Warning: This poem may be a little political. I do not mean to stir up trouble, but I think most, if not all, of us can agree that what we have now is comparatively better than Panem.

A/N This is an ode. Odes are serious lyric poems, dignified by its theme, its occasion, or the person to whom it is addressed. This particular ode is written in Terza Rima, which is a three-stanza form with the rhyme scheme aba, bcb, cdc, ...

Ode to the Old Country

I would say Ode to Panem

But this is a disgrace

Not for me, but for them.

We have become a race

In which killing is king.

Our origins need retrace

To the old country of no fighting;

A place where most can eat well

And the President is of our liking.

It wasn't perfect, that's easy to tell.

But all people had a voice

And all could safely dwell.

So if I had a choice,

Between Panem and then,

I would choose then, and rejoice.

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