Chapter 25 The End of the Middle

The Emperor appeared on TV before the eye turrets of four worlds, for the first time a live broadcasts of the Emperor was going out beyond Home. To the Members of the Empire on Hallus 1 and Robov 2 the appearance of a Tau'ri ship over their worlds caused much concern which only grew when they learned of the War between the Empire and the Tau'ri.

"Citizens of the Empire, today I have done a first in the long history of the Race. I have signed a peace treaty with an Nation who is ruled by a race who is not the Race." Stated the Emperor as he sat upon his golden throne. "I have made peace with the Tau'ri Alliance based off a world called Earth by their people or as we call it Tosev 3. The Tau'ri Tosevites because they are Tosevites have taught us a great lesson, the Race we believed we where the most advanced and all where like us. We were wrong."

The Emperor paused for a moment and let that sink in before going on. For the Emperor who was seen as a living God to admit a mistake was unheard of among the Race.

"They have advanced to a point far beyond us, in a flick of an eye turret. They have technology which allows them to travel and communicate faster than light and which is how I am communicating with all my subjects now at the same time." stated Risson "They have defeated our Conquest forces on Vantic 5 and have returned it to the people. As part of the peace treaty I agree to recognize that Vantic system and Tosev system belongs to their native people and I am ordering the return of all settlers and Conquest forces on Vantic 5 to Home. The Tau'ri forces on Vantic 5 will organize the evacuation but all equipment, livestock and everything outside of personal items and pets are to be left behind as part of the deal."

On Vantic 5 multiple males and females began to voice their protest at the arrangement and some voiced that they would file an audience with to the Emperor to stop this only to realize it was the Emperor's own decree and their would be no changing the order. With that realizing most of the males and females began to look around their homes and began to think about all the things they had to do to leave.

"I will like to offer the people of Ovea the official apologize of the Empire and your world and people are forever released from the Empire that we forced upon you." Stated Risson as he paused for a moment. "We are about to enter an age of change; the Empire is no longer the largest and most powerful force in the galaxy as we once believed we are a tiny small power within the borders of a much larger and stronger power. We are lucky that this power wishes only to let us live in peace with itself and as such they will give us three great gifts. First this communication system will be remaining so that the Empire will be able to communicate with each other in ways we never dreamed possible and the last two gifts will be coming soon as the Tau'ri will be Homeflying two worlds within Home system and they will be the colonizable in around 2 years."

Risson paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

"This is a time of change and we will have to adapt more then what we ever had to but the Empire will live on but remember the Spirits of Emperor Past are guiding us." stated Emperor Risson "Goodnight."

Onboard the Missouri, President Carter watched the speech before turning toward Hackett.

"I wonder Admiral how much change this Empire is actually ready for?" inquired Carter as she remembered all the massive changes that took place within the past two decades since they actively began to plan to announce the Stargate Program to the World. The rate of change had only increase as more worlds came into the Tau'ri alliance and the technology from the gate was integrated more and more.

"Likely less then the colonies where." admitted Hackett "We will put the Race on their own communication network, I think if we dumped our culture on them in the form of TV and the like their heads may explode."

"Likely." Admitted Carter "Your plan to evacuate Ovea is already underway?"

"It should begin in a few hours I am putting Captain Cass of the Indianapolis in command of the operation. The plan is to load up the ships already in orbit with passengers and towing them to Home. Here we can unload them and tow them back to Ovea, round trip 8 hours, almost all that time is actually unloading the passengers." explained Hackett "I will leave only a dozen ships to carry it out the rest of the fleet will deploy to the Lanagara front in case of war."

"Let's hope that the sight of the 7th fleet will make them realize that war isn't the best move." Stated Hackett "If not then the 7th Fleet may get very busy very fast."

"We are turning out more ships as fast as we can and new models will soon be leaving dry dock and entering the fleet. They will fill the missing roles within the fleet" reassured Carter as she turned toward a nearby aid. The aid walked up handed Carter a computer pad. "Admiral I have been considering this for a while and I would like to offer you another position."

