhino beetle and the one nearest to her had its long front horn covered with metal armor sharpened to a point. She had spent some time talking with one of the warriors and while it was hard to get a good understand it seemed that these beasts where their versions of horses and while they couldn't go long or median distance like horses could the Uliania as they called them beat horses in sprints. She had even heard stories from these warriors of armored Uliania riders driving the horns of their beasts into the side of tanks and destroying them.

"True, I must admit Captain I am surprised you know how to ride a horse. Not many chances I assume in Japan." stated the man as she rolled her eyes under her helmet.

"I am not from Japan, I am from Argentina." corrected Goto as her suburbanite looked at her as if he could see her face through her helmet. "My Grandparents on both sides moved there after WW2 to raise cattle a lot of Japanese did. My brother followed their example and has a ranch on Mars if that interests you."

"Oh…I understand." said the man as the intelligence officer shook her head and looked back down the road. A rise was coming up and on top of it was a stone look-out tower that was maybe 175ft to 200 ft tall with a low wall around it. It was well positioned to look over the road which the Race had remade in their own image. From there defenders could see threats to the city of Nysha coming from miles away and alert the city. The Race had foolishly not set any defenders on it and instead placed their line on the other side they were going to pay for that mistake.

They moved up the gentle rising slop and when they reached the crest Goto could see in distance what passed for skyscrapers among the race. They looked like giant rectangle blocks dropped down behind a medieval style wall. From this distance she could make out nothing that made one of the buildings stand out from any of the others. It was a uniform shape and design with none of the individuality that could be found in Tau'ri cities. The sameness took away any real interest in the city to her eye. The distance between their current location to the city to be about ten miles or so.

She turned her attention away from the city down toward the road and to the large group of lizards about a quarter of a mile from their current location. She could see four tanks, about 16 APC and about two dozen other military vehicles. There were actually more cars flashing yellow and red lights and the tanks and APCs had all their weapons pointing away from them.

"Looks to be a mostly police line." stated Goto "And they have all their guns pointing away from us. They didn't expect an attack here."

"Well this should be fun." said the solider beside her carrying the Tau'ri flag as they moved forward.

A rush of alarm ran through the crowd of civilians as they saw the line of mounted terrorist appear on the nearby rise. When they appeared none of those foolish males and females who had been hissing out their protests wanted to go forward. For the males of the race all veterans of the battlefields to take this world all opened their mouths and without making a sound laughed at the reaction of the civilians.

"Remain calm." Stated the head of the squad as the soldiers moved toward their vehicles at a calm measured pace. There was no need to rush, they could cut down these terrorists with machine gun fire like crops at harvest time. They had done it before, they mowed down who armies much larger then this without having a single male get hurt in any real way.

"Those poor animals they have no choice in this." stated one of his males as he moved toward the machine gun mounted on his Infantry Carrier. The commander looked at the line of terrorists and felt as well pity, pity not for the terrorists but for the beasts they rode. Then he spotted a group near the center which was off. They were thin animals not the massive beasts and they were not the right color. These creatures where different colors then the gun metal grey of the beasts, the terrorist riding them where not right either, he couldn't make them out well enough but the banner one carried was an actual flag not the type the crawler used.

He moved forward walking in front of two Land cruisers which flanked one of the pair of lanes which headed toward Likna. He raised his binoculars to his eye turret and the image leaped toward him and instantly he wondered if he was seeing what he thought he was seeing. The beasts had fur on them and had people on them who were clearly not crawlers or any other race within the empire. He saw one of them raise a hand and raised a single finger toward him, it appeared to be the middle one. Then he saw that all of the small band had assault rifles, they were different than the ones he had but it was clearly assault rifles. Nothing about the image made any sense.

"By the Emperor what is going on?" inquired the commander as he looked around none of his males or the police force under his command seemed to have realized something was off. They where moving slowly as if there was no threat and they likely didn't think there was any. He was about to get on his radio but then a cry came over the field, he looked to see the mass of mounted warriors rushing down the rise toward them. He could see the turrets of the land cruisers spinning around to face the oncoming threat but before the guns of the Race could open up a screeching sound filled the air. It took the race far longer then what it should have to realized what was happening and by then it was too late.

