Chapter 15

Pyrrha stepped out of the bathroom feeling refreshed after the long overdue shower. The cool air of the bedroom nipped at her exposed skin as all she wore was a tank top and gym shorts. In front of her was Jaune, who was stripped down to the waist sitting on the bed wearing some loose basketball shorts.

The blonde teen had his back turned to her as he was tying his shoes on; Pyrrha couldn't help but smile as she climbed on the bed behind him then wrapped her arms around him. Her smile grew wider at feeling Jaune jump a little at the contact.

"Jesus, you scared me there Pyr." He said laughing softly as he reached up gripping her hands that were clasped under his collar bone.

"Well if you didn't spend so much time daydreaming then you wouldn't get startled whenever I did this." She replied cheerfully before letting go of him to sit with her back resting against his.

"I guess you're right since being here with you is already a dream come true." He said in a matter of fact tone that just made her laugh more.

"That's so cheesy Jaune."

"What? I don't think so." He said as he turned around to smile at her.

"That's what you think." She said as she leaned back resting her head on his left thigh.

"Well then what do you think?" A mischievous smile spread across the red head's face as she twisted around to get on her knees before laying him down on the bed.

"I'll show you." She said before leaning down to kiss him, the warmth of his lips seemed to spread a fire through her chest. Jaune placed his hands on her hips before slowing moving upwards to rest them under her tank top on the small of her back; she leaned back from his face with a smile.

"My, I think someone's enjoying this."

"What can I say? I'm enjoying show and tell." Pyrrha leaned down again kissing him a little rougher.

"Then you're in for a pleasant surprise." She whispered in his ear.

"If I ever say I hate surprises again, slap me." Pyrrha smiled as she lowered her hand till it rested on his groin. She took joy as his eyes widen in surprise at where she was touching.

Butterflies were swarming her stomach at the anticipation at what was coming as she could barely even believe what she was doing even as she was doing it. It wasn't long till she could feel him stiffening under her hand.

"My, I think someone finally decided to stand up and join the party." She said with a little laugh but inside she groaned at how stupid that sounded. Thankfully Jaune just laughed as well, Pyrrha leaned down to kiss him again as her right hand snaked down going under his shorts and underwear.

She was now in direct physical contact with his penis, giddiness and anticipation flooded her once more. Scooting down from her position on top of him, she began pulling down Jaune's shorts along with his underwear.

Soon enough Jaune was lying naked on their bed with an erect penis, Pyrrha was treading new waters now as this was the first time she's ever seen one in person. Sure she's seen images in sexual education classes or looked online when she was in the midst of puberty when curiosity got to her.

This however was something new; as it belonged to the person she cherished most in the world at the moment. Gulping she reached out and gripped it with her right hand but only lightly as she had no idea what she was actually doing.

Then she began to move her hand up and down slowly. It felt kind of weird at first but the more and more she did it the more she felt comfortable. Plus whenever she glanced up at Jaune she could see that he was indeed enjoying it which only made her more confident in her actions.

After a few minutes Pyrrha decided to push even farther, she leaned up, reached up to her tank top with her free hand and slowly pulled it off her. She wasn't sure what Jaune might think of her breasts; as she always felt that they were sort of average.

However the way Jaune's eyes seemed to widen to an almost comical proportion along with the twitching of his dick before her suggested that he still liked them. Even though she was glad to know that he liked them she still covered her nipples with one arm.

"I'm taking it that you like what you see?" She asked and Jaune's eyes focused back on her own.

"Pyrrha, to a guy like me, I feel like I've just died and gone to heaven." Jaune tilted his head a little.

"Though I suppose if I did die, rigor mortis would at least still serve a purpose for use in this situation but then again I would go flaccid before it sets in."

"Jaune." Pyrrha interrupted.


"Stop ruining the moment please."


"Ya know Jaune, words are nice but I think you should apologize with action instead." Pyrrha said and thankfully he understood the hint. She was however surprised when he wrapped an arm around her waist she before pulling her forward. Even more surprising was the fact he didn't move to kiss her but bury his face between her breasts.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" She asked and he responded by lifting his head up to kiss both of her breasts which she thought was incredible cute.

"Having you in my life is nothing but a joy Pyrrha." He leaned up and said softly before kissing her. Whatever response she might have had melted away as Jaune lowered her onto her back with one hand on her breast as the other snaked down past her waist.

Pyrrha had fingered herself a few times when she was younger but the experience always felt sort of lacking to her. As even with her passion it always felt incomplete to do the act by herself but as Jaune's fingers rubbed up and down before slipping in it was completely different.

She realized that she shouldn't just lay there doing nothing but enjoying this wonderful, exquisite gift that made her want to close her eyes to enjoy every second.

Her mind jerked itself to a stop as it tried to refocus her. She needed to do something not just lie there like a dead fish.

But Jaune was so good with his fingers that it was hard to focus. She wanted to scold herself but that might ruin the moment so instead she just reached out to grab Jaune's dick once more to begin stroking it at a slow but steady rhythm.

"Room for one more?" A new voice asked and the red head tilted her head back to see Yang. The blonde girl herself was naked as well and Pyrrha was thoroughly confused on what was going on.

Yang walked up to them, her exposed breasts jiggling a little as she reached out to rub her hands across Jaune's chest before leaning forward to kiss him. Pyrrha felt a spike of anger pierce her chest as Yang drew Jaune's attention away from her.

"Damn it Yang!" She shouted as she sat up.

