Black's Best Laid Plans

C15: Return to Power

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Nearly five months passed when the summer holiday finally began and they took their pets home, both Luna and Fleur showing nice baby-bumps.

By now they had confirmed that Luna was also pregnant with a little girl, and they had already decided on a name, Pandora, after Luna's mother.

As expected Bellatrix and Narcissa were eagerly awaiting their arrival, and ever since Luna and Fleur started to show, they were already settling into the roles of grandmothers. "It's good to see you again, my dears, and not a day too soon. We've been summoned to the Ministry tomorrow to make our case, so the four of you can free anyone you want tomorrow afternoon, all we ask is not to free Eliza, we could use her as help in our home." Bellatrix said after hugging them.

Fabian smiled at that. "I wasn't planning to, she could still make a claim on the Malfoy funds and titles if she is freed, so she is one of the few I intend to keep."

"And who else do you intend to keep, sweetie?" Narcissa asked softly.

"Eliza of course, and I intend to release Amelia and Hermione with altered memories, letting Amelia believe that she loves Aunt Andi, and I intend to let Hermione believe that she loves Dora. We all know that the decision to claim Dora and Andromeda first was a mistake, giving them the person they love is a way of making up for that mistake, but other than that, I don't think I will keep my pets, because as fun as they are, Luna has always been enough for me, and the fact that we both immensely enjoy our time with Fleur and Gabby does not change that, nor would either of us want to." Fabian said as he pulled his wife into his side.

Luna smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek as they took a seat, Fleur and Gabrielle sitting close to them with a smile on their faces.

"And you two know that we will always love you, but that Fleur will always be enough for me as well." Gabrielle said with a soft smile.

Fabian smiled at them, before his mother once again spoke. "I think it is really sweet that the four of you have come to such a compromise, but the question remains what intend to do once this is over, because as you know you wouldn't have to work for a day if you don't want to, if our claim is accepted."

"I intend to settle down in the country with Luna, raise our child in the way that would be expected from us, and of course I intend to take up the mantle as head of House Black, but other than that, we only desire peace, and from the moment I set my pets free, we shall never and I do mean never talk of this again, to anyone." Fabian said seriously.

Bellatrix and Narcissa nodded at that. "We understand that sweetie, we were merely curious about what you were going to do now that everything is over." Narcissa said sweetly.

He only smiled at that as Luna crawled against him. "We have been talking a bit before we came back here, and while I am five months pregnant, I would love it if you, Bellatrix and Andromeda would show me that there is truth to the rumors of the seductiveness of the three Black sisters, since my dear husband would like to have some private time with Fleur, Gabrielle and Dora." Luna said with a smile.

Andromeda, Bellatrix and Narcissa smiled at her. "We would love that, and don't worry, we'll promise to be careful with you, we wouldn't want to hurt our grandchild after all." Bellatrix said with a soft smile.

Luna smiled and gave her husband a kiss before she moved to the three women who led her upstairs with a smile on their lips.

Fabian smiled at them as the four women he cared so much about made their way upstairs, turning to his cousin, her lover and his two lovers. "I think we can do better, would you care to join us Hermione?"

"I would love to join you, Master. My body is yours to use as you please." She said obediently.

He smirked at her and led them upstairs as well, keeping back with Dora a bit. "I know you would like it if I freed her now, but we really have to wait until tomorrow."

Nymphodora smiled at him. "I understand Fabe, we can't take any risks now, but may I ask you to free her first tomorrow, I want to admit my feelings to her as soon as possible."

He only nodded at her as they entered his room. "Of course Dora, it was already my intention to do that, and I will make sure that she will fall head over heels in love with you, I owe that to you after everything."

She smiled and kissed his cheek as they entered his room, Hermione wasting little time in getting them naked, folding their clothes neatly before she stripped her own clothes off.

Nymphodora smiled and took her hand, leading her to the other side of the room. "You deserve some alone time with Fleur and Gabrielle, it's been too long, we'll have fun with each other."

He smiled and kissed her softly. "Thank you Nym, I promise to make this up to you." He said softly.

She only flashed him a wink as she wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist and led the bushy haired brunette to her bed.

Fleur and Gabrielle then each took a hand and led him to the bed. "You're ours for at least today Fabian, and while I can't do much while I am starting to look like a whale, I want to show you exactly how Veela can be when they are pregnant."

He smiled as he was pushed to the matrass, both girls kissing him deeply, and the sisters winked at each other as they kissed their way down his body. By now they knew each and every single one of his weak spots, and they were planning on exploiting them all today.

The following morning Luna woke up cuddled up between Bellatrix and Andromeda, while Narcissa was still fast asleep behind Andromeda, a protective arm wrapped around her sister's waist.