Rockets fired from Tiger mobile launch vehicles exploded a hundred feet above their heads. Each one of the rockets carried hundreds of small bomblets which fell themselves over the battlefield. Each one of the bomblets had a promising fuse which blew up either on contact with a target or 3 feet off the ground. Since the tallest member of the Race was about 4 and half foot with the average being about a foot less that meant all these thousands of bomblets exploded right at head high. It was a slaughter with body parts of now dead soldiers and some unlucky civilians sent flying through the air. The vehicles even the land cruisers exploded when bomblets hit their fuel supply from above.

To the horror of the Race who had been far enough away to live through the blast, coming out of the smoke with their banners whipping around in the fire and smoke was the charging mass of Crawler terrorists.

"Spirits of Emperors Past save us!" yelled a female but her Emperors where not listening to her as out of the smoke came not more Crawlers but land cruisers. These Land Cruisers where much larger than the Race and with even a simple glace of the eye turret one could see that the creatures standing up in the open commander's copula was neither a member of the Race or crawler but something else. More vehicles came rushing out of the smoke, Infantry carriers of a design totally different then the Race and recon vehicles as well.

A few brave police officers attempted to stop the oncoming threat the only way they knew how. Since none of them where armed with anything more than a riot baton they raised their hands up ordering them to stop. To a male or female of the Race which been taught from birth to obey orders from above would had stopped them. It didn't even slow them down.

Then the Opochti freedom fighters rammed into them, the massive animals plowed through the stunned race and before the eyes of multiple Tau'ri they sent some of their oppressors flying through the air like rag dolls as their rhino beasts used their horns as weapons a poor few actually got impaled by the horn. As for the civilians, the Tau'ri didn't aim at them but as for the Opochti they were just as big of oppressors as the soldiers.

"We need to keep moving leave them alone, it is the city we want." Ordered the freedom fighter leader as he aimed his spear toward their capital city of Nysha. "Take the city and we liberate our world. To the city!"

That got them moving as the freedom fighters moved forward as the Tau'ri armored thrust rushed forward moving past the mounted riders. The Puma recon vehicles taking up front most position as they rushed to secure the opening in the wall which the highway went through. Once they took that opening they could advance into the city itself, if the Race could amass forces in that gap they could cause the Tau'ri a lot of trouble, so the race was on to take the gap.

They had cleared the military line and now had to deal with civilian traffic on the road. This could have slowed down their advance as the Tau'ri vehicles swiveled around terrified and confused driver but they had prepared. While a handful of Pumas did rush forward to secure their target moving to the main body of the advance where 7 Cougar APCs, while not as fast as their Puma cousins the these vehicles had an extra surprised. Instead of the normal troop compartment which could carry between 12 and 16 people, these vehicles had extra power cells. With a push of a button low shields just a hair taller than the vehicles themselves appeared to the front and formed a wedge shape in front of the vehicle. They where designed originally to take down Colonial mine fields but they had a different role in this operation.

"Gentlemen lets plow the road!" laughed the woman driver in the lead vehicle as the APCs moved forward in a tight V and that is what they did. They plowed the road clear of cars like a snow plow would clear it from snow. The cars of the Race which didn't get out of the way slammed into the shields and where forced out of the way.

"This is way more fun than snow removal duty!" laughed another driver, which some of the mine sweepers had basically become.

Ahead of them a small strike force of Puma recon vehicles rushed down the streets as fast as they could go. They weaved in and out of traffic and as they headed toward the city, the stunned drivers on the road couldn't believe what they were seeing. Even after the Tau'ri patrol passed by a column of military trucks and shot it up as they went did the Race refuse to believe what they were seeing.

Fleet Lord Straha heard distance booms and turned to look in the direction of the sound. At first, he assumed that it was the Artillery opening fire on the rebels within Likna only to stop when he realized he was looking in the wrong direction.

"What is going on?" stated Straha as he saw smoke rising from what was likely the military base. "By the Emperor those terrorists will pay for that, maybe I will drop an explosive metal bomb on them now."

Then with a roar a strange black aircraft shot over the stone castle which had become the ceremonial center of the Race rule on Vantic 5. The aircraft banked around the sky before roaring back over the castle and the governmental buildings which surrounded it before heading back toward the military base. Smoke was now rising from the area, for a second Straha just stood there looking the dark craft as it headed back toward the base. He could make out at least two more of those crafts airborne over the capital, all around him the males and females which made the government here on Vantic 5 work came out of their buildings. They began to look in confusion at the rising smoke and the distance booms coming from the base.

