Roughly three years later...

"Oliver! I'm going to bloody kill you!" Iris screamed. She breathed heavily as her red curls stuck to her forehead. She was covered in sweat. She gripped Oliver's hand and he felt as though the bones would crack.

"Bloody hell, Iris," he shouted in pain. Iris looked at him.

"You think that hurts?! You should try pushing a quaffle out your-"

"Iris! Calm down, love. It's not good for the baby," Martha Wood crooned, wiping her brow with a cold towel. "Breath." Iris focused on slowly breathing in and out. She had been in labor for nearly eight hours at that point. It felt like eternity. When was this child going to make its appearance? Apparently it was taking its own sweet time.

Labor was did not bode well for Iris. As the contractions got worse, the more her mood soured. They were lucky this time around was only eight hours. The last time, she had been in labor for nearly two days and had adopted the mouth of a sailor by the end. She had also thrown a bowl and lamp at Oliver - though thankfully missed - and swore she wouldn't allow him to touch her with a 10-foot pole as long as both of them were alive if painful labor was going to be the result.

"Careful there, he does have a game next week," Harry said from next to Oliver. Iris gave him a death glare.

"Pardon me but the last damn thing I care about right now is bloody Quidditch," Iris said.

"It's alright. I can get it healed later," Oliver said through gritted teeth. "Breathe, darling. We wouldn't want Oliver Jr. to come into the world with his parents fighting."

"What makes you think it's a boy?" Iris asked, trying to focus on breathing. She screamed as another contraction hit and squeezed Oliver's hand. He groaned slightly in pain, but otherwise managed to cover it up. Iris had a wicked amount of strength when you least expected it.

"I believe it's time to push," the healer said brightly after checking Iris.

"About damn time," she said, gritting her teeth.

"Iris!" Martha said.

"Now is not the time to be worrying about language," Oliver said. The healer arranged Iris' legs and positioned herself.

"Alright then… on the count of three, push. Ready? One. Two. Three! Push!" she said. Iris grunted as she pushed with all she had for a minute or two. "Good, good. Now stop." Iris breathed heavily. She didn't think she had the strength to get this baby out, but she'd be damned if she stopped now.

"You're doing wonderful," Oliver said, pushing her hair off her forehead. Iris glanced up at him, not sure if she wanted to punch him for getting her pregnant - again - or kiss him for putting up with her.

"Here we go again. Ready? One. Two. Three. Push!" Iris leaned forward, pushing again. "She's crowning!" Immediately, Martha left Iris' side and rushed down.

"Oh, look at that hair!" she said, her eyes filling with tears. Oliver looked up. Immediately he left Iris' side to stand on the other side of the healer.

"Don't leave me!" Iris shouted, panting. Harry immediately stepped up and took her hand, not particularly wanting to step anywhere near the lower end of the bed. He had missed the first time around due to a mission and promised he'd been here for this one, but was now regretting his decision. Oliver grinned catching sight of his child.

"One more push should do it," the healer said. "Ready? One. Two. Three. Push, Iris!" Iris leaned forward and pushed with all her might. She grunted and focused on Oliver's face, his grin growing the more of the baby he saw. She was going to kill him for this. Or not. She hadn't decided yet. He looked up and met her eyes.

"You're doing great, Iris!" he said.

And then suddenly, it was over. There was a cry as the baby hit the cold air.

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. You have a daughter," she said, holding the baby up. Oliver was immediately transfixed by the sight of his daughter. His green-eyed daughter. She also had Iris' pale skin and a head full of red curls.

"She's the spitting image of you," he said, tears filling his eyes. Iris leaned back, breathing heavily as another healer worked to make her more comfortable. Finally it was over. She began to relax slightly as the healer gave her a potion for the pain. She was quickly falling into a post-birth happy delirium.

"Let me see her," she said, smiling. The healer quickly cleaned the baby up and wrapped her in a blanket, walking her over to Iris. She gently set her in her arms. The baby immediately stopped crying and looked up at Iris. Oliver ran to her side, looking down at her.

"She's perfect," he said. Iris nodded. She gently touched her nose and then her head full of curls.

"Hello, little one," she said quietly. The baby reached out to her, wrapping her tiny fingers around Iris'.

"She'll make a fine Quidditch player... look at that grip," Oliver said softly. Iris laughed and looked up at him.

"Or maybe, she'll want to be an auror, like her cousin?" she said.