"What?" The blonde girl asked from her seat across from Pyrrha while illuminated by numerous candles. The red head blinked as she saw that Yang was completely dressed and eating out of a plastic container. Looking around she could see that she was in a church and realized that she had been dreaming.

"Ya know, I thought you were having a really hot dream with all that moaning but whatever it was I don't think I want to know now." Yang said which made Pyrrha realize that she had become more than a little damp between her legs.

"God damn it."


Jaune sat back on the back steps of the apartment building with an arm full of the group's weapons along with a weapon cleaning kit.

He had been having a hard time trying to unwind over the last few hours. At first doing some exercise had been a nice distraction both physically and mentally but after a while he had to stop since he couldn't overdo it.

After words he tried to do some cleaning, there were still a few apartments that they had yet to go through. However Weiss, Reese, Bolin and Nadir had already decided to go through with that.

Checking up with Blake he found that her, Ren and Ciel were going over copies of reports that other Auxiliary teams had submitted about their own missions. Jaune wanted to join them but Ren had said that they were handling it and that he would give Jaune a synopsis later.

One by one Jaune would go and check those that were still in the apartments but none of them really needed him to do anything. As such he was out in the backyard to clean them since as far as he was aware they hadn't been touched in a while.

Nora, Ruby and the new girl Penny however had all seemed to have gone off somewhere. Jaune of course didn't know where as did anyone else.

As such he had one of the M40 rifles, the second apparently had been taken by Mina when she left. Along with that he had the spare P226, the two unclaimed Berettas, his Glock and the Mossberg Shockwave.

It was tedious work but at the same time it was also calming. As he took apart the M40 he realized that this may just be a coping mechanism by his own mind to deal with the sudden down time.

The need to be doing something to occupy his hands or mind was more paramount than ever in their new world. As how did one stay sane when the undead were taking over the world, turning everything he knew and understood on its head?

Going down that line of questions did nothing but just open up a new avenue of questions.

Like if or when signs of decomposition can be seen in the undead. Though if he had to be honest as far as he was aware, it might not have any effect since they're already breaking what would amount to as the shattering of everyone law of nature or the universe he would think exist.

Then in more practical questions that he could wrap his head around there was the question on how long till the undead make it en masse to Mountain Glen? Or how long till the city collapses under its weight, which was also a very possible event.

He didn't know how many people there were but he knew that the Army couldn't sustain them forever. There were no regular shipments of fuel, food, water, clothes, building materials, spare parts, trained personnel, medical supplies, and ammunition.

Right now even their access to electricity was something that he didn't want to start taking granted. Proper heating, real food, comfortable beds and essential security that kept peace of mind were things that he was actually worried about for them.

No matter how much he thought about it there Mountain Glen was living on borrowed time. The mountains should make it difficult for the undead to come to them without getting stuck somewhere due to the steep terrain, trees and other natural obstacles.

It however also meant that they had their own limited amount of supplies as there was no way they could grow food, raise livestock, or extract enough resources to sustain themselves.

He might have to go to the Mayor's office and see if he can try getting some answers from them. Whether or not they were good answers remains to be seen as he doubts they would want any sort of information that might negatively impact morale to leak.

"Oh hey Jaune." A voice called out and he looked over his shoulder to see Ruby. Behind her Nora and Penny were carrying bags that looked completely full.

"Uh, hey Ruby, did ya'll just come back right now?" He asked and the younger girl nodded.

"Did you just say, ya'll?" Nora asked as she scrunched up her face at him.


"I'm disappointed in you."

"Whatever, anyways, where have you three been?" He asked looking back at Ruby who was fishing something out of a bag that Penny carried. She turned towards him holding a car battery and Jaune tilted his head in confusion.

"Where the hell did you get a car battery from?" Ruby nodded towards Nora who started to whistle very poorly. Jaune set aside the dissembled receiver of the M40 than stood up to look in the other bags; he wasn't sure what to make of what was inside.

"You guys didn't steal this did you?" Jaune asked as he pulled out what looked to be a webcam box.

"We didn't steal that." Penny said and Jaune looked at her as she just shrugged. Turning towards Nora he went to check her bags but she pulled them away.

"I, uh, wouldn't do that."

"Just, show me Nora." He said and Nora held open one of the bags. Peering inside Jaune was surprised to see what looked to be two car batteries. He gestured at the other bag and Nora nodded.

"Do you do realize that if someone saw you take this stuff then come here they could report us to the Army for breaking the law."

"What's the worst that can happen?" Ruby asked as Jaune rubbed his eyes vigorously.

"Well the best case scenario of getting caught would just mean some point loss and a reprimand. On the extreme end they could imprison or execute us." He said and the younger girl opened then closed her mouth a few times.

"Uh, what's the most likely response they would have if we get reported?"

"They'll strip of us our position as 1st Auxiliary Group taking everything they gave us plus interest then kick us out of the apartment." Jaune explained causing the three girls to exchange looks.

"I guess we should head back out." Penny said but Jaune shook his head.

"There's no point now, if you try returning your goods then it might just cause more trouble. No, instead just do what you were planning with them." Jaune looked at Ruby.

"Speaking of plans, what did you three hope to do with this stuff?" The younger girl seemed to brighten at the question.

"Well Penny had a nifty idea of using webcams as impromptu security cameras, so we went out getting batteries, wires, cameras, and some tools that she might need."

"Do you really know what you're doing?" Jaune asked looking back at her and the orange hair girl nodded enthusiastically.