"An accident? Maybe a fire broke out in an armory?" offered one male, an accountant by the body paint. He likely was a member of the conquest fleet but having worked in pay role had never even had to fire his gun.

"Either way we need to get those fire under control and see what damage was done." stated a female who wore the paint of an educational official.

"By the Emperor we need to also find out how to prevent this from happening again." added an infantry male, he must have been on guard duty and like a lot of other males he was carrying his rifle slung over his back.

"We are under attack." stated Straha letting out a low hiss in amazement and confusion as his mind began to try to come to grips with that idea. It was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole it just didn't make any sense. The Race was the most advanced, the most powerful empire in the galaxy who could challenge them?

More roars filled the air as Straha looked to the east to see large black shapes heading toward the city. These airborne crafts where much larger and slower than that fast killer craft which had flown overhead. These looked like the cargo transport aircraft that he had to move around males and equipment, but he saw no engine pods under the wings. That confused him until he watched five of the six which flew overhead go past. Then he saw the glow of engines coming from the wings themselves and he understood that the engines must be in the wings themselves. One of this eye turrets followed the sixth aircraft as he circled around the government complex and then he spotted them. Along the sides of this strange craft where multiple guns and cannons.

"A transport firebase?" asked Straha in amazement, the race had never considered using a cargo transport aircraft as an offensive weapon. He didn't want to believe it but then he saw the flash as the large gun on the aircraft spoke, followed moments later by a boom as a nearby building took a direct hit. The glass and concrete structure exploding and giving way as the round blasted through the roof before exploding within the structure. Some males reacted faster than normal showing they had been on the front lines not just rear area operations and raised rifles and fired up at the aircraft. All they managed to do was to get whoever was operating those weapons attention. Within moments the perfectly maintained and organized park which sat between the buildings was taking machine gun fire like nothing Straha had ever seen before.

He ran as fast as his legs would take him and got under the massive stone arch which span over the main enters to the castle. Even here he could feel the bullets from that machine gun slam at untold speed onto the stone. To the credit of the Vantic who made the stone castle above him, the stones held up to the fire. Out in the field the males and females caught in the open was shown no mercy as they where cut down. The soldiers went down with rifles firing but went down just like everyone else.

"By the Emperor what is going on!" yelled Straha as another building took a direct hit by the same large gun which had destroyed the first building. It was a nearly identical performance with the only difference being that only one side of the building fell into a mound of rubble while the other half caught fire.

A brave male rushed out with a shoulder fire missile and to the amazement of Straha he didn't shoot after the normal 20 second lock on time. When he yelled at him asking way the male turned and looked at him.

"Exulted Fleetlord I am not getting a target lock and the weapon will not fire!" yelled the solider a moment before his entire body was turned into bloody pulp when it was racked by machine gun fire from the attacking aircraft. To add insult the warhead of the missile exploded causing what was left of the doomed male to be consumed by a fireball.

On board the Pelican the crew was working overtime as the rail gun, heavy cannon and rapid firing gattling guns mowed down the area around the castle. Intelligence reported that there was some civilians in the area but they worked for the military in one way or another and just like any civilian who worked at a military base they should expect to be targets in a war. A few soldiers tried to lock on with portable anti-air missiles but a combination of the radar blocking systems, stealth paint and heat suppression made the Race's version of that weapon impossible to lock on the Pelican. Either way none of the crew wanted to be down there, a single one of their gattling guns could cover the area of a football field with bullet holes every 2 inches in 45 seconds and they had four of them on top of their twin cannons and two rail guns for good measure.

As the crew kept firing a song was playing out of large speakers built into the sides of the aircraft, they were there to fill those bellow with fear. In truth it was more often used by the crew to listen to music while they blew stuff up.

"Why do we have to listen to this crap!" yelled one of the gunners "This song came out what in the 60s?"

"Puff the Magic Dragon is a staple for gunships, the first one was nick named that in Vietnam." Countered the co-pilot

"Doesn't mean I want to listen to it!" yelled a gunner as he fired into a building below with the rail gun. With one shot it exploded sending shards of glass and concrete flying. "Change it!"

"Fine." Said the co-pilot as he it the next button on the Ipod attached to the player, after a couple of seconds the next song began playing.