"Nah, she'll be really smart and good at potions. Like her mum," Harry said. Iris looked over at him. "What's her name?"

"Daisy," Iris said, looking up at Oliver. "Daisy Nymphadora Wood. I know Tonks hated her first name, but thought she wouldn't mind if Daisy here had it as a middle name. Seeing as we'll hardly ever use it." He slid his arm around her shoulders and kissed her damp head, then looked down at their daughter.

"Hello, Daisy," he said. The baby cooed. Iris looked back down.

"I think she likes you," she said, laughing softly.

"Shall I bring in her brothers?" Martha asked, her eyes full of tears as she smiled at her granddaughter. A healer had just tucked a blanket around Iris. Iris and Oliver looked up.

"I reckon they'll want to meet their little sister," she said.

"I didn't think you two were actually serious about having your own Quidditch team," Harry said as Martha left the room. They could hear a cheer erupt from the next room, meaning she must have delivered the news that it was a girl. Iris shrugged.

"I wasn't, but… it's a good thing we moved into a big house out in the country," she said.

"Four down, three to go," Oliver joked. Iris shot him a look.

"Do not think I'm going through this again three more times," she said. While she was currently feeling more comfortable, the pain of childbirth was still quite fresh in her mind.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and you'll have twins next or another round of triplets," Oliver replied. Iris sent him another withering glare. He thought it was a bit of luck to have three in one go, Iris on the other hand, was not exactly thrilled to go through that again. She could barely move around the last few months of her pregnancy, she was so big. Suddenly the room was alive with noise as George and Angelina came in, two curly-headed toddlers in tow, jumping, shouting and pushing each other. A third was seated on George's shoulders, kicking him as though he was a horse.

"Mummy!" the one on his shoulders yelled. Oliver walked over and took him, balancing him on his hip as Angelina and George each picked up another and stood at the bedside. Harry stood at the foot of the bed and gave her a look as if silently asking if she was really sure they weren't trying to create their own team.

"In my defense, I wasn't expecting triplets the first time around. They certainly don't run in our side of the family," Iris replied, tiredly.

"Remus, Jamie, Alan, meet your little sister, Daisy," Oliver said. Each looked down at the small bundle in their mother's arms.

"Hello, Daisy," Jamie said as he leaned out of his father's arms to peer down at his sister. The triplets were identical and - much to Iris' chagrin - had inherited her penchant for trouble despite only being two. From their father, they got their brown hair and warm, chocolate-brown eyes, though they managed to get Iris' curls. They were currently spending a few days with their Uncle George and Aunt Angelina - who had married last year - so that Oliver and Iris had a day or two at home alone with Daisy to recover before taking on the full responsibility of four children. Mrs. Wood would be there to help as well since Quidditch season was in full swing. She had been a common fixture at the house so that Iris could get some work done.

"You finally got one that takes after you, Iris," Angelina said, grinning. Iris smiled and nodded, still transfixed by the bundle in her arms. While she would have liked the boys to take after her in appearance somehow, she was eager to see how her little girl grew. She definitely had Iris' coloring but she could see that she appeared to have her father's nose.

"Mummy, I have Daddy's nose too - like Daisy," Jamie chirped from Oliver's arms. All three boys had picked up their dad and gran's accent, something Iris found adorable whenever they spoke.

"Yes, you do, sweetie, you-" Iris stopped and looked up at the small tot.

"What is it?" Oliver asked.

"Did I say that out loud? That Daisy has your nose?" she asked, wondering if she was going delirious.

"No. You didn't say anything," Oliver responded looking at his son in awe. George grinned and shouted, starting to do a little dance around the room, causing little Remus to giggle and squeal.

"Uncle George just won more money!" he said with glee. Angelina rolled her eyes at her husband. Iris met Oliver's eyes, her own full of surprise.

"Well, with this many kids, of course one of them was bound to get something from me," she said with a shrug. "Oh god… we have a toddler that can read minds."

"And it looks like a metamorphmagus, too," Harry said, starting to laugh. Both Oliver and Iris looked down at the infant just in time to see her hair change to brown and then back to red. George whooped again, now twirling around with Remus.

"Oliver, Iris, you two are going to make me one very rich man," he said, finally stopping and stepping back to Angelina's side. Alan was now leaning towards him, his pudgy arms out.

"Me! Me!" he shouted. George laughed and traded toddlers with Angelina and began dancing with him over to the door. He swung it open and stood there facing the rather large group gathered.