"I guess you can say I picked up an interesting in tinkering with stuff from my father." Jaune nodded slowly at this as he crossed his arms thinking of a response.

"Well, uh, alright then. Let me know if there's anything you need or when you're finished." He said the three of them headed inside. Sighing he turned around and sat down again to begin cleaning the weapons.

A Few Hours Later…

Pyrrha stood by the window in the back kitchen of the Church that Father Absalom used as a part of his small living space.

Outside the sun was starting to set so she had volunteered to make the group some food for dinner. Looking to her right she could see the pot she had placed on the stove with some chicken stock, frozen mixed vegetables and black pepper was boiling rapidly.

On her left was a cup with a few table spoons of corn starch mixed with water and a bowl of beaten eggs. Pouring them into the pot she began to stir slowly as it bubbled, before long the egg drop soup was complete or at least she hoped it was.

Turning off the stove she turned towards the small table in the center of the kitchen. On it sat six bowls with a plate with an uncut loaf of bread. Picking the bread up she squeezed it and grimaced at how little it gave way.

Still she took up a bread knife to cut it into slices; she hoped that the soup would at help make it soft enough to eat again if they ate it in tandem.

The ingredients she used also happened to be the last food that the Father had left that wasn't canned. It made her wonder how long he could sustain himself since it seemed he didn't really plan on leaving the church to go looking for supplies.

Though she supposed that could change later down the line when the food and water situation was close to completely out.

"Something smells good." Sun said as he, Arslan and Yang entered the kitchen.

"Sun's right, what did you make Pyrrha?" The blonde girl asked as she walked up to the stove and lifted the lid off the pot.


"Yea, I got the recipe from one of the cooking books we found our first week in Mountain Glen."

"Ya know it's kind of crazy how long it's been since this all started." Sun said as the three of them sat down at the table as Pyrrha picked up the pot to set it in the center.

"Honestly, I don't even know how long it's been." Yang said and Sun shrugged.

"I won't lie; I haven't been really keeping count."

"Really?" Yang asked then looked towards Pyrrha.

"Do you know how long it's been?" Pyrrha shrugged as well before pouring soup in the bowls then setting it before them.

"I can't say as I've sort of lost track of the time as well but I know it's been more than two weeks." Arslan said between sips of soup.

"Fuck." Yang said softly as she picked up a spoon then stirred the soup slowly.

"I would remind you not to swear in the House of the Lord but technically you're in my residence I'll let it slid this time." A new voice spoke up, the four teens turned towards the door to see Qrow and Father Absalom. The elderly priest stepped silently forward to take hold of a bowl that Pyrrha proffered to him.

"This smells wonderful young one, thank you." Pyrrha nodded as she held a bowl out to Qrow who gave a silent nod. The six of them ate silently, not because they didn't have anything to say but merely because it felt more appropriate to say nothing.

"So I think we should set up a watch schedule." Qrow said breaking the silence first as he set his now empty bowl next to him on the counter.

"I'll go first." Sun was the first to say much to Pyrrha's surprise.

"Alright then you'll be on guard till midnight then you'll switch." Qrow said as Pyrrha raised a hand.

"I'll take the midnight shift." Qrow looked at her then nodded.

"And I'll take the four o'clock shift."

"What are we supposed to do?" Yang asked as her and Arslan looked at Qrow but the older man just shrugged.

"Get as much sleep as you can or if you can't sleep then find whoever's on guard then keep them company or whatever suits you." Father Absalom chimed in.

"I'll also be awake if any of you need my assistance for anything."

"Father you don't have to do that." Qrow said but the older man cut him off.

"Its fine, I don't get much sleep anymore since this started." Qrow shrugged.

"Well that's settled then, Sun you can start your shift in a few hours till then I suggest getting some more rest." Qrow said before leaving the room with Father Absalom following a few minutes later.

"So, what should we do?" Sun asked looking at the others as Yang grinned before pulling out a deck of cards.

"Let's play bitches."


Jaune stepped out of the apartment building; he fidgeted with the holster of his Glock that he had taken off his vest before putting it on his waistband. He had wanted to go for a walk as it got dark but Helena had reminded him that he should arm himself as there was surely a possibility that someone might try mugging him or something.

As much as he tried to assuage her feelings he knew the only way for that to actually happen was him arming himself. Though as he walked down the street he realized that he could have just taken one of the Ka-Bar knives that they still had but it was a little too late to go back for it.

As Jaune turned the street's corner he was surprised to see a larger than normal amount of people heading in one particular direction. In fact he swore he could hear yelling of sorts in the distance but it was a little difficult to tell what exactly it was over the general noise of the city.

So he decided to follow the crowd, he supposed most of them were just curious to what was going on. However he noticed that a small percentage of them were wearing hoodies or masks as they carried signs, sticks, hammers or broken masonry.

He picked up the pace of his walking before breaking into a jog; the closer he got to the source of whatever was going on the more he could hear chanting.

Turning another corner he could see a large mass of people gathering for a protest at an intersection with three of the four streets being blocked by what he assumed was riot police. The police covered the north, west and east streets while the protestors were pushing to the center from the south side.

The noise was incredible as people screamed and sirens from the police vehicles wailed however Jaune could pick out one particular thing which was being taken up as a chant.

"TELL THE TRUTH! TELL THE TRUTH!" Jaune had to guess that there were at least a few hundred people with more and more coming to see what was going on. It was starting to look like whatever protest this was would surely delve into a riot as people began smashing nearby windows or abandoned cars.