"Baby, baby, baby, oooh." Sang the speakers until the pilot hit the next button.

"I refuse to listen to that crap while we are blowing stuff up and if I ever find out who keep putting that back on the shuffle list I will throw them out of this aircraft in low orbit with no parachute." Snapped the pilot as the next song began playing.

"If you want to get out alive, run for your life." The music played as the crew keep raining death from above, every so often a bullet from a rifle would hit the side of the pelican, all it did was annoy the Tau'ri inside as they rained down death from above.

Other Pelicans moved over the capital city and lined up on the now burning Race military base and the nearby space port. There was no attempt to land instead the sides and back ramps of the aircraft was lowered and as one the Rangers leaped out into the air. Their parachute opened up at once and they began to drift down toward the runway. The Race soldiers where still trying to get a grip on what was happening and with all the smoke from the burning aircraft most didn't notice the descending Tau'ri. While paratroopers was an idea the Race had, they had never used it in any of the last three invasions using helicopters instead.

The Rangers landed on the runway and cut away their shoots as they landed. They raised weapons and began to move out in a well-practiced operation, all these men and women had trained to take airfields in the past and most had done so in the Colonial War. They moved forward their visor systems pricing the smoke and the darkness covering the field from that smoke. They began to drop the Race with ease as they moved to take the field. Only when the first males began to fall from gunfire did the Race realize that they were under attack from the ground level. Most of the males on the base near the runway where ground crew members and didn't carry rifles instead having pistols, some didn't even carry pistols. They were inexperienced soldiers going up against specially trained Tau'ri rangers who quickly began to take control of the airbase.

Just across a highway and with a large parking lot separating the two was the civilian shuttle port. This was also a target of the Tau'ri forces, here it was even easier for the Tau'ri. With only a few police officers and most of which had at most a baton to enforce the law had no chance against the Tau'ri. A few officers did try to stop the Tau'ri only to get elbowed out of the way as the Tau'ri moved to take the airfield.

Killer crafts of the Race which had been lucky enough to be airborne at the time of the sudden attack where running for their lives. These black killer crafts had dived on them from above and had ripped them apart.

"This is killer craft pilot Teerts please resound." Ordered Teerts over the radio as he scanned the skies for these strange crafts.

"Flight leader we need an airstrike on the…." Came a voice back only to cut off without any real orders given. Teerts scanned the sky and the ground and couldn't believe what he was seeing. A column of land cruisers moving down the streets of Nysha and they where not the Race's land cruisers. That is when he saw a larger black aircraft firing down on the governmental center in the heart of the city. He aimed one of this missiles but to his amazement he got no missile lock.

"By the Empiror what is going on!" yelled Teerts as he noticed too late one of those strange killer crafts diving on him. The last thing he saw was golden flashes from the cannons on the Killer Craft which killed him.

"Got him!" yelled the Tau'ri pilot as the fighter jet of the Race fell burning from the sky, having been taken out by a couple rail gun rounds. The burning wreck fell from the sky and actually hit what looked to be a gas station of some kind causing a massive fireball of bluish flame to shoot up into the sky. As the hydrogen fuel station burned the tail fine of the Killer Craft could be seen sticking out of the fire the imperial crest of the Race viable on the back fin. It was being repeated across the planet as the pilots of the Race who managed to get airborne where torn apart from the combat hardened pilots of the Tau'ri.

Admiral Hackett stood on the bridge of the Missouri as the Tau'ri battleship moved into position, all around the 7th fleet was moving into position. The ships of the Race where slow, bulky and aside from a handful had no offensive weapons. They where easy prey and the Tau'ri where taking them out of play with ease. They didn't fire missiles or use beam weapons instead teams of marines beamed on board each ship and took command of the ships bridges. Since the Race built their ships to be almost identical it was easy for the marines to beam on board the ships and take control. Once the ship's bridges where under Tau'ri control most of them fell in line without much more effort. The warships did tend to put up more a fight but the Race was not ready for a fight and they where going up against the Tau'ri armed forces and while they where not the largest force in the galaxy they where the strongest.

Hackett lifted a cup of coffee up to his lips and took a deep drink as he looked at the planet below, while there was greener on it then the Race's home world it wasn't the place a place he would want to live. He shrugged his shoulders a bit, wondering why the Race would have wanted Earth in the first place aside from the deserts it wasn't a place they would have liked. The entire view shifted as the Missouri turned so that instead of pointing directly at the planet it came along side it.

