Princess of Magic

By Anime2000

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And a more slightly more detailed explanation is in chapter 12. This is 'Princess of Magic', second fic in the 'Magic Trilogy.' Okay?

Part one would be 'I Am The Dark Magician Girl'!

'I Am the Dark Magician Girl' is finally over. Now, I can work on this fic! And the last part of the trilogy! I'd like to thank all my wonderful reviewers. I would obviously not have gotten so far without your support!

Cold. Wet...huh? I opened my eyes to see an elf with and empty bucket in her hands. Her golden hair was damp from either sweat or the water she had splashed on me. It clung to her blue face. "Hi, Dark Magician Girl!" she said excitedly. "Are you awake!"

"I am now," I muttered, getting up groggily. "Mystical Elf, how did you get in here?" I asked rubbing my eyes. She didn't climb through my window...did she? She's usually the type of monster that wouldn't even stand on a chair.

"I climbed up!" she said smiling. Her eyes were wide and she was practically jumping up and down. This could only mean one thing.

"Did you eat sugar again?" I asked, yawning and trying to run my fingers through my own tangled blonde locks. "How much this time? A pound? Two?" When she eats sugar, she can do many things she normally can't do. Say, climb up to my room. I learned that a little while after the Duel between Yugi and Noa. I looked at her. Then back at myself. I was absolutely soaked!

"Three!" she squealed. She shoved the 'Shadow News' (the newspapers) in my face. "But never mind that! Look! The tournament! Are you ready!" I grabbed the paper. The tournament... The most important event in the Shadow Realm! In this competition, monsters that are from many parts of the Shadow Realm participate! Whether for Duels or just contests, this is an extreme event and determines which monster is the best in this entire realm. "So, are you ready!"

"Well, pretty much, yeah..." I said. I knew her respond was not going to be good. Especially with all that sugar she ate. Sugar and rage does not mix well. I grinned nervously and prepared for the wrath of the Mystical Elf.

"WHAT! "How can you say that!" she demanded, tossing the bucket aside. I ducked. Or at me. "Haven't you been training!"

"Of course!" I said, pretending to be offended by her accusation. Then seriously, I said, "I'm just really bad at the Magical Boxes!" That's true. I can get it once in a while, like in a Duel in the other realm, but not all the time. It can be very dangerous with all those swords piercing that box at once. If you're not careful, you could get killed! I would know.

"Well," she said, putting her hands on her hips. "You'd better master that or you'll lose in your first round!" with that, she grabbed the papers from my hands and marched out of my room. I heard her downstairs. "Look, Dark Magician!" There was some rustling of newspapers.

"Ow! Yes, the 'Shadow News'. I've heard of it."

I sighed and quickly changed to my normal armor and ran downstairs. Mystical Elf was right. If I didn't get my act together in that act, I would lose my first round in no time. "Hey Master," I said as I walked past him. He looked at me as if to ask what Mystical Elf was doing here. And possibly how.

"Good morning, Dark Magician Girl," he said to me. "Is there... something wrong?" He used to be really distant from me, but now, he's very nice. It's been that way since my first Duel. I've been to many Duels since then. At my master's side, or all alone, but I know he's always there, cheering me on.

"Oh, nothing," I lied. It doesn't matter if I couldn't preform the Magical Boxes. I might not even need to use them at all in the tournament. The Shadow Realm Games. The real tournament doesn't always fit its name. This year, we'll be fighting each other. I might even go against my master for all I know! So that would mean I have to work hard... Agh, what am I saying? I've been training for months for this thing! I'm pretty good and I'm really looking forward to it! "I'm going out for a while," I said, hoping to get his permission. "Ah... can I?"

"Yes," he said, nodding, "While you're at it, could you get some bandages? We're all out." I nodded and grinned sheepishly. I was the one who used them all up when I tried the Magical boxes. Seventeen times isn't so much! Is it? Heheh...

"I'll come with you!" Mystical Elf said jumping up and down.

"Okay," I said, opening the door. "Come on!" We walked out the door and in to the cool morning air. The sun was up and there were no clouds in the sky. Summer in the Shadow Realm isn't always so bad. Most of the times, it's like this. The people who are sent to the Shadow Realm never see it. I don't know why. Wait, maybe some do. Okay, I don't know.

"Ooh, uh, Dark Magician Girl?" whispered Mystical Elf as we walked past the Magic Shop. There were many different items there and I enjoyed looking in there too. It's always fun to see the new items and what they do. I didn't feel like going through all the objects in that shop today. The tournament was...tomorrow. I'm nervous. Okay, anxious. Scared. Terrified. No, just nervous. I think.

"You go in," I said to my elfin friend. "I meet up with you later, okay?" she clapped her hands childishly and skipped into the shop. I sighed and walked to the medical shop.

