Title: Unsure
Author: Lala
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Fever
Pairing: Clana
Summary: Clark recovered from the strange sickness physically, but mentally is another story altogether.

School seemed to drag by. The seconds seemed like minutes, and the minutes seemed like hours. His eyelids felt like lead and he didn't hear a word his teachers said.

By the time lunch rolled around, Clark Kent was beyond exhaustion.

"Hey," he mumbled, sitting down next to Chloe.

"Hi, Clark," Chloe said, smiling at him. She took in his expression, and concern shown in her eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Clark said through a yawn, "just tired."

"Oh," Chloe said, and looked down.

Silence fell between them, and Clark sighed, leaning his head on his hand, eyes closing. He wanted to sleep so badly…

The noises of the cafeteria began to fade away as his brain gave into the exhaustion it had been feeling all morning. Clark's breathing lengthened, and he let his head rest completely on the table top, having completely forgotten Chloe. He was just so tired…

"Clark? You okay?" Someone was talking to him. A soft hand touched his shoulder, gently shaking him. "Clark?"

Slowly, almost painfully, he opened his eyes and sat up. He turned to see Lana standing over him, her hand still resting on his shoulder.

"Hey," he said, giving Lana a sleepy grin and yawning widely.

Lana took the seat on the other side of Clark. Chloe watched them silently, wishing Clark had smiled sleepily at her, instead of Lana.

"Are you okay?" Lana asked again, opening a can of soda. "You seem… really tired."

"I'm fine," Clark said, only now remembering his own lunch. "Are you okay?"

"I've got about three essays to do by next week, but otherwise I'm fine," Lana said, smiling. She turned to Chloe, and soon the two were in a semi-tense conversation about Physics.

Clark was half asleep a few moments later, the girl's voices being a sort of hum in the back of his mind. The shrill ringing of the bell made him jump, and only his quick reflexes kept him from toppling over backwards.

"Are you all right?" Chloe asked, touching Clark's arm.

"Fine," he said, getting up and saying his goodbyes to the girls.


The sun was just setting as Clark sat in the loft, trying to concentrate on his homework. Every now and then, his eyes would drift shut, and he would drop his pencil. The noise of wood on paper usually woke him up, but finally his body couldn't take anymore.

His eyes closed, and his pencil and note book slid from his lap. He slumped sideways on the couch, falling almost instantaneously asleep.


"Clark!" His father's voice sounded panicked. With a jolt, Clark was awake and on his feet.

He ran down the latter at super speed and met his father at the bottom. Lex Luther was just behind him, an uncharacteristically harsh look on his usually self-satisfied face.

"Dad? Lex?" Clark asked in confusion. The look in his father's eyes made Clark's blood run cold.

It was fear. His father was afraid of Lex.

"Hi, Clark," Lex said, smiling. "Guess what? I know. I know about you. I know you're not human, I know you're some freak who should be in government hands… and I'm going to get you there."

Clark opened his mouth to protest, to try and make up a cover story, to say anything, but nausea suddenly overwhelmed him.

"Oh, what were you going to say? I can't hurt you, is that it? Well, these can!"

Lex pulled out two large chunks of meteor rocks and dangled them in front of Clark's face. Clark felt his knees start to buckle and his vision began to blur.

"No!" Jonathan Kent broke out of his frightened state and tried to knock the rocks from Lex's hand. Lex's smile widened as he pulled out a blood-covered handgun.

Instantly Jonathan's fear returned in full force.

It was Martha's blood that was covering the gun's metal surface and that was all over Lex's hands.

"Ah ah ah," Lex admonished Jonathan, touching the gun against his head. The blood was still wet, and drops stuck to Jonathan's hair, causing a mixture of fear, anger and unbearable sadness to well up inside him.

"Don't do anything, Mr. Kent," Lex said quietly. "You saw what happened to your wife when she tried to stop me…"

"Leave him alone!" Clark cried sharply, still weak from the meteor rocks.

"Then you must come with me."

Clark hesitated. If he went with Lex, then his father would be safe, and he might be able to save his mother… oh, he needed to save his mother…

"A-all right," Clark said quietly, and Lex smiled.

"Good," he said, and shot Jonathan.

Clark cried out as Jonathan's body collapsed, the man unmistakably dead. Blood soaked onto the ground, and all over Clark and Lex's shoes.

"I'll take you where you belong," Lex said, "but I'll break you first. Now, what will be your reaction to Lana's death?"


And suddenly he was in a sea of blood. Familiar faces looked out at him, and Lana's pain-filled eyes looked right into his.

"You killed me," she breathed, and Clark screamed her name in pure agony.



Author's notes:
This is my first Smallville fic. I haven't seen a lot of season 2, so I'm sorry if they're majorly out of character. Well, Lex was intentionally out of character, but…

Please give me feedback, and I'll try to update ASAP.