"It is going to be a massive pain to move the colonist there back to their home." stated Hackett to himself as looked away from the planet down to the report in his hands. The Race had sent over 80 million of citizens to colonize Ovea and they had time to have children and for those children to have children as well. Those colony ships had become cargo transports traveling back and forth between the worlds of the Empire and some had been torn apart to be used for building supplies. "We will likely have to use the gate to get these people off world and the whole animal life problem, that may never be solved and I don't even want to attempt to deal with the plant issues."

"Admiral Hackett we have moved into position to begin to fire at assigned targets." stated an officer as Hackett nodded his head. All across the fleet targets where being locked on, the powerful sensors quickly identified some of the buildings the Race used. Here the Race's habit of building every type of a kind of building to look the same helped, once something like a nuclear power plant was identified all the Tau'ri had to do was find the matching buildings spread out across the planet.

All over the ship large railgun emplacements moved into firing position, these guns where a middle range weapon on board the battleships. They lacked the quick fire of the smaller anti-air rail guns but had greater range and punching power then the smaller ones. They didn't pack the punch of an asgard beam weapon or even the much powerful ancient beam weapon but they required less power and could be used for danger close ground support. They were middle of the road weapons and that is what the Tau'ri needed right now.

The guns turned their barreled toward the planet and like the ancient sailing ships of the line they fired a broadside toward the planet. The guns fired their rounds which shot through the atmosphere of Ovea before slamming into their targets with the same force as 1,000 pound bomb and each gun could fire every 20 seconds. They fired so fast that each gun had actually moved on past the first five targets before the first round hit the first target. The rounds fell true and the Race's command and control began to fall apart as military bases spread out across occupied Ovea where destroyed. If this was a standard operation they would also go after the power system and civilian communication/space ports but here they left those alone. It would make removing the Race civilians from the world easier if they still had power.

Outside of the capital, Race and the Vantic looked on in confusion as black shapes began to descend down from the sky, near Emperor Risson bridge.

"Open the doors!" yelled the pilot as the side doors on the model of Owl that Sheppard was on slide open. As they did two crew members swung mini guns into position as the hot dry air rushed into the compartment. "90 seconds!"

Shepard looked down and made sure his SIR-15 rifle was ready as the pilot called out again at the 30 seconds mark. By now he could see the landing zone, it was a grass covered area with what looked to be shrubs of some kind only the grass like all the plants where a brownish color. Nearby he could see multiple buildings almost all of them block shaped in one way or another and rising up was a large bridge spanning a canyon. That bridge was their objective and they were going to take it.

"10 seconds!" yelled the pilot as the owl reached ground level. It never actually touched down in case of mines, it was next to impossible that the ground was minded but the pilots where following standard operations. The marines jumped out of the sides of the crafts and began to move out, all around them more marines where getting off owls and moving to secure the bridge.

Shepard jumped over a small fence marking the edge of the park while behind him a couple marines knocked it down with the help of their power armor. The civilians who looked at them didn't move, they just stood perfectly still like statues only their turreted eyes moved as they followed the Tau'ri.

"Set up command there and lay down the road spikes, I want the road cleared and fields of fire set up!" yelled the nearest officer, a major as the marines went to work. Shepard headed over the interceptions, traffic having been stopped by other fire teams. A hissing sound kept coming from the cars, figuring it was their version of a car horn he paid it no mind as he and a handful of other marines entered the nearest building to the bridge. He entered to find a lobby waiting air with a podium at one end, past the podium was a larger open area full of tables and lizards all sitting down with plates of food.

"Excuses me." said a lizard "Who are you?"

"Tau'ri marines." answered Shepard, there was no need to be rude if he didn't have to, being nice may make the whole thing easier. "And you all need to get out of here."

"Excuses me, but Tau'ri? Marines? What are they?" inquired a lizard

"Those are the creatures helping the terrorists!" yelled a lizard sitting at a table. "I was at the terrorist attack on the educational center and I saw them, by the Emperor I saw them do it."

"Well then." said another lizard as he got up and moved toward the group of Tau'ri marines, he stood before them and with authority in his voice. "You will come with me, I will take you back to the police station and you will answer to your crimes."