Hackett raised an eyebrow, outside of being in command of a major world like Lanagra, Mars or Venus being in the command of the main war fleet of the Tau'ri was about as high as a person could go. He turned to his President who handed him the computer pad.

"The Prometheus Fleet?" inquired Hackett "Never heard of it."

"We are preparing a massive deep space recon ship to head to a distance galaxy and going along with it will be a fleet of warships." Explained Carter, the fact that they were preparing a deep space recon ship was well known and was public knowledge. The blue-prints of the ship, it's capabilities and the size of the ship along with it's overall mission wasn't known. "This pad contains an outline of the plan, fleet size and operational goals of the mission. I want you to command the fleet when the time comes. I want you to review the plan and see if it is something you would like to take on."

"I am honored Madam President." said Hackett as the Missouri prepared to leave Home.

"Excuses me Sir, Madam President but a request from the Imperial Palace has come up." Said an aid as she appeared beside the Admiral. "Turns out they want to know what to do with a Opotochi named Kassquit, she seams to have been raised by the Race and has put in a request to stay among her Empire. She doesn't want to go back to her home world."

"Have this be conformed that it isn't forced in any way and if it isn't then I see no reason why we will force her back to her own people." stated Carter as she took a drink of her coffee and looked at it somewhat disapproving, it had gotten cold while she was gone. "Just let the Palace know we will also accept any member of the Race or citizen of the Empire who wants to leave the Empire. It is a two street."

"Understood Madam President." Confirmed the aid as she moved off to carry out the order.

"What is the time frame for launch?" inquired Hackett as he looked over the data.

"We hope to have the fleet ready and underway in 4 years with arrival in the target galaxy in…." started Carter

"18 months, so mission launch will happen in 2035 or 36 and arrive in this…." said Hackett as he looked at the Asgard name.

"We have been calling it the Torch Galaxy, Prometheus stealing fire from Gods and our Prometheus recon ship must travel to this galaxy so that we can steal the knowledge of the creation of the universe." Explained Carter before shrugging. "Not the best name I admit but It is a better name then the long list of numbers and letters we had before this and the Asgard name is kind of hard to say."

"Better then calling your homeworld Home." added Hackett as he looked out the window. "Our your race, the Race."

"True." Confirmed Carter

On Ovea the males and females of the Race still had trouble understanding what was going on but they followed the orders from their Emperor. Males and Females arrived at their local spaceports which were under Tau'ri control and using their own shuttle crafts where flown up to the massive ships in orbit. These ships had all been colonization ships but had sense been used for shipping items back and forth between Vantic 5 and Home. Once the ships where full a Tau'ri ship would come alongside the much larger Race ship and using a tractor beam pull the ship out of orbit and into hyperspace to return to Home.

Watching a mass of their former oppressors move down the street was Prince Unia, he stood looking out over his city from on top of the balcony of his family Palace/Castle. He wanted to reach out and crush the Race, to smash them under his hand like they had done to his people. He knew that he couldn't do that, the Tau'ri who was the true power behind him could, but they didn't want to. He let out a sigh which was made of multiple fast clicks he knew he should be thankful, yes, he couldn't get his revenge but the Tau'ri didn't want to rule his people through him. The Tau'ri could take over his world, luckily, they wanted to deal with him as an equal in standing. He wasn't the equal in power to the Tau'ri but in standing they where the same. He was a lesser Prince of a city state dealing with a ruler of a much larger and stronger city state, the Tau'ri. It was a position he knew well if only from the other side, seeing how his father had dealt with lesser states before the arrival of the Race he began to plan his moves on how to deal with the Tau'ri.

"Prince Unia." Said a voice behind him as he turned to see three older males dressed in the cloths of artisans. One wore a white covering which was stained in multiple colors, the other two had small hammers on belts while one had a thick pair of magnifying glasses hanging from his belt.