"Wait until you hear this! Daisy is a metamorphmagus and we've just discovered Jamie is a legilimens!" he shouted. "Pay up!" Iris rolled her eyes.

"I think he forgets how much money I've made his shop with my potions," she muttered.

"Now, Iris," Oliver said, kissing the top of her head. Iris sighed.

"Sorry, love. It's the exhaustion talking," she said, smiling.

"I imagine so. Labor doesn't look much fun," Angelina said.

"Just you wait," Iris said wryly, taking in her barely showing baby bump.

"It'll be Harry and Ginny next," Oliver said, grinning. Harry's eyes went wide as he shook his head no. The two were barely married.

"We're planning to wait a few years," he said. Iris and Oliver looked at each other, smiling.

"That's what we said," they said in unison. They made it a little over a year before Iris found out she was pregnant with the triplets. Daisy fussed a bit in her mother's arms, obviously wanting to have her full attention.

"Oh, what's wrong my angel?" she said asked, turning back to her daughter. She rocked her gently as the baby settled down and stared up at her.

"Where's my cousin?!" a rambunctious 5-year-old boy shouted as he ran into the room, ducking through George's legs. His brown hair changed quickly to a bright blue and a mischievous grin graced his face. He bolted to Oliver's side and stood, hopping up and down. "I can't see her!"

Iris smiled and sat up, leaning over while holding Daisy up so he could see.

"Teddy, this is Daisy," she said. Teddy's eyes widened.

"She's so tiny…," he said.

"Teddy! What are you doing in here? Didn't I tell you to wait!" Andromeda said as she rushed in the room. Teddy immediately hid behind Oliver.

"Save me, Uncle Oliver!" he shouted. Oliver looked behind him and laughed.

"Teddy!" Jamie squealed, seeing the triplets favorite playmate.

"It's quite alright, Andromeda. He's not hurting anyone," he replied. She walked up to the bedside and took Teddy's hand, pulling him to her side. Turning to Iris, she smiled down at the baby.

"Oh, she's beautiful," she said. Iris smiled and leaned back against the pillow.

"Thank you," she said, looking back down at her daughter. "We named her Daisy Nymphadora," she added quietly. Andromeda's eyes started watering as she nodded.

"I imagine Tonks would probably tell you off for that, though she'd be honored. I always thought it was a beautiful name," she said quietly. Iris laughed softly.

"I do too, though I imagine you're right. We'd never hear the end of it. But... I think it suits her. She'll grow up to be a strong woman, like her namesake," Iris said.

"Like her mother too," Andromeda added.

"I want food!" Remus shouted from Angelina's arms.

"Yea, food!" Jamie echoed.

"Fooood!" Iris could hear faintly from the other side of the now half-opened door. She looked up at Angelina.

"No worries. We'll get them fed for you," she said. "George! Get your Mum! The tots are hungry!" she shouted towards the door. George stuck his head in and nodded, then disappeared a moment. He then walked into the room with Molly Weasley following. Immediately, she was at Oliver's side, taking Jamie from him.

"Mummy! Food!" Jamie whined, starting to get cranky.

"I know, darling. But you're going to go with Granny Molly, Uncle George and Aunt Angelina to get something to eat so Mummy can rest a little bit," she said.

"Yea, Mummy's tired," Oliver said. "So you need to be a big boy for us, got it Jamie?" He tapped the little boy on the nose and he giggled. Molly smiled as she, Angelina and George left with Andromeda and Teddy following, shutting the door behind them. Iris looked down at Daisy again, feeling her eyes starting to droop.

"Why don't I take Daisy out to meet the rest of the family while you get some rest," Oliver suggested. Iris looked up at him and smiled wearily.

"I could use some sleep," she said. Oliver reached down and took his daughter from her arms.

"We'll be back shortly," he said, kissing Iris on the top of the head. He then walked towards the door as Harry pulled it open for him. Iris watched the door shut and then drifted off to sleep.

Later that night, after everyone had fawned over Daisy and left, Oliver and Iris were alone with their newest addition. Iris lay in the bed, a pillow under her arm, helping to support Daisy. Oliver was lying next to her, his arm wrapped around her.

"I could just stare at her all night," Iris murmured, memorizing every inch of her sleeping daughter.

"Aye, I could as well," he whispered.

"I hope she doesn't take after her brothers," Iris said.

