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A/N: This is the third Skylar story in the Skylar series. Like I said before each story has a different length. This one might be longer or shorter than the others. I don't know yet. But since this story goes with Angel's gift and Valentine's Surprise you might want to read those before you read this. Here's a little recap for you new guys:

Skylar: Skylar Elisabeth Helen Angel is Angel's seven-year-old foster daughter. She has golden blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes (like the sky) and she is very short. When Skylar was four she was killed by a black demon. She came back a month later on Angel's birthday as a gift at age seven (how she aged is a mystery). She is also a Restorer. If you want to find out what that is I suggest you read this and the other stories.

Chad: Chad is an angel of destiny. He doesn't look as old as time or anything, though. He looks like a young man with bleached white hair. He is the one who brought Sky back. Also he doesn't really control people's destinies. He just helps out when he can.

Reginald/Frank: Reginald is a demon (the demon that killed Skylar) that can transform into a human. Frank is his partner. They work at W&H. These two want Sky out of the picture. Frank was thought to be dead but… he wasn't.

Kevin: Kevin is Skylar's new friend. He's seven, too, and pretty mischievous. Also he's a junior cupid. That's an angel of love in training.

Tammy: Tammy is Connor's new girlfriend. She has red hair and she's one of Dawn's best friends.

Richard: Richard is Dawn's new boyfriend. He's a star basketball player with an amazing smile.

                                       CHAPTER 1

"I got you again, Skylar," Connor taunted, pinning her down on a couch in the lobby.

Skylar squirmed out from under him. "You always do that. That's cheating."

"No, it's not! You just say that."

          Angel came racing down the stairs of the hotel for the third time that night. He wanted to check the lobby again. It was decorated from top to bottom with flowers (red, pink, yellow and white roses), long, silky streamers, and other wedding decor. The room was decorated beautifully but it still wasn't done. Angel had a frantic look on his face. It was like the room would vanish or something. Skylar walked up to her tall dad.

"Daddy, tell Connor he cheats all the time," said Skylar.

"Sky," said Angel, lifting her up, "I can't worry about this right now. I have to worry about the wedding."

"But it's not 'till Saturday," Skylar pointed out.

"I know," said Angel, shaking her playfully. "But we have to be ready. This is important. It's going to change a lot of things."

"Don't you think you're overreacting about this?" said Connor.

"Son, like I said before this is important," said Angel.

"I know. And I'm… happy for you." Connor was staring at his hands.

"Thanks," said Angel with a smile. He turned to Sky. "You go to bed. It's late."

"Aw," Skylar moaned, as Angel put her down. She headed upstairs. "Good night!"

"Good night," Angel called up to her.

Chad appeared in the room then. "What's up, bubs? You know rumor has it that a certain vamp is getting snagged! Would this be true?"

"Yes," Angel replied. "That reminds me. Chad, you've been great to the family and everything. Why don't you come?"

"Love to!" said Chad. "And I have to get out of work! Helping people is getting harder and harder. Is this a couples thing?"

"You can bring a date if you want," said Angel.

"Yes! Later, Angel, Connor." He disappeared in a flash.

"I'm going to bed," said Connor, heading upstairs. He turned to Angel. "And, Dad?"


"Congratulations." Connor went up the stairs quickly. Angel smiled again.

          Meanwhile, outside Wolfram and Hart, Frank was leaning against his car, light a cigarette. The glow from the lighter shined brightly in the dark in the dark. Reginald abruptly walked up then. Frank took his cigarette out of his mouth and blew the smoke into his partner's face.

"What did you find out?" Frank asked.

"It's true. Angelus is getting married," replied Reginald.

"All the better."

"His heart?"

"Yes. It's only getting fuller. It's perfect to attack now."

"Are we going to do it?"

"Yes. Now is the time." Frank dropped his cigarette and crushed it with his foot.

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