Warning: Slight spoilers for eps already shown in the US

The following Saturday morning dawned brightly, being rather warm for Late February. The sun streamed in through Lana's window, bedroom waking her much too early for her liking. She was normally a morning person, but last night she'd been out late on her first real date with Clark, so it was with many annoyed mumblings that she got out of bed to close the curtains.

Just as she was snuggling back under the covers, the white and brown teddy bear Clark had given her the night before along with a dozen roses on the pillow beside her, she heard loud noises coming through the wall that connected her room with Chloe's.

She moaned, and put her 'Clarky bear' - a name that greatly embarrassed Clark - over her head to muffle the sounds.

It seemed to work for a time, but then she heard a drawer slam.

"Chloe, shut up!" She yelled, removing the bear and hitting the wall with it in frustration. Chloe, the exact opposite of Lana, usually didn't get up until at least 10:30 on Saturday's if she had nothing planned.

Instead of responding to Lana, Chloe's bedroom door opened, slamming against the wall. Seconds later Lana's own door was flung open.

"Lana, Lana!" Chloe bounded in, digital camera in hand. "You've got to see this!"

She was acting as though Christmas had come early, and Lana knew that could only mean one thing.

"Chloe, I it's too early to hear about the newest meteor freak," she complained sleepily, moving away from the light coming through the half open door.

"No, no," Chloe tried to explain, "it's not a meteor freak, at least, not from what I saw, it's Clark!"

Lana was instantly fully awake.


"Yeah! I got up to go to the bathroom, and happened to glance out my window on the way back to bed. He's out on our front lawn, asleep."

Lana raised her eyebrows. "I know that's a little strange - okay, very strange," she amended at the look on Chloe's face, "but it's not that big of a deal, is it?"

"He's in his pajamas!"

This was enough to get Lana out of bed.

"I took a few pictures from my window," Chloe continued, holding her digital camera close and running for the door, "but I want some close ups. This will be perfect blackmail!"

Lana opened the curtains again and glanced out the window. Sure enough, Clark lay curled up on the grass, wearing what looked like faded plaid pajamas.

[Author's notes: I know that it would be impossible for them to tell what he was wearing (right? Remember I'm blind) from that distance, but live with it, m'kay?]

She couldn't help giggling, and followed the evilly smirking Chloe out of her room and down the stairs.

"It's a good thing my dad could sleep through an earth quake," Chloe commented as they passed Gabe's room, "or he'd be lecturing me big time right now."

They walked down stairs and opened the front door.

Once outside, they made sure to be perfectly silent. Lana remained on the porch, while Chloe crept over towards Clark.


Just that small noise was enough to make Clark stir.

"Help!" Chloe mouthed to Lana. Grinning and mentally apologizing to Clark, Lana hurried over.

"Shh," she murmured to Clark, kissing his lips.

It worked like magic. Clark mumbled something and curled up into the fetal position, a small smile forming on his lips.

Lana knew this normally wouldn't have worked quite as well, but Clark was still catching up on lost sleep.

Chloe's grin widened as she took a few more pictures.

Suddenly, the camera let out a loud 'beep!', as the low battery sign flashed.

This, coupled with the cawing of an insistent crow, was enough to wake Clark fully.

He woke up just as Chloe snapped another picture, momentarily blinding him with the flash.

"Mom, what the-" he began, obviously still half asleep. But when he was able to see again and realized where he was, his eyes widened. "What the heck!?"

"Morning, sunshine," Chloe said sarcastically. "Love the PJ's. Very… you."

Clark was about to reply, when he caught sight of Lana, standing off to the side, silently giggling. Clark's face turned bright red, and he looked away quickly.

She abruptly looked down at herself and realized she was wearing her own flowered pajamas, and she too, began blushing furiously.

"Didn't you too just go out last night?" Chloe quipped between giggles. "You should have told me you were having a pajama party… I would have brought sleeping bags!"

She snapped another picture of Clark, and then one of Lana before her camera beeped again, and she quickly turned it off.

Clark leaped to his feet and dashed at Chloe, still blushing. "Give me that," he cried, and Chloe backed away, beginning to run.

"In your dreams, Kent!"

Lana joined the chase around the front yard, the 3 of them laughing as they playfully ran after each other.

Lana forgot about asking Clark what exactly he was doing in their front yard, and simply focused on trying to kill Chloe.

Neither of them noticed the figure hidden in the bushes, watching with his own smirk.

"Laugh now, Kryptonian," he whispered, just as Clark ran passed his hiding place, "while you still can…"

The hairs on the back of Clark's neck rose, and he began shivering abruptly, even though the day was warm. Waves of terror washed over him, along with the feeling he got from being around green meteor rocks.

He stumbled, body still half running, away from the bushes. Suddenly, as abruptly as the feelings had begun, they stopped.

Clark started running again, and as he passed the bushes, the nauseating feeling left as well. A few moments later he'd completely forgotten about the whole incident, as he gave Lana a good morning kiss while they both held Chloe in a headlock.

'So innocent…' the figure thought, rising silently from it's crouched position. 'But not for long… not after I'm done with you… Soon, you'll never know the feeling of innocence ever again. After all, dead people can't feel, now can they?'

Laughing silently, he leaped into the air and disappeared in a flash of green.


Author's notes:
Yup, that's the end. Of this fic, at least. My fingers are already itching to write the sequel…

Oh, and did the whole Clark showing up in his pajamas thing sound familiar to any of you? That was intentional, don't worry! I know it's obvious, but 5 brownie points if you can guess where it's from!

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