"She's got a bit of a twinkle to her eye, so I have a feeling she might just be the ringleader," Oliver joked.

"I thought you and Harry would be the death of me… it might just be our children," she said with a soft laugh. "McGonagall is going to love us once the triplets get to Hogwarts."

"I hope there's a Hogwarts left for Daisy," Oliver replied.

"There might not be between the triplets and Teddy," she murmured.

"And then just wait until the entire Weasley-Wood-Potter clan gets there," he said, chuckling. Iris shook her head slightly.

"I can only imagine what George's offspring will be like," she said.

"Merlin forbid he end up with twins," Oliver replied.

"Harry and Ginny will probably have a handful as well," she said offhandedly. "Let's hope Ron and Hermione have practical children."

"If they don't, I'm sure Audrey and Percy will," Oliver admitted. "At least Fleur and Bill seem to have levelheaded children." Iris sighed as she stared silently at Daisy.

"D'you think she'll be sweet? Quiet? Or rambunctious? Will she like school?" she asked.

"If she's anything like her mother, she'll be quite good at school, I should think," he said, kissing her head. "Maybe she'll get a bit of your fiery personality as well." Iris looked at him and smiled.

"Who knows? Maybe she'll be a world-class Quidditch star like her dad," she said. Oliver laughed softly.

"So… about that Quidditch team…" he said. Iris rolled her eyes.

"No. After Daisy, I'm done. No more children," Iris said seriously.

"You said that after the triplets as well," he said.

"I mean it this time. Four is enough."

"I think we can do with one more.

"No. Five is too many."

"The Weasleys had seven."

"I am not Molly Weasley. Honestly, I don't know how she did it. I can barely keep up with the triplets."

"With this many, what's one more?"

Iris glared at him.

"May I remind you that I'm the one carrying them for nine months," she said. "And doing most of the care-taking seeing as you're off doing Quidditch half the year."

"Mum'll help," he offered.

"I change my mind. It's not the children that will be the death of me, it's clearly my baby-crazy husband," she said, sighing. She looked back down at Daisy. Part of her had to admit that while basking in the glow of new motherhood yet again, she was starting to feel like perhaps they could have one more. She was working from home completely nowadays, sending packages of potions twice a week unless George needed more in between. Ron had quit the Ministry and was now working full-time with him. And Oliver's mum did come over to watch the little ones whenever she and Oliver wanted - or rather needed - a night out. They had even made it to several Quidditch matches with Angelina and George's help in wrangling the ever troublesome tots. Half the time, she felt George was the one egging them on in their increasingly ambitious stunts, though they were just as bad on their own. Just a few weeks ago, Remus and Alan had managed to drag Oliver's broom out of its cupboard and all three had squeezed on and did a complete circle on it around the yard before Oliver caught them. She couldn't believe they were only two. And the thought of the trouble they would get into as they got older only gave her a headache.

But she would deal with it in time. Besides, she could tell that little Jamie seemed to be quieter than the other two - and already appearing to be a voice of reason among them. Perhaps he could manage to keep Remus and Alan in check. Those two seemed to feed off each other, though it was apparent Alan was the ringleader. All three were already quite impossibly close. Iris predicted they would most likely band together to look out for their sister - whenever they weren't teasing her mercilessly, that is.

"How'd you suppose Daisy is going to like having three big brothers looking after her?" Oliver asked.

"There will be times where I'm sure she's going to hate it. But I feel better knowing they'll be looking after her when they're all off to Hogwarts," she said.

"I do as well," he murmured. Iris looked up at him again.

"What are you thinking?" she asked. They both knew she could just as easily look into his mind and see, but she preferred hearing him say it.

"Just that… I can't imagine my life being any more perfect," he said, smiling. Iris matched his grin.

"I as well," she said before leaning over to kiss him. "It couldn't be more perfect."

"Mummy! Remus said I can't use his and Alan and Jamie's owl and Alan said the professors will throw me in the lake if I get bad marks!" Daisy cried as she ran up to Iris on the platform, tears falling down her pale cheeks. Iris bent down and looked at her little girl, who's eyes were now a dull gray.

"Darling, of course you can use your brothers' owl and no, they don't throw you in the lake for bad marks. Though I would certainly be tempted to throw your brothers in for being ornery," she said, winking. Daisy giggled as Iris wiped the tears from her cheeks. Her eyes returned to their normal bright green.