He could even see a few people using claw and sledgehammers to smash up the sidewalks before passing out chunks of concrete. Were they going to throw those, the answer to his question came from someone near him.

"FUCK THE POLICE!" Then all hell started to break loose as chunks of masonry were hurled at the waiting police lines. People immediately started to separate from those that wanted to vent some anger and those that were just there to see what was going on.

Jaune ran up the steps of a nearby building where a small group of people were taking pictures with cameras. For what reason they were doing that Jaune wasn't sure as he hopped up on the side of the stairs to see the unfolding riot.

The riot police had six vehicles parked behind their main line of officers however Jaune could see two moving towards the front. On top of them he could see an officer manning the vehicle's water cannon.

Soon the riot police started to move forward in step as they beat their batons on the inside of their clear shields. A few dozen of the protestors threw rocks or bottles but most of them clattered off the shields that it looked like they were going to be pushed back without much of a fight.

In the corner of his eye however something peculiar flew through the air only to shatter at the feet of the officers. A puff of fire shot up engulfing three officers who immediately dropped their shields and batons as others turned their attention to them.

The protestors rushed at the frazzled section of the police line as the officers at either ends pushed forward to meet them. People were screaming and yelling indistinctly now as the brawl in the middle of the intersection broke out.

Two more Molotov cocktails were being thrown now, both of which landed amongst the brawling people setting protestor and officer alike on fire. Behind them the water cannon started spewing water over the brawling people at the protestors behind them who were either throwing more objects or trying to join the fray.

More officers were now moving around the fray and began to cut the south street off from the intersection. He could hear them yelling for people to move as they shoved them backwards to create space.

A few of them were throwing tear gas canisters and even a few stun grenades into the crowd making more people screaming as they either tried to get away or push back. As one stun grenade popped loudly nearby making Jaune's ear ring loudly he knew that was he cue to get to hell out of there.

However as he tried to leave he found the press of bodies too thick to go through forcing him to try retracing his steps. The new riot line was pressing closer on his back at the same time; he was going to be crushed soon.

Turning back towards the building he ran up to it and grabbed the handle but it was locked. Looking to his left and right he spotted a window on his right.

"Heads up!" Someone shouted behind him and he was pulled down as a bottle smashed against the door he had been in front of. Looking at whoever grabbed him, he was surprised to see that it was Neptune.

The blue hair teen didn't look so great, his hair was disheveled and his skin looked like someone smeared dirt or mud all over him.


"No time!" The other teen said as he hurled a large rock at the window that Jaune had spotted earlier. The rock went through leaving a hole in the center of it; two men however also jumped in carrying a trash can between them before throwing it at the window as well.

Jaune didn't say anything to Neptune as he warily followed the two men, avoiding the shattered remains of the glass window, as they climbed inside. He didn't realize however that they were actually heading inside a jewelry store.

The two men started smashing displays and grabbing whatever they could as more people piled in to grab what they could. Jaune looked around to see if there was any way out of the shop so he head towards what he believed was the back of the shop.

Thankfully the door was unlocked as he grabbed the handle behind him more people were looting what they could until another stun grenade flew in. The effect of the device in closed confines was enough to shake most of the looters nerves from staying in there as several riot officers started beating people with their batons.

Jaune however pushed on into what he assumed was a dark hallway. Pulling out his Glock he switched on the flashlight attachment, the light from it illuminating the hallway slightly as he panned it up.

"Jaune?!" Neptune's voice yelled from behind as he came barreling in behind him before quickly shutting the door. Jaune ignored him as he jogged down the hallway quickly checking each door he saw but all of them were locked. It wasn't until he reached a right turn that he could see an exit sign over a wooden door.

Walking forward he tried to open it but it was locked cursing Jaune tried slamming his shoulder into the door but the wooden door was built solidly so it barely budged.

"Fuck we're trapped!" Neptune shouted from behind as the sound of a door breaking open could be heard along with the shouting and screaming from the riot.

"Stand back!" Jaune yelled as he raised the Glock then emptied the magazine around the door handle. People started yelling and Jaune could hear running as the slide locked back. Not having time to reload he raised his leg and kicked at where he shot.

The door flew open as his foot connected with the weakened section of the door. Wincing from the pain in his foot as he hobbled out Jaune made his way into an alleyway. Looking left and right he could see the flashing lights of police cars in both directions with people running in the distance.

He needed to make it back to the apartment building as this riot was far too comfort nor did he know if it could get bigger. As if to answer his thoughts there was a series of pops and crackles in the distance followed by more louds bangs.

Jaune wasn't sure if that was gunfire or not so he just ran in the direction of the apartment. Behind him he could hear someone else and looking over his shoulder he could see Neptune keeping pace with him.

Slowing down at they neared the exit Jaune pulled his Glock out then ejected the spent magazine. He tucked it away in a pocket before taking his only spare out then sliding it into the magazine well before hitting the slide release.

"Neptune, why are you following me?" Jaune asked as he looked at the disheveled teen.

"I think it's pretty damn obvious."

"No, it's not."

"Is this really the time to be fucking ask me this shit?" Neptune snapped and Jaune had to admit he had a good point. So he turned back towards the street then tucked his handgun back in its holster, having it out in the packed streets might be a bad idea.

