Sara giggles as she hears the racket downstairs. She knows that Bianca and Leonard are attempting to make her breakfast for Mother's Day and keep it a surprise.

She assumes that Leonard knows there's very little chance they'll get away with it, but Sara will play along for her daughter's sake.

Soon enough, Bianca comes in as quietly as she can then leaps onto the bed.

"Happy Mother's Day, mama!" she squeals.

Sara laughs as she opens her eyes and pulls the 2-year-old close. "Thank you, sweet girl!"

"Daddy and I made you breakfast!"

"Did you really? What's on the menu?" Sara asks as she sits up.

Leonard enters with the tray of food. "Eggs, bacon, toast and fresh orange juice."

"Well, well, Mr. Snart. You've got talents in all the rooms, don't you?"

His smirk is all the answer she needs.

Sara takes a bite of the bacon and moans appreciatively. "This is delicious!"

"Daddy made most of it," Bianca admits. "But I pushed the button on the toaster!"

"Well, let's try that then!" Sara takes a bite of the toast. It's a little dry, but nothing she can't fake her way through. "Whoa! This is the best toast I think I've ever had!"

Bianca beams with delight.

"Little bird, scoot over so I can join you guys," Leonard says, trying to sit with his girls.

Their daughter cuddles closer to her mother and Leonard can't help but smile at the sight.

"Those flowers are from her as well," he mentions, pointing at the dandelions on the tray.

"I couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day!" Sara exclaims.

But she knows that it certainly can get bigger.

She's having a hard time deciding if she'll share her news sooner, or attempt to wait until Father's Day to tell Leonard about their expanding family.