Black's Best Laid Plans

C1: Bellatrix and Narcissa

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It was the 1st of August 1996, and Bellatrix Black woke up in her small, single bedroom apartment, that she shared with her son, Fabian, who currently was cuddled into her back with a content smile.

She couldn't resist smiling at the sight. For as long as he had been old enough to walk by himself, she would find him crawling into her bed at night, and if it was to comfort her, or just be close to her, she did not know. All that she knew was that she never minded having her son so close to her.

He had turned into quite the gorgeous young man, and now that he was seventeen and no longer had the mark, she could start her plan, the one what would get them back to a standard of living she was used to, together with her sister Narcissa.

"Fabian, wake up sweetie." She said softly.

He groaned softly and turned around to his back. "Not yet, too early." He mumbled sleepily.

Bellatrix quirked an eyebrow and straddled him. "I'm serious, young man, we have a lot to talk about."

Fabian groaned again and opened his eyes. "Good morning Mum, how did you sleep?" He asked softly.

She smiled at him. "I slept okay, I had my big, strong son next to me after all."

He blushed at that, trying not to look directly at his mother's see-through nightgown, not if he wanted to keep the little bit of his modesty that remained when he thought of his beautiful mother. "Why are you always so intent on making me blush in the morning?"

"Because you look adorable when you blush, sweetie. Now, go and take a shower, get dressed, we have something very important to discuss." She said with a smile.

He smirked at her. "If you want me to get up, you'll have to get off me, mother."

"Oh, aren't you witty. But no, Mummy will join you for a shower. See it as an introduction to our talk today." She said with a similar smirk.

He smiled at that, knowing what this would probably lead to. "Are you sure about this Mum, because this will bring our usual teasing up to a whole new level."

She smiled and nodded. "I am certain sweetie. Chances are that this will become a common occurrence."

He just smiled and sat up to give his mother a kiss on the cheek. "I wouldn't be against it, there certainly are worse women to do this to."

Bellatrix smiled and got off him. "That is another thing we will talk about we will talk about today, but you're stalling, so let's go and take a shower together."

He smiled as he was pulled up by his mother who led him to the bathroom of their small apartment.

Since he tended to only wear boxershorts to bed and his mother only wore a nightgown, they were quickly naked in front of each other.

For Bellatrix, it had been quite a long time since she had seen her son naked, and had to gasp when she saw him in his state of undress. "Sweet Merlin, you've certainly matured a lot."

He blushed at that. "Thanks Mum, as if I didn't feel awkward enough already." He muttered softly.

She smiled and gave him a hug. "You misunderstand baby, your size will serve us well." She said as she turned on the shower, pulling him with her.

She spent a long time getting her son clean, and he in turn took his time to wash her body and hair as well.

After their shower and they had gotten dressed, Bellatrix led her son to the living room for some breakfast, wanting to have at least eaten before she told him her plan.

Bella took a seat next to him after breakfast so she could talk to him. "Now that we are clean and have eaten, I will explain you what I have planned. As you know we have been holed up here for as long as you have gone to school, and I think you'll agree with me when I say that we've had enough. I have been in contact with your Aunt Narcissa, and since Lucius has been caught and later killed in Azkaban she has offered us to come and live with her and Draco, although he will be away for another week when we get there, since he is our inside man at Voldemort, along with Severus."

"That would be great, as long as I don't have to share a bedroom with him."

"I wasn't finished sweetie. The truth is that Cissa has been screwed over by the Ministry, cutting her out of Lucius' will, which made your Aunt Eliza the heir until Draco comes of age in a few months. We are going to make sure that the Black's rise to power again, and that is where we need you. I want you to send a message to both the Order of the Phoenix, the Death Eaters that betrayed us and the Ministry, a message that will require you to fuck as many girls and women in school, starting with your Aunt Andromeda and her daughter, to bring them back to us. Before this day is out I will cast an ancient spell on you that will make any woman either tasting or taking your seed inside them loyal to us. With enough women bound to us we will regain our spot among the highest ranks of the Wizarding World and we will be able to take out that bastard Voldemort."

He smirked at that. "So, let me get this straight. I get to fuck as many girls as I want so we can come back to power. I like this plan a lot."