Shepard and the other marines just looked at each other for a moment, this lizard didn't even come up to their chest, he was clearly not armed in any way that they could see the one piece of clothing he had on, a belt had no gun or combat knife. He could have a switchblade knife in one of his belt packets, but he had no gun and the blade would have been small. He was attempting to arrest six fully armed marines in battle armor with another hundred or so outside without being armed in any way and he seamed to believe that he could do it, like the marines would just follow him to jail.

"Is this guy off his rocker?" inquired Ashely as the lizard moved forward, to his amazement none of the Tau'ri moved instead he walked into them.

"By the emperor are you idiots I ordered you to follow me to the station for arrest." stated what they assumed was a police officer.

Shepard let out a sigh and pointed SIR-15 assault rifle up toward the ceiling and fired a three round burst into the it causing the lizard to jump back in amazement. He paused for a moment wondering if there was a second floor to this building and if he had accidental shot someone when the bullets ripped through the floor but no sunlight could be seen through the holes.

"You are armed?" inquired the Lizard cop in amazement.

"Yes, marines liberating a world from occupation come armed." stated Ashley as she pointed her rifle at the lizard. "Now put your hands up and get against that wall."

"You can't do this we are the Race, we will sue you and by the Emperor we will win!" yelled another member of the Race. "I am a lawyer and I will gladly take up the case."

"Listen I don't know if you are a female or a male but you don't seem to understand, we don't answer to you and your Empire is actually at our mercy we can crush it in a matter of hours." Stated Ashley "Now hands up."

It took longer then what they had expected, maybe the idea of killing the Emperor caused them to focus more on that then on the threat to their own lives but in the end they raised their hands.

"Excuses me superior sir." Said one of the Opochti waiters, as Shepard turned to see a dozen or so waiters or other workers all standing there. "Are you here to take over this world?"

"No." answered Sheppard before pulling out a small disk and tapping the side. At once a mini hologram appeared of Prince Unia.

"Listen to me Brothers and Sisters, we have prayed long and hard to our ancestors to aid us in liberating our world." Stated Prince Unia "They have finally been answered, the people of the Tau'ri alliance are here to help us. They do not want to rule us, they do not want to enslave us, they will not take away our children. They are here to free us, help them do so, help them and trust them as you would trust in our ancestors."

With that the hologram disappeared.

"We are here to liberate not conquer, it is the Race who will be leaving and once they are gone your world will be handed back to you." Stated Shepard as the Opochti looked at him for the moment. Then all but one of them raised both hands in the air and began to dance with joy. The only one who didn't just waited for a moment before jumping toward a nearby lizard and forcing it to the ground. Then in a rage it began to punch and kick the lizard.

"Get of him!" yelled Ashley as she and Shepard pulled the Opochti waiter off the lizard.

"Arrest him!" yelled the lizard, blood coming from a wound near his eye turret.

"Kill him!" yelled the waiter "He took my children and put them in one of those camps and then I had to wait on him!"

"Is this true?" inquired Shepard as the lizard looked at him.

"It's truth, I am head male for education in this area." stated the male

"Ok, we have orders for this." stated Ashley as she moved forward and picked up the male with ease and with a quick move pulled out plastic restraints and restrained him. "You are under arrest for crimes against the Opochti people."

"By the Emperor what are you doing!" yelled the male "I was attacked, arrest him."

"Consider yourself lucky." stated Shepard looking at a prep station where a couple of sharp knives where.

"I would have gone for a knife first." added Ashley as she jerked the now arrested lizard up while the others began to realize how big of trouble they where in.

All over the planet marines where landing in Owls, most of the marines where actually the ones stationed onboard the fleet which had arrived over Ovea. They moved to take not the military bases, those places where already under heavy fire from orbit but instead they moved to take over the multiple educational camps in which the Race had imprisoned the Opochti children. The marines landed across the planet and within minutes each attacking force reported back that they had gained control of the camps most without a shot being fired.

The Race as a whole was caught flat footed and had no idea what was going on and how to deal with it. This fact was clear to General Jager as his force moved down the highway, in the distance he could see the massive stone walls which had surrounded Nysha. The walls towered over the landscape and would have proven a good defensible position even now but the Race had no defenses on them. The column of Tanks and APCs moved through the gap in the wall that the Race had torn down to build a highway through.