"Maybe I'll do just that," she said conspiratorially.

"Let's not tell your Dad. He's counting on all three of them to make the Quidditch team this year," she said, placing her finger against her nose. Daisy followed suit, using their secret sign. As the only girls in the house, they had to have their little secrets here and there. Though it proved difficult with Jamie being able to read their minds. Granted, Iris could block him most of the time when needed. Iris stood and took Daisy's hand, continuing down the train platform to where Oliver and the boys were pushing the trolleys. She couldn't believe that it was finally here. Daisy's first year at Hogwarts. The boys had all - unshockingly - been sorted into Gryffindor two years prior, and there was no doubt Daisy would as well. It was a family tradition, Iris supposed, between Oliver and her sister. And Harry. Though Oliver swore up and down that Iris probably would have been in Gryffindor as well.

Iris couldn't help but laugh at her three sons goofing around. Remus and Alan somehow managed to toss a quaffle around while still pushing the trolleys. Jamie, who was between them, ducked under it to avoid getting hit. At 13 they were already getting quite tall and broad, inheriting their dad's build. He was positive they'd all three be on the house team this year and had already rearranged his training schedule so that they could be there for the first match. As Puddlemere's star keeper, and rumored to be next in line to be named coach when the current one retired in a year, he was afforded certain privileges here and there. Part of Iris couldn't believe that he was still playing at his age, but then again, he was Oliver Wood.

Remus and Alan both excelled as beaters whenever they played at home, while Jamie was showing promise as a keeper, hoping to follow in his dad's footsteps. The fact that he could read his opponents' minds to figure out where they were going to throw the quaffle didn't hurt, though Oliver was trying to train the habit out of him. He also didn't seem quite as interested in the sport as his brothers, choosing to spend a decent amount of time developing potions with Iris. Granted, Remus and Alan had managed to surpass even their father's obsession with the sport, so that wasn't saying much. Just that while they were solely focused on Quidditch 200% of the time, Jamie liked to vary his interests. He was just as determined as his brothers to uphold the Wood family name and become a professional player like Oliver.

Iris sighed and shook her head, looking down at her petite daughter. Even she had been bit by the Quidditch bug. Since she could walk, she had begged Oliver to let her join in on the games in the backyard with her brothers. She hadn't settled on a position yet, playing both chaser and seeker. Oliver thought she'd make an excellent seeker with her size and build. And she was much faster than her brothers. Even now as he looked at all his children on the platform, he had visions of over half the Gryffindor team made of Woods at some point.

"I'm in Quidditch hell," Iris thought. "How on earth will I survive when all four of them are playing on the house team?"

"You could always take loads of that calming draught that you developed over the summer," Jamie offered as he looked back as his mother, grinning. "The one that doesn't make you drowsy and gives you pleasant thoughts." Iris rolled her eyes.

"What did I tell you about reading people's minds, Jamie?" she asked.

"That I'm not allowed to read yours or Da's or my professors' minds and I should respect others' privacy," he recited.


"No cheating on exams by looking into the professor's minds," he added.

"They all know by now, Iris," Oliver said, glancing back at his wife. "Won't do him much good even if he tried."

"I know, just reminding him," Iris replied, nodding her head towards Jamie. She, of course, had been working with him on it while he was home in terms of being able to turn it on and off like she could, but he still struggled sometimes with turning it off. And occasionally projected to his brothers seeing as they were so close. She had also been working with Daisy on her metamorphmagus skills. Teddy was kind enough to spend time with her on it as well whenever he came over. The house would often be full of shrieks and giggles whenever he was there.

"It's not like they think of anything interesting anyway," Jamie said. "Even Professor Longbottom mostly just thinks about plants and such. Or his kids."

"Jamie Frederick Wood!" Iris yelled. "What did I just say about reading your professors' minds!"

"Even Teddy's gotten boring… all he thinks about is Victoire," Jamie continued, grimacing.

"He still hung up on her?" Remus asked.

"Why's he so interested in some girl?" Alan added in. "We're much more fun than Victoire Weasley. Even if she is our cousin." Iris rolled her eyes again. She was glad that they hadn't entered the age of thinking about girls, though she figured it wouldn't be long now. Oliver had already had a talk with them, but with them spending all their time with Teddy at school, she'd have to make him have another with them soon enough.

"Would you three please try to avoid so many detentions this year?" Iris pleaded. "I'd like to not get owls every other week... not that I need them..."