She smiled at that. "There is one more thing baby. To make this work we will have to have sex as well, and you also need to have sex with your Aunt Narcissa, since that is necessary to make the ritual work.

"So, at the end of today I will be fucking the one woman I have always dreamt of fucking, together with her beyond hot and sexy sister. Life truly doesn't get much better than this."

"I figured you would say that, I know you always had a bit of a crush on me and Cissa. We just want to help you ease into this."

Fabian smiled at her. "But how will we do this when I go back to school? I can imagine it will be difficult to stay in contact besides sending an owl."

She smiled and pulled him into her side. "Sweetie, don't worry about that. There is an old room near the Gryffindor Dormitories that has been a haven for our family for centuries. None of the teachers know it exists, and even the hall leading to it has been forgotten over the years. There is a direct Floo connection to it from Narcissa's home, and we will join you at school, so we can spend each night together. Add to that the fact that technically you're not going back to school will also help."

"What do you mean when you say I'm not going back to school?" He asked curiously.

She smiled at that. "Well, the Ministry believes we have moved away to America to let you finish your education at Ilvermorny, so technically we don't live in Britain anymore. And I know that you don't need the classes at Hogwarts anymore, you're smarter than most others in your year."

He smiled and rested his head against her shoulder. "So I will have complete freedom at Hogwarts, I like the sound of that."

She nodded and kissed the top of his head. "That you do, my sweet, and I know you will perform admirably."

"I just wonder how I will accomplish this all, wouldn't I need almost infinite stamina to pull this off?" He asked softly.

Bellatrix smiled at that. "The ritual will grant you that baby, as well as an addictive and consistent quality of sperm. You won't be able to get any girls pregnant, but you will have a Harem that will do what you say, when you say it, for as long as we need it."

"I'm glad for that, I wouldn't want to think what would happen if I got any of those girls pregnant, because I have some ideas on how to start this." He said with a smirk.

She smiled at that. "I'm sure you do, and you will have complete freedom once we seal our bond tonight, but we have been talking long enough, let's go pack our things and make our way to Cissa."

He nodded at that before he hugged his mother and made his way to his room, with Bellatrix not far behind to go and pack her things.

When they arrived at Narcissa's home later that afternoon, Bellatrix smiled when she saw her sister again. "Cissa, dearest, how have you been?"

Narcissa smiled and gave her sister a hug. "Bella, so good to see you again. We've been doing okay, not as well as it could be, but still better than most. And Fabian, it's good to see you again too. I'm sure your mother explained everything to you?" She asked with a kind smile.

Fabian nodded and gave his Aunt a hug. "She did, and while I must admit that it surprised me a bit, I can't deny it is a bit of a turn on."

Narcissa smiled at that. "I can understand that, nobody would remain unaffected when asked that by their mother, but I am glad you are willing to do this."

"What can I say Aunt Cissa, I am a Black at heart, and doing something this diabolical will be a lot of fun." He said with a smile.

"Well, we are both very proud of you for doing this" Narcissa said with a sweet smile.

Fabian smiled at that. "Thank you Aunt Cissa. I must admit that I always had a bit of a crush on you."

She smiled at that. "I knew that sweetie, and I'm sure we'll get plenty of opportunity, together with your mother of course, to share a few things, even when you start claiming your Harm."

He blushed a little at that. "You two have been planning this for a while, haven't you?"

She nodded at him. "Yes, for almost sixteen years we have planned this, who do you think ordered the hit on Lucius? We wanted to be together again, and have a man that we could share and would love us like the women we are, not like some sort of trophy."

He smiled at that as his mother joined them on the couch. "There is something else we need you to know sweetie, you are a product of both your Aunt and myself, not of that weakling Rodolphus like I have always told you. I'm sorry I withheld this information for so long, but we had agreed to wait until you were of age. I hope you can forgive me for withholding this information for so long." Bellatrix said softly.

"Of course I forgive you Mum. I always knew I couldn't be his son, I take too much after you to have a part of me be his. I actually feel even better that I will be fucking my two mothers today." He said with a smile.

"Sweetie, you will be fucking both of us today. Like Cissa said, we will be sharing you, and we both are firm believers in equality. So you will have two loving mothers who will want a piece of that big cock of yours, and don't worry Draco already knows about the general plan and is relatively okay with it, he just asked to be kept out of it." Bellatrix said with a smile.