"Ah…I am happy to see you three made it through the occupation alright." said Prince Unia

"They had us doing things far below our skills." said the Painter "I was painting houses and my two counterparts where laying stone."

"Not worthy of three of the greatest artisans our race has ever made." said Prince Unia as he took a breath. "As you can imagine I have a lot of things to do to restore our world, but I want you three to start at once on works to honor the liberation of our people."

"At once." stated the sculpture maker as he began to think of what sort of stone he would want to use and what subject he would cover. "Where will our works be placed?"

"These will not be for us, I intend to give your works to the Tau'ri as a gift and a sign of our friendship." explained Prince as the three artists eyes widened a bit. "So you are to do your best work, understood."

"Yes, my Prince." said the artists as they left the room.

Kara Thrace raised a glass full of beer to the air as she drank to her victory, of over a 100 pilots she had reached the top spot. She would have the pick of the jobs and she planned to take the money even if it meant having to stay away from the colonies for months at end. She didn't have the job officially yet, she had to do a few more things but they where easy. Pass a background check which was basically a more detail question and answer season with that truth telling machine the Tau'ri had. She had done that before for her old job, then she had to prove she could land a viper on grass and on dirt roads, the areas her future students would be working out of meant they had to know how to do those things. She also had to prove she knew how to do a water landing and considering she had done one in the war, she wasn't concern.

"Good job, Kara." Said her wing mate Justinian with only a slight amount of disappoint in his voice.

"Sorry kid, 23rd out of over a 100 pilots is nothing to be ashamed about." reassured Kara "And frak you may luck out in the end if a few of the frakers behind me drop out opening a spot for you."

"I don't think that will happen." Admitted Justinian with a heavy sigh. "Well at least I am still in the military, this has to look good on my records and I will have something to say to the students in a few weeks."

"Oh…ya, you're going to talk at your old high school for Colonial Military Day." said Kara as her own childhood memories of the day came back. "Buch of old men and women talking about the Cylon War, half the school was asleep until they began showing off the tools. Make sure you bring some like that. Just standing in your uniform isn't going to impress anyone."

"I hope it impresses Acacia." Whispered Justinian into his drink.

"Just talk to the girl and see if you fly or if you get shot down." stated Kara to the love sick puppy. "Nothing more you can do."

The news covered the war on Ovea for a couple of days before moving on to things of much greater interest to the viewing public. News items such as a group of Big Foot hunters using Asgard sensors attached to drones to hunt down big foot in Washington State and the box office returns for the newest movies. Life was getting back on to normal as Torren Sheppard returned to school at the Daniel Jackston University on Earth.

"Have you finished the homework on translations yet?" inquired Samantha O'Neill as she along with Torren and Ashely sat at a stone table located just outside one of the main buildings on campus.

"Not yet, I hate Ancient." answered Torren

"You two should be used to it, you both grew up around the stargate and all this crap." complained Ashely "I just wish I knew what we were being roped into. All Colonel O'Neill said was it would be in our best interest to get an education and get high marks but he never said what for. I mean we both handled ourselves great with the whole Race thing and Samantha did great with the refugees, what more is needed."

"Well if we want to get in on the Prometheus fleet we will need to be at our very best." Said Sam as both of her friends looked at her. She gave a knowing smile, that would have graced her father when he was leader of SG-1 or her grandfather who happened to be the same person thanks to cloning. "What you two didn't know about that?"

"The what?" inquired Ashely

"They are preparing a fleet for some deep space recon mission, if what my grandpa told me is true it will be on the cutting edge of exploration and discovery." stated Sam, sometomes having her grandfather be the biggest war hero in human history and being the god-daughter to the President helped get her information normal people wouldn't get. "We are talking about doing things that our parents did, meet new cultures and see what is over the horizon."

"Sounds good but I still wish we didn't have to know Ancient." confirmed Ashely as they went back to doing their homework.

