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This is a free verse in iambic pentameter. Free verse doesn't have to have end rhymes. Iambic refers to two consecutive syllables in which voice infliction goes up and down, emphasizing every other syllable. Pentameter refers to having five iambics per line, like in a sonnet (more on that later). Apostrophes and accent symbols can change the number of syllables in that word.

You were friends

I climb├Ęd a tree and what do I see?

All blood and gore by the shore with those that

Lived to fight the others. And you were friends.

Together in fame, you all won the Game.

You've known each other longer than I lived

And you gave that up without a second thought.

To kill to survive is the way to play.

Yet united we stood the other night,

Together in fame, we all play again.

I climb back down and tell what I have found.

What could have I expected anyway?

We are no less guilty than those down there.

Together in fame, we all play the Game.

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