People were shouting at each other or running back and forth from the initial site of the protestor. Jaune could see more than a few brandishing makeshift weapons or shattering the sidewalk for projectiles. He didn't understand what it was they were trying to achieve but whatever cause they believed in this didn't seem like the way to gain sympathy.

Jaune pushed out into the street, ahead of him he could see a group of people standing on cars calling for others to fight against the government's lies. He wasn't sure what they thought they knew but seeing how some of the people looked to be agreeing with them it must have gotten traction somewhere.

The gathering was interrupted however as twenty riot officers appeared up the street. The people on the car pointed them out and made their way to intercept the riot police.

Already Jaune could see stone and bottles being hurled by a few people towards the officers. He reckoned though that he could probably get past them.

Glancing over his shoulder to check if Neptune was still following him Jaune dashed forward as the two groups clashed. People were yelling or screaming as they fought while police sirens just grew louder and louder around them as no doubt more officers were arriving.

Jaune kicked aside a man who was struggling to pull a riot officer's baton away only to see another officer swinging his baton at him. Raising his left arm to take the hit from the baton, Jaune nearly yelled in pain as the blow reverberate down his arm.

Neptune came around barreling into the officer sending him stumbling back as Jaune swore loudly then pressed forward as Neptune broke away from the officer when two more rioters came to his aid beating at the man with metal pipes.

Jaune was already moving away, hoping a little that Neptune would lose him in the crowd but as he turned a corner close to the apartment he looked over his shoulder once more to see Neptune. Groaning mentally he continued running thankfully the street was a lot clearer as it was mostly other people who were trying to get away from the riot.

He finally started to slow down as they neared the corner of the street where the apartment was. Jaune turned to Neptune with his arms crossed, the blue hair teen snarled a little as Jaune got in his way.

"What are you doing? We should head back before the riot spreads here or something." Neptune said as he tried to push past him but Jaune put his hand on Neptune's chest stopping him.

"You're right, I should be heading back. You should go back to wherever you've been staying." Jaune said but Neptune ignored him as he tried pushing past again. As Jaune put his hand out Neptune sent a jab at his face, Jaune's head snapped back from the blow as it struck his nose.

"What the fuck Neptune?" Jaune asked as he pressed a finger up his nose.

"You stole her from me!" He shouted as he swung at Jaune again with a wide right hook, Jaune was ready however as he raised his left arm to intercept the blow before it came fully around as he grabbed Neptune by the throat squeezing hard.

Jaune pulled Neptune to the right, slamming his back against the wall of a building; Jaune gritted his teeth as he watched the blue hair teens face turn dark as he continued choking him. Neptune's hands clawed at his arm and face but he ignored them.

As much as he wanted to continue chocking the teen the anger he had felt was already gone so Jaune let go of his neck. Neptune gasped and coughed as he slid down to the sidewalk.

"I don't have time to deal with whatever bullshit you've got going on." Jaune said as he breathed heavily from the adrenaline that coursed through his veins.

"Just give her back." Neptune said softly as finally caught his breath and Jaune kneeled down.

"Give who back?"

"Don't play dumb, Weiss, you wanted her before and now that the world's ending you got what you wanted." Neptune accused but Jaune just snorted at that.

"I didn't do anything nor do I have any desire to pursue Weiss. She can make her own decision and to be frank I'm interested in Pyrrha and we both know that."

"If you like Pyrrha then why didn't you leave with her earlier? You stayed behind so you can be here where Weiss is as well." Neptune pointed out and Jaune jerked his head back a little at that.

"How do you know Pyrrha left earlier?" That's when it clicked, why Neptune ran into him, along with his ragged appearance and hygiene.

"Have you been spying on us?" Jaune asked and the teen looked away with disgust either for himself or Jaune evident on his face.

"I had too; I needed to make sure she was safe." Jaune stood up, not sure what to think as he looked down at Neptune. Ultimately he didn't have anything to say as the only thing he felt was pity. Turning away he started to walk away from Neptune who called out to him.

"Where are you going!? Don't you have anything to say?!" He shouted but Jaune looked back at him once more and simply shook his head.

A Few Minutes Later…

As Jaune climbed the front steps, the front door of the apartment opened. Nora, Ruby and Ren came out with weapons pointed towards the street. Helena, Weiss and Blake were close behind them as they came out.

"Jaune!" His younger sister shouted as she embraced him.

"Hey now what's all this about?" Jaune asked as Helena tightened her grip around him.

"It's seems a riot broke out and it's pretty bad." Ren explained to which Jaune nodded.

"Yea I saw it happen but I don't think we have to worry about much since they'll probably have this contained in an hour or two."

"You'll want to talk to Ciel then, she's on the radio at the moment in her room. She asked us to send you to her when you come back." Weiss said and Jaune glanced over his shoulder at the far end of the street where he had come from. He wasn't surprised to see that Neptune was still standing over there looking in their direction.

"Jaune?" Helena asked but he turned forward and walked inside. Ren and Nora closed the door behind them as he went to find Ciel. As he opened the door to her room, he could hear radio chatter coming from inside.

"Jaune, you're here." The older girl said as she stood up and Jaune nodded his greetings to her.

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, I assume you're aware of the rioting?" Jaune nodded.

"I saw it start actually."

"There's more to it, word is spreading down the chain that riots are breaking all over the city." Ciel said as she looked back at a clipboard next to the radio.

"Do they know what's caused them?" The older woman shrugged a little.