Colonel Drugov let out a heavy sigh as he listened to another lizard complain about now free Ovea people had done. He had been at this for about two weeks and it was the longest two weeks of his life.

"I almost miss the Colonials shooting at me." Complained Colonel Drugov as he listened to a male or at least he thought it was a male complain about how a group of Opochti had not followed his orders.

"Are you even listening to me, you Tosevite?" inquired the Male "By the Emperor I ordered that group of crawlers to unload my vehicle and they refused."

"Are they your employees? Do they work for you?" inquired Colonel Drugov already knowing the likely answer.

"No but they are crawlers and I am a male of rank and I required their help." Stated the male "They should say yes superior sir and get to work."

"And they said no, they don't have to listen to you." countered Drugov as the male blinked at him. "Just like I don't have to listen to any more of this. They aren't your slaves and they don't have to help you out if they didn't want to."

"So this is justice, I feared as much. You Tau'ri Tosevites didn't do anything after that riot and now you fail to keep order." Stated the male as Drugov wanted to laugh at what the male was calling a riot. It was a group of 10 young Opochti who had gotten a little drunk on their version of beer and ended up breaking a couple of windows. They where arrested and sentence according to traditional Opochti laws, the young boys spent a couple of hours in what seamed to be a pillory and where pelted with rotten food before being forced to pay for damages. Overall the punishment wouldn't have flown on Earth or any Tau'ri World, but it seamed to work here and the drunk kids where punished. "I demand to put into contact with the complaint department."

"I will make sure to punish crimes during the transition, but this isn't a crime." stated Drogov as he leaned forward a bit, before pulling out his pistol and placing it on the table. The male's eyes widened at the sight of the firearm. "Also I will tell you this, it is the same thing I told that Rancher who threatened to fight us to keep the Opochti farmers from returning to the land he stole. You aren't the top dog anymore, you are leaving this world and it is going back to it's people. We Tau'ri are only here as a place holder and believe me the people you oppressed would be more then happy to show you what a real riot is like but we are in their way. So leave now before I get angry."

"It…shall be done." stated the male in anger as he moved out of the room.

"I really miss the Colonials, when them you can shoot back here the Race try to kill someone with paperwork." complained Drugov as he wished he was back in the colonies instead of dealing with the Race.

Starbuck wasn't missing the colonies she was looking forward to her new job and the money that would be coming with that. She had found herself onboard a the Tau'ri battleship Bismarck which was transporting four whole wings of Colonial Vipers to the Pegasus Galaxy. Since she didn't have full access across the massive warship she spent most of her days in the hanger looking over the Vipers. She happened to be in the hanger when the ship lurched a bit, the sudden movement caused her to stumble a bit but all the Tau'ri seemed to take it in stride. Then before her eyes the hanger doors opened, and she could look out into the vacuum of space, her first instinct was to run but then she remembered the Tau'ri shield kept air and heat in.

"Are we there already?" inquired Kara to a nearby Tau'ri pilot.

"In a way, we are at the Gate." explained the pilot which confused Kara as she watched a couple of Owls fly into the hanger. As the Owls flew in she could look out and what she saw amazed her, in the distance she spotted a distance ring which seamed to be surrounded by Tau'ri warships and battle stations. However there where also large ships she had never seen before with giant golden pyramid shape centers. She was about to ask what was going on when the ring began to glow before an explosion of energy shot out of the ring before settling down. It looked like a giant pool of water contained within in ring. Then out of that pool came a Tau'ri battleship followed by two Daedalus class cruisers and lastly the ship which still haunted the dreams of every colonial, the Ragnarok.

Kara found herself holding her breath like a little kid who had just seen something she couldn't explain in the darkness. She watched as the Ragnarok, the superweapon which had whipped Caprica City off the map within seconds without hurting a single person pass by her ship.