Fabian smiled at that. "I'm glad he is, but even if he wasn't, I'm sure there was little he could do about it, although I must admit that I am a lucky man, to get to fuck two beautiful women as yourselves."

The two women smiled and each kissed one of his cheeks. "That's sweet of you baby, we are quite excited to have such a young man in our bed as well." Narcissa said sweetly.

The two sisters looked their son go upstairs and smiled at each other. "Should we tell him we invited Andi and Dora over tomorrow, so they can be his first two pets?" Narcissa asked softly.

Bellatrix smiled at that. "I think we'll keep it as a surprise. I know he has been looking forward to fucking her already, as well as fucking Nym, and I must say that it makes sense to induct them into his Harem first."

Narcissa nodded at that. "That it does, a family like ours should stick together, no matter what happened in between, and the fact that Andi and Dora really seem to want to be a part of this family again is only better for us in the long run."

"True, but we'll see how he reacts tomorrow. In the meantime, should we take this time to reacquaint ourselves with each other's bodies? It's been so long since we did something to each other after all." Bellatrix said softly.

Narcissa smiled and kissed her sister softly. "I think we can do a little bit of naughty things, but we have to conserve our energy to make love to our son after all."

Bellatrix pouted a little at that. "I guess you are right, but I must say we are quite lucky women. He is quite big down there."

Narcissa giggled at that. "Really now, how big are we talking here?"

"Now, I've only seen him flaccid this morning, but it was at least six inches long, and if he is a grower, like I expect, he will get as big as ten inches and three inches thick." Bellatrix said with a similar giggle.

"Oh wow, that's huge, we truly are lucky women, and with a cock that big he will get a lot of girls addicted to him, which will only benefit us in the end." Narcissa said softly.

Bellatrix nodded and pulled her younger sister against her. "I think I can hold out until tonight Cissa, but I just want to have you close for a while. It's been too long since we had the opportunity."

Narcissa smiled and relaxed in her sister's arms. "That's true, there has been little opportunity for us to be intimate over the past few years, with both Lucius and Rodolphus watching our every move. I'm glad we were able to get rid of both of them, and I'm sorry it took so long to get rid of Lucius, you didn't deserve to rot in that small house for so long."

"I know it was not your fault, Cissa mine. Lucius for all his faults was a slippery bastard, so it would make sense it would take a while to find an opportunity to sacrifice him, and it has reaped its own rewards, since I have been able to slowly prepare our son for this." Bellatrix said with a smile.

"I must say that I am surprised how easily he agreed to this. It was something I wouldn't have expected." Narcissa said softly.

Bellatrix smiled at that. "That's because he is a boy who is promised all the sex he wants, in exchange for power. And to top it off he is a son of both our blood, of course he would agree with those terms."

Narcissa smiled at that. "I guess you are right, Bella, my love. Any child of ours was bound to have our sex drives, I'm actually astonished he didn't try to make a move on you already."

"Oh, he tried on several occasions, and every time I almost let it happen. But I managed to keep him in line well enough, as well as myself."

"How hard it must have been not to just give in to that temptation, especially given the fact that you love to tease your love interest." Narcissa said with a knowing smile.

Bellatrix smiled at that. "That is most certainly true, and I admit I have teased him a lot over the last few years, usually wearing sheer nightgowns with nothing underneath, just to see if he would give into temptation."

Narcissa smiled and cuddled a bit more into her sister, relaxing against Bellatrix' body like she had wanted to do for a very long time.

That evening after dinner Narcissa, Bellatrix led Fabian into their bedroom, since that was where the bigger bed was for now. "So sweetie, are you ready to fuck your mothers?"

Instead of answering, he kissed them both deeply, first Bellatrix, and after her Narcissa.

After their kiss they smiled at him. "I foresee a lot of fun for us in the near future, my love. But you didn't answer our question. Are you ready to fuck us?" Bellatrix asked softly.

"Of course I am, I thought that was obvious from how I kissed you two." He said with a smile.

His mothers then turned to him and gave him a smirk before they flicked their hands to peel away their dresses, leaving them in their black lingerie. "Don't be shy baby, take off your clothes so we can appreciate your body as well."

