_Ladybug,Chatnoir and Tigerlily Origins part 1_

( sorry for poor writing i own nothing but Florence Petit and other oc's)

"Many centuries ago, magic jewels bestowing extraordinary powers were created. These were... the Miraculous. Throughout history, heroes have used these jewels for the good of the human race. Three of these Miraculous are more powerful than the others; the earrings of the Ladybug, which provide the power of creation; the ring of the Black Cat, which gives the power of destruction and the ribbons of the Tiger which represents the balance of of these powers so if one falls into the wrong path they would be able to help them . According to legend, whoever controls both these jewels at the same time, will achieve absolute power."a voice said.

"What we is the voice coming from?"

"Who are you ?"

"Why is everything so dark ?

*Beep beep beep beep*

Waking up to the sound for her alarm wasn't that hard for her sometimes the only thing that was bugging her was the fact that she is now a new girl at school.

Her burgundy hair and herheterochromia eyes made stand out alot she never ready was picky with what to wear she would mostly wear long skirts and sundresses with her hair in ponytails, buns or braids only wear it down when sleeping.

Today is the first day of school but to Florence Petit it was a new school and new home after 13 years of growing up in the country side of France. Now she had to go to a new school in Paris new thing's were about to happen today more then anyone could imagine.

"I think I'll with ponytails today right mom ?"Florence asked a picture of a woman with the same burgundy hair but with two green eye the women in picture was smiling wearing a purple tank top and grey skirt with her hair in a braids she looked about 18 in the picture.

After she was done with putting her hair into two high ponytails made her way to her closest and picked out a pink sundress with black flants but you can't see them with how long her dress is.

"Time to go bye mom, dad is already at work and won't be back for a few days love you" flo said as she went to the kitchen picked up an two apples ,a water bottle and her book bag she lock the door and made her way to her new school.

As flo walked down the street she noticed an old man kneeling on the ground trying to pick up an apple but then it rolled on to the round and got ran over. Flo remembered the extra Apple she was save and decided to walk over a give it to him.

"Here Sir you going you need it more then i do" she said giving him the apple.

"Thank you young lady you have lovely hair and eyes by the way" he said giving her a smile.

With that Flo heard a bell ring"Oh no I'm late on my first day excuse me sir "she said running towards the school.

As she made her way to her first class she sat down in the front row on the right side and noticed two girls behind her.

She was about to get a book wgen a hand slammed on her desk making her jump a little she look up to see a blonde hair girl.

"Well well nice hair dye and eye contacts new girl number two,also nice dress did you get it at a doll shop ?"she asked with a smirk on her face.

Flo just looked at her for a second before speaking.

"I like your lips thats great plastic surgery"Flo said.

"What? Why you little -"before the blonde could finish a teacher walked in.

"Alright everyone lets settle down and start a great lesson"said Miss Bustier.

After class was over flo got up from her seat and start to pack up for her next class she noticed two girls walking up to her.

"Hi I'm Alya and this is Marinette your new right ?"a girl dark hair with light tips asked along with a girl with blue hair and eyes.

"Yes ,nice to meet you I'm Florence Petit "flo anwered.

"What to go to the libary with us?"asked Marinette.

"Um sure" flo said

After they arrived at the library they started having a good bonuding time Suddenly a large cry echoed all around the library and a monster made out of stone showed up and everyone started running for their lifes,Alya picking up Marinette and drags her by the hand. Flo just stood in the same spout in fear after a few moments she began to run home.

After locking the front door she made her way to her bedroom and tried to calm down. Taking deep breathes running her hands through your hair she noticed one of her ponytails came undone and that the hair tie broke.

"Oh man it broke i only have one now"Florence said with a sigh and decides to turn on the TV to see what was going on.

As incredible as it seems, it's been confirmed that Paris is indeed being attacked by a supervillain. The police have been struggling to keep the situation under control the reporter said.

Florence turned off the TV and walked over to her mirror holding her hands close to her chest.

"Dad please come home i need you"she said.

She look down from her mirror and saw a black hexagonal box .

"What is this?"She opened it then it started glowing"Huh?" it was glowing, flickering slowly before suddenly a light burst out. She covered her eyes to keep from getting the light she opened her eyes to see a little flying creature that looks like a tiger.

"Um are you a ghost or something" flo asked.

"My name is Tipu I'm a kwami i can give you powers and you have the power of balance creation and destruction nice to meet you Florence" the kwami said.

"What I'm just a girl who a little socially awkward and how do you know my name?"flo looked at tipu wondering if she was dreaming.

" i know everything about you flo ,you are one of the three that were chosen to be Heroes"Tipu said.

"Me a hero?"Florence asked with her hair covering her eyes.

"Put on the hair ribbons and say Tipu stripes on fur" tipu said with a smile.

Flo took off her hair tie and re tie her hair with the black ribbons into ponytails.

Tipu! Stripes on Fur!

Tipu disappeared into the hair ribbons and light surrounded her entire body, she open your eyes to see her outfit completely changed.

"Okay, I have special powers!... and apparently this amazing super whip that looks like a tail on my costume" said flo looking nervous.

The felt like a spandex suit but didn't look like it, an orange and striped shirt the shoulder part of the outfit was brown and felt like armor ,orange pants with brown boots,a black stache went around her waist like a belt ,the once black ribbons had orange stripes on them now, on the back of her pants was a whip that looks like a tail going down and the mask covered a good part of her face.

"Ok time find my partner's i guess"flo muttered to herself.

She got her whip and started swinging off roof to roof ,a few moments of looking around she saw a girl in a red suit with black dots and a boy in a ful black suit with cat ears headed into towers eachother they both fall and getting hung by the yo-yo.

"Are two ok?"flo asked as she landed nect to them helping them get down.