"All hands prepare for gate travel…all hands prepare for gate travel." Came a voice over the speaker as the hanger doors closed and the Bismarck began moving again. For a moment Kara thought everything was normal then before her eyes a blue pool of energy appeared in the front of the hanger and began moving rapidly toward her. She turned to run only to see that the Tau'ri for the most part where paying attention to it, some had camera phones out and recording it. Then it rushed over her and within moments it was over and everything seamed back to normal. "All hands welcome to the Pegasus Galaxy…ETA to Atlantis 2 hours."

The Ragnarok moved into the astrosphere of a barren lifeless world in the Home System of the Race. The small Tau'ri crew looked over the scans of the planet, it was similar to Mars only instead of being red it was browner in nature.

"Looks like we will have to increase the strength of the local gravity, it is too light anyone would bounce as they try to walk." Said one of the crew "The soil and atmosphere make up will be easy to fix, the issue will be water. Likelihood the planet will be a desert world."

"Perfect, it is what the Race wants." stated the Captain in command of the ship. "What about the other world?"

"A water world according to our computer projections." stated another member of the crew. "It's an ice ball world now and melting the ice makes it a water world."

"That will be a problem." stated the Captain "Well one thing at a time begin the process to increase the local gravity and then we will work on the water world issue."

"Yes, sir." Confirmed the crew as the Ragnarok began to deploy, it quickly unfolded from travel form to the cross form which allowed it to do it work. The work was at first invisible to the naked eye as large parts of the area above the core where beamed up stored in the computer for a second or two as the atoms where rearranged into a much denser form before being beamed back down to add to the new core. With the heavier core the planet's gravity slowly began to climb. It was a slow process but one the crew of the Ragnarok had done before.

Acacia hated coming back from vacation, going back to class and to work wasn't as fun as being on vacation. Even the new joy of having her boyfriend being stationed only an hour down the road from her didn't make her enjoy being back to her normal life. Robert had put in for a larger apartment in the area that the Tau'ri base we taking over for housing and it had been approved and she planned to move in with him once she found someone to take up her part of the lease for her current place. Even so she was spending most of her time at his place. She pulled her car into the parking lot of her old high school and after taking a deep breath she stepped out.

The building was as she remembered it, a large four-story building with a large single-story area spreading out behind the larger center building. She walked toward the side student parking lot and saw the large grassy area to the side of the school. She remembered track meets where she threw disk across the field before going to the high jump. There was a large track with ran around the area with a grandstand. In that grassy field now sat two colonial Raptors and a Viper sat on a flat bed trailer. A recon vehicle sat on the field as well and she could see dozens of men and women setting up displays.

"Acacia!" yelled a voice as she turned to see some of her old friends from school standing there.

"James, how are you?" she asked to her friend James who stood there in a black colonial marine uniform, including his rifle.

"I am good, I am out of the core now and I am in school." Said James before shaking his head. "Do you remember theses days from when we were in school?"

"It was so boring." added another one of her friends, Amy as she stood there in an olive green uniform of the colonial army. It was the same uniform that Acacia had in her closet. "Who would have imagined that we be those old timers standing around and answering questions from bored students who could care less."

"Well who would think we would run into the Tau'ri." added a new voice as Acacia turned around and smiled.

"Little Justinian how are you?" laughed Acacia before she noticed that her shy friend was dressed in the flight suit of a Colonial Viper pilot. "Wow, you make it to flight school?"

"I did." said Justinian with pride in his voice. "I actually almost made it into a program set up by the Tau'ri to get Viper pilots to train off world cultures."

"Impressive, how close?" inquired Amy

"23rd out of a 104, cut off was 20." Admitted Justinian

"Damn, that was close." said Acacia before playfully punching her friend in the arm, failing to notice the blush on the man's face. "Impressive, you have grown since the last time we all hung out."

"What about you Acacia? Are you here to speak?" inquired Amy

"No." admitted Acacia as she turned to look at her old friend. "My brother asked my boyfriend to speak so I am here to watch."

"Ah…" said James as behind Acacia's back Justinian face showed nothing but pain.