He blushed a little as he took off his clothes, all under the watchful eye of his mothers, who couldn't help but moan softly when his muscular torso was revealed to them.

Once he was in his boxer's, they stalked closer, like a pair of lionesses stalking their prey. "Come to your mothers, my love, you're not getting cold feet are you?"

He shook his head and walked up to them. "Of course not, I was just admiring your beauty. You two are so amazingly beautiful that I'm still amazed that I am here with you right now."

They smiled and pulled him close. "Thank you sweetie, you really know how to sweet talk a lady, but our time to be ladylike has passed, come here and make love to us." Narcissa said softly.

Fabian smiled and kissed them passionately, leading them backwards to the bed, the two women moaning softly into his mouth.

When they got to the bed, Bellatrix and Narcissa laid themselves down, making sure to display their bodies in such a way they showed every curve. "I know it might seem overwhelming sweetie, but we can take this at any pace you are comfortable with. Or is it that you just can't decide who to start with." Bellatrix said softly.

"It's the latter Mum, you are both so stunningly beautiful that I really can't decide who to make love to first without the fear of disappointing the other." He said as he crawled onto the bed.

They smiled and pulled him in between them. "Sweetie, we are both quite content with waiting until you are done with one of us. We have learned a bit of patience after years of sharing girls between us." Narcissa said with a smile.

He smiled and kissed them both. "Then I think I would like to start with you, Cissa. I've been dreaming of making love to you for a very long time." He said with a slight blush.

Narcissa smiled and pulled him closer. "Then I think you should live out your fantasies tonight."

Bellatrix pouted a little at that, but after a kiss from her sister she laid back down. "Don't be jealous Bella, you'll get your chance to make love to our son at some point tonight, and maybe we can coerce him to make this a threesome at some point, since he will be able to go on and on when we complete the ritual."

"I guess you're right Cissa. I can wait for a while." Bellatrix said softly.

She smiled and kissed her sister softly before turning her attention back to their son. "So baby, how did you want to start this?"

He smiled and gave her a quick peck on the lips before he started kissing his way downwards sensually, making Narcissa moan under his touch. He then pulled one of her breasts out of the cups of her bra and started teasing the nipple erect.

Narcissa tangled one of her hands in his long dark hair, the color being something he clearly had inherited from Bella, although he had her hair type, which was straight.

Fabian didn't notice, he was too focused on pleasuring her, loving the sounds his mother made when he started sucking her nipple, by now also taking her other breast out of her cup to tease that nipple as well.

He took his time teasing her, and when he felt her gently push him down, he just smiled and kissed his way further down, until he came to her panties, which were already soaked. He slowly slid them aside and gave her a soft kiss just above her pussy in the soft tangle of blonde hair she had above her pussy.

"Fabian, you've made your point, you're already an expert tease, but please, I can't take much more of this teasing." Narcissa said with a moan.

He smiled at that. "I just wanted to hear you moan, mother. I love the sounds you make when I pleasure you."

"I promise you that you will hear a lot more of those when you make love to me, so please, fuck your mother." Narcissa said softly.

"If that is what my dear mother wishes, who am I to deny it." He said as he pulled off his underwear and revealed his rock hard cock to them.

Narcissa didn't waste any more time and vanished her bra and panties with a flick of her hand, spreading her legs to let him show she was ready for him.

Fabian smiled and crawled up to her. "I love how desperate you seem to be Mom, had it been that long since you made love to someone?" He asked sweetly.

Narcissa nodded at him. "It has been years since I've been properly fucked. Lucius didn't touch ever since Draco was born, stating that now that he had an heir, my job was done. So yes, I'm a little bit desperate for you to get that huge cock inside of me."

"Then I will make sure you will never want anyone else ever again." He said softly.

She smiled and kissed him deeply as he slid his dick inside, making her moan into his mouth. "Merlin, you're so big baby, it feels amazing."

He smiled as he started thrusting into her. "Thanks Mom, I'm glad you are not startled by my size."

She smiled at that. "A bit surprised perhaps, but certainly not startled, but you make it sound like we are not the first ones for you."

"That's because we're not Cissa. He lost his virginity to Luna a few years ago, and if I am not mistaken they still have an intimate relationship." Bellatrix said before kissing her sister.