As his tank rolled down the highway he passed by a group of Puma recon vehicles now supported by four Leopard main battle tanks. They were holding the highway and keeping back stunned lizards who still didn't seam to understand the great change which had just happened to them. They honked on their horns which gave a hissing sound until the whole area sounded like a room full of snakes.

"What have they done to my city." cursed Prince Una as he rode into the city on the back of one of those Rhino beetle things. He moved beside the tank but thanks to the size of the beetle he was almost at the same height as General Jager. Behind him where more of his freedom fighters one of them carried his banner while the blue and silver flag of the Tau'ri flapped from a pole attached to the turret of his tank. "They have torn down everything and built it in their image."

Jager took in the city, it looked far more modern with glass and concrete buildings and paved blacktop roads. There was a sameness to everything and aside from the signs above doors which he couldn't read he couldn't tell what each store was selling. He looked up as Eagle fighters roared overhead, from reports they had nothing really to hunt since the Race hadn't had time to send up combat air patrols. The sound of gunfire in the distance told everyone that fighting was still going on and the rising smoke told him the location.

"At least they didn't remove my home." Said Prince Unia as Jager looked through the smoke toward what was clearly a castle, but it looked like a cross between a Japanese style castle in the main building with large rounded towers flanking each corner of an outer wall. The castle seemed to be made out of sandstone walls with what looked to be white marble highlights.

"Beautiful." said Jager

"Thank you." said Prince Unia as they neared the center of the city. The city seemed to have grown out from the castle which sat in the center of the city. That center was now a battleground as Tau'ri and Opochti fighters moved in to retake the heart of Nysha and take out the command center of the Race on Ovea.

As they rolled down the street the Race who now called it home stood on long the side of the street just looking at them in confusion. Some of them actually tried to cross the street when the a light changed like they would have on a normal day but almost getting run over by a tank forced them back. As they neared the center a huge explosion rocked the area on the other side as a massive fireball engulfed the area. It was so powerful that windows broke under the force and that got the lizards off the street.

"Command this is red wolf 2." Said a voice over the radio as Jager tapped the side of his helmet to activate his radio.

"This is command go ahead red wolf 2." Said Jager

"We have gained control of the western edge of the governmental area." reported Red Wolf 2 over the radio. "The Race forces are falling back toward the castle we are pushing forward."

"Good, we are about five minutes out from your position." confirmed Jager

"Understood command, we may already have the castle by the time to arrive." Said the head of the recon force. "The Race isn't putting up a good fight at the moment."

"We caught them totally by surprise that will not last long." Stated Jager "We need to finish this before they do get back on their feet."

"Will do command." said Red Wolf 2.

The soldiers of the Race fired back at the enemy which had suddenly turned the center of government on Vantic 5 into a battlefield. They had no idea what was going on and they had seen these creatures dressed in strange wrappings and armor push them back with ease. Inside the command center Fleet Lord Straha looked at the map, he was still trying to get a grip on what was happening when he heard gunfire coming from outside. The door burst open as a wounded male rushed in carrying his rifle.

"Forgive me Exulted Fleet lord but the enemy has taken the lobby and are coming this way." Stated the male

"Stop them." ordered Straha as the male turned and entered the hallway to reengage with the enemy.

"What by the Emperor is going on?" inquired Fleet Lord of the Colonization fleet Reffet as he stood across the Straha. "Where did these creatures come from?"

"No idea." admitted Straha as he moved toward a narrow window which was designed to fire arrows out of and looked outside. The area had been turned into a battleground with armed vehicles of these new comers on the grounds of government square. They were no longer firing their weapons instead he could see a large number of males and females lined up in the park. They where on their knees with their hands on top of their heads with armed guards around them. He was looking out the window when a rumble filled the air, it was coming from outside as a column of Land Cruisers rolled up in the large square just outside the wall. "But they have land cruisers."

"Where are our forces?" inquired Reffet as Straha turned and walked back to the other Fleet Lord.

"Exulted Fleet Lord take a look at this!" yelled a male from another window as Straha let out a hiss and walked over to the window and stopped dead in his tracks as he saw what the male was pointing at. A massive dark cloud formation filled the sky, then before his very eyes a massive shape burst out of the sky. It filled the sky above the city and for some reason his eyes locked on the symbol painted on the side of the ship. It was the same symbol of a tringle with no bottom within a circle, that was the symbol that the terrorist in Likna had been flying over the city they took over. They had claimed that was a symbol of some group called the Tau'ri, he liked so many others had assumed it was a lie but he was clearly wrong.