"Boyfriend? Series?" inquired Justinian

"Yes, frak if I hadn't told him not to ask me to marry him while we where on vacation then he would have." explained Acacia "We had some issues in our way, he was stationed off world for one but those issues are out the way now. We actually are now living together."

"I see." said Justinian "So he is in the military as well, is he a pilot?"

"No, he is army." said Acacia as Justinian felt pride, he was a viper pilot and they the pride of the Colonial Fleet and therefor the Colonial military. Acacia smiled as she saw something coming. "Here he comes now."

Her friends turned toward the road but no car was heading down the road leading into the parking lot, then they heard an engine sound and they looked up to see a black Tau'ri Owl hovering overhead. It was one of the models with side doors and a small amount of Tau'ri troopers where clearly visible as the Owl came in for a landing on the grass. The Tau'ri moved off their transport and began to set up folding tables before covering it with a banner. It was almost the same set up that was before the Colonial Viper and Raptor. One of the Tau'ri a tall man with brown hair shouted out some orders before moving toward them. He was in one of the Tau'ri power armor and had a rifle slung across his back, only his visor helmet was off replaced with a simple cap.

"Your boyfriend is a Tau'ri?" inquired Justinian

"Yes, he actually captured Medea and I during the war and was extra kind and looked after us after Medea lost her legs." explained Acacia as Robert jogged the short distance to the little group of colonials. His eyes moved to Amy and James both of them where armed just as he was but none of them made moves toward their weapons.

"I hope your brother likes having an Owl here instead of just me?" inquired Robert as Acacia laughed.

"I am sure he will hate it." confirmed Acacia with a roll of her eyes "Allow me to introduce you to some old friends, this is Amy, James and Justinian."

"Pleasure to meet you." Said Robert as he offered his hand and every one but Justinian took it. Robert shrugged it off thinking he just didn't like Tau'ri not knowing the real reason. Before anything more could be said the doors leading into the school opened and the first group of students walked out. The front of the group stopped and paused for a moment before spotting the Tau'ri Owl sitting in the grass.

"Tau'ri cool!" yelled someone as a mad rush of students ran toward the Owl.

"Looks like you better get going." Advised Acacia "I'll come and see you in a little bit."

"Alright." Said Robert as the two of them came together for a moment and shared a brief kiss before Robert took off to deal with the mad rush of students asking questions to the small group of Tau'ri there.

General Young looked out the window at his office on Valhalla, before him was one of if not the most advanced city in Tau'ri space. While the newly built capital and Atlantis clearly beat the Capital of Valhalla the other cities the equal of Celin however they were catching up. Part of the decades long progress was upgrading every city and infrastructure across Earth and later Lanagara. That program had only grown as more and more worlds joined the Alliance.

"So this Lucian Alliance group is joining us?" inquired Young

"Officially not yet, they are a protectorate, but it is only a matter of time until they join officially." Said General Leong as she sat down across the desk from him. She had a cup of tea in her hands and while this was an informal meeting, having the head of the Tau'ri military in the room meant Young was on edge. "We are expecting the arrival of the first shipment of that metal Zephray to arrive here within the week. Will your teams be ready for it?"

"They say they will and the reports have them actually ahead of schedule." Explained Young

"Good, then we should have our first ZPM in about a year and how long until the other assembly lines will be up and running?" inquired General Leong

"Not long after that, they expect to have up to 7 lines up within 3 months with another 12 finished within a year." Reported Young

"Good, very good so within a year we will have 20 assembly systems building ZPMs." Stated General Loeng "Maybe we will be able to give a ZPM or two to Dr. Rush. It may shut him up."

"As someone who has had the pleasure of knowing Rush for a few years it will not be enough to shut him up." confirmed Young as General Loeng nodded her head.

"Still we don't really know what they will run into in this galaxy and having a ZPM will be very helpful." stated General Loeng as she let out a sigh. "When will be launching the probes to go scout this galaxy?"