"Hey, DMG!" I heard a familiar voice. I turned to the counter. Black, red, him... Oh yeah. The Magician of Black Chaos. He calls me DMG. I guess it's because it's much easier to say than Dark Magician Girl. Many Duel Monsters call me DMG except my master, close friends, and those who think they were very important.

"Hi," I said. I'd didn't feel like saying his name today. I usually never do. "I didn't know you worked here." He's usually training for... well, any Duel.

"Well," he said, slightly embarrassed. "I...needed the money." Hm, I wonder if this was what Mystical Elf was talking about in the haunted house. "It's not funny." He reminded me kind of like my master. He usually doesn't blush, except when monsters are talking to him and the topic they're chatting about is me. And him. Together. I looked down at the counter to keep the chaos mage from noticing my pink face. "So, what can I do for you?" he asked politely. That's unusual because he's normally rude to me.

"I need bandages," I told him, turning redder. He smirked and grabbed a box from a shelf.

"Ah yes. Cut yourself while trying to perform the Magical Boxes?" he asked in a teasing tone. Oh, now that's the Magician of Black Chaos that I know. "That's an easy trick," he said to me as he took my money and handed me the change. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked out the door. "Well, it is!" I heard him yell after me. He's always trying to show off. Always trying to prove himself to everyone. Well, I can't blame him. His attack power is pretty good. Better than mine anyway.

I walked to the Magic shop. I hope my friend wasn't causing too much trouble there. "Wah!" I heard a shopkeeper cry. "Watch it, girl!" A black and yellow blur swept through the streets. Many other people gasped in surprise when it rushed past them. It was heading straight at me! Before I could get out of the way, it slashed at me and a cut appeared on my cheek.

"Ow!" I winced as the hazy figure slowed down to reveal that it was...the Dark Witch. "What are you doing!" I demanded, wanting to know why I had been attacked. She smirked and walked leisurely towards me.

"Well, well," she said in a mocking voice. "If it isn't the Dark Magician Girl." She liked to be called Maya. She usually hangs around the Harpy Ladies and can be very malicious to people she doesn't like. Guess who's number one on that list! Me! "So, do you think that you'll pass your first round? Tch, why am I asking. Of course not!"

That made me mad. What does she know about me? I'm no beginner. Okay, I was, but I'm getting MUCH better. "You witch! What're you doing here? Just to ridicule me!"

"Oh, of course not!" she said. "I don't have THAT much time to waste! And I take that 'witch' statement as a compliment." She smirked and ran towards me. Her speed is her power. There isn't a single monster that's as fast as her. That I know of, at least. My attack power is stronger than hers, but I know one basic rule that every monster should know. Attack and defense mean nothing in the Shadow Realm unless it's an official Duel. She ran past me in a haze and I received another blow. This time on my other cheek. "IF we do meet up in the tournament, I'll have the pleasure of destroying you!" I heard her yell as she ran off.

"I'll be the one who wins our Duel," I hissed, wiping away the blood on my face. I watched her trip a redheaded girl as she made her exit. The girl fell over backwards and was looking at Maya in amazement. I ran over to help her up. She was really thin and she had tears in her eyes. "Are you all right?" I asked. I hope that Maya didn't hurt her.

"Oh, I'm fine," she said, getting up. "Thank you," She wiped her eyes and looked at me. "I'm the Unhappy Maiden." Oh. So she was like this all the time?

"I'm the Dark Magician Girl," I said, still pondering that question. "Pleased to meet you." She seems cheery. It doesn't look like she's really miserable.

"Ah, you must be wondering about me name right?" she asked, giggling. "Well, I'm okay. I'm not homeless and I just never gain any weight. Can't say I know why, though." She smiled and began to walk away. "My parents must be getting worried. I'd better get home to my studies."

"Uh, okay. Bye," I said, feeling glad that she was going to be all right. Hm, she recovered pretty quickly. I heard some shouting behind me, right when she left. Turning around, I saw the Judge Man pushing past many monsters. Good, it wasn't Maya, but why does he seem so distressed? "Um, sir?" I asked when he came close to me. "What's the matter?"

"What's the matter!" he cried, looking around frantically "Have you seen my daughter anywhere, girl?"

Wait a minute... "Does she have red hair?" I asked.


"Blue dress."


"Unhappy Maiden?" I asked doubtfully.

"YES! That's her!"

"Why are you looking for her?" I asked hesitantly. I didn't want to face his anger and impatience. He was a war hero and had a very nasty temper. Oh yes, he happens to be a judge in this year's tournament.

He looked at me for a second. I guess he was surprised that I dared to ask him that question. "She ran away when I was taking her to her lessons. Why?" he asked suspiciously.