Fabian smiled and kissed his mothers softly. "We have, and that is why I don't want to claim her like the others. I want her to be my equal and stand next to me, and she has told me that she would love to meet you two sometime."

"Then I think we'll invite her over for tea in a couple of days, we want to know a bit more about her before we are sure she is the right girl for you, and if she is, we'll even allow her to marry you eventually." Bellatrix said softly before taking one of Narcissa's nipples into her mouth.

Narcissa moaned and pulled her son closer. "Faster baby, I want to feel like I have been claimed tomorrow."

He smirked and pulled her against him, thrusting into her at a relentless pace.

Bellatrix moved behind her sister and started groping her breasts from behind as she also kissed her neck softly.

It proved to be too much for Narcissa and she screamed his name over and over as she came, shuddering against her son.

Fabian laid her down gently as he pulled out of her, but was given no time to recover as a now naked Bellatrix pulled him against her. "I hope you're ready baby, because I will not be as easy to please."

He smiled at that. "Are you sure about that Mum, there have been numerous occasions where I heard you moaning my name when you thought I was asleep, and at those times i noticed your hand in your panties, if you wore them at all."

Bellatrix blushed at that. "Okay, you've caught me, I'm just anxious to feel that cock inside of me, like I have wanted to for a very long time."

He just smiled and kissed her before he slid himself inside of her. "I have wanted to fuck you for such a long time now. It took every bit of my control to not just take you every time you tried to seduce me."

She moaned and kissed him. "I wish you did baby, that would have sped everything up considerably."

Fabian smiled at that. "I think it has been for the best I didn't, because I don't think we would have been here right now if I had done that."

Bellatrix smiled at that. "You're too sweet sometimes baby." She said softly.

"Only for you, Cissa and Luna. The others won't get any true emotions from me." He said with a soft smile.

"I'm still jealous that Luna Lovegood of all people got to have your first time. She seems like such a goody two-shoes." Bellatrix said with a pout.

He smiled at that. "She is anything but a goody two-shoes Mum. She has really gone through a transformation after the first time we did it three years ago, she got a lot more vicious towards other girls. I think she would like to join me in this plan. Two minds are better than one after all."

Before Bellatrix could answer she moaned loudly as her orgasm hit her from out of nowhere, and by the way she was bucking off the matrass, Fabian came as well, shooting his seed deep inside his mother.

Immediately after he pulled out of her, he felt a strong surge of magic coursing through his body. "Let it happen baby, this is the final stage of the ritual." Narcissa said as she cuddled up to her sister.

After about a minute the feeling passed and he smiled at them. "That was certainly different, but not altogether unpleasant, the only problem is that I'm still horny as hell."

The two women smiled at that. "That is to be expected, and I think we can give you a nice orgasm before we go to sleep, wouldn't you agree Cissa dearest?"

Narcissa nodded and pushed their son down to the bed. "We have always wanted to try this to a man, and since both Rodolphus and Lucius were tiny even by normal standards, you will be the only one we will ever do this too." Bellatrix said with a smile.

He smiled at them and groaned as they started sucking him in tag team, switching his dick between them.

It didn't take him long to cum again, and when he did he shot his seed all over their breasts, which they spend little time in licking off each other with soft moans.

When the two women were clean again, they cuddled up to him. "That was great baby, you are already turning out to be quite the stud, we're going to have fun together and I'm sure you'll love it when you fuck your Aunt and cousin tomorrow." Narcissa said softly.

He smiled and kissed them softly. "I'm sure I will Mom, I'll make them see where their true place is. But I do have a question. What happens to them when all of our plans have succeeded? Will we just keep them under that control forever?"

They smiled at that. "They will be given the choice baby. Either they stay with us and be cared for the rest of their lives, or we Obliviate them and send them back into the world, never remembering anything about what happened. The ones that decide to stay with us will be around for our pleasure, ours to use for as long as we want."

"Won't we just be owning sex slaves then? Because I don't know how to feel about that." He said softly.

"They won't be sex slaves, we'll pay and care for them. Just think of it as a Harem of women for our convenience." Bellatrix said with a smile.

That seemed to settle his nerves a bit and he finally relaxed against the pillows, his two wives cuddling into him as they fell asleep.

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