"They have already launched." stated Young, the probes themselves where nothing special about the size of the old space shuttle loaded to the max with sensors, communication systems and a powerful hyperdrive. Outside of a self-destruct they carried no weapons and had an automated message declaring their peaceful exploration nature but since their targets where black holes the likelihood of running into any space born race was low.

"Good." Stated General Leong "Depending on the military situation here when the fleet launches I may assign a ZPM or two to the exploration fleet. Maybe the idea that he will get the toy he wants will get Rush off both our backs."

"It may help but this is Rush we are talking about." Countered Young as he shook his head and looked over some other information on his data card. "The Normandy class frigate has been cleared for mass production and the other new ship types are on schedule for testing."

"Good." Confirmed General Loeng "And the new Power armor and Assault rifles?"

"Entering testing phase as well, the new power armor looks very promising but there are still issues with the new Assault rifles." stated Young, he had seen the reports about the new rifle. It was hard for him to call it a rifle, it was in truth a fast firing railgun and the new power armor was far more advanced and had an active camo system.

"Alright, well I think I have everything I need." Stated General Leong "With luck things will calm down and we can finally get used to the new world we find ourselves in."

"Things have changed rapidly that is for sure." Confirmed Young "A few years of calm will do everyone good however I don't think we will have a years of peace."

"Agreed, it is a big galaxy and we are exploring more of it every day." Confirmed General Loeng as she stood up.

"General, if I may say something personal?" inquired Young as the Tigress looked at him.

"Carry on General." Ordered General Loeng

"Is it really that good of an idea to even launch this Prometheus fleet to this galaxy?" inquired Young "We still are so busy exploring this galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy, also if the ORI galaxy every gets their act together and settle their civil war they could be a major threat. This seams to be a waste of resources."

"I agree with you that we should wait however that is before we consider the possibilities that the answer to the creation of the universe brings to the table." stated General Leong "The Ancients themselves sent ships out there, to build stargate networks and to find the answers. If they believed this to be that level of importance's then who knows what sort of wonders can be unlocked by finishing their mission."

"I understand." Stated General Young

"Also it is part of human nature, we are always looking for the next great horizon to explore and this one is a great one to explore." Added Leong "Will there be great dangers yes, but also great benefits. We are a power that spreads across 2 galaxies we have to assume there are other powers that span whole galaxies and beyond and I want to know about them before they reach us. That is part of this mission as well, we need to know what threats are out there. Do you understand General?"

"I do." said Young as he saluted the higher-ranking office before she left the room, as she left he couldn't help but shake the feeling that they where walking straight into trouble. Well they had dealt with trouble before and at least here it would be a very distance trouble.

It was a great day for the Opochti people as Prince Unia stood at the end of a long column of warriors, behind him was a shuttlecraft of the Race. It was in fact the last shuttle craft of the Race on the planet. The last Race starship was overhead ready to be towed back to Home in disgraces by a Tau'ri warship. Prince Unia smiled as a very angry Fleet Lord Straha and Fleet Lord Reffet walked out of the prison where the two of them where being held.

"You are enjoying this aren't you terrorist." stated Straha with a hiss.

"Truth." Stated Prince Unia in the language of the Race. "I am enjoying this and I will enjoy it more when you are all gone, you have done damage to our world which will never fully recover from."

"We where bring culture to your world but things turned out against our plans." Stated Straha with an angry hiss.

"You two are the last members of the Race on Ovea and now it is time for you to leave and never return." stated Prince Unia as he stepped aside. "And be warned if you return you will die."

"We understand." stated Fleet Lord Reffet as he stepped onto the shuttle. For a moment Straha remained and glared at everyone for a moment before stepping onto the shuttle. Moments after the shuttle craft door closed the ship lifted off the ground and like that the last member of the Race was off Ovea, Ovea was finally fully free.

