Hey guys! I decided to make a thing for a bunch of Great Comet/ War and Peace one shots! These one shots are pretty much for any ship I can think of in the book/musical because I ship all the ships honestly XD Anyways I thought I'd start with a cute, modern, Natasha x Pierre story first because I love these cuties. Enjoy!

Pierre's evenings were almost always quite and calm. Natasha usually got off of work later than him due to having to close the boutique she was employed at. He, on the other hand, just had to grade a few papers from his philosophy class he taught, then he could go straight home. He would just sit and read in his comfy chair until Natasha called so they could talk about their day, plan their next date, or just say how much they love and miss each other. But this would not be one of Pierre's quiet evenings, and Natasha did not call.

"Pierre..." Natasha sobbed quietly as she entered Pierre's apartment. She was in panic mode. She couldn't even mutter another word, her mind was too full of the stressful events of the day and her unfortunate habit of sometimes assuming the worse. She looked at Pierre, her eyes calling out for help.

"Oh my god Natasha." Pierre quickly got up to hug her tight and kiss her forehead. Her tears soaked his shirt, but he hardly noticed. What he did notice was the way she was hyperventilating and shaking. Pierre knew exactly what to do. He lifted her up bridal style and placed her on his sofa. She was in the fetal position and he knew that she was close to disassociating, but he was going to do everything in his power to prevent that. He then wrapped her in a blanket, and made her his homemade chai tea he knew she loved. Finally, he sat down next to her, pulled her onto his lap and just held her close, knowing not to bombard her with questions when she got like this. He knew it was just best to give her the time she needed and that she would tell him when she was ready.

Natasha just clung to Pierre and listened to his heartbeat, listening to the rhythm to try and calm herself. She was better than when she first arrived at her boyfriend's apartment, but the overwhelming feeling, the anxiety, it was all still there.

Come on, deep breath's Tasha.

"M-My boss...I put the new arrivals in the w-wrong section of the store by a-accident and s-she yelled at me in front of everyone. I know I should know where the clothes go by now I...I just m-made a mistake." She explained, crying a bit more at the recollection. "I'm sorry I'm such a baby."

Pierre kissed her head lovingly. "You're not a baby Natasha, crying is completely natural and it's okay to get upset. You are entitled to feel however you want. Everyone makes mistakes Tasha, you didn't deserve to be yelled at. I'm so so sorry. Maybe you should talk to your boss about it tomorrow, tell her that while yes, you made a mistake, there was no reason to full on yell at you." He advised as he played with her hair.

Natasha nodded. And from then on they just sat in silence for a bit so she could calm down and so Pierre could just focus on comforting her. She took deep breaths, and continued listening to his beating heart. Pierre rubbed her back, remembering she always liked that.

How does he always know exactly what to do and say? Natasha asked herself as she placed a kiss to Pierre's broad chest.

"Pierre?" Natasha said like a question, breaking the silence.

"Yes my love?"

"Can you tell me the sun and moon story again?"

Pierre smiled and nodded. "There are many love stories, but even scholars say the best one is always about the sun and the moon. They say the sun and the moon are madly in love, even though they seem so apart. But that is because the sun loved the moon so fiercely, that he would set everyday just so the moon could shine and vise versa. Nothing can ever break this cycle except an eclipse, a special day where the sun and moon can be untied and enjoy each other's company, if only briefly. It shows that nothing, not even time or distance, can keep two people who truly and completely love each other apart and that loving someone means giving your whole self completely and unapologetically to the one you love."

Natasha calmed down and was at this point near sleep due to stress and crying. She sat up and placed a long, but soft and gentle kiss to Pierre's lips. "Pierre?"

"Yes my love?"

"I love you like the sun loves the moon."

Pierre's heart melted before kissing Natasha softly. "I love you too, like the moon loves the sun."


Pierre laughed at all of her questions, how they all started with just the simple call of his name, and how he would answer each one the same way. "Yes my love?"

"Can I just stay like this tonight?"

They both laughed at their own laziness.

"Yes Tasha. Just sleep beautiful, you've had a long day.'

Natasha acquiesced with Pierre drifting off after her.