"So, you two must be the patners my kwami told me about. i'm mmm... chat noir, yeah, Chat Noir. You?" Chat said as Florence smiled and looked over to the red girl who was yanking on her yo-yo trying to get it down while Flo tried to figure out how to use your whip correctly but looked over at him and answered "just call me ... Tigerlily"the other girl in red answered clumsy girl.

"No sweat, clumsy girl,Tigerlily I'm learning the ropes too"Chat noir said.

Suddenly, the floor trembles and it felt like something was going to break

"Well guess that our sign to leave and get to work" flo said.

"Hey! Where are you going?"red asked.

"To save Paris, right?"chat asked.

*Parc des Princes *

"KIMMM! So, who's boss now?"Stoneheart asked a boy who was running away.

"Hey, it's not nice to pick up people who are smaller than you"chat said.

"Guess you're talking about yourself?" Stone guy asked as he tried to grab them making the three jump out of the way. Stone guy then swung down a fist trying to hit Chat. the cat dodged once again as he leapt up aiming to hit his head while Florence darted over and whacked his knee hoping to knock him off that didn't do much except make the stone guy grow bigger ,the two blinked and looked at one another for an idea then looked for red girl.

"It's cool, Wonderbug. Now, let's kick this Rocky behind!"chat shouted.

"Wait! Haven't you noticed? He gets bigger and stronger with every attack. We have to do something different"red stated.

"Different how?" chat asked.

"Uhhh... I don't know"Red admitted.

'There has to be something we can do there has to by something' flo thought trying to be calm the situation.

"Okay then. Let's use our powers. Cataclysm! Apparently I destroy whatever I touch"chat said as his fist had black bubbles coming out of it.

"I don't need a superpower to destroy everything"Red stated.

Chat Noir uses his cataclysm to break the

" No, don't do that!"red warned.

"Cool. It's just you and me now!

Time to rumble, soon-to-be rubble!"chat said.

"Cat Noir! Wait!"yelled red.

Cat Noir leaps towards Stoneheart to try and defeat him.

"Uh-oh. I guess I only get one shot to use my power" chat said as Stoneheart throws him away.

"And you only have five minutes before you transform back. Didn't your kwami explain anything to you?" Red girl asked.

" i guess I was a little excited about my new life" chat said with a grin.

"I think Reckless is more of a word i would use for you" Flo rolled her eyes.

"Well, up to me. Lucky Charm!"Red girl yelled and a shuit appeared.

"Super power?"Chat noir questioned.

"My Kwami told me we have to destroy the object the whatchacallit- ah, the Akuma is hiding in."said red girl.

"Well, he's made entirely out of stone." chat stated.

"His right hand, it's still closed. He never opens it. It's like the Russian dolls. The object isn't on him, it's hidden in his fist!" Red girl explained.

"So what's your plan?"Chat asked.

"I'll distract him" flo said as she ran towards the monster."besides i have both of your guys powers for balance and i know i can't hit him or he'll get bigger"

She begin to swing her whip that reached one of stoneheart's hands wrapping it around him and decided to swing back and forth from one side to the other to distract him,after a good few minutes he finally grabbed her and toast to the ground luckly chat caught her bridal style then put her down on the ground gently.

"Catch me if you can!"red girl yelled, Stoneheart drops the akumatized object and grabs Red girl."And now... Alya, the tap! "Red shouted.

Alya goes to the water tap and opens it. The water sprouts and inflates the suit. Stoneheart lets go of her. Red breaks the akumatized object and the Akuma flies away. Stoneheart is turned back into Ivan.

"This girl is awesome. She's crazy awesome."chat grinned.

"Is someone in love already?"flo asked getting up from the ground coughing a little" toast hurt alot more than I it would"

"You both were incredible, miss Lily and... uh... Bug lady. You did it! "Chat cheered.

"We did it all three of us , partners"Red said.

"Pound it! "They fist pumped Cat Noir's Miraculous beeps.

"You should get going. Our identities must remain secret" Red said.

"Farewell, m'lady and madam. Let's do this again soon, okay?chat explain.

"Did you just call me madam ?um I'm going home" flo said blushing like crazy while running home.


"So thanks to this amateur footage, the Parisians now know the identities of their heroes!"a reporter said.

"We did it I have to admit,i still feel nervous about the whole thing"flo stated while laying down on her bad with a smile.

"But you did well Florence"tipu said sitting on flo's head.

"I am pleased to announce that we will organize a huge celebration in honor of our city's new protectors. Ladybug,Cat Noir and Tigerlily"Mr. Bourgeois announced.

"Ladybug huh? better then red girl i have a feeling things through get more interesting"Flo smiled and turned to Tipu" by the way do you need to eat anything"

"Meatballs" tipu said with drool coming out of his mouth.

"Ok little guy I'll get you some"flo walked into the kitchen.

:A few hours later:

Just as Paris is about to celebrate the appearance of out two new superheroes, Ladybug,Cat Noir and Tigerlily, a new wave of panic is sweeping across the capital as dozens of people are mysteriously transformed into stone monsters. It's simply victims transformed into stone beings are still like statues. The police are perplexed to what will happen to them. Will they come back to life or be frozen in time forever? "The reporter said.

"But we you beat him,how can this happened?"Florence started to panic.

"An akuma can multiply, that's why it must be captured. If Ivan's emotions become negative again, then the akuma will turn him back into Stoneheart! He'll control all the stone beings and bring them to life to serve as his army!"Tipu said.

"Oh,no we messed up,how could we mess up?" Tears started to form on her eyes.

"Keep calm. It was your first time. You're going to go back and capture Stoneheart's akuma, and do it successfully!"Tipu said with a smile.

" Ok ,I'll try to keep calm about it but I'm worried ok "flo said with tears starting to fall from the coners of her eyes.