Epilogue (in a Distance Galaxy)

Battle raged across the massive city as the outer shell of the city space station took fire from the combined Asari and Turian fleets which had arrived to do battle with the Geth Fleet which surrounded the Citadel. The massive city space station had closed its long arms to form a solid cinder to protect itself but a massive ship had gotten through before the arms closed. The dark ship had attached itself to the Citadel Council Spire in the center of the main ring.

"We need to end this!" yelled a figure as he took cover behind a low wall as he took fire from a man he had once been the most respected member of the Council Spectres.

"You have already lost Garrus Vakarian, you should have remained in C-Sec not that it would have mattered in the end. In a few moments Sovereign will gain control over the Citadel systems and the portal will open and the Reapers will return." Explained Saren as Garrus turned and fired a few shots with his sniper rifle causing Saren to dodge the fire.

"Saren you will kill billions to help the Reapers! Why?" yelled another member of the team going to take him down, the Asari Liara T'Soni as she fired a bolt of blue biotic energy toward Saren "Trillions will die, including every Turian your people, Palaven will burn along with the rest of the galaxy."

"If it must burn then let it burn, but you fail to see that the Reapers need organics join us and let us save the galaxy." stated Saren

"The Reapers are controlling you don't you see that?" inquired Garrus

"If the Reapers really care about organics then why did they kill off the Protheans?" yelled Liara as the third member of their team, the Quarin Tali'Zorah as she snuck around the side using some of the multiple statues and pillars for cover. "They are lying to you?"

"Come on Saren, you have severed the Citadel Council for decades why betray them now? You must see that the Reapers are lying to you? Help us we can stop them." Stated For a long time Saren remained quiet before pulling his pistol.

"You may be right, I can feel Sovereigns pull on me…." said Saren "It is too late for me, good luck."

Then without warning Saren put the pistol to his face and pulled the trigger ending his life.

"Tali, move to the controls open the arms so our fleets can attack." ordered Garrus as he moved to the fallen Council Spector. It didn't take long before the sound of the massive arms of the Citadel opening could be heard. The moments it opened Turian fighters swarmed in and began to attack the massive Reaper ship in the heart of the Citadel. As it opened wider, the larger ships including the massive dreadnought class warships began to fire. Focused on opening a portal to the rest of the Reaper fleet the Reaper ship Sovereign began to break apart until finally it let go of the spire.

"We stopped them." Said Liara as she moved toward Garrus who was standing over the dead Saren.

"We did." Said Garrus with a smile as suddenly Saren spoke in a voice that wasn't his own.

"You think you have won, but all you have done is stopped this plan." Said Saren as the Reapers spoke through him. "Our fleet is massive, and our technology is far beyond you, we will come. You have done is delayed the storm and in time you will be harvested."

"I don't think so, we will fight on." Said Garrus as he shot the body one more time ending the link.

"We need to prepare." stated Liara as she looked at the damaged done by a single Reaper. "Imagine what a whole fleet could do to us."

"We need to form a larger team to help us prepare." added Tali "We only have the three of us plus Wrex, Captain Kirrahe and a new ship of our own would be a lot more useful than using the STG ship we have borrowed from Captain Kirrahe and his STGs."

"Agreed, I'll look to see if we can find more people to help us." stated Liara as she placed her blue skinned hand under her chin. "Maybe if we can get more species on the team the better."

"Agreed, we need to prepare for the Reaper's return." Stated Tali

"We need to be prepared for anything." Stated Garrus as he looked at the damage done by a single Reaper ship. "Who knows what will be coming our way in the future but we need to be ready for anything."

Well this is the End of Contact of Race's coming in about 3 weeks currently aiming for the weekend of the 20thof April 2018 will be the next story Contact at the Citadel. (I changed the name). I am taking this long as a sort of break and to give me time to get ahead in the story. I want to make some things clear, first I plan to set the story around Mass Effect 2 beginning of 3. There is no Earth or humans in the Mass Effect Galaxy until the Tau'ri arrive. So until then, thanks Wilkins75.