"Supposedly the people got the notion that the Governments have something to do with the dead rising. You know the typical conspiracy tales that spread whenever something big happens." She said and Jaune shrugged.

"Not sure I can blame them on that, they're trying to find answers that no one's been able to provide outside of the conventional wrath of God sort of thing."

"That doesn't matter right now; what matters is that the riots are already straining Law Enforcement resources to the point that several National Guard Companies have been delegated to assist them." Ciel picked up the clipboard then flipped the paper on it over.

"What's worse is apparently some of the Auxiliary groups have been hit." Jaune blinked.

"I'm sorry, what's been hit?"

"Two buildings that housed the 13th and 21st Auxiliary Sections were firebombed. No injuries were reported but most of their supplies were taken or destroyed by the fire." Jaune rubbed his jaw as he tried to wrap his head around the situation.

"Shit, does that mean we might get hit by the rioters?" Ciel nodded.

"That's what they warned me about and said that we won't have the support the Police and National Guard as they'll be used to contain the rioting we should at least secure our vicinity or make safe of positions against the chance the rioters will turn their attention to us." Jaune ran a hand through his hair.

"Alright, you keep monitoring the radio while I gather everyone to let them know what's going on." Jaune said as he turned to see Ren, Nora, Helena and the rest of the original group from Vale standing in the hallway.

"You all heard that?" He asked and they nodded.

"Then what the fuck are you standing all around for? Double check and secure the doors and windows of the first two floors. I don't want anyone or anything getting a clear shot of getting instead without some effort. Blake, Weiss, I want you two to go and get the others from upstairs. Ruby I want you to gather every single weapon along with corresponding ammunition and set them up in the waiting room." Jaune ordered gesturing to a door on his left where guests could wait for the apartment owner or tenets. As everyone broke off Jaune headed towards the front door then opened it to step out.

The evening was starting to fall and Jaune could see the lights of several helicopters in the air. The steady thrumming of their rotors was like a soft beat to the clamoring of the city.

Looking up and down the street he could see people running from building to building. Some of them were shouting or fighting but more than a few were actually running out carrying things that they must have taken from inside.

A few people were looking in his direction but they mostly just kept on running with whatever they had in hand. Looking around once more he spotted a familiar head of blue hair, Neptune was watching him. Jaune didn't make any motion to acknowledge the teen but instead headed back inside.

He had no idea how long the rioting would last or if it would reach them but in either case he knew that they needed to be prepared.


Pyrrha was browsing through some of the books that Father Absalom had in his study room when someone cleared their throat behind her. She turned to see Yang standing at the doorway.

"What's up Yang?"

"Nothing much." The blonde girl said as she stepped in the room.

"If there wasn't anything you wanted to talk about then there was really no need to announce your presence."

"Well what if you accidentally shot me because I startled you?"

"Please Yang; I would never shoot you just because you startled me."

"Wait, would you shoot me for something else?"

"I mean if you got bit or went crazy I would probably do it then but I hope you would do the same if the situation was reversed." Yang shrugged as she sat down in the old leather chair situated in the center of the room.

"Has Qrow mentioned what we'll be doing tomorrow? We are supposed to be monitoring their movement." Pyrrha asked.

"I don't know but I doubt there's going to be much for us to do, we saw what they were like when we were moving towards the church. They must have just got here by happenstance."

"Maybe but I find it hard to imagine them not trying to hunt down the living in some form or fashion no matter the distance we put between them and us."

"I don't even want to imagine that." Yang grumbled as she picked up a book that had been lying on a small table next to the chair.

"Say, are you religious Pyrrha?" Yang asked as she realized that she was holding a bible.

"Maybe?" Pyrrha said after a moment.

"What do you mean maybe? Are you agnostic?"

"I guess that's the best way to put it." Pyrrha said as she looked at the other girl.

"That's cool, I'm not much of a religious person as well, sure I believe there is a god and what not but I'm just not going to go out of my way in worshipping. I figured just being a good person is fine enough." Yang said as Pyrrha leaned against the bookshelf.

"I can respect that, I'm more or less along the same line as that." She said and the two girls went silent for a few moments before Yang spoke up again.

"So, what was the dream?" Pyrrha cocked her head to the side.

"Excuse me?"

"Earlier, you were all tossing and turning as you moaned. What were you dreaming about?" Pyrrha had a flash of what she dream and could feel the heat rise to her cheeks.

"It's nothing, in fact I don't even remember what it was about." She said but Yang merely smiled.

"Come on girl, can't you at least tell me the juicy parts? I know you were enjoying yourself near the end there." The conversation fell into a playful banter, outside of the room however Qrow watched silently. He didn't want to disturb them just make sure they weren't going to do anything stupid.

"Qrow?" Arslan's voice called out interrupting his thoughts; he looked at the dark skin girl.

"Ah, just the person I was hoping to see."

"Uh huh, why were you just standing there?" She asked slowly as if unsure what he might say or do. It occurred to him that she still didn't trust their group as a whole even to this point, he respected that.

"I needed to ask you something." Qrow said as he gestured her to follow him, which she reluctantly did.

"So what do you want to ask me?"

"I need you to take my shift after Pyrrha's."


"I need to go do something."

"I'm not going to help you if you don't explain to me what it is you're planning Mr. Branwen. I'm not your nieces I deserve to be told the truth." Qrow couldn't help but admire the younger girl's stance but he didn't have the time or energy in butting head.

"I'm going out to investigate something that Father Absalom told me about that apparently occurred a few days before we arrived here." She tilted her head at that.