She had to smile at the serene sight and remembered how different it was last night. All three of them had shown her without a shadow of a doubt that the three Black sisters were every bit of the seductresses she had heard they were. There had been a lot of passion last night, but above all the three women had shown her that they loved her and cared for her, which was something she would never have expected last year when she came to this house.

The three women stirred slowly next to her and smiled at her as they woke up, Andromeda pulling her a bit closer against her. "Good morning Luna, how did you sleep?"

She smiled and kissed her neck softly. "I slept amazing Bella, how couldn't I when I am surrounded by so much love and affection."

"You certainly deserve it Luna. You have brought life and happiness back into our family, and you have shown me where my loyalties should lie, and from now on always will be." Andromeda said softly.

They all smiled at that. "We know you and Dora have seen the light Andi, and I hope we have shown you that you have a place in our home and in our bed for the coming years, we could have a lot of fun with Eliza between the three of us." Bellatrix said with a soft smile.

Andromeda smiled and crawled over Luna, who she gave a quick kiss, to Bellatrix, who she kissed deeply.

Narcissa shook her head at her two sisters and pulled her daughter in law closer to her naked body. "I think we should let these two have their moment and go and take a shower."

Luna nodded and blushed as Narcissa helped her off the bed and towards their bathroom, holding the smaller blonde pressed against her side.

In Fabian's bedroom he had just woken up with the Delacour sisters pressed into his side and both girls had slung a leg over his, and their hands were laced across his stomach, which made him smile. He loved these two women so much, and although it paled to the love he felt for Luna, he knew they would be together forever and would protect each other in everything.

The two women on his shoulder stirred slightly and pressed their faces into his neck, nuzzling it as they woke up. "Good morning lover. How did you sleep?" Gabrielle asked softly.

He smiled at them and gave them a kiss. "I slept amazing as ever when you two are next to me, but it is still feels like a part of my soul is missing when Luna is not next to me."

The two girls smiled and moved to lie on top of him, straddling his leg with a smile. "We know how that feels, and you'll have her in your arms soon enough, but in the meantime I think we should take a long, relaxing shower before we go downstairs, we wouldn't want to be late for our appointment at the Ministry after all." Fleur said with her usual morning husk."

He smirked and laid a hand on their asses. "Or maybe we should have one last round of passionate sex before that shower. With you two this close I'm already hard as a rock."

They smiled at him. "We can feel that Fabian, but we can't, it's already late and we need to hurry if we want to make it." Gabrielle said softly.

He pouted a little, but followed the two seductive blondes to the bathroom anyway, hoping they would at least help him to get his rocks of a little, and the way they were swaying their asses for him told him this would be a long shower.

When they all convened downstairs about an hour later, Luna immediately pressed herself against her husband, needing to feel close to the black haired boy she loved more than anything.

"Now that we are all here, I suggest we go to the Ministry first and then have a nice breakfast when we get back, and let me take this time to say that I'm extremely proud of you Fabian, to have done the things you have done at your age under such pressure is to be commended. We know it was not easy to do what we asked you to do by any stretch of the imagination, and the fact that you have claimed this many women and have sometimes questioned our judgement is a good thing in our eyes, since it has given Cissa and me back our sister, and you your favorite cousin." Bellatrix said with a soft smile.

He smiled at that. "Thank you Mum, I did this only for our family, and that is why it pained me so much to claim Aunt Andi and Dora first. They didn't deserve this and that is exactly why I set them free when I did."

Everyone smiled at that and made their way to the Floo, his pets following him dutifully.

When they stepped out of the courtroom a few hours later, the three sisters, Fabian, Luna and Dora had bright smiles on their faces. Their claim had been approved and their funds and status had been returned to them, along with a few extras for the many years they had been forced to live in exile.

They arrived back at home in a frivolous mood and after breakfast, Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda excused themselves, taking Eliza with them, since she would stay claimed, and in the sister's service.

Fabian led his pets to his bedroom, with of course Luna, Fleur, Gabrielle and Dora by his side. They had silently agreed that Hermione would be the first to be set free, as a gift to Dora, who would have the rest of the day to truly win Hermione's heart.

Ginny would be last to be freed, since they all wanted to have a last round of fun with the redhead's cunt and ass.

They all quickly stripped their clothes and then turned toward their pets, who were equally naked and blushing a little from the amount of people in the room. "Hermione, come here, you will be the first to take your Master's cock today."

"Of course Master, I'm honored to take your cock again." She said as she walked towards them.

He smirked and guided the brunette to her knees, and she wasted no time in taking his already hard cock into her mouth, sucking him off in a way she knew her Master would love from her.