"We'll try," they said in unison, all smiling back at her. They most definitely had their father's smile, which could charm just about anyone. Including McGonagall, who Iris knew would sometimes let them off, even though she knew she shouldn't.

"Just remember boys, your mum will know everything you do. Even if you manage to get out of punishment at school, there will be hell to pay at home," Oliver warned. Though it was hardly a strong warning with a grin firmly planted on his face.

"Try not to get yourselves nearly killed at Quidditch as well," she said.

"Right, we don't want to give your mother a heart attack," Oliver chipped in. Iris scowled at him.

"I do not have heart attacks," she said. "Just get a bit flustered, is all."

"Right, Dad. We all know it's you giving her the biggest heart attacks," Remus laughed. "You were in St. Mungo's for a few days after that game against the Falcons this summer."

"But it was a bloody good play!" Alan shouted. "You promised you'd teach me that move."

"And me!" Remus shouted.

"Teach us all dad!" Jamie chimed in. Iris sighed heavily. Even though they were nearly teenagers, sometimes she wondered if they would ever grow up.

"Alan Harold Wood! Language!" Iris said. "And no. Your father will not be teaching you that move. I nearly apparated to the field before I realized he was still alive."

Oliver had taken a hit to the head with a bludger, but not before managing to make an extravagant, slightly dangerous, game-winning save. Iris didn't want to admit out loud that it was a good play, lest her three sons attempt to try it out themselves before their dad could teach it to them properly. But it was pretty amazing, especially considering how old Oliver was getting.

"I'll teach you when you're older," Oliver whispered.

"I heard that," Iris said behind him. Oliver looked back and winked. Iris had to admit that after 14 years of marriage and four children, even nearing 40 and coming to the end of his playing career, he still gave her butterflies when he looked at her like that. Iris felt her cheeks blush slightly as she tried to stem her smile. She didn't think she could love him more.

"Ew! Gross Mum!" Jamie shouted. Iris glared at the back of her son's head.

"What did I say about staying out of my head, Jamie?" she thought.

"Alright, I got it. But sometimes I can't help it. Gross... I can't believe you still... ew!"

Iris sent him an image of Oliver pecking her on the lips under the mistletoe last Christmas just to teach him a lesson.

"Mum! Stop it! Gross!" Jamie yelled scowling back at her. Iris smiled smugly, sure he'd stay out of her head now. All three of her sons were now fake gagging as Jamie accidentally projected the thought.


"I'll have you know, Remus, your mother and I are not nearly too old to stop kissing. You never are. In fact, I have it on good authority that your Grans and Grandads still kiss under the mistletoe every year," Oliver said.

"NO! THAT'S THE GROSSEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!" Remus screeched. Iris chuckled to herself, quite glad that they were definitely not interested in girls yet.

"Remus Albert Wood, I would not let either of your Grans hear about that," she said. Daisy giggled next to Iris, thoroughly enjoying her brothers' antics.

They stopped as they reached the train and Oliver and the boys started unloading their trucks and such off the trolleys. A tawny owl that the children would share whooed and ruffled its feathers in a cage. Iris figured they probably should have gotten Daisy her own, but figured she could wait a year. Another teen with bright blue hair came walking up with an elderly woman trailing behind him, slightly out of breath and levitating a trunk behind her. Iris smiled a hello to Andromeda. She saw a lot of the older witch, with Teddy and the triplets being so close.

"Lads!" he shouted. "You ready for third year?" Though he was three years older than the triplets, the four had, as Iris predicted, taken up together at Hogwarts and were more often than not in detention together. Teddy had taken the three under his wing as soon as they arrived at school, showing them the ropes. Which in turn, led to the group often getting into trouble.

"Of course! We're trying out for Quidditch this year," Alan said.

"I'm sure you'll make it. If you play like you do at the pitch at your house," he said, beaming down at his unofficial cousins.

"Oh good! I didn't miss you guys!" Harry said as he ran up, slightly out of breath in his professional dress robes. He walked over and hugged Iris, then looked at his cousins, who honestly thought of him more as an uncle thanks to the age difference.

"Harry!" Daisy squealed. "You made it!" Harry beamed down at her. While Iris would never say so to the others, she and Oliver knew that he held a special spot for his four cousins, often spoiling them ridiculously before he and Ginny had had their own kids. But it was Daisy with her bright green eyes and red curls that he was closest to. She had him wrapped around her little finger since she was a baby.