"What happened?" Qrow rubbed his chin.

"Well from what the Father told me, someone lighted a bunch of fireworks which subsequently also was just before he started noticing an increased amount of zombies in the town." Arslan frowned.

"Wait, wouldn't that suggest that someone is indeed pushing if not guiding the zombies towards Mountain Glen?"

"Maybe, maybe not, either case I'm not very sure which is why I'm going to go and investigate the area he talked about. I may not be back till morning however as such I need someone to take my shift." The shorter girl sighed as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Fine but don't keep whatever you find a secret from us. If you won't tell them the first chance you get then I'll do it for you." Arslan said as she crossed her arms and Qrow smiled.

"Fair enough."

2 Hours Later…

Qrow climbed slowly through the shattered window of a large building, inside he could vaguely make out that there were a number of tables and chairs that were turned over.

He had spent what felt like an insane amount of time moving through the streets till he made to what looked to be a decent spot that Father Absalom had pointed out to him when it was still light out.

As he made his way slowly through the mess he reckoned that it was probably a small café of sorts.

It didn't really matter to him as the building was three stories tall which meant that it must have a set of stairs that led to the other floors or even better the roof. He was forced to stop a few times as he bumped against tables or chairs in the dark which made him stop to listen for the sounds of movement.

The only thing he could ever hear besides his own breathing was the wind and the occasional guttural sound of a zombie out in the street that he hoped hadn't notice him. Of course he grateful for that but the mere fact he could hear them inside the shop set his teeth on edge at what might happen.

If he somehow drew their attention to him, then he wouldn't last long as he had no idea what was in front of him nor would fighting serve him any good in the long run.

The more he'd kill the more it would draw them to him and since he didn't have anything silent to kill them with aside from a pocket knife he picked up at the apartments he would be forced to use his rifle.

He kicked a chair and the sound of something shattering made his heart stop. Holding his breath he listened as the sound of groaning increased outside.

Crouching down he raised his rifle to his shoulder and waited. The groaning was getting louder and louder but it didn't seem like it was rushing at him. He hated waiting to see what might happen but he knew that acting rashly would get him killed.

The groaning was far louder now; if he had to guess he'd reckon that there must be a few of them outside the shattered windows that he had climbed in.

Yet nothing seemed to come through and push its way towards him. After a few more moments he released his breath as he slowly stood up.

As much as he preferred to stay in the dark in hopes it would help conceal him from the undead he knew that if he tried going any further without one he'd only get himself killed. So he patted his pockets till he pulled out a little handheld flashlight and clicked the button on the back of it.

A small luminescent circle appeared on the floor in front of him, shattered glass shining up at him as it caught the light. Looking over his shoulder he wondered if anything that could see the light would react to it.

Not wanting to find out he headed towards a set of stairs built into the wall on his left. As he took the first few steps he couldn't help but feel conscious at how much they creaked as he climbed them.

Even if it didn't actually draw any zombies towards him, it was still an incredibly nerve wracking thing to shatter his attempt at being as silent as possible. Though he couldn't really complain considering he broke something that actually got the attention of the zombies for a few moments.

Shaking his head a little he continued up the stairs till he reached the second floor where the set ended which meant that there would be another set somewhere for him to take to the third floor.

However there was no way he could not notice the heavy smell of death in the air, much more than even outside in the streets.

Flexing his right hand he gripped his rifle's handle as he panned his light around the area with his left hand. There were three hallways facing the stairs but he only needed to find the one that led to the next set of stairs.

Panning his light around for a sign of where to go, he stopped when he found what he was looking for indicting the direction of the next staircase. What he didn't want to see however was the splash of blood that had been smeared on the lower half of the wall.

Looking around once more before walking to the blood stain, he knelt down and touched it with a finger. The blood was dry and flaked away a little when he touched it.

It was old and that was a good thing as whoever it belonged to might have found its way out of the building by now. As he stepped past in the hallway he could only think of one thing to say.

"Fuck me." He whispered as his light panned over a hallway that would give nightmares to any sane person.

Bodies were littered throughout the hallway with splashes of dried blood covering the walls and even in the ceiling as he looked up at it.

Walking slowly forward he tapped a few of the bodies with his foot but nothing moved or reacted to his actions. So he decided to see if he could get a closer look at what happened.

Some of the bodies seemed to be police officers judging by their torn uniforms and bodies. Though seeing that they were in the middle of the cluster of bodies made it seem as if they were attack on both sides from the undead.

One officer had their face ripped off, with both eyeballs missing. Leaning forward he could see what looked to be bite marks on the dried out remains of flesh on the sides of the head.

Moving on to the next he could see that it was a woman judging by the figure, her right arm had been ripped off and her throat was ripped open giving him a nice if not unpleasant look on the inside of a human neck.

Honestly he realized that it was pointless to look at the bodies, it was clear who did it and nothing he did could change that.

Yet at the same time there some something that tickled the back of his mind.

If he recalled correctly he and Alexander had seen a man bitten by a zombie. After he died he shortly came back to life to attack them and the other bystanders.

These officers however were attacked and killed by the undead but they didn't come back as zombies themselves. The only thing that he could think of was the fact that the officers did in fact beat the zombies and the ones on the ground before him were simply casualties that they put a round into to keep from getting up.

Looking back at the bodies he began to root around them looking for any signs of gunshot wounds. Which he did find in two of them but the rest he couldn't quite tell how they were dealt with, at the same time he noticed that their magazine holders were empty.