"Uh, well. I just saw her and she said that she was going to her lessons," I told him, hoping to reassure him.

To my surprise, he just moaned and walked away. He muttered something that sounded like "I demand to know who taught her to lie!"

I shrugged. So the Unhappy Maiden is the Judge Man's daughter. Probably adopted. Well, I'd better go find Mystical Elf. I hope her sugar rush is gone. I walked in the Magic shop. The air was damp and musty. Sure, this shop would give anyone the creeps, but the items on the shelf were amazing! To my relief, Mystical Elf wasn't hyper anymore. "Hello, Dark Magician Girl," she said calmly. "They have new equipments here."

"Wow," I whispered as I scanned the shelf. They even had the Sword of Deep-Seated here. That blade is extremely rare. I expected the Baron of the Fiend Sword to get that. I mean only aristocrats can afford them! I sighed and headed to the door. "C'mon Mystical Elf. Let's go. I have to train as much as I can." I started to walk. Hm? Someone was behind me. It wasn't Mystical Elf. It was...

"Well, hi Dark Magician Girl." I looked behind me. Of course. It was the Dark Sage, the creepy owner of the Magic shop. He taught my master everything he knows about magic. He's known as the Master of Spells because he can summon any magical items to the Duel in the other Realm and this one. Normal Spellcasters can summon items only in the Shadow Realm. My master is known as the Ultimate Wizard of Attack and Defense. I wonder if I'll have a name as grand as theirs. "I see," he said closing his eyes. Okay, he's really scaring me right now. "You have problems with love, am I right?"

"W-wha...?" I stuttered. What does he mean? Does he read minds or something? How does he know!

"Someone tall, dark, and handsome?" I swear my mouth dropped down to the floor. "Am I right?" he asked.

"You... How...? Wha..." I whispered, my eyes wide. Tall, dark, handsome...he just described the Dark Magician! My master!

He burst out laughing, "I've been saying that to every girl that comes here today. But, this is the only time that I was right!" he laughed. Wha—wha—wha...! "Let me guess...Tall, dark, last apprentice?"

"N-No!" I laughed nervously. "I-I..."

"What are you talking about?" Huh! Mystical Elf! I forgot she was here! "So, what are you talking about?" she repeated patiently.

"Oh, nothing!" I said and pushed her out the door. "Not one word of this!" I said to the Dark Sage. I hope he won't tell anyone. It's kind of my secret. But, I think my master likes me too. Oh, what am I thinking? But, what he said in my first Duel. And he can't be being nice for no apparent reason! But...

"Dark Magician Girl?" the Dark Sage's voice broke my train of thought.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Here. Take this." He handed me two wooden tubes. They had question marks on them and were decorated beautifully. "This is the first time that I was right and I have no clue what they do. They're new and flings anything that is dropped on it back the direction the thing was thrown from. I'm sure it'll be of some use to you." Does that mean they're defective?

"Um, thanks," I said taking the two cylinders. I'm not sure what it'll do, but I'll figure it out later.

"Hey! Dark Magician Girl! Hurry up!" I heard Mystical Elf call to me, "The crowd's starting to come in for magic items-ouch! Hey! Stop pushing me!"

"Okay, bye Mr. Sage," I said and ran out the door. Just in time too, the crowd rushed past me and nearly pushed me down! "Whoa! Excuse me!" I said as I bumped in to the Celtic Guardian. Then his brother, Giltia the D Knight. "Sorry!" I pushed past the crowd and finally got out.

"Mr. Sage must love this time of the year," declared Mystical Elf. "He gets more customers now then he does the whole year!"

I brushed some dirt off my clothes. Okay, I did fall down, but only because someone pushed me...Wait a minute. It was Maya! I looked in the crowd and saw her. "Have a great trip," She gave me one of her mockingly sweet smiles. "I'll see you next fall!" I looked at her with pure hatred, and was tempted to just walk over and hit her with my wand. Surprisingly, I didn't.

"Ooh, that monster is the worst," Mystical Elf snarled when we were walking home. "I hate her!" She was fuming now. "I can't believe she just pushes you around like that!" she turned to me. "Why don't you fight back!" she asked. I've never seen her so mad before. Even during a sugar rush!

"Well, I don't plan to fight her right now," I explained to the angered elf. "I'm waiting for the tournament." I looked at Mystical Elf, hoping that she'd feel better and go back to her normal, gentle, sweet, self. Her response surprised me. Although, it really shouldn't have.

"Then, you'll destroy her! Right?"

"Uh...right." I nodded and walked back to my house. I just want to beat her. That's all. I don't plan to humiliate her in front of everyone, but if that's how Maya wants it then that's how it'll be.

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