Fabian smiled at her and groaned as he shot his first load down her throat, seeing her eyes glaze over a bit.

When Hermione's eyes returned to normal, Nymphodora was already in front of her, and Hermione immediately pulled the pink haired witch into a deep and passionate kiss, surprising the others a little.

Nymphodora only smiled at her and led her away to her room, where they could take their time in loving each other.

It took him another three hours to free everyone, and with their altered memories and a little help from Fleur, they had made their way home, except for Ginny, who they shoved into the Floo naked and covered in cum.

Fabian was dead of his feet after three hours of fucking, and Gabrielle was currently massaging his tired body with a soft smile on her face. "I must admit that I was sure you were going to keel over after Sinestra, you look absolutely exhausted."

He smiled as Luna and Fleur took up position next to him. "I have to agree baby, aren't you dead tired." Luna asked softly.

"Of course I am, but it was worth it. Dora has her love, and so does her mother, and we can now focus on the things that are truly important, each other and our child, as well as our two lovers, that will join us in our lovely new home." He said with a goofy smile.

The three girls smiled at that. "You're of course right love, but I am wondering when we will move into our new home, since there is a lot to be done before the girls are born." Luna said after kissing him.

He smiled at them. "This was meant to be a surprise for tomorrow, but everything is already done. We can just move in and start our lives together, my mothers made sure everything was done by the time this was over, even the nurseries are done to our expectations."

"That's what we love about you, your ability to think ahead, and your huge cock of course." Fleur said with a wink.

"As much as I would love to, I'm too spent to fuck any of you, could we postpone this to tomorrow?" He asked tiredly.

The three girls smiled at that. "Of course we don't mind, we were only teasing you."

He just smiled and kissed them softly before he slowly fell asleep, Gabrielle kissing his neck softly before she got off him and crawled behind her sister and mate.

Five months later

The day had finally come, Fleur and Luna had gone into labor and their home had turned into a scene of organized chaos, with Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda ordering Fabian, Gabrielle and Dora to get the things they needed.

Hermione was purposely kept out because she was five months pregnant with Dora's twins, and in the past five months she had developed into a true pureblooded witch, attitude included and she had taken to her new life with a fervor no one in the household had ever thought possible, and the fact that she was pregnant with twins only made her hormones worse, much to the delight of her wife, since that meant the girl was insatiable.

Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda were immensely proud of all six of them, and for Andromeda it really felt she had gained a second daughter, in more ways than one, since in the earlier stages of their pregnancy the two girls had joined Andromeda in her bed, which had served to forge a bond between them that went further than family.

Fleur and Luna were lying in their shared bed and held hands under the sheets, while Fabian and Gabrielle rushed to their side once they had gotten everything their mothers would need for today.

It took another hour of excruciating pain for them, but when their little girls were born their smiles couldn't be wiped off their faces anymore. "She's beautiful my love, exactly like her mother." Fabian said reverently.

Luna blushed and smiled tiredly at him. "Oh hush, I'm hardly looking beautiful right now, but you are right, Pandora is beautiful, and I'm sure she will have us wrapped around her little finger in just a few days."

He smiled and kissed her head as they gazed at their daughter, who was sleeping blissfully against Luna's chest.

Next to them it was a similar sight, with Fleur and Gabrielle's daughter Victoire sleeping blissfully against her mother, while the two women shared soft kisses and loving smiles.

Bellatrix and Narcissa stood in the corner of the room with their arms around each other, smiling softly at their four children. "We've done a good job Cissa, we raised an amazing son and now have two lovely granddaughters to show for it."

Narcissa smiled and rested her head on her sister's shoulder. "It was mostly you that raised him, so I would have to say that you have done an amazing job at it, and you know soon we will have four granddaughters. I'm sure Hermione will take to motherhood like she used to take to her studies."

Bellatrix smiled at that. "It is truly remarkable how well she has taken to her new life, but I think we should go to our room and let our children rest a bit, I since I think we won't see our dear sister until tomorrow, we have done all we can at this point, the rest is really up to them."

Narcissa smiled and followed her sister to their temporary room, where she quickly cuddled up to her sister once they were in bed.

As Narcissa fell asleep, Bellatrix had to smile. Her plan, no, the Black's Best Laid Plans had worked. They were back where the deserved to be, and in the end none of the girls he had claimed had any memory of it, although she was sure the Weasley girl would have lasting effects from everything. The last she heard of her was that her family had disowned her and that she was prostituting herself on the streets to make a living, obviously unable to live without cock anymore.

To these thoughts she fell asleep, smiling at how their life had changed in the course of one year.