There were all on the ground around him. The Cullens, the psychic among them that Aro so coveted lying right at his feet, the others spread around her. All three kings were subdued as well, each slouched in their thrones in a way that each would have found undignified had they been aware of it. Every member of the Volturi guard that had begun their day in the throne room or entered it since was lying on the floor, leaving little patches of stone showing between each of them. It was like a strange floor pattern, closed eyes and slouched bodies and small stretches of stone in-between.

He could feel their fear, the intensity of it from each and every one of them, feeding him, flowing through him, making him feel stronger, more alive, in a way that not even human blood could. It soothed something primal in him to feel so much power, to feel so in control, to know that each and every one of their fates were directly in his hands. He wasn't sure if he would keep them suspended there forever, or if he would destroy them, and move on to other targets.

He had almost forgotten his last target, his last obstacle, when the double doors creaked open again. Only she would feel the need to push open both doors at once like that, he thought bitterly, forgetting the many other members of the guard that had made identical entrances. One of the doors caught on an inert vampire, but that didn't slow her down, she stepped around the fallen bodies like there was nothing out of the ordinary about them as she approached.

He tried to raise a hand to make her join them, but it was useless. Robyn was like a blank slate, her gift afforded her a kind of untouchability, but for all he knew she was just as fearless as she seemed. But, he apparently, wasn't. He hated this helpless feeling that overcame him as she approached, her eyes as dark as the black dress she was wearing.

"I'm hungry." She intoned, as if was his problem. "Playtime's over."

She raised one hand in the air and plucked at it with two delicate fingers, and he felt a wave of dizziness overcome him before his world went dark.