Though it could have meant that they just used all of their ammunition but once again he couldn't be sure as he didn't want to go rooting around the other bodies for spent magazines. Sighing he stood up and flashed his light down either side of the hallway to make sure nothing had wandered towards him.

Lucky for him nothing was there and nor could he hear anything that indicated there was anything else on the floor with him. So he pressed on till he was able to find what appeared to the stairs leading to the third floor.

As he ascended the steps, he could hear something however. He wasn't sure what it was but he knew that it couldn't be another living person.

He looked back down the stairs thinking about how it would be best if he simply left the building for another one but he wasn't sure if there was really any other safe way into getting into one from the street level.

Sighing softly he made it up the rest of the steps to the last floor and panned his flashlight around but thankfully he didn't see any movement. He did notice what appeared to be traces of blood on the walls but there was spots on all of them so he wasn't sure which way might have something waiting for him.

He pulled out his Glock, the same one that Alexander had given to him the day this all started. Another reminder of his old friend, a great man, a dead man, Qrow wouldn't lie that it hurt a little at seeing how little remained of the Arc Family.

As it was something he was all too familiar with his parents were dead, which he was fine with, Raven was still missing for all intents and purposes. Though they hadn't spoken to each other for nearly two years before this all started so for all he knew she was dead before this all started.

Summer was dead and Taiyang he had no idea what to think of him. Was he dead, a zombie, or alive somewhere trying to look for his daughters?

Panning his flashlight around, he spotted a small corridor off to the side. Walking towards it he peered around the corner to see that it said authorized personnel only.

Walking forward he looked over his shoulder one last time before trying to open the door, as the door opened he wondered if the power had still been on then would an alarm have sounded. In either case he was kind of glad that it wasn't on as that would have royally screwed him over.

He could feel cool air of the night blow through the open door and with one last glance he looked over his shoulder to make sure nothing was following him then stepped out.

Once on the roof Qrow took a look around and found something interesting. Clustered in the center of the rooftop were the remains of fireworks. All of them looked to be used up so it would corroborate to what Father Absalom had told him earlier.

Looking around he went to the edge of the roof that neighbored another building. Using his flashlight he could see that there was a relatively small gap, no less than five feet, between the buildings he'd need to get a running start before trying.

So he navigated his way back making sure there wasn't anything that could trip him when he started running. Satisfied he made sure everything was secure on him before hopping a few times on the balls of his feet.

Then he took off running hard towards the ledge, he couldn't actually see much in front of him relying simply on what he knew should be there. He could practically feel himself getting close to the edge and counted down in his head before leaping.

Panic surged through him as he feared missing his mark and falling to his death below. He was greeted however by the sharp pain of his stomach landing on the ledge of the other building knocking the wind out of him.

He clawed at the roof, scrapping his hands as he fought to gain purchase on the roof. With a grunt he slowly pulled himself fully onto the roof. As his feet cleared the edge he rolled onto his back, his breath coming and going in great huffs.

As his heart beat finally started to slow down he rolled away from the edge then climbed to his feet before pulling out his flashlight again. Pointing it down he turned it on then raised it up to look around on the rooftop.

At first glance it didn't look like there was anything out of ordinary. However as he made his way towards the center of the rooftop he spotted what he was looking for.

Another group of fireworks were set up on a ventilation unit. However there was something different about this set so he got closer and realized that they had yet to be set off.

In the corner of his eye something started to flash repeatedly. Turning in that direction he pointed his flashlight and saw a little black box connected to a couple of car batteries, a yellow light was flashing on the box.

At that moment there was a loud whine followed by a loud bang and crackle in the distance. Green light briefly illuminated the rooftop around Qrow and he blinked at the sudden light source. Blinking a few times he looked back at the black box to see the light had change from yellow to green.

It was at that point that Qrow realized that he made a terrible mistake of coming out here.



Pyrrha was leaning hard against the wall of the bell tower with her pants undone and her hand stuck down them. She'd been hoping for the chance of something like this ever since that dream as it had ignited an itch that she'd been yearning to itch but was unable to.

Alas it seemed faith as other ideas, as in the distance she could see the bright flash followed by the sound of fireworks going off.

Cursing she buttoned her pants back up then stood as she grabbed her rifle then hefted it to her shoulder to look in the direction to see more fireworks going off.

If she was guessing the direction they were in she couldn't help but feel that the fireworks were going off in a row towards the mountains.

What was concerning her more however was the movement she could see in the church's parking lot. The candles they set down were protected from wind or rain and while they didn't fully illuminate the space she could see the silhouettes that moved passed them.

The Undead were attracted to the noise of the fireworks.

If the fireworks were going off in the direction of the mountains it would also mean that they were in the direction of Mountain Glen. If someone was setting fireworks off that was drawing the undead towards them that means they knew the sound would attract them.

If they knew that and were still setting them off regardless then it could only mean they were doing it on purpose. She slowed her thoughts down; she didn't know if whoever was doing this knew that they might be sending zombies towards one of the only safe havens in Vale.

Maybe they were doing this it hopes of clearing the town out so they could move in and secure it. Even then she didn't believe it as it didn't seem like it would turn out in their favor.

"What the fuck is going on?" Yang asked as her head appeared from the hatch that led back down the tower, Pyrrha glanced at her before looking back down at the parking lot where several of the undead seemed to have stopped despite the fireworks.

"We've got trouble."

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