"Fleet Lord, we have communication back!" yelled a male a Straha rushed over to that computer station only to see that it was a TV station coming in not reports from the other military bases spread out across Vantic 5.

"If you are just joining us, it would appear that unknown forces have launched an attack on our world." Said the news male behind the desk as images began to appear of more of these strange ships appearing over different cities across the world. Then it showed military bases a fire and infantry males of the Race surrendering in mass to ground forces of the Tau'ri. "We do not know what they want but they are somehow by the emperor somehow they are beating the Conquest fleet forces across the entire planet."

"This is planet wide?" inquired Reffet not wanting to believe this was possible yet alone that it was happening across the world.

The sound of gunfire picked up outside the door as his attention was turned back to ground level and not the communication system. He turned back toward the door just in time to see it burst open as four Tau'ri males stormed in guns raised.

"Stand down." ordered Straha to the males gathered in the room as he moved toward the four warriors. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes, who are you?" inquired one of the warriors.

"He is the fleet Lord by the Emperor you should show him respect." Stated another male only to have a look from his fleet Lord shut him up.

"I am Fleet Lord Straha of the Conquest fleet, I want to talk to your fleet lord." Stated Straha as one of them raised a hand to the side of his helmet.

"He must have a radio in his helmet." Stated another male

"The General is right outside however unless you accept unconditional surrender we have nothing to talk about." stated the soldier as Straha glared at him.

"You have me at gunpoint I believe I am captured." Stated Straha

"No, for the entire planet." Stated the soldier in the computerized voice. "You are to order the total surrender of all Race forces on Ovea. If you do not we will keep beating your scale covered ass until you surrender."

Straha paused for a moment, turning an eye turret toward the window where that starship floated over the city. He let out a resigned hiss before moving his hand to confirm that he agreed to the terms.

"I don't think we have any real choice, by the Emperor we don't." added Reffet

"Very well, I will radio our forces to stand down and surrender." stated Straha "Emperor forgive me."

Minutes later Fleet Lord Straha along with Fleet Lord Reffet and other shiplords and officers walked out of remains of the castle and into a courtyard. They stopped for a moment when they saw that the courtyard was filled with Tau'ri and Vantic fighters. They lined each side of a path leading toward where a single Tau'ri along with a crawler stood waiting.

With a resigned hiss Straha moved forward and stopped in front of the Tau'ri, he like all these Tau'ri had their face hidden behind a helmet visor.

"You are this General I assume?" inquired Straha

"I am General Jager." Confirmed the Tau'ri

"Then I come to…surrender to you." Hissed Straha as he wanted to kill himself just for saying it.

"No." said Jager as Straha turned both eye turrets toward him and looked right at him a sign that all his attention was on this Tau'ri. "You are not surrendering to me but to Prince Unia and the Opochti people."

Straha turned his eye turrets away from the Tau'ri and to the terrorist who stood beside him.

"You have to be joking?" inquired Straha

"No, we are not, you are surrendering to him not the Tau'ri Alliance." stated Jager as Straha lowered his head and gave a resigned hiss.

"Very well, I surrender to the Tau'ri and Prince Unia." Stated Straha as Jager looked toward Prince Unia who nodded his head.

"That will do." stated Prince Unia who was enjoying having the mighty Straha surrender to him, he didn't care if he was surrounding both to him and the Tau'ri. He knew that without the Tau'ri he would never had gotten to this moment and in less than two hours. Two hours, he still couldn't wrap his mind around that, the Race who had conquered and taken over his world was defeated in two hours. Two hours and his planet had been liberated and all the Tau'ri wanted in return was for his people to trade metal to them and they would even pay for the metal not just take it. It was more than fair deal in his view, if anything the Tau'ri seemed to be getting the short end of the stick because the metal they wanted was so common. He looked up to see the banner pole where since the finishing of the castle countless generations ago his family banners flew until the Race tore it down and replaced it with their own banner. He watched as one of his freedom fighters holding the orange and brown banner of his family and as he watched a Tau'ri lowered the flag of the Race and stepping aside allowed the freedom fighter to raise the flag of the Unia family over the city they founded for the first time since the conquest. "That will be just fine."

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