"Of course, I wouldn't miss your first day off to Hogwarts," he said. "You ready?" Daisy nodded eagerly. He looked at the boys. "Ready for Quidditch this year?"

"Yes!" all three cheered.

"I'm going to be a seeker, just like you!" Daisy chirped. Harry looked down at her and laughed.

"I'm sure you'll be the best seeker Hogwarts has ever seen," he said.

"Not this year," Iris said. "You have to wait, like your brothers." Daisy pouted.

"But Harry was seeker his first year!" she said.

"Harry didn't have your mum there to stop him from doing something dangerous," Oliver said.

"Didn't seem to stop him much afterwards either," Iris muttered. Harry grinned, catching her but thankfully the children did not.

"Iris!" a voice yelled. Iris turned around to see Fleur and Bill walking up with their brood. It was their last one's first time to Hogwarts as well. Iris walked over and hugged Fleur, who already had tears in her eyes as Louis stood at her side. "I cannot believe we're are sending off our last to Hogwarts," she said when they let go.

"I know, they've grown so fast," Iris replied, glancing over at Daisy. It seemed like just yesterday she was born.

"I see George isn't around," Bill said, smiling.

"I think he still has a grudge against us for making him lose the bet we'd have five to seven children," Oliver said. "I tried to convince Iris we needed one more to help him out, but alas, she wouldn't go for it."

"It could still happen!" George yelled as he popped up next to Oliver from behind a pillar, causing Iris to jump. One of these days, she really was going to kill him for that.

"Uncle George!" the triplets yelled.

"You made it!" Alan said brightly.

"It's tradition, is it not? I have to see you lot off. Especially since it's Daisy and Louis' first time off to Hogwarts," he said.

"Did you bring presents?" Remus asked. Their trickster uncle always had presents for them, bestowing many a new prototype to his older nephews to test despite Iris' warnings not to. George looked around, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Oh, I don't know…," he said. Iris sighed, knowing that look in his eye. "You might find a few things in your compartment when you get on the train." The triplets high-fived each other and turned to run on train. Iris looked over at Fleur and Bill's three kids. Louis looked slightly terrified while Dominique was eyeing the triplets incredulously and Victoire was shyly making eyes at Teddy, who was brazenly grinning at the young teen girl. She had definitely inherited her mother's looks and Veela blood.

"Not so fast!" Iris shouted at her unruly boys. They all turned to look at their mother who beckoned them over. They each walked over and hugged her, each getting a kiss on the cheek. "Look out for your little sister."

"Mum! I don't need them to look out for me!" Daisy declared, her hands on her hips. "They'll just get in the way!" Oliver and Iris' eyes met, with Oliver smirking.

"See... told you she'd get your fiery personality," he thought.

"Good, at least we won't have to worry about boys," she sent his way, raising her eyebrows.

"Mum! Dad! That's not fair! You know only Jamie can understand when you do that!" Daisy shouted, her hair turning an even fiery shade of red as she read her parents' faces.

"Don't worry. It's just boring parent stuff," Jamie said, wrinkling his nose in disgust, much like Iris did. Iris gave him one of her mom looks. "And don't worry, Mum, we'll keep the boys away from Daisy." She smiled slightly and looked down at her daughter and took her into her arms, feeling the tears start up.

"Be good and study hard," she said. She let go of Daisy and ran her fingers through her long red curls. Daisy walked over and hugged her father. Iris smiled as she noticed Oliver trying to hide the fact that his eyes were teary.

"You can owl us whenever you want," he told his daughter. He looked up at his sons. "Give 'em hell on the Quidditch pitch." The three puffed up their chests.

"We will," they said.

"And practice with your sister," Iris added, hearing in her mind Daisy's worry that she wouldn't be allowed to join in the fun on the pitch. The boys groaned and rolled their eyes.

"We mean it. If you're all going to make the national team for the World Cup in 2022, you need to keep working with Daisy while you're at school until she makes the team," he said seriously. Oliver had captained the U.K. team just this summer and was now obsessed with getting all his children on the team in the future.

"Yes, Dad," they said resignedly.

"Come on Daisy, let's get you situated," Jamie said, turning to his sister. She smiled, her eyes flashing a bright blue in appreciation. The four of them loaded onto the train, trunks following.

"Do you need help?" Teddy asked Victoire.

"Sure," she said shyly as he levitated her trunk along with his and they all got on. Iris turned as Fleur and Bill were finishing up their good-byes to their two youngest children. Soon enough, they were all on the train and waving out the window of their compartments. Oliver walked over and slid his arm around Iris' waist.

"Seriously, you could still have one more," George said, standing next to them. Iris glared over at him.

"George, I'm 42. I think you have to finally give it up. There will be no more Wood children. Especially not after we've finally got the last one off to school," she said.

"You never know," he said waggling his eyebrows at her.

"What did you give them, by the way?" Oliver asked, looking over at the redhead.

"I predict you'll be hearing about it from Longbottom or McGonagall soon enough," he said mysteriously.

"Your first starts Hogwarts next year, right?" Oliver asked before Iris could give George a tongue-lashing for whatever pranks he had given them.

"Yep, Freddie will be off to Hogwarts," he said.

"McGonagall is going to kill us," Iris predicted. "Between our three and your Freddie."

"I know," George said, beaming with pride. Iris rolled her eyes.

"You'll be doing this next year, Harry," Bill said offhandedly. Harry sighed.

"I know... Ginny is already tearing up every time she looks at James," he said. "Ron and Hermione are sending their first one the year after."

"McGonagall is in for over a decade of Weasley-Potter-Woods," Iris said resignedly. "We better get her really good Christmas gifts for all the headaches that are sure to come."

"At least our children tend to stay out of trouble," Fleur said.

"Didn't Victoire and Teddy get caught snogging in a closet last year?" Iris asked. Fleur sighed and rolled her eyes.

"At least they stay out of trouble most of the time," she amended.

"I'm hoping we have a few more years before we have to worry about that," Iris said. "Three boys at once… good lord."

"How many times did you apparate to Hogwarts last year?" Harry asked.

"Five," Iris and Oliver said at the same time.

"How many are you expecting this year?" Fleur asked.

"More," Iris said. "The boys are trying out for Quidditch."

"They should have tried out last year," Oliver said.

"Why didn't they?" George asked.

"Iris wouldn't let them," Oliver said, glancing down at his wife.

"I wanted at least one more year before I had weekly heart attacks," she said, glaring up at her husband.

"Surely they aren't that bad," George scoffed. Iris glared at him. Almost to make her point, she felt her chest restrict as she saw the three boys setting off dungbombs.

"GEORGE! DUNGBOMBS! REALLY?!" she yelled. He laughed and shrugged as he turned to walk off.

"And it's the new ones that last longer," he said, grinning. The train was pulling out of the station. Iris looked to windows, shaking her head, and caught Daisy leaning out the window, waving madly.

"See you at the first Quidditch game!" she yelled. Iris smiled and waved as all the parents joined in.

"What if they don't make the team?" Iris asked as they stood, waiting until they could no longer see the train before turning to walk away. As much as she gave them a hard time about dangerous activities, she knew they would be devastated if they didn't and she would be heartbroken for them.

"They will," Oliver said. "We've trained a lot this summer."

"Don't know how you did it between games and your own training - plus the World Cup games," Iris said, looking up at him. Oliver shrugged.

"You always make time for family," he said.

"I just have this feeling Daisy is going to try out even though I told her not to," Iris said, her brow knitted in worry. "Even though she knows I'll be able to sense it."

"If she does, and then makes it, she'll just be upholding family tradition," Harry said from behind her. Iris looked back and glared at him.

"That's exactly what I'm worried about," she said. "And I can just imagine the fuss the triplets will make seeing as I made them wait. Daisy seems to be much harder to control than them in some ways."

"They always did hold a certain soft spot... or fear... for their mother," Oliver said. Iris tried to scowl at him, but he grinned and she found herself melting all over again.

"What are we going to do with the house empty?" Iris lamented, changing the subject. While Hogwarts gave her a much needed respite from the trouble-making triplets, she still missed them. And now she wouldn't even have Daisy around to keep her company. Oliver leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"I'm sure we can think of something…"

Iris glanced up at him, grinning as she caught sight of the twinkle in his eye.

"Go make another baby and make me rich!" George shouted as he popped up next to them. Iris jumped and reached over to punch him in the arm.

"GEORGE!" He laughed as he walked away in front of them, rubbing his arm.

"Well… maybe no more babies… but still… we can have fun…" Oliver said suggestively. "Do we really need to floo back to the house?" Iris grinned as she stopped